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32-year-old Chen Xiaojun is in the sister who rides the wind and waves, a song of lover dances eagerly and reborn, four words to describe the evolutionary history of Chen Xiaojun’s appearance, definitely not entered the Central Ballet at the age of 16, because of asthma, after quitting, He was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama in the first place. In the first TV series “Love in Love”, a black-bellied woman with a short and wide face, severely enlarged cheekbones, over-full apple muscles, flat nose, plus yellow and black skin, seems to have changed from her current age. The husband and wife played the role of the rural girl who was abandoned by the guilty man. It should be Chen Xiaoyun’s face in life. Five years later, he played Hu Xianxu’s stepmother in the small parting. The face has changed a lot, and his face has changed a lot. After completing the leap in appearance, the prominent cheekbones are gone, and the face shape has become much smaller. The facial features have become exquisite. Chen Xiaoyun said in the Mars Intelligence Bureau that the change in face shape is due to more than a dozen bone adjustments, which is not the same as changing the face shape by pulling teeth. Probably, only cheekbones and proper temple filling can really change 2018. In the Supernova National Games, I participated in the women’s 50-meter swimming and rhythmic gymnastics, which really started the road of appearance and appearance. The skin is white, although the signs of cosmetic surgery on the nose are too obvious, especially at the angle of the head, the pinching feeling at the tip of the nose is very serious, but there is a kind of inexplicable emotion that we all know you have undergone the treatment, but we all feel that you are looking good. Participate in 2020 In the Supernova Games, he won double championships in archery and rhythmic gymnastics. It was also because of the energetic princess shape that once again went out of the circle. In fact, Chen Xiaoyun’s appearance is of good foundation, but there is a serious type of injury. Short, wide face and high cheekbones Basically, I can’t run away from the rustic. If it’s a long and narrow face with obvious cheekbones, it may also be associated with a sense of luxury. For example, Liu Wen’s neatness is obvious but good-looking, and he needs to have the same facial features as Chen Xiaojun, and he doesn’t support it. Starting from the foundation of an overly exquisite nose, I suggest you try the natural one


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Let’s talk about looks. Some time ago, because of the frequent hot searches on comic faces, it must be said that it is really beautiful. However, Chen Xiaojun’s nose tip is too high, and the skin tension is too high, so I advise the sisters of Do Nose to do what they can. When playing Yiping, Chen Xiaojun’s nose will fluctuate with the emotions of the character, but it is obvious that the skin on both sides has been tightened, and the two sides of the nose have obvious two stripes. When viewed from the side, the line of the tip of her nose is sharp, which is out of reality. Does the aesthetic pursue the effect of comic faces? I am not very supportive of cross-racial aesthetics. I am obviously a gentle and moving oriental face, but in order to pursue a high degree of bone mass to create a three-dimensional effect, it seems strange that it has lost facial harmony.

8 months ago

That’s right. I am a girl. But I really don’t like her look. Regardless of whether she has been rectified or not, she always seems to be “a grieved little daughter-in-law.” Maybe it is pitiful to the boy? ? ? And the expression is always lustful, very deliberate, not sexy, like the kind of blush that puts her knees on her knees when she goes out. She admits that she has a small face and a small body, but the temperament of her whole person makes me very unacceptable. Moreover, some people agree with me, hhh, who I am quite happy, and think that I have a weird aesthetic. Objectively speaking, she really has no characteristics. At least the current appearance of the first-line traffic is really memorable. ym and dlrb are all very distinctive. Apart from being like Lu Han, she seems to have no other characteristics… and in fact, she doesn’t look like it at all if you take a closer look… She tried very hard to put some labels on herself, but her own conditions were not that superior.

8 months ago

I’ve seen her various press releases. Some said that he was a national second-class swimmer because he had a big chest and he had to retire (a bit fascinating). So, is that true? Ballet is practiced from an early age. Don’t you have to practice for second-level swimming athletes from an early age. So do you swim in the gap of ballet or dance in the gap of swimming? The question of pure passerby has bothered me for a long time. I hope fans can answer it.

8 months ago

Just after watching the episodes of my little panda, I couldn’t help but search this question to answer. To be honest, I originally had a popularity with cxy, and I think the acting looks are online. After watching this show, all passers-by favors disappeared. This kind of answer will be scolded, but I can say that it is really good. Compared with another female staff member, I feel that she really regards herself as a superior person, no, countless waiting. Did not see any kindness, like a spring breeze. I feel like a little baby. According to Liu Tao and other female celebrities’ attitude towards amateurs when participating in variety shows, they should also pretend to look like, although in my heart I feel that I am a female celebrity aloof. In addition, I can’t stand the girl who talks like this anyway. At that age, if there is a girl who talks like this, there must be no homosexuality. In addition, I saw her in other interviews saying that she was a Northeast girl in Sa, but in reality, it was almost impossible to describe. Maybe it’s so cute for boys…

8 months ago

Many replies said that the kid in my family didn’t like her, but I just saw that the kid in my family had a good impression on her… I just think this girl is really long and delicate (I just learned that she had a plastic surgery, but at least it was very successful. And I don’t oppose plastic surgery), I thought of using delicate to describe the most suitable for the whole face with facial features. And the voice is soft and gentle. I really like Chen Xiaojun when I watch the show. If I were a boy, I would want a girlfriend like this too.

8 months ago

A girl who would like to protect her from the bottom of my heart when girls see it~ I would like to give her a candy when I met on the road. (Passersby have only watched two dramas and variety shows)

8 months ago

The new issue of Lang Jie II refreshed my understanding of her. I saw that the Weibo post she posted was extremely speechless. There was no apology, no thanks, and I tried to use any excuses like a stick to express my honesty, cuteness, and love. Head? The first three pictures of the posted pictures are still in the C position. She is really the heart of Sima Zhao. Open the comment area and scroll down to see that many people support her approach and the tens of thousands of likes in the front row are really shocking! Can imagine life How many people with this style of style hide around me, get goose bumps, sometimes I really don’t understand why one thing is so ridiculous and obvious, and there are always people who support it and even use it to attack others. people

8 months ago

Speaking of Chen Xiaojun, I thought of Ren Meiyin Tian, who has a good figure, and now that Sister Lang 2 is broadcast, Chen Xiaojun’s appearance has once again attracted the attention of the public. However, for her face, she herself admitted very frankly that she had undergone bone repair in the show. In fact, I personally don’t believe in bone repair, because at present, the bone size can be changed almost only through surgery.

8 months ago

I am particularly afraid of such people in real life. You must use tears and mud to tell things clearly with your mouth. As you can imagine, other people will comfort the person who cried first, and then you will be embarrassed by your side, so follow along and cry. Others think you are messing up. What are you still crying when you grow? If you don’t cry and continue to want to reason with her, you are bullying. After finally waiting for her to stabilize, you have to apologize first, because you made her cry. What is this? After seeing Sister Lang 2 I feel that she just thinks of herself as a little princess, and everyone else has to follow her thoughts. The barrage said that she was acting. I think she really felt that she was wronged. It was too real to not want to listen to Zu’er when she was crying. She was a little princess, and she was not tempered, but she had a high temperament.

8 months ago

He looks pretty, has good acting skills, and has many talents. But if you cover it tightly, cover it tightly, and expose it generously. There is nothing wrong with showing a good figure in a sexy swimsuit. But while seeing the camera cue coming over and using the chest compression bar when there are other options, while taking a visit to cover up, I can only think of one word (not to say) and one word (not to say) (After half a year, it was modified by control). Having said that, it may be that the entertainment industry is in no way. If she could let go two years earlier, she wouldn’t be able to grow well in acting and debut for ten years. She hasn’t set off any splashes and has been matching people who are inferior to her. After half a year, I revised and added a new answer. One said that this year’s supernova performance was very good and generous.

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