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Yuanjin has no advantage in the Japanese market. It’s not that he has an advantage in any market, but he has no advantage in Japan. A group of idol masters pcr played the nerds, a group of people who are interested in horse racing and betting on horse racing, they came across this game that is both horse racing and idol. This is cy’s precise selection of materials, which can capture the appetite of the public. They are willing to pay, that is, they are willing to pay for the original god. In Japan, the original god is just not better than the horse racing girl (perhaps there is a baseball a in the comment section, I don’t know this). What is the trouble with this three-dimensional defense? Didn’t say that the original god is not rotten, right? In Japan, Harajin has no advantage. Horse racing in Japan is like football to Iberia, baseball to America, and fund speculation to China. In short, this is a national sport in Japan. From the 18-year-old unemployed man to the 80-year-old taxi driver, everyone loves to see things. Now these horses have become motherhood, you are the one who raises horses, what is it like? Just like Yi Fonda mixing small and medium discs into a girl in Chinese clothes singing and dancing on the big stage of the Bird’s Nest, smiling at the audience and thanking them for their assistance (jia), you are Zhang Kun, standing on stage With tears in his nose and tears, Lao Cai Lao Chen told me how difficult it is to cultivate such a girl these years. This is my own daughter. Don’t laugh, the Japanese really think so. Although most Japanese people indirectly participate in the development of famous horses such as the unsinkable ship by paying money, it is necessary to let one person pay to actually raise a horse race, which is less than 80% of Japanese people can’t do it. . Now there is an opportunity for you to raise a stable horse at once, or jumping around. There are talking and laughing horse mothers, and you don’t even have to pay a fraction of the one-year breeding fee for a horse. You are a Japanese and you can bear it. ? Is it like you who dreamed of substituting shares? In contrast, at least before reaching Daojia, Yuanshen’s competitiveness was of course weak. Does Ganyu walnut look good? It looks good, but one of them is a Chinese auspicious beast, and the other is a crematorium head. There is no cultural blessing. How can it be compared to the “living” Chun Ulala, the attraction of the Donghai Emperor standing in front of him? The desire to pay is not enough. (This one has to be added. After coming out of Dao Wisdom, his original god’s competitiveness is not weak, I don’t know, I don’t dare to say. But for now, he must be compared with others. Don’t catch a few sentences. Just curse, ok?) On the other hand, it is precisely because almost only Japanese people like these horse races, and the revenue of horse racers is also very difficult to leave the Japanese market. This is a small hidden danger of cy. Recently, my new game called Gu Mixin is also planning to play cultural cards and make antique personifications (the motherhood written here before, I don’t know enough to laugh). I don’t know how it will work…but this picture does not compare the entire income of the original god, but only the mobile phone. I don’t know how much it will be after adding the pc and ps.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

It’s hard to compare. The horse racing girl can’t leave Japan. This game is not only relying on the role to deceive Krypton, but the Japanese local horse racing culture is the deep reason. Getting out of the Japanese horse girl can at best be a mobile game with good quality girls. If the original god does not have the local culture buff, it must be dried up. Baseball, idols, various themes, and game modes like Ma Niang are not the first to come out, but it is obviously not a hot one (baseball may have suffered from no beautiful girls). Beautiful girls, horse racing, and game modes are indispensable. The personal preference is to develop the model as the lower limit, and the theme of horse racing is the upper limit. The original god’s krypton gold point knows that there are many answers in the previous search, so I won’t go into details here. In the eyes of foreigners, this game (Ma Niang) may be similar to other beautiful girl neta Japanese-themed mobile games. The second creation is not as good as the freedom to cut the mouth. It may be similar to the impression of pcr, “I have a very good income in Japan. Krypton Gold Mobile Games”. But when pcr entered China, many people found that this game was different from what they thought, and so was the horse racing girl. But raising horses is really happy (laughs)

8 months ago

Ma Niang itself relies on the two-dimensional economy born from the existing cultural industry. The commercial effect of media mix is ​​here. The effect of “IP operation” and “** universe” created by China’s imitating Japanese media mix development is beyond the reach of a horse. IP development also focuses on adapting traditional works into other works, and the core competitiveness of media mix is ​​to develop things that are not works into cultural products. In recent years, there has been an upsurge to discuss “anthropomorphization”, as if “anthropomorphization” is a Japanese-style and amazing method. In fact, “anthropomorphization” is nothing more than a scheme that media mix came up with at their fingertips. On the surface, “anthropomorphization” transforms non-humans into humans, but in fact it emphasizes the integration of the cultural consumption part of an existing industry with the two-dimensional industry. In this sense, the original god is certainly worthy of respect, because the original god is an away game without the buff of the local cultural industry. And there is no cultural industry buff blessing in China. Collage cultural elements are not a good way to develop IP and industry. The most important thing is to integrate with the existing cultural industry. I told me 114 or even 514 times that the magical net article wins the magnificent Nikkei Nikkei because it relies on the mature Japanese publishing industry·genre literature + The comic system is the same as the niche cultural industry. China’s other existing cultural industries are highly stretched, and it is really too difficult for ideal individuals and companies to start anew.

8 months ago

Sitting and watching… Lying down is not good for your eyes. (Of course, it’s okay for some people to kneel and watch it… but it’s easy to numb their legs) Both games are good games, and they have received rave reviews from the corresponding player groups. But the types of the two are completely different, and the audience may overlap, but according to my personal experience, the overlap should not be so high (very low). I strongly object to putting these two on the same track because they are all krypton games. I personally think that this kind of behavior is really a horse racing (this horse racing is not a horse racing). In addition, based on past experience (the popularity of ship C has led to an explosive growth of IJN, or the number of fans of World War II battleships), whether this kind of pure gambling themed on horse racing will cause any problems remains unclear. . To put it bluntly, there is no essential difference between this and a dp anthropomorphic game in the Netherlands two days later. In addition, based on the author’s personal opinion, the success of the horse racing girl is to make the players have a strong sense of nurturing (daughter), and the presence of the game is very, very good. Few mobile games will touch on these two points, so everyone thinks it is very fresh (just as the original god’s open world is very fresh to everyone). But Ma Niang is not without its drawbacks. The upper limit of the number of characters and the lack of depth of the game make the continuous operation of this game quite worrying. I don’t know what creative ideas the producer will have to solve this problem. Another p s, the above-mentioned “the open world of the original god is very new to everyone” means that some mobile game players will feel fresh when they experience this scale of open world on their mobile phones. If this remark has caused any discomfort to any reader, the author hereby apologizes for 120,000 points.

8 months ago

I know I said that this might be badly sprayed, but I still want to talk about why the horse racing girl is so hot in the Japanese environment. In 13 years, I was fortunate to get a Japanese visa to play in Japan. One day when I was off, my uncle told me that I would take you to see how horse racing is. I didn’t know what horse racing was at that time. I was impressed. Among them is a lot of horses running all the time. What’s so interesting? When I went to the racecourse, I saw that many people were holding papers the same size as tickets. (Afterwards, my uncle explained to me that they were all gambling. People with horses) (good boy, don’t gamble), then I stood at the card closest to the track and watched a group of horses waiting by the fence. At first it was very quiet, but when the fence opened, the horse instantly moved away from it. After rushing out from the fence, many Japanese people started shouting instantly. To be honest, I felt the shock for the first time. The goose bumps were all up, and my eyes were fixed on the fast running horse. I was excited and said to my uncle, “Wow, so fast.” Ah, when I went back, I was very happy to tell my uncle that there was a white horse that was clearly behind at that time, so it ran so fast. . Uncle kept looking at me and laughing. Until I returned to my country, I thought I would go to Japan again and I must go to see it again (sorry it turned out to be a hard-working worker who has never been to XDD until now). Okay, returning to the game of horse racing, I said so many reasons and I want to say one point is that horse racing has an interest in horse racing because of the horse betting related industries. Gambling is not allowed in mainland China, so natural horse racing has no actual benefits other than earning yells. China wants to legally operate racecourses and races, and issue horse racing lottery tickets at the same time, but it was stopped by the state. (As for a certain lottery, I don’t say you all Understand it…) And Japanese horse racing has really become part of their culture. Without gambling, the feeling of watching a horse galloping is rare in China. If I stare at the TV in a Chinese lottery shop To be honest, I don’t like the numbers in the previous jump. When the horse racing girl opened the server, I also went to Huang. I have to say that it was really fierce. Although in the current environment where mobile games are full of beautiful girls, those beautiful girls can no longer stimulate me, but During the competition, I added the camera and commentary. When I watched my horse, if Ou ran 1st place at a time, the feeling at that time was that my horse did not poke, do not poke, do not poke, or did not poke. Poke *100, you see, at that time your face will no longer be LSP, and you are full of pride. When returning to Krypton Gold, it depends on whether you want it or not. Under the environment of Japan, especially the epidemic situation, people who like horse racing will naturally find ways to vent, so I think it’s normal to have such a high income. .

8 months ago

What’s more than this… Why don’t you compare the original God’s Kingdom suit with the glory of the king? The comparison with the Three Kingdoms strategic version is also the same. This kind of thing that people with normal IQ don’t need to explain is happening continuously for half a year. What kind of monster marbles are there to discuss? The old guys in Zhilong Lost City expressed that they were left out in the cold and were very aggrieved. (For some people, I really want to know how many Chinese teachers were angry when he was in school and got a headache)

8 months ago

This wave of ios krypton gold of the original god is really olive, I don’t have to talk about the game Yi Ma Niang, I went to the locust after the game was opened, non-Japanese, don’t bet on horses, haven’t watched cartoons, really haven’t played anymore. Desire. There was a new work by an idol master before, and I played the two games for about an hour or two each, and the parts I came into contact with were almost the same. But the Japanese really eat this set, the young lady dances, they just like it, so they love to pay for it. But going out of Japan will not work, I think it will not work. As for why, let’s talk about my opinion about the game. It is always necessary to attract talented people to play. First of all, you Ma Niang, I am a Chinese playing this, and I don’t recognize a horse, playing with snakeskin. Let’s take a look at other attractive points, but I haven’t seen any pretty girls, nor can I control the pony to make a brutal collision. I have seen screenshots of others taking a shower on the Internet, but I haven’t played it yet. I think the game Ma Niang should have no effect on the original god, even in Japan, it will not affect the original god’s income, so I won’t mention Japan. If it’s a game like horse god, maybe there is still a chance, Ma Niang is really not good.

8 months ago

Why do people in the mobile game circle like to compare their turnover to others? I haven’t seen any company opening an IPO? Is it necessary to be so tired to play a game? This so-called “full year” means a little more than 3 months, and does not count the host side. Of course, given that this picture was originally a raccoon frog speaking, it is not surprising. Just like the three-month flow of the original god is much higher than the total combined flow of all other domestic two-spine axolotl mobile games in 2020, it is close to the glory of the king, does it make a lot of sense? Japanese mobile games seem to have nothing to do with the so-called gameplay. Spending a lot of money on png is really well-tuned by capital.

8 months ago

It’s actually FIFA that can be compared with the horse racing girl. If you want to use Ronaldo and Messi, you have to play FIFA. The same principle can also be applied to horse racing mothers. Even if horse racing is a national sport in Japan. But if this game does not get the copyright of those horse racing names, guess how many Japanese people are willing to spend money? Therefore, the original God’s loss to the horse race girl in Japan is not a loss at all in the game. The two are not on the same track at all. The original god wins? At this time, I am about to take out the famous “Hellscream Question”. What is the price? The price is that the game of the horse racing mother never wants to make a lot of money abroad. An example is Zhilong Lost City and Monster Pinball. Both games have been operated in China. The results of it. Needless to say. The glory of the king is unacceptable abroad. On the other hand, the horse racing mother (even if she can) travel to China is at best tepid at best. If you don’t know Baidu, there are a few people who know Miyu. What do you expect to sell in other countries if you don’t have a reputation? Finally, two more points. First of all, it is normal to locate games on all global platforms but not local games. People stare at the G-spot of the local players and kill them. How do you fight them? What is meant by “the strong dragon does not crush the ground snake”? This is called “the strong dragon does not crush the snake”. Secondly, I found that Chinese players, or Chinese people, have a very peculiar place. It means that everything must be No. 1 in the world to be qualified. It feels shameless to take second and third. The 27-nation summit is still going to continue forever. The entire 27 countries continue to dominate the list. My God, Big Viagra, I don’t even dare to think in this direction. Harajin’s Japanese market has never been a horse racing girl, and it looks like Harajin’s overseas market is about to be finished. In my opinion this is not a problem at all. There are only a few that can be counted in the entire Japanese market. Even if the original god can’t sit on the top spot. It’s okay to eat to the point. What’s more, the various things that have happened recently can very well explain the enthusiasm of the original god. Have you ever heard of hackers planning to steal the next version of the horse racing information? No. Because it is not necessary. Why other games can’t wait for their next update plan to be known in the world and the original god will come out of the ghost? Because the players are looking forward to it. It’s the same as when a kid picks up the kitchen door frame when making New Year’s Eve dinner. Give an inappropriate example. News of the WOW test server is flying all over the world. It’s unpacking and inner ghost again. The official server has not been opened yet, basically the copy of the Raiders have been made. But when did you see Heroes of the Storm come out of the ghost?

8 months ago

To be honest, this problem is particularly like fishing. Then consider that the user who made a table in the figure is traditional Chinese characters (high probability vvvv), and that there have been some vvvv crazy attacking Yuanshen (the reason for the attack is only because Yuanshen is a game produced by a mainland company in the world. Fire within the scope), this issue is even more unnecessary to discuss. However, in view of the fact that some people actually think that Yuanshen’s Japanese clothes are cool, or because they did not distinguish between the yen, the dollar, the renminbi and other income units, they have misunderstood, let’s analyze it here. In terms of a single country server, the monthly income is more than three times that of the original god. If nothing else, the domestic king is definitely over. But this did not affect the development of Yuanshen in the country. At present, the Japanese-served horse racing mothers bring the open service bonus and horse racing, a national sport, to obtain particularly huge income in Japan. During this period of time, other national-level games in Japan, such as baseball, monster marbles, wilderness, etc., can only briefly surpass the horse races on the bestseller list when the event is open. (However, only the best-selling rankings of open servers are compared, and the horse racing girl is not the best in Japanese history.) Is the horse racing girl strong? Strong, especially strong, the monthly income of opening the server exceeds the income of Yuanshen Japan last year (in fact, it is only three months). Only in the Japanese clothes, the original god is no better than the horse racing mother. But what does this have to do with the original god? It can’t affect the overall income of the original god. The reason why Yuanshen was able to rank among the top three in monthly income in the world was never a single market, but a global market. In the 4g era, since the popularity of smartphones, the top four mobile game markets in China, the United States, Japan, and South Korea have been the only games or apps that have reached the top in 16 years. (Among them, the United States and South Korea rely on the only time that Heizhen has reached the top). And the original gods released in 2020. At the same time, the top three major markets in China and the United States are currently only Yuanshen. In a single country market, Yuanshen is not considered a national first-line mobile game in China, the United States, Japan and South Korea, but can only be regarded as a first-line goalkeeper or a second-line top. But from a global perspective, as the only discord community with 730,000 people, it will be kicked if not active. As a game with 16+ million watched live broadcasts on the push version preview, Yuanshen is the top first-line game. Therefore, it will lead to a single-day service income, and the horse racing girl will start serving for three months in a month, but if you count the world, the horse racing girl’s first month’s income is less than one-third of the first month of starting service.

8 months ago

This is a common problem with the two-dimensional mobile game of the national service, and the pattern is too small. The original god, the upper limit of krypton gold is small, and the patio is less than 180. The krypton pool is empty for tens of thousands of times, so that heavy krypton players can’t make money, and the improvement brought by krypton gold is not big enough, the most important No pvp content! If you learn from the experience of cy, set the card pool to 300 draws, and then each issue of the card pool will issue 30,000 rough stones, then the card party will be grateful next month. Then pvp (Arena, Guild Wars), roll it up! A large number of rough stones will be distributed according to the ranking, and the front row of the guild will gather high-level players! Then fast forward to the front row of guild oil guys battle, isn’t this upper-level krypton gold limit going up? There is no need to be conservative when cutting leeks. It’s ugly to eat, it’s okay to make money.

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