Removal-here it appears to disappear out of thin air. The removed area will be left with only flat ground, all underground facilities will disappear, and the people living in this area will no longer exist.
I know you are thinking about Wall Street, and I thought the same at the beginning, but I wonder if there will be more powerful choices, so I asked this question.
Although the longest Yonge Street in the world is beyond imagination, the subject does not want you to use Yonge Street to measure the area of “a street”

Joke location: Armstrong and their login location. Science can’t explain why everything in the login area will disappear, and the American Civil Science will flourish-humans have never landed on the moon! The location the subject hopes for: Wall Street. From the unit of a street, it is easy to think of two places, one is Wall Street, the other is a place used for military parade Wall Street is American, the Red Devil Museum in the world, the highest density of vampires in the world, once they disappear, there is no history. It will undoubtedly be rewritten. Whether it is an unimagined road, the American people use it as a miracle to resist the oligarchs, or the Second United States of America. It is no longer important. Whatever it is, it will be a huge impact. Putting aside those above, at least the banks, The financial industries of stocks and securities will be disrupted in a short period of time. Considering the current level of water injection in the US stocks, the financial crisis may spread to the world. If not, the United States can only resolve internal conflicts through external aggression. The outbreak of the Three World Wars is the most useless. Location: The White House/U.S. Capitol Nothing will change. The elected president can be restricted by the oligarchs, deprived of military power, deprived of the right to use nuclear weapons, and deprived of the channel of communication with supporters. Is the White House and the Capitol actually the same? , These places are no more than ZB, but the United States has been zb in the first two months, except that the Capitol was washed away, and some people were suicided. The democratically elected president of the world’s most powerful country is mixed like this. Zeiss State hasn’t rubbed it like that. At any rate, people burned the Capitol. To put it bluntly, the rights of the United States do not belong to the White House, nor do they belong to the American people, so is it safe to disappear or not? Chuanbao’s nuclear button has been deprived of the most feared location for scientists: the particle collider. They can’t explain why the machine is suddenly missing a street distance. They can’t help but make up for various situations, and then scare themselves to death. After all, this It’s really scary enough. When the experiment was done halfway, the track of the collider suddenly disappeared in all the streets. The most terrifying place for the French: the underground cemetery of Paris. There are six million bones buried in the underground cemetery of Paris, which can be counted as a street for the time being. The scenic area is only open for the first 2 kilometers, and it is not open at all after it disappears, not only in France, but also people in Europe will be frightened.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Okuma-cho, Futaba County, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, and the storage tank for nuclear sewage were removed. The area is roughly the same as a large street, and the sword of Damocles hanging over all mankind can be reached out of thin air. Ten years have passed since the earthquake, and many people have forgotten about Fukushima, but the nuclear power plant crisis is far from being resolved. The spent fuel rods in the reactor containment of the first unit are difficult to take out, nuclear waste water is still being discharged and accumulated, and the total amount of nuclear waste water after storage has reached more than 1.3 million tons. Japan’s Tepco said on the 28th local time that the time for the capacity of the water storage tank in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant to reach its limit may be extended to the autumn of 2022. The previous estimate was the summer of 2022. TEPCO stated that this is due to the advancement of nuclear sewage countermeasures and the fact that there will be less precipitation throughout 2020. TEPCO also released more detailed data. In 2020, the average daily nuclear sewage generation volume is about 140 tons, which is about 10 tons less than the target of 150 tons. Although the Japanese government has postponed its decision to discharge 1.23 million tons of nuclear wastewater into the Pacific under pressure from public opinion, how to deal with such a large amount of nuclear wastewater in 2022 is a problem facing all mankind. If the problem of the first unit of the Fukushima nuclear power plant cannot be solved, the core is allowed to melt through. If the nuclear waste water is finally discharged into the Pacific Ocean, it will spread to every sea area with ocean currents like the picture below. Even if short-term radiation does not affect water quality and aquatic product safety, nuclear waste water will eventually be diluted to a small amount, but the half-life of cesium is 30 years. Radioactive elements are enriched, circulated, and precipitated in the sea. Ghosts know what will happen, and they will be All mankind pays. It would be great if the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant could be removed, and there is no need to watch the traditional arts again many years later.

7 months ago

We can’t be constrained by the subject of our thinking and change our mind: a street does not have to be “flat”, it can also be inserted “vertically”. Choose a relatively wide street, such as Chang’an Avenue, and calculate according to its size: the length is about 4km (the main part), the width is 47m, and the depth is calculated as 20m (including possible underground facilities). Add it up to a total of 3.76 million cubic meters. Let’s take this volume It is reformed into a cylindrical space with a diameter of 8 meters, a depth of 75 km, and the same volume. Then, by inserting it vertically into any surface area, it can go deep into the mantle to export magma and produce a small man-made volcano. (Hopefully, according to the meaning of the question, the geological conditions after the removal will be stable, and there will be no earthquakes or landslides to block the passage…) (The length-width-depth ratio of the passage can be adjusted according to the situation, for example, where the crust is thin, it can reach 10m× 10m above cross-section) Putting small man-made volcanoes on Wall Street, the White House, Pentagon and other places is more shocking than removing it directly. Note: Removal of an area directly in the center of the earth may cause greater damage, but the scope and intensity of this damage are unpredictable and may be global or very small. Relatively speaking, using volcanoes to destroy key areas is relatively stable.

7 months ago

Laxatives, according to the requirements of the subject, remove a street-sized area to maximize the impact on the world, and the removed place including underground objects and people will not exist, so the impact should be greater than the impact of removing any person. Personally, I think Wall Street is a choice. In this way, the finance of the Beacon will be severely affected, thus affecting the world. In addition, it is best to be some bases, but the premise is that you have to figure out the location first… If you start with submarine cables, you may have unexpected surprises..

7 months ago

The Great Pyramid of Egypt was removed, so that Professor Huang Heqing directly killed the archaeological and historical circles of the global scientific community, “I went there personally! You see, this is a photo I took on the spot. Where are the pyramids? This is a fake! Bah, No, this is simply a historical conspiracy. The pyramids have never existed. Those who claim to have seen the pyramids were brainwashed by the West in order to discredit the Chinese civilization!” No one in the scientific community refuted for a while, because the pyramids were indeed gone. . The existing scientific ideas were subverted, Huang Heqing was promoted to the altar, Zhejiang University surpassed Qingbei, and became the world’s top school, making Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford tremble. The center of the world returned to China. The United States, which was once far ahead, was discarded by the scientific community. Then the graphic evidence method was rectified. This historic discovery solved all the problems known to mankind, and the dark clouds on the physical building also disappeared. In the history of human science, there is another master who is as famous as Newton Einstein-Huang Heqing

7 months ago

There is a Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The largest religious system is the Three Churches of Christ, and Jerusalem is their holy place. A large number of believers, of which there must be a large number of people, are vacillating between believing in the existence of God and trusting in science. But once something unthinkable occurs, they must firmly believe in the existence of God. The wall where believers vent their sorrows is erased from the world. God no longer hears their crying, and even deprives them of their sorrows. I believe that is the despair of half of the world’s people.

7 months ago

From the Yenisei River to Taklimakan, remove a plane that is 2 meters wide and 1500 kilometers long, about 3 million square meters. That is, the area of a street 64 meters wide and 50 kilometers long. Sending 5 billion cubic meters of water to Taklimakan every year is enough to change the situation of the entire world, change the atmospheric circulation, cause a chain reaction, and permanently change.

7 months ago

The title says that any area in the world can be removed. In order to change the world pattern the most, then I will remove an area in history. There is a place whose name is unknown, but its history was changed because of the patronage of a Taoist priest. This Taoist priest is very famous. He once taught Genghis Khan about health preservation. Yes, this Taoist priest is called Qiu Chuji, and this place is called Niujia Village. If Niujia Village were removed, Wanyan Honglie would not see Bao Xiwei and feel bad for her. Guo and Yang will not be affected, Li Ping will not go into exile in the desert, and Guo Jing will not be born in Mongolia. Without Guo Jing’s help, Temujin would die under Zamuhe’s conspiracy, and the Mongolian ministries would still be scattered, and there would be no Mongolian iron cavalry. There will be no western expeditions in the future, and gunpowder will not spread to Europe. Without gunpowder, the dark Middle Ages will continue under the rule of armored knights, and the Renaissance will not rise in Italy. There was nothing more about the later great voyages. Similarly, if the Spaniards did not introduce iron cannons to Japan, Takeda would win the battle of Nagashōkai, and the Japanese Warring States Period would continue. On the other hand, Wanyan Honglie will fully participate in the power struggle, the Golden State Council has civil strife, and without the influence of the Golden State and Mongolia, the Song Dynasty will not perish, but will take the lead in the emergence of capitalism. Leading the Renaissance, then the Industrial Revolution, developing navigational technology, and becoming an industrial power, a manufacturing power, a shipping power, and a military power. The iron ships of the Song Dynasty would first destroy Japan, then head east, discover and occupy America, and finally unify the world. The revitalization of China begins with the removal of Niujia Village.

7 months ago

When the LHC is conducting the test, remove the LHC’s main detection equipment and surrounding buildings and scientists. It seems that the direct economic and scientific losses are limited. The question is, when the LHC was running, the surrounding equipment was suddenly destroyed, and the surrounding scientists suddenly disappeared supernaturally. Do you think this is a miracle or a terrorist attack? You will only think that this is an indescribable phenomenon caused by high-energy physics. It may be a mini black hole that does not conform to the thermodynamics of a black hole, or it may have caused a vacuum decay with a limited range, but in any case, these things may instantly destroy the earth. Although this will make humans more curious about high energy physics, normal people will not support the construction of a larger particle collider again until there are theoretical explanations for it, because no one knows what will happen next time. Second, the area of ​​a street was razed to the ground, and next time it might be the earth and even the entire universe. The problem is a miracle, and it is impossible for scientists to explain it clearly through any existing theory, unless high-energy physical equipment provides a greater signal-to-noise ratio, which enters a deadlock. Until the people shocked by this news die, the next generation of humans will begin to slowly recover from death. The high-energy physics that has locked up humans for decades, judging from a longer history, may be an event with more far-reaching impact than the razing of Wall Street. Of course, there are other methods. For example, the Canberra Deep Space Station, which communicates with Voyager 2, is suddenly razed. How do you look like an alien warning? When humans can almost 99% identify malicious aliens, they will What was done is really unknown.

7 months ago

Don’t regret it, I want to dig an Indian Ocean into the sea for China. The longest street in the world is Yonge Street in Toronto. Yonge Street, which runs north-south, is a main axis of the city, dividing Toronto roughly into east and west. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Yonge Street is the longest street in the world. It starts from Toronto Harbour, passes through many cities northward, and then continues on Highway 11, passing through numerous Ontario towns along the way. Turning to the west in the town of Cochrane, trot all the way, and finally reached the Rainy River in Ontario and the International Falls on the border between the United States and Canada in Minnesota. The total length is 1896 kilometers (1178 miles).

7 months ago

This brain hole is very similar to the common parallel time and space settings in American comics. For example, suppose that Superman did not fall in the United States but in the Soviet Union, so there will be the Red Son of Superman. To return to this brain problem, it is only necessary to remove the office of the highest leadership of either side of the United States and the Soviet Union on October 28, 1962, the most critical day of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It may even be a road in front of the White House or the Politburo of the Soviet Union. There was a road outside the venue during the meeting, even if there were no key leaders casualties. It is possible that the two sides will throw nuclear weapons at each other immediately. After all, some US generals had already considered launching a direct attack on Cuba on the 29th. As long as one side fires first, World War III will break out, and it will most likely be a nuclear war. If that’s the case, today’s world might be what it looks like in wasteland movie games such as Terminator Fallout or Crazy Max. Today, you can’t just use your mobile phones to play games, but wear protective clothing and leave the shelter every day. Picking up trash.

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