Show your attitude: All the canteens on the four campuses of the Chinese Academy of Sciences University are terrible. No distinction is made, the prices are more expensive than the other, and the sanitation management is not in place without agreement. These are all indisputable facts. In this dry pot incident in the second canteen of Yanqi Lake campus, if the dry pot was eaten with cockroaches and other insects, it is another strong proof of the above facts. But it may not be a bug, it may be the root of a plant used as a spice, which looks like a cockroach after being stained with soy sauce. Although this will not change our bad impression of the cafeteria. Because there are too many records in the canteen, it’s not bad at all. But before you are sure whether it is a cockroach, is it a bit inappropriate to ask in such a certain tone? In the beginning, when I answered, it was only a “suspected dry pot bug” incident. Now I find that the question has been directly changed to “it must be a dry pot cockroach”? If there is tangible evidence, the student who asked the question can report it, but before there is clear evidence, such a question is really inappropriate. Of course, whether it was a bug or not, it caused everyone’s strong discomfort in the first time, and there would be some reason for the shadow of the snake. But I really don’t blame us, I really have a psychological shadow after eating in the cafeteria. Hope the cafeteria really takes the complaints received over the years to make adjustments? Screenshots of Tree Hole Over the years, we can often eat hair strands, steel wire balls, and bugs in the food in the canteen. Everyone will complain on the tree hole and post on various platforms, but in the end, it has not caused the school. With enough attention, last year’s rat tail juice incident finally disappeared. Of course, eating insects is not a patent of the National University of Science and Technology, and other universities also have it: in the canteen of Henan Anyang Normal University, a disgusting scene occurred. According to the video exposed by the students of the school, the tableware in the canteen actually appeared on the tableware. Many maggots are still wriggling. The picture was quite disgusting, and many students said they couldn’t stand it after watching it. A student from the College of Plant Protection of China Agricultural University found a bug in the pineapple rice in the cafeteria. After being accurately identified, it was a silk ant, and analyzed the possible cause of the silk ant in the food, and filed a complaint with the principal’s mailbox accordingly. In these cases In middle school, after the students eat the suspected insects, they take photos and videos from various angles, find out the specific names of the insects through data search and analysis, and then write detailed complaint letters and expose them on major media platforms. The final result is the canteen rectification and the relevant personnel are punished. I haven’t seen any compensation for students. As for whether the sanitation management of the canteen can be improved from now on, it is unclear. From this point of view, I think I will encounter similar problems in the future. If we are not sure whether it is a bug, we can also collect evidence first, ask the seniors from the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of Botany to help identify them, and then determine everything to be bugs. Put it together, write a detailed complaint letter of ten crimes in the cafeteria, and try to see if it works. Are you moved? Don’t waste your time, even if the evidence is complete and popular searches, it won’t be useful in the end. The cafeteria is still unpalatable, prices are still skyrocketing, and there are still bugs. What to do? These are the fried scorpions, fried dragonflies, fried locusts and other snacks I saw a few days ago, 25 bunches. So what can we do? Just serve as a cafeteria and give us a free extra meal: cockroaches in soy sauce dry pot, which seems to be very fragrant.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

On the evening of 3.19, cockroaches were eaten out of the dry pot window on the first floor of the second canteen on the Yanqi Lake campus of the National Science University, but the canteen staff said it was an anecdote. Since the rat incident occurred in the third canteen last semester, has the sanitation of the canteen of the National University of Science and Technology not improved at all? How should the rights of the parties be protected, and how can the food hygiene and safety of the whole school be guaranteed?

7 months ago

Eating cockroaches only proves that the school’s killing work has not been done properly. Unqualified. The point is not whether the cockroach is a big supplement, or whether the environment is not adequately eliminated. The main problems encountered in killing are 2:1, which is the perfunctory work of killing people. Don’t even kill the industry at all. 2. The drugs used are resistant to local cockroaches. It needs to be used for cockroach medicine certified by the HACCP international food safety management system certification body, and there is no drug resistance. Dinotefuran component spray, as a product with HACCP certification, has been recognized by more and more users and has become a household insecticide.

7 months ago

I am in the Institute of Botany, and I am in Yanqi Lake on weekdays. I return to the Institute of Yanyi Husk on weekends. Thank you for your invitation. After the same door in the workplace exclaimed “Something went wrong in the cafeteria”, my first reaction was that what happened in the cafeteria of the Institute of Plants? As a result, I found out that it was the canteen of the National University of Science and Technology, and at first glance, after seeing the “rats tail juice” in the east area of ​​the National University of Science and Technology last semester, the brothers canteen in the west area was not far behind and came to the “fried rice dipping (cockroach) material”. “However, since the mammals in the last semester have degenerated into insects, I have to say that the students from the West District really can’t do it. They are all normal operations under the monopoly of college canteens. Don’t make a fuss about the shells. There is basically only one canteen on a campus. Even after returning to the school, there is basically no pressure of competition in the canteen. After all, you occasionally order one. It’s okay to boycott the takeout, but who can go around the cafeteria for a long time? After all, they are all scientific research workers, and most of them are far away from the living quarters. There is no time to find alternative businesses, and even if there is time, the research subsidy can’t be consumed. The canteens attached to various scientific research institutes have formed a de facto monopoly in some areas. In fact, there is no incentive to consider the problem from the perspective of consumers. Unlike the canteens of colleges and universities, there will be certain competition after subcontracting. The canteens of my undergraduate colleges have I rolled myself into renovating a canteen every year. After arriving at the Botanical Research Institute, I found that the cafeteria here seemed to be able to decouple from the basic dining requirements: safety, hygiene and insulation, not to mention additional deliciousness and low prices. I remember that when I remembered a worried half piece of cabbage + a little diced ham at a price of 7 yuan, I really felt the combined marketing effect of 1+1 greater than two. Then I came into contact with various canteens and ate all kinds of insects. Alas, a group was built later. Basically, there are unknown objects every few days. The public relations of the canteen is also very good, and I can always tell some food in the process. For example, what comes with the bag for washing vegetables. In the face of this kind of sanitation accident, the canteen basically only considers reducing the impact of practice and not the method that needs to increase the cost of the business process. Do you want the canteen to wash the dishes more times? Or hire a few more people? If it is an existing worker who wants to upgrade him from the current job of simply flushing the tap water to the manual job of removing the soil carefully, do you want to give people processing money or give them more rest? If the hygiene problem has not been promoted into a safety accident, such as a vicious event such as food poisoning, this kind of problem will still be an ostrich tactic to deal with even the number of hot searches. Alas…. If you can, I recommend the following recipe: oatmeal (as long as boiling water), milk, cucumber, tomatoes, apples (fruits such as bananas), dried tofu (online purchase), chicken breast (online purchase), maybe a combination of these things You can skip the cafeteria at all. That’s how I did it. I haven’t been to the cafeteria for about a year.

7 months ago

This picture looks like a cockroach, but it doesn’t look like the following video, so let’s wait for someone who understands to judge it. It stands to reason that if it is an anecdote, there should be many people who have eaten similar ones. Wait and see if there are any students who often eat dry pot. I have eaten dry pot in the second canteen before, and I never remember seeing this thing. Should I go to the second canteen to order a dry pot in the evening? In addition, I remember that this should be the second hot search in the National Science and Technology Canteen in half a year, and it was also the last time this kind of negative news. After being criticized by so many people, I think the root cause is that the canteen is too unpalatable. If the canteen is as good as the canteen of Tsinghua University or Shanghai Jiaotong University, I don’t think everyone will condemn it even if this happens.

7 months ago

Yesterday at noon, I ate a dry pot on the first floor of a cafeteria, and a piece of hair turned out just as I moved my chopsticks. what can I do? I picked up my hair and continued to eat, and I ate clean. Because the dry pot in one canteen is barely enough food in three canteens. The same thing was also found on the second floor of the second cafeteria. I didn’t look for it. I was usually short of time and didn’t have the energy to deal with these things. I also felt that my arms couldn’t twist my thighs.

7 months ago

Too unprofessional! Do you know the correct way for the store to handle this kind of thing? Probably in the 1990s, I heard such a thing: in the dumpling restaurant near our house, a diners found a big green bean fly in the dumpling filling when they were eating dumplings… Just find the boss to say! The boss glanced at the dumpling and said: “You read it wrong, it is chopped green onion…” After speaking, he stuffed the dumpling containing the “big green bean fly” into his mouth in front of everyone. Chewing, chewing, and swallowing…The diners left blankly, after all, the “evidence” was destroyed…It is said that the boss went to the hospital that night. …….The parties in this video should keep this evidence, go directly to the Food and Drug Administration for inspection, and talk to them……. These two masters are also……. Put the “aniseed” directly into your mouth and chew it, and then tell everyone: “You see this is really an aniseed, you see how fragrant I eat…”

7 months ago

In the ranking of prestigious schools, the school always says that it is at the same level as Tsinghua Peking University. I hope school leaders will also examine whether the living environment and facilities of the students can also be at the same level as Tsinghua Peking University. Zhongguancun Campus: After building a canteen for a year, I changed the tables and chairs. Did the tables and chairs fall out for months? Are they beautiful? Is it reminding us that the school cafeteria has changed tables and chairs? Right now, the road in front of the school is full of construction materials. Every day I go to the cafeteria to have a meal, and then it takes an hour and a half to get to the school gate. Can’t we finish the construction quickly and provide us with a convenient path? Every day breakfast is cold enough to Bingya, can you think of a way to protect the food? The food can’t be said to be delicious, and none of the students returning to school are thinking about school hygiene and health. If something bad happens, it will only clear the relationship. Many things I have experienced tell me that this school never considers students. It is not known for whom.

7 months ago

What does this title start with? What is meant by “the staff said it was an unexpected event”? Judging from the current problem description, is it a cockroach or an anecdote? The title came up with “dry pot cockroaches”, which provokes first-rate emotions. How do you think the dry pot cockroaches appeared in the second cafeteria of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but the cafeteria staff said it was an anecdote? I took a look at the problem log of this problem, it was really wonderful, it can be used as a “model” for a certain type of problem. There are several key time points in the problem log. First, the questioner posts a question. This question is indeed a bit emotional. The description of “dry pot cockroach” is a bit extreme, and it is understandable under the agitation.

7 months ago

Do you really have to make a big noise before Yanqi Lake knows that we need to do a good job in infrastructure construction? Is that for future scientists? Which of Yanqi Lake canteen, hot water and heating is not a problem? What kind of property fees do you still charge? Anyway, every year is different, every year, after a wave of leeks is cut, forget it and fool it all? The rat tail juice last semester, this semester still does not take food safety issues seriously. Sure enough, it complied with our school motto: “Work hard and resolutely never change.”

7 months ago

The title picture is indeed not necessarily a cockroach, but this does not mean that the food hygiene and safety of the National University of Science and Technology canteen is no problem. After having lunch at the Chinese food window on the second floor of the Zhongguancun campus two days ago, I suffered from gastroenteritis in the afternoon, and I have been very uncomfortable for the past few days. The classmates who ate together also had gastroenteritis the next day…Since the epidemic, I have not had diarrhea after eating takeaway for a year. I finally waited for the cafeteria to open. I got gastroenteritis… Now I’m scared when I see the cafeteria.

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