The emperor will think this is a delicate thing, but the taste is average, and occasionally it is quite interesting to eat and play. Instant noodles for the emperor must not be soaked, but must be soaked in front of the emperor. The advantage of instant noodles is not that the taste can be beaten at all, but: no cook can manually make the noodles ultra-fine and bend around like steel balls; no cook can take off their pants and fart first to put vegetables and meat Dehydrate them and then soak them; no cook will boil the soup base into a solid when full and then add water to dilute it. Yimian has indeed existed for a long time, but Yimian is boiled in water, so soaking is not enough. And adding meat and vegetables is normal, you are absolutely new. Emperor: Why did your noodles roll into one piece? You: Your Majesty, I am six people who spent three hours knitting the noodles into this way, in order to make the back curl, which can bring a lot of soup and make the mouth smooth. Emperor: Well, it is indeed Kung Fu. But why are your dishes made? You: Your Majesty, this dish is not dried. It is the freshest part of the dishes I choose, avoiding the fire, and only drying with hot air. The hot air will not stain the dust, air or fire, and then store it carefully so that the fresh vegetables will gather together in the four seasons. Isn’t it beautiful that spring onions and autumn scallions eat together? The emperor nodded: But what is your oil? You: Your Majesty, this is Tang Po. I used top-quality beef and beef bones, added various seasonings, boiled for three days, and cooked for six days. Finally, all the bones and meat were removed, and the remaining essence of the water was dried. As long as a little bit, the soup is incomparable. . The emperor nodded slightly. You: My noodles are even more magical. Because the noodles are extremely thin, they don’t need to be boiled. You can eat them just by brewing them in hot water. Emperor: Come, give me a whole one. You start instant noodles and hand them to the emperor. The emperor was a little expectant, took a sip, and ended up pulling the weeds: “It’s a kung fu snack. I will recite your filial piety and appreciate it.” Then I never announced you again. However, the cooks in the Imperial Dining Room hate your itching teeth, because the emperor suddenly discovered that the noodles were knitted like steel balls, really bringing the soup and smooth, so he let the cooks follow the weaving. “X’s are all peers, is it necessary to be rolled up like this?” said a cook. “Huh, he didn’t get any benefit. After doing this kind of tricks, he can’t enter the imperial dining room?” said another cook, laying the bear’s paw on the noodles. Everyone nodded and said yes, the colors in the kitchen became brighter again.


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7 months ago

The emperor: “Imperial chef, what is this?” “I would like to report to your majesty, this is military rations!” Huang Hao: “Bold royal chef, how dare you bully the emperor! Your majesty accompanied Changsheng General Zhao Yun in the seven advances in Changbanpo. Seven out, how can you not know what the ration is?” Yu Chu: “The villain dare not say anything. This is the ration obtained by the Prime Minister Zhuge in different time and space. The villain sees that this thing is very beautiful, so I offer it to your majesty.” Huang Hao: ” Your Majesty, the Prime Minister did not offer this food to your Majesty, but used it as military rations. Could it be to buy the military spirit? The little man heard that the Prime Minister not only received this military rations, but also a drink called Fat House Happy Water, called a submachine gun. In Liannu, there are actually 500 General Zhao…” The emperor: “Come here! Go and ask the Prime Minister, can I ask him personally?”

7 months ago

The emperor’s imperial meal is a “fire-riding meal”. It is not the emperor who called it to pass the meal. You only start to cook. The imperial meal is dozens of dishes waiting for you to prepare. The emperor is hungry. You can also pay respects. The emperor is warm on the fire, clap your hands and stom your feet, and you will have to serve the food immediately. At this time, your noodles have become a paste. In addition, the royal chef rarely uses seasonal ingredients such as fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables for cooking, otherwise the emperor He ate a fresh toon sprout in spring and he was refreshed. Then in the twelfth lunar month of winter, he suddenly remembered this and asked where you want you to pinch the toon sprout for him? So when the emperor eats a bowl of instant noodles, you have to think about whether there is the next package, whether there are other patterns, how long can it be stored, can it be purchased, can it be produced, whether the bureaucrats and father-in-laws in the entire supply chain can support you…

7 months ago

Yang Guang, Emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty, succeeded to the throne and became obscene, ignoring state affairs for many years, and traveling around the mountains and rivers. At the end of the Sui Dynasty, various heroes competed in the Central Plains, and Emperor Yang, trapped in Yangzhou, was in panic all day long and had a grumpy temper. Emperor Sui Yang liked to eat noodles. In the last days of Yangzhou, he often asked the imperial chef to make noodles for him to enjoy at any time or occasion, otherwise he would cut off the chef’s head. Just when the chefs were worried about being afraid, a young apprentice in the imperial kitchen met an obese fairy who instructed: Use good soup to cook the noodles carefully, drain them, deep fry them in a pan, and deep-fry them into noodles. A pot of chicken soup is always boiled on the stove, and the emperor wants to eat noodles, so he put the noodles into the chicken soup and simmers them into noodles, and then garnishes them with some prepared dishes. Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty was full of praise after eating noodles, because of the delicious taste of noodles, he gave it the name “San Xian Yi Noodles”. The royal cooks happily supported the immortals in the imperial dining room. The Sui Dynasty fell, and the immortal was captured by Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. Emperor Taizong thought that the immortal’s various strange skills were a sign of the country’s subjugation, and asked Li Weigong to spray the dung on the Wei Gongshen locomotive to destroy the immortal’s mana, and then use the square machine to kill the immortal.

7 months ago

What is the taste of your instant noodles: 1. The emperor: What kind of noodles is this? Royal chef: Braised beef noodles Minister: Your majesty, privately killing farm cows is illegal in this dynasty. Royal chef: Your majesty, this is not farming cow, yes. . . The Minister of the Ox for Sacrifice: If there is a tribute, not to the ancestor, it is rebellious, offering sacrifices to the emperor, and cursing the emperor to die early, so the royal chef should be cut: No. . . It is a cow that cannot be used as a sacrifice for farming cows. . . Minister: That’s a sick cow. Dare to poison your majesty with sick cows. The Emperor: Pull out and kill them. 2. Emperor: What kind of noodles is this? Royal cook: Spicy noodles (don’t dare to say beef) Emperor: Give me a taste of the spicy stimulation The spicy emperor’s lips burst into flames, and the pain was unbearable. The emperor who had never eaten chili could not digest the diarrhea on the spot. The emperor: bold, dare to murder me, pull it out Lingchi 3. The emperor: what kind of noodles is this? Royal cook: chicken noodles stewed with mushrooms (Don’t dare to put it spicy) The emperor tasted it: what, it’s so unpalatable, bold, stripped off the official uniform, and expelled from the capital. 4. The emperor: What kind of noodles is this? Royal chef: Shangtang ribs noodles/Dongpo braised pork noodles and served by the courtiers One look: Your Majesty, there are no ribs and braised pork in it. King: No meat? ! I dared to deceive the king, pulled out and cut the royal chef: wronged, my lord, there is no fish in fish-flavored pork shreds, no tiger skin and green peppers, no husband and wife lungs, no husband and wife, the emperor: still dare to use strong words, clever sophistry, and copy The family property, the male and female servants in the family will be matched by the female servants. 5. The emperor: What kind of noodles is this? Royal chef: fresh shrimps, fish plates, seafood noodles, and the courtier took it over and took a look: Your majesty, there are shrimps, but they are small like ants, and the minister has never seen them. The emperor of such a small shrimp: what, as an imperial chef, dare to be greedy for ink ingredients, use small to fill the large, and break into the jail. 6. The emperor: what kind of noodle is this? Imperial chef: red soup egg noodles (the ancients have never seen tomatoes) Emperor: ah ? ! , How much did this bowl of noodles cost? Yuchu: How much is it. Emperor: What? ! , An egg is clearly ten taels of silver, how can this bowl of noodles only cost a few dollars? ! Royal Kitchen: Wrongly sir, the market price of an egg is only three dollars. The Royal Kitchen was made by the eunuchs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs that night. 7. The emperor: What kind of noodles is this? Master)-the emperor, this is the tonkotsu noodle soup, the fragrance overflows, it is intoxicating, the emperor: it is delicious, where does this noodle come from? The emperor: from the emperor of Dongying Japan Waguo (Japanese-style tonkotsu ramen): Well, next time I will let Japan pay a batch of tribute to me. Ancient Japan: Nani, I don’t have such a thing. Emperor: Japan refuses to pay tribute and despise the empire. The expedition fleet encounters kamikaze in the Sea of ​​Japan. The entire army is wiped out and the imperial cook is taken. Scapegoat

7 months ago

As an imperial chef, I am good at making famous dishes in the north and south, and I know the best of each family. The previous royal chefs were all questioned because the food was unpalatable, or they occasionally lost their hands and added a spoonful of salt. This job has strong professionalism and quick turnover of personnel. It’s really a revolution with his head in his head. The next few apprentices looked forward to my miss and take my place. I don’t worry that they will lay hands on me. After all, half a teaspoon of soy sauce kills everyone. I tasted something wrong several times. I added sugar, covered with salt, and used vinegar to extract the acid. The princess called me. It’s not difficult for me to let me give the emperor a bowl of instant noodles. A piece of dough, nine bends and eighteen bends, hollowed out and translucent, it is a test of knife skills. Three packs of seasoning, one pack of green onion and radish, one pack of butter, which is bright and bright, and one pack, said to be five-flower salt. You embarrass me, Princess, I have never seen it before, and I don’t know how much you can increase it. In case of offending Longyan, the small head cannot be kept. Will you live if I am angry? The princess sneered. You are a cook, and you are frightened every day. This is just a pack of instant noodles, not poisoned. After you finish this pack of instant noodles, watch the old emperor eat it, and you will come out. I will take care of the rest. Keep you prosperous and wealthy in your next life. I just wanted to promise to thank you, this girl missed half a word. One head knocked down, and the ground was muffled. Prepare dinner. I leave everyone alone, and I will be left alone in the kitchen. The apprentice was worried and said to help. In fact, none of the apprentices were collected by me, but by the emperor. I can’t refuse. I will leave three. One arranges to boil hot water for more than an hour. One arrangement is to scald the dishes, each with hot water and cold water, repeated twelve times. One arrangement is to boil chicken soup, so that the chicken soup should be boiled cool and light. They can’t let them watch me finish it, it’s as simple as adding water to brew. Distract them from doing trivial chores. I prepare the casserole first and put the noodle cubes. Add dried radish and chopped green onion buns and put butter on it. I didn’t dare to release the five-flower salt, in case it was seen by the three supervisors, I would not let it go. Don’t look at them one by one, they are all staring at me. I didn’t dare to taste it, it looked like broken intestines. Don’t let it go? How much to put? How to put it? Both are the ultimate philosophical questions in the culinary world. If you don’t let it go, you must let it go, but if you don’t let it go, the prince concubine can’t explain it. How much you put, it stands to reason that a packet of ingredients will definitely give you a portion of noodles. I was afraid that the princess would be anxious and would not increase the price if he increased the quantity and materials. I’ll just put a little bit and go on both sides. How to put it? Certainly not in front of the three people. I can’t see it. If I can’t eat the emperor’s mouth, I will be accused by them. I’d rather believe it, and I must have beeped the dog. Boss, has the hot water boiled well? All right. By convention, all meals for the emperor had to be passed by the producer. It is inhumane to make you drink hot water. look? Master, please be kind, hot water, my mouth has become a pig’s head. Yes, then you can take a spoonful of hot water and go to the side room to have a mouthful. I ordered. He was grateful to go. All know this is to take care of him. There is no one in the side room, so he can cool the water thoroughly before drinking it. Second child, what happened to this plate? Five times have been blanched, and the sixth one has reached the ninth time. There was a crisp sound, and before the words were finished, the plate cracked again. I’ll do it myself, and I must find someone that doesn’t explode. If the emperor explodes while eating, no one can hold it. Tomorrow you won’t use it, I’ll tell Father Gao, you can go to the east to clean. Master is forgiving, I am a cook, but I am a life-saver. Give me another chance. I listen to you. Then, you go to the side room to see the boss, this child is too straight-eyed. Thank you master. There is only the third child, and the third child is smug. The chicken broth is translucent. You’re done well, pour the oil from the pot of croquettes into the oil gourd. One person holds a basin the size of a nostril, and pours an oil gourd the size of a nostril, which really tests kung fu. The third child knew I was embarrassed for him, but he refused to admit defeat. Pick up the basin and try to pour the oil. Seeing the slender oil thread enter the oil gourd, the old third stared triumphantly, I had already sprinkled the bag of five-flowered salt into the chicken soup and stirred it a few more times. Good kung fu, good boy, there are two tricks. Miansheng, I have to mention that it would be a pity to let me cook the pot under my hands. I praised him. His oil line fluctuates a bit and stabilizes again. People who are not sages, who are not tempted. The third child still said lightly, without him, only familiar with his hands. I poured the piping hot chicken soup into a casserole of dough. The heat wave rolled, the noodles fell apart, and they greedily sucked the chicken soup with the green onion and radish. Butter spreads out in five colors, which is amazing. It is fragrant and tangy, which greatly increases appetite. I will give it to the emperor. As usual, I have a taste first. Delicious on earth. I took out a trace of noodles from underneath, without destroying the overall shape of the noodles. Under the watchful eyes of the guard and Father Gao, he ate it. Okay, let me take it in. Father Gao saw that I was fine and took the plate. Hey, what’s the matter, there is no salt. I ate it, Gan. I bite the bullet and knelt until the emperor returned my casserole. After a while, Gao Gonggong ran out. Father Gao is steady and has never panicked. This run is a major event. I was still kneeling, scared to death. You, come in quickly. I ran into the door hurriedly. This is a spoonful of salt, killing people. The princess gave the five-flowered salt, and she had to put all her feelings in, but I put it in a big pot of chicken soup. This casserole hardly tasted salty. If he is not poisoned, he can push his apprentice. Without moving my face, I knelt down. Just don’t eat it, it’s not salty. You let me have a bowl of broken noodles for dinner? The smaller the emperor’s voice, the bigger the matter. To the emperor, you often train your ministers, and you never get tired of eating them. The old minister asked his apprentice to boil chicken soup for half a night with Tianshan snow lotus water to benefit the kidneys and tonic. The whole piece of noodles is used to carve out the hollow noodles with nine bends and eighteen bends, which symbolizes the rivers and mountains. Make this Fushou Ankang noodle. Dare to let you taste. Well, the emperor was slightly less angry. The maid took a bite with chopsticks and fed the emperor. Well, good side. The entrance is fragrant and the noodles have a fine taste. Well, the soup is also good. I want to reward. Apprentice Qipin Guan who appreciates the soup. You, reward you with a yellow jacket. Xie Emperor. I backed out dingy. While retreating, wondering, is the emperor indifferent to salty and indifferent? Return the casserole to me, I’m back. Nothing happened that night. The prince concubine summoned me and I went. Bold minion, dare not put five flower salt. The princess patted the table. Niangniang spare my life, I did put it in the chicken soup. Fart, the palace lady with the noodles is from my east palace, and the black lacquer surface on her chopsticks works well with the five-flowered salt. Why doesn’t it work? The empress said too much. I was scared into a cold sweat. Hurry up, Niangniang, the emperor said that it is delicious, indicating that it has the effect of improving flavor. Yes, yes, it has a flavor-enhancing effect. Empress wiped her forehead in a panic. Grand father-in-law outside the door came in, and the emperor summoned the royal cook, so I took the liberty to break in. Please forgive my mother. No problem, the emperor summons a big deal, go to the royal cook, you cook for the emperor, and speak carefully, otherwise I will not forgive you. As the prince said, she stuffed a large ingot of silver into Father Gao’s hand. All of them belonged to the princess, except for me and the emperor.

7 months ago

The imperial meal is not cooked casually. It must be strictly in accordance with the “Shi Jing”, even if the food prohibition is accidentally violated, the main food that is responsible for the presentation will be hanged, which is regarded as disrespectful. Do you think there will be instant noodles in “Shi Jing”? Laotan sauerkraut, braised beef? 103. All those who make imperial meals, who have accidentally violated the food prohibition, have their staple food twisted. If the filthy and evil things are in the food and drink, it will last for two years; if the simple selection is not refined and the impetus is from time to time, the second class will be reduced. Those who don’t taste it, stick a hundred. 【Shu】Yiyue: Those who make imperial meals all rely on the food scriptures. There are taboos in the scriptures, and they are not allowed to be made. Certain preserved preserves are not allowed to be put into the millet, and amaranth and turtle meat are not allowed. Those who have committed a crime, the staple food is twisted together. “If something is filthy and evil,” it means that a thing is not 絜. It takes two years to eat and drink. If Jane chooses those who are not refined, it is said that Jane rice chooses vegetables and the like, which is not refined; and those who enter the imperial court from time to time, according to the ceremony, the rice is regarded as the spring and the temperature, and the soup is the same as the summer and the heat. For those who are hot and cold from time to time: the second-class reduction of crime, that is, the second-class reduction of the second year of the apprenticeship. “Those who don’t taste it, stick a hundred sticks”, it means that if you don’t taste the sour and salty taste and should not taste it, you will all be guilty of sticking a hundred sticks. Sixth, great disrespect. It is said that the stolen goods of the gods and the imperial service, theft and the forgery of the imperial treasure; the hehe imperial medicine, the mistake is not as good as the original prescription and the wrong title; if the imperial meal is made, the food prohibition is mistaken; the imperial boat is not strong by mistake; By the public, sentiment and reason are close to the enemy and the guard, but no courtier’s courtesy. Of course, the instant noodles you make should not be able to reach the emperor, because the process from instant noodles to offering is under the supervision of layers. 107. Those who are in charge of lawsuits and staple foods, who mistakenly bring miscellaneous medicines to the imperial kitchen, are twisted. So, where the person in charge should go. 【Shu】Yiyue: The imperial kitchen prepares meals, from creation to advancement, there is a lawsuit. According to the order: “The staple food is promoted to eat.” However, miscellaneous medicines, if they are brought to the imperial restaurant by mistake, are twisted. “Miscellaneous medicine” means that a combination is a medicine, which is worthy of bait. If it is toxic, it is also a “miscellaneous drug” although it is not compatible. According to the general attempted crime stipulated in Article 102, if you soaked instant noodles and entered the imprisonment, you can get one grade off from the hanging, which will cost you three thousand miles. It is noted that “the one who has not entered the imperial government” means that the next article “builds the imperial meal”, “the imperial boat ship”, and “takes on the imperial objects”. However, if the items that should be enshrined have not entered the imperial palace, the first class will be reduced according to the light and heavy. When the lawsuits are reduced by one level, it is said that “this is also the case.” Only two deaths and three streams are the same as one minus. 【Sparse】Yueyue: If there is a crime, the slave will be reduced by one, that is, it will flow three thousand miles.

7 months ago

“What is this? I haven’t seen it before.” “Manager Bing, this is called braised beef instant noodles!” “Where is braised beef? “”. . . It’s just the taste. “Do you want to be convicted of deceiving the emperor?” “The manager is spared!” If you’re humble, let’s add braised beef! “”Ok? You eat some first, I haven’t seen this before, in case it is poisonous, we can’t afford it! “”this is okay. “Ziyao. After a while, the manager said, “Are you okay?” Yes, I’ll turn off the taste for you “Zi Liu.” Bah! What a shit! This isn’t just lumpy noodles! “”This one needs to be hot. . . “What to do with poisoning?” ! “Then let it go for a while.” . . “You’re all messed up!” “… “How do you fix it, the manager?” “Take away this thing yourself, don’t let the emperor know, be careful not to protect your head!” “A cold sweat” Mr. Xie called, Mr. Xie, help! “Why don’t you thank you? They are all my own brothers.” Well, two days after my mother’s birthday, don’t forget to congratulate the old man on her birthday. . . “Lingtang was not only last month.” . . “”Ok? ! “Understood, got it!” The little one is going to prepare birthday gifts! “”Hi! All their own brothers, what kind of courtesy, you can do it when you arrive! “”sure! “The subject turned his head “wcnmlgb”

7 months ago

It depends on whether the emperor will feel sick after eating.
Instant noodles, this amazing food, felt very delicious before eating, and a little disgusting after eating.
Maybe I eat it often.
I still remember the first time I ate instant noodles when I was young. I thought it was the most beautiful food in the world. If I grow up I can eat it every day.
When I grow up, my dreams come true

7 months ago

Don’t tell me, in foreign countries, there are really noodle shops that directly cook instant noodles and sell them. So if you can get a lot of instant noodles, you can give the emperor a bowl of tens of silver. There are two ways to convert tens of thousands of instant noodles: 1. Maintain a space-time gate. It’s too broken to discuss. If there is only a one-way ticket, it is more cost-effective to buy Manhattan Island with a few glass balls. 2. Produce by yourself. If you produce it yourself, instant noodles are basically fried noodles with various ingredients. Fried noodles are the easiest to get. Although this thing can now be on the tip of the tongue in China, it used to be able to change the rifle. MSG needs to find dried shrimp skin shiitake kelp powder instead. Remember that you must grow mushrooms yourself, and you must never use wild mushrooms, otherwise you will be left in history if you accidentally mix them with poisonous mushrooms. Don’t laugh, similar incidents have occurred in Rome and India. Artificial shiitake mushrooms appeared after the Southern Song Dynasty in my country. Other countries are even later. So don’t think about it before the Southern Song Dynasty. The most expensive thing is that a large amount of pepper and other spices must be obtained from overseas. Various raw materials such as sugar require you to establish a complete supply chain. Old godmother needs self-control. Shiitake mushrooms, spices, Lao Gan Ma. And supply chain management. If it were in the early ancient times, you could make a group of wives and concubines. How could it be necessary to cook noodles for the emperor with his head? The emperor took a bite of instant noodles and aftertaste for a long time, he said: “If you distribute this deliciousness to the soldiers of Liaodong, it will not only relieve hunger, but also improve morale, and the country will be peaceful and happy. Wouldn’t it be beautiful?” At this time, you, as the director of the royal dining room, were taken aback. Said: “Instant noodles can’t be made anymore!” The emperor asked with a sullen face: “To make instant noodles, what exactly is the imperial dining room?” You replied: “Instant noodles need national standards, developed agriculture and animal husbandry, and food industry. , Need to introduce a series of crops, need to establish maritime trade lines, need a large number of skilled food workers, need to build food factories, and have clean factories to ensure hygiene, and physical and chemical laboratories to inspect the quality. Only a modern country can make delicious food Instant noodles. And such a country has not yet appeared.” The emperor meditation film night: “Although few people can not understand… but Zhun Aiqing played, order you to start the preparation of the supervision bureau of instant noodles, and coordinate the production of instant noodles and all the necessary materials throughout the country. Trade!” Under the leadership of the instant noodle industry, the commercial handicraft industry, the shipping industry, the ham sausage industry, and the Coca-Cola industry, have taken off. A few decades later, the bourgeois revolution broke out ahead of schedule. The rebel craftsmen, led by a dwarf, captured the prison prison. The emperor’s family was sent to Caishikou.

7 months ago

When instant noodles: The emperor: “Bold, you actually satirized me! Come, drag him down and chop him down!” Yu Chu stopped his movements, thumped to his knees (panic): “Your Majesty, the minister just wants to have a quiet soak. It’s just wrapped noodles.” The emperor said, “Then why are your noodles crooked? Isn’t it a secret to say that I am a broken sleeve! I am such an image in the heart of a petty person like you?” Yu Chu has a black line on his face. “I don’t mean it.” The emperor: “A bowl of noodles hasn’t been prepared for so long. What are you doing with the time? It’s not a good idea. I have so much salary every day to raise your noodle bucket. ………” Yu Chu got up, (MMP in his heart, smiled like a flower on his face): “The minister is soaked!” The emperor: “Okay! You dare to listen carefully when I speak! Dare to stand up by yourself! The mortgage and car loan are over, right! I don’t want to get my salary this month, right! I don’t want my head anymore, right! I can’t control you because of the identity of the emperor, right!” Yu Chu knelt again, bowed his head, and was silent. Listening (with 10,000 words floating in my heart, a small essay on curse people) the emperor: “The workplace is like a battlefield, where you need to race against time. What a daze, a goose with a dull head! Don’t hurry up to make the noodles!” Yu Chu said in a weak tone (fucking your father in his heart) ): “Your Majesty, you haven’t asked the minister to get up yet!” The emperor: “As a minister of this country, you must be flexible. If the ministers of this country are as rigid as you and abide by the rules, what is the future of this country?” (Tears): “No!” Put the seasoning emperor: “Bold cook, even poisoned me to murder me! I just said a few words about you, you have such a hostile resentment towards me, and your heart is too vicious. , What is the use of this country to keep you?” The royal cook shivered: “The minister is terrified, your majesty listened to the minister’s explanation, this is the seasoning…” The emperor: “I don’t listen to you, I don’t listen to your sophistry…comer, Pull him…” Yu Chu knelt down again: “Please forgive me!” The emperor: “Okay, you don’t even bother to explain it to me, but begging for mercy seems to be a guilty conscience. Now that you have pleaded guilty…” Yu Chu (Comprehension of blood): “When did the minister plead guilty? Your majesty…” The emperor: “Dare to deny it when you die. I just gave you a chance, why didn’t you explain it?” Yu Chu said, “Your Majesty, that’s tune… “The emperor interrupted angrily. “Don’t want to quibble. It’s my fault that you are so far today. It is my fault that I did not teach you well. I am very sad! After you die, I will compensate your family members. After all, this I am also responsible…” “Come on, drag it down and cut it!” Yu Chu said, “Your Majesty begs, Your Majesty is forgiving!” The emperor: “Now I know that I beg for mercy, why did you go before! It’s too late!” This Diao Chu dragged on and cut it!” Yu Chu cried and howled: “God! Let me go back to modern 996! No, 007 is also willing, my God!” God: “Really?” Royal Kitchen: “Really can’t Really again!” With a thunderous thunder, Yu Chu fainted. When I woke up, I hadn’t started to be lucky, and ordered instant noodles to take out. The customer who was exactly the same as the emperor smiled, “I didn’t expect it! It’s me!”

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