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Because she is not “exquisite and self-interested”. The prestigious schools cultivate exquisite egoism, revealing shrewdness in indifference. The road to success is full of thorns, and it is not easy to move forward alone, let alone move forward with weight. If Fan Shengmei is smart enough, she has worked for many years and can buy a small house in Shanghai. But she didn’t. She gave her family money to buy a house. She has emptied the reputation of Laonu, but she has an extremely kind heart. Many ordinary women resonate well with Fan Shengmei, have a bad relationship with their family members, are victims of patriarchy, but are still dragged down by their families. Her parents came to Shanghai to find her, but they couldn’t find that part. She looked around the world, and then cried there, acting very real. The family is very unbearable, but it is what I care about most. She is not cruel enough to be exquisite and self-interested, and that is to move forward with weight. Those so-called successful people are not bad if they don’t chew their old age. Qu Xiaolang is a rich second generation, and Andy’s adoptive parents and biological parents are very powerful. At least Qiu Yingying has no burdens in her family, and her parents love her very much. Guan Juer is an only daughter from a wealthy family whose parents can help her arrange a job in Shanghai. Wang Baichuan married a Qiu Yingying from a family background, and he was simply not capable of saving Fan Shengmei out of trouble. Fan Shengmei fantasized about Lao Nu marrying a rich man, but she had a three-pointed attitude, and she didn’t even think about being a junior. It is a better choice to be able to marry a well-off second-married man who is much older than himself. Because if she can’t make a clean break with her family, few people can fill the bottomless pit of her house. However, rich men are a scarce resource than beautiful women! It is also very difficult to find. I don’t think Fan Shengmei failed, I just think she is pathetic. Under the premise of not destroying the Three Views and breaking the bottom line, a girl who was dragged down by her family has tried her best, good enough.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The bottom line is that the author wants to be Andy in his bones. He is free and independent, and he is handsome and smart. But in the bones, I hate people from low births or ordinary people. For example, you can see that people with bad health always have such big human weaknesses, and they will cause some unlucky things or even punishments because of this. On the other hand, Qu Xiaorong’s domineering second-generation, it was so bad, but when he started a company, he succeeded like a family. He scolded Andy’s junior first, and after turning around to know Andy’s identity, he immediately asked Andy to help her. Andy also helped right away, wait and so on, this show, this book is not correct. Perhaps the author of this book was despised in his early years because of his poor family background, so that he has such a three-view. My name is the dividing line. Suddenly this answer became popular. Everyone discussed fiercely. I didn’t comment on some of the comments. I just picked a few interesting ones. Some people said that this is a reflection of reality. The rich are NB. Yes, people are divided into 369 and so on. But you have to follow the logic. What is Qu Xiaogang’s ability to do? Starting a company is like playing a family. Can you make a fortune? In reality, the Sicong rank is stronger than Lao Tan inside, right? The results of it? At least it is not so easy to succeed by fooling around. The ridiculous thing is that writing about ordinary people is true and mean when the poor are born. Writing about the so-called upper-class people is willful and powerful. This is called criticism. So Fangfang, Fang Zhouzi and others are also criticizing. I have studied this Anai before I said the last sentence. Her data showed that she was a senior executive who abandoned politics and went to business. Later she was a female entrepreneur. Anyway, the female protagonist is tall, very good in English, and beautiful in appearance. The young and promising Andies just mirror themselves. However, when writing about the ability of the upper-class society and the company to operate, compared to what everyone can see clearly, the so-called personal resume is very doubtful. In one of her early works, the heroine was an ugly and fat ordinary girl. A series of show operations (not limited to knocking on other people’s boyfriends and husbands, etc.) finally became the cool text of a big entrepreneur. Maybe that image is closer to her. Finally, please search for one of her books called “The Breeze All Over the World”, the content is wonderful, after reading it, you feel that I have been very restrained by saying that she is not correct in the three views.

8 months ago

Fan Shengmei will not succeed in life. First: A large number of Fan Shengmei is not a graduate with a monthly income of over 10,000. But graduated from secondary vocational school, assembly line factory girl. It is not that they have low IQs, but that their excellence before entering the society is related to the degree of investment of the native family. Most people learn ordinary, and their parents “let it go,” and that’s the result. Second: Most Fan Shengmei dare not leave her parents. In China, challenging the “authority” of parents is enough to make people chew their tongues. The reality in Hangzhou is that if Fan Shengmei had not died, but had severed ties with her parents, there would be no fewer people scolding her. Only when she died did she suddenly gain sympathy. So life and support cannot have both. Third: As mentioned above, they are not high-level, and it is difficult for them to meet high-level men. The high probability of marriage at this level is that if they do not deviate from their parents, they will end up being asked for a lot of gifts, and then their husbands will account for them. If they are separated from their parents and have no natal family, their husband’s family will be underestimated, and grievances will not be less affected. Don’t post the betrothal upside down. That’s because my son has the ability. Only one or two succeeded in various difficulties. Everyone will change their attitude. Exclamation: You see how courageous she is, if she should be separated from her parents, she should be separated from her parents. Earn money on your own if you should earn money on your own. Before success: look at that rebellious girl!

8 months ago

A bunch of people compare Andy and Qu Xiaolang with Fan Shengmei, which is not comparable at all. First of all, Andy has been a genius since he was a child, and he has skipped grades since he was a child. He has an unforgettable ability. In this regard, Fan Shengmei’s hard work for ten years is useless. What’s more, Andy has the help of a male girlfriend like Lao Tan financial predator, and married a rich second generation. The father and grandfather left hundreds of millions of inheritance to her. Fan Shengmei has worked hard for a few lifetimes and couldn’t catch up with Andy. . Followed by Qu Xiaolang, a rich second-generation, rich, background, connected, and his own network. This is what Fan Shengmei has used for ten years of hard work. So these three people are not comparable at all, because the author is extremely biased towards Andy and Qu Xiaolang both in the original work and in the TV series. These two are the standard rich and handsome, selfish and selfish, and they did not get the author at all. criticism. Even the public in Mu Qiang didn’t think there was any problem with the two of them, and they regarded them as models of success. And Fan Shengmei got the worst configuration. Vampire family, old age, softhearted, selfish, vanity, the only advantage is beauty, but sometimes beauty also brings some disasters, attracting some scumbags who just want to have sex. In fact, this is what the author wants to express. Like Andy, he is so proud and arrogant. As long as he is beautiful and capable, there will be high-quality men who will lick the dog automatically, and there will be a heavenly legacy to contend with his husband’s family. Therefore, there is no need to bow down to please the mother-in-law, and add a sum to let the mother-in-law die, which directly reduces the contradiction between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law and the trouble of supporting the elderly. In the novel, Bao Yifan’s mother died because of Andy. As a result, Bao Yifan can still be with Andy sweetly and happily. The author dared to write this way. Naturally, the TV series did not dare to shoot like this, otherwise Andy’s image would be collapsed. . On the other hand, when I look at Fan Shengmei, I want to catch the rich and handsome, but can’t catch it. Moreover, this persona is actually very contradictory. Fan Shengmei has always been shrewd. How can such a shrewd person become a demon to help her. She had a small boss chasing her before, but she was unwilling to fight with the small boss and shoulder the responsibility together, so she refused. But what is strange is that Fan Shengmei is very responsible to her parents, and even over-responsible, taking over all the responsibilities that do not belong to her. This is really contradictory. In fact, this is also written by the screenwriter for the plot. In reality, a beauty like Fan Shengmei is either shrewd and only cares about herself and will not send a penny to her family. After she marries a rich man, she will go home to give it to her. Parents buy a house and a car to show their success. The author combined the reality of fishing female + the demon of helping brothers to create such a woman who has strong empathy with the public. Of course, it is also a kind of irony to Fan Shengmei, a beauty who shows others by color and pleases men. But in reality, Fan Shengmei is very popular, because men really like this kind of good-looking, high emotional intelligence, and submissive beauty. Some people don’t accept it, but the reality is really like this. When men make money, they naturally use it to enjoy the favor and obedience of beautiful women. It’s definitely not about putting down your self-esteem and sticking your hot face to other people’s cold ass. In reality, women like Andy are really not pursued. Even if you pursue it, it is still a little fresh meat with a low career, or a man with a softer personality, rather than the second generation of Bao Fu, such as Bao Yifan. After all, this kind of Andy always has a high IQ and is not short of money. Rich people really won’t like it. In fact, Andy had a net worth of tens of millions before, but when he fell in love with Bao Yifan, who had a net worth of billions, he was too suspicious of bad motives. Andy showed that I was rich and not short of money. But you must know that in reality, female stars with tens of millions of net worth are also very rich, but falling in love with the rich second generation of billions, it is not the same as a low profile. The author takes Andy’s CFO too seriously, no matter how powerful he is, he hits the workers, and is not as good as the Baojia who has assets and status. So the author just imagined a wealthy man like Andy, but the author may have been a manager himself, but he is only confined to the manager level. Especially the personnel is familiar, but he did not really achieve top management. Layer, like Lao Tan described as a big crocodile in the Shanghai financial circle, in the play or in the novel, it is like Andy’s personal secretary. The real predators are really busy, especially those engaged in finance. Therefore, Andy’s stock operation also caused a lot of complaints in the financial circle. Why is Fan Shengmei most likely to marry a rich man? Fan Shengmei is a super beauty in the novel. In fact, Jiang Xin’s appearance is a bit unsupportable. The male colleagues around me didn’t think Fan Sheng was beautiful. Fan Shengmei’s long-term counterpart should be Liu Yifei or It is really easy for such a tall beauty as a white swan to marry a wealthy person like Guli Nazha, and Fan Shengmei is still a big beauty with a certain taste and emotional intelligence after going to college. Just like the Hong Kong female star Gigi Lai, in fact, even if she is a typical brother-helper, she entered the entertainment industry to support her family. She herself did not have an accident, and she did not think of changing her destiny by marrying a rich man. Of course, her younger brother is very upright, studying and studying. Doctor, when I came out to be a doctor, I didn’t live up to my sister’s help. However, there were unexpected circumstances. Gigi Lai’s brother was in a car accident and was in danger. At this time, Ma Tingqiang, who had been pursuing Gigi Lai, came out to help Gigi Lai in the image of a savior. Gigi Lai was very moved and married him. Of course Ma Tingqiang liked Gigi Lai. It is also because Gigi Lai accidentally helped Ma Tingqiang, who was unstable, and did not easily accept his pursuit. She felt that she was very independent and kind. If Fan Shengmei is really a demon who has no opinion, when those men with a little money come to pursue her, Fan Shengmei will agree, instead of squandering to thirty years old and marrying herself out. It’s nothing more than the author wants to say that in reality, those who want to marry rich men but can’t get married are the most important reason. Of course, the most important reason is that Fan Shengmei is a supporting role. Her existence is to set off the protagonist Andy and show her purity and greatness. Powerful and successful. Therefore, Fan Shengmei as a color matching is impossible to succeed. Some people actually compare “Ode to Joy” with “Friends”, the two are not comparable at all. You should know that the three girls in “Friends” have different backgrounds, but they have distinct personalities, that is, Rachel, who is born noble, is not used to disparage Phoebe, who is from a bad background. Phoebe didn’t feel inferior because of his birth. On the contrary, Monica and Rachel will take into account Phoebe’s feelings because of their friendship. The most classic is the episode of buying a table. Even the three girls in the plagiarism drama “Love Apartment” are much more harmonious than “Ode to Joy”, and Dr. Hu Yifei has never played with her academic qualifications and IQ in front of Meijia. To talk about friendship is to write about friendship. Andy and Qu Xiaogang have talked about Fan Shengmei, Qiu Yingying and Guan Juer secretly. But “Ode to Joy” is shown differently everywhere, especially in the novel. Andy said several times that she did not like Qiu Yingying, and when she went to deliver coffee to Ying Qin with Qiu Yingying, Qiu Yingying gave Andy the bib, and Andy wore it for a while. Returning the bib to Qiu Yingying, she directly said that her bib had not been washed for a long time, and it smelled. Qu Xiaowang injured her foot and asked Fan Shengmei to go downstairs to eat. Fan Shengmei asked her to come in. Qu Xiaowang could not go in, so she stood at the door and waited because she felt that their house was not ventilated and smelled. Fan Shengmei’s father smoked in the corridor, and when Andy passed by, he smelled a smell of smoke on Fan’s father. Qiu Yingying’s father came to see Qiu Yingying and enthusiastically brought the meat buns and shared them with Andy. She directly refused, stating that the meat buns were cheap pork buns, which were all fatty meat, which was not nutritious and unhygienic. Fan Shengmei is from a small county town. After Fan’s father was paralyzed, his body clothes and bed sheets were dirty. Fan Shengmei took the clothes and bed sheets to the river to wash. As a result, his fingers became frostbite. At that time, it was very strange. I also came out of the small county. Now only the country washes clothes in the river. If it is in the county, isn’t it in the bathroom? The author’s description of the people at the bottom is bloody and merciless, but for the people at the top, it is not so detailed. It doesn’t matter how much you write about realistic themes, it doesn’t matter, but this kind of department is based on friendship, and it is written by girls from five different family situations. And the author writes these deliberately or unintentionally, just to express a position, the bottom people don’t want to succeed in this life. Therefore, in the eyes of the author, a supporting role like Fan Shengmei will not succeed, because in the eyes of the author, he contemplates the lower-level people and writes with a superior attitude.

8 months ago

Because she has fetters. Parents are typical patriarchs, and elder brothers-in-law are typically lazy. It can be said that her native family is much more unbearable than other patriarchal families. When she worked as an HR, her monthly salary was more than ten thousand points, but she still had to send ten thousand back to her family to support her parents and buy a house for her brother. For this reason, her ineffective brother often causes troubles. Whenever something happens, her mother will open her mouth to ask her for money, and will not care whether she has money or not. She dared to say no words, either to sever the relationship or to die. To live. Every time she encountered this situation, while crying, she still tried her best to meet the needs of her parents and sister-in-law. If others want to succeed, they only need to make 80% effort, and if she wants to succeed, they need to make 500% effort. Su Mingyu, who also grew up in a patriarchal family, has to endure family pressure far less than Fan Shengmei.

8 months ago

To say that the fate of the original family education is sorrowful, Sister Fan dares to claim the second place. No one dares to claim the first place. Many people feel that the greatest harm her parents have caused her is that her parents favor sons over daughters and squeeze their daughters to subsidize their sons. But Mi Li’s mother wants to say that Fan Shengmei is most affected by her native family because she lacks self-confidence and does not know how to love herself. In the first season, Fan Shengmei was keen on dressing up, hoping to find the fifth diamond king through her appearance, carry her family, and save her miserable life. After being with Wang Baichuan in the second season, he desperately forced Wang Baichuan to succeed quickly, hoping to pull her out of the dark quagmire. As everyone knows, destiny is always fair, and life can only save oneself. What made Fan Shengmei the most unfortunate was not that her parents wanted to parasitize her and squeeze her out, but that her parents had been imperceptible for a long time and turned her into a beautiful leech carrying a heavy snail shell! Mr. Chen Yinke has long put forward “the spirit of independence, the thought of freedom”, how important and precious free will is to every girl. If I have a daughter, I will tell her: Dressing up is to please oneself and respect others, and the only thing that can be replaced by beauty is the life of a puppet without dignity. Posted on 2017-06-05​Agree with 265​​15 comments​Share​Favorites​Like​Continue to browse the content Knowing to discover a bigger world Open Chrome to continue to speak in the mirror, my friend, I hope I can help you 14 people I agree with the answer. My attitude has always been that marriage is not poverty alleviation. If you want to get rid of poverty, you cannot rely on external forces, you must rely on your own strength. Just thinking about finding a rich man to get married to get rid of poverty, and he does not have the aptitude and ability to be equal to the other party, then the man must be eaten to death by the man in the process. To cut the poor roots, you must rely on yourself. At least I can’t be poor. Although some people are poor in material things, they are content with their own limitations, recognize their situation, can have fun thinking of the law, and make their lives more exciting. Can such people live richer than those who only want to get rid of poverty?

8 months ago

I agree with the high votes, it’s the screenwriter’s pot~ Fan Shengmeis in reality are actually quite popular~ Some of the wealthy people around me (especially the rich generation) are not only married to beautiful and flowery models and Internet celebrities, but They are female teachers, female doctors, female nurses, etc., who have certain job or financial abilities, and can help them to protect their wealth and increase their wealth. They are not the so-called “good domestic helpers” who can only make soup, but A woman who has really seen the world and can be her own person~ The two are a strong team together~ Fan Shengmei tried to climb Gaozhi, in fact, it is not entirely because she does not want to fight~ She is more just looking for a certainty~ Fan Shengmei is actually I haven’t met a man who is strong enough to make her resolve to fight together~ Wang Baichuan is still in the risky period of entrepreneurship. Fan is under the weight of his native family. It is understandable not to accompany him to take risks.~ Those generations of local tyrants around me It is to start a business first and then get a family, and start a career first. At least you must be able to open a business without losing money to accompany money, so that you can boldly marry a wife and have children and reproduce offspring~ But economic insecurity will still drive them to find a good wife~ Most of their wives were married to them when they had little accomplishments. The struggling wives from the bottom are actually not hard to find, but there are really not many of them. They can meet one. It can be considered a treasure. Fan Shengmei has only one weakness, which is the blood sucking of the original family. But why don’t you think Wang Baichuan dislikes this? Because helping the demon is just a behavioral habit, it can be corrected. Isn’t it the woman’s ability to make money and the willingness to struggle more importantly? Normally economically rational men value a woman’s ability to earn money. As for the native family, parents do not have a pension to consider, but the older brother wants to marry a wife and build a house. This is not necessary~ a man can also give it. A woman is blowing the wind in her ears. Originally, out of her behavioral habit, she constantly satisfies the demands of her native family, but what if you put more effort into brainwashing her? Surely it won’t work at all. Isn’t it easier than you persuade her to marry you? Women like Fan Shengmei are considered sought-after in the eyes of the rich generation of local tyrants, let alone ordinary men? Wang Baichuan is actually not stupid. Fan Shengmei is not just a white moonlight in his youth~ He is very shrewd in his bones, and he can see that Fan Shengmei is a treasure~ You marry a princess and go home, you still have to wait on it? Marry Fan Shengmei, don’t be too cost-effective~

8 months ago

Because the author does not want her to succeed. The real situation is that a girl from Fan Shengmei’s family has learned to be independent very early, soberly aware of the cruelty of society, knowing that no one can rely on but herself, and will not cling to men at all. The author deliberately wrote it like this, because she didn’t understand the poor and the girls from patriarchal families were full of malice.

8 months ago

Effort and success are completely different things. Start a business, if the family has no money or just such a family, they can’t get a dime. To start a business by saving enough capital, how much can you save a month without rent, water, electricity, food and drink…? Let’s work, the wage increase for this thing is limited. You are 25 years old and 8k, can it be doubled every year? Then you guess it is Long Aotian…Most ordinary people, 25 years old 8k in traditional industries, 35 years old may be 12 here. As for the sophistication and emotional intelligence, how do you say this? The role of human sophistication and emotional intelligence is more of icing on the cake, rather than sending carbon in the snow. For example, this transaction was for me at all, and it was for me anyway. After all, several generations of friendship were there, and he wouldn’t let me get him. In this case, my EQ high-level meeting can coax him comfortably, or find a beautiful woman to accompany him in the past with various drinking and chattering. The effect is that everyone is more happy, and I can have a “self” It’s not an empty glove or what you have paid.” But if I am not familiar with me at all, I am simply not qualified to get this deal, then people will not cooperate with me at all because of my EQ high-level meeting. After all, I am an outsider. No matter how high I am, I can’t replace the status of other people’s sons and nephews. Even if I will give it, what shall I give it? Doesn’t it mean that I am lacking for such a big business? If he really lacks my eight thousand dollars, then I don’t dare to do anything with him. This is a scammer. You said to send a beautiful woman? Isn’t the club girl unaffordable? She has fair skin and beautiful legs, and she has all kinds of routines. People are willing to play with children and mothers and daughters. This girl wants to make a big deal with others, hey, I think it’s pretty good. So you see, in fact, if you want to succeed in the wild, there are two ways: either you are born with the resources and you can step into the threshold of “the powerful and powerful are willing to cooperate with you.” Either you can bend down and endure hardship very much, and then you run to the bottom track to compete with them. You can endure hardships just like the low-level people, but you have more knowledge than them, then you have a high probability of success. To be honest, don’t look down on these areas. Big dogs can bark as they call small dogs. You can’t be Evergrande Country Garden. If you are a contractor in a county, can you also earn 8 million yuan? You can’t afford to open the big stalls of the Hippo Fresh Food Chain Supermarket. Find a small town to provide meat and vegetables to small restaurants from house to house. You have been working hard for the past ten years and the scene has been expanded. Couldn’t there be more than one million in a year? Fan Shengmei, there is no such thing as the threshold for the resources not to enter the business circle of the powerful. There is no way, and there is a problem with reincarnation. If she had to go this way, the end result could only be a shared chicken that was “taken away by the boss and kicked back to her hometown when she was old.” After all, there will always be an 18-year-old younger girl taking her place. After kicking back to her hometown, it’s not bad if she has saved some money with the guests in the past two years, and if she hasn’t saved anything for a few years, then it’s here. Besides, let’s forget it. Look at the delicate skin and tender meat, it looks like it can endure bitterness? To be honest, many people have a misunderstanding about enduring hardship, thinking that enduring hardship means leaving their hometown 996, working to earn money and paying rent, water and electricity, and having no money to find a partner, unable to buy a house, or repaying the mortgage, etc… In fact, this is a fart, you With this bit of hardship, those old men in the countryside can throw you out of eight streets. Don’t even think about competing with others. So this TV series is very realistic for a certain level of information: rich people can be willful. Those with a high degree of education have a high starting point and are easy to mix well. There is a little money at home but not much. In short, it is enough to make a down payment. People with medium and high education will consider finding a practical job to prepare for settlement. Those who have no money at home, are poor, and have a mediocre education background, are basically based on their own appearance and so-called moral values. They are “working hard to earn two years of money to return to their hometown” and “fighting to see if they can be a local tyrant but finally become a peripheral female. “These two areas. Right? Very realistic TV series.

8 months ago

Because her original conditions are not good enough, why ask others to have good conditions? In reality, a woman like Fan Shengmei usually ends up looking for a little rich man to take over from her older age, and then she keeps cheating or the man cheating for divorce, and then living by herself. Many people have a misunderstanding, that is, the annual salary of one million is very simple, the examination of civil servants is very simple, and it is very simple to have a reliable and stable spouse. It is easy to learn a craft that can be eaten for a lifetime, or that you have something worthy of your life It’s easy. Yes, there are only a few things in this society that you can rely on for a lifetime, a lot of wealth, civil servants, the craftsmanship of life-long food, and a spouse who is trustworthy and entrusted. Since the beginning of paper money, the currency of this world will depreciate, not to mention that ordinary people cannot earn billions of wealth. The profession of civil servants can almost never be unemployed, but now it is almost 100 to one ratio. Lifelong crafts, think about how many folk craft professions a hundred years ago still have? How about fifty years ago? Thirty years ago? How many people diverted? Think about it again, how likely is it that you can find a worthy spouse?

8 months ago

Fan Shengmei has devoted her mind to fishing for men, but these men can’t be caught. They only ask you to be equal to them. For marriage, no one wants to marry her. Therefore, the main intentions are not rewarded, but energy is wasted. Should she spend most of her time improving herself and making up for her shortcomings in time. When she is young and beautiful and has a successful career, she should get rid of the burden of her family in time, or help them do something, and still use her knees and licks? Naturally attract each other.

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