I have climbed the liberal arts college entrance examination in the past. In fact, we all understand and respect the cheese font (this type of font was very popular at the time, but there is no name yet. Later, I found out that the cheese font on the Internet was the most popular font in high school) The reason for the popularity is also very simple One is that it is not tiring to write, and the other is that the curled noodles look clean and beautiful. The characteristic of the cheese body is that there is basically no need to exert effort, it changes all the points that need to be exerted in traditional calligraphy very round. You don’t have to throw it out, you don’t need to pause the pen when you start and close the pen. Although the character has no character, Shengzai writes quickly and effortlessly and the scoring teacher looks more comfortable. To put it bluntly, this is a test font. Just like the “Hengshui body”, in high school, everyone practiced it mainly for the college entrance examination, and bought copybooks for quick success. Buy an ancient poem that is required for the college entrance examination, and memorize it after writing a poem, and the words are more “exam-oriented”, okay? Students who have passed through the third year of liberal arts know that it is not too much to use two or three pen refills a day in the third year of high school. If you write serious scriptures, even if you are writing running scripts, you will have to waste your hands after a day. And we have to write so many words every day, one writing is one year, and the first and second grades of high school basically have one or two pen refills a day. In this case, you really can’t tolerate what famous fonts you write. You must know that the famous fonts of other people need wrist force, and you have to sit upright-you sit too upright, the students behind should say that you can’t see the blackboard. People practice calligraphy a few times a day and can’t do more, how can I stand to write like this. And usually you have to take notes. The teacher said you write it. The teacher didn’t wait for anyone, so he thought about the font structure and wrote the two or three lines of the same table with the cheese body. At this time, the students in the class are divided into two schools of writing, one is the “Ghost Painting School” and the other is the “Cheese Style School”. When it comes to the exam, especially now that the answer sheet is scanned into the paper, which font is dominant? . After all, major liberal arts questions are given points based on the answer points, which is an absolute disadvantage for the “Ghost Painting Talisman School”. In high school, we will also write the cheese body as much as possible and perfect our own words according to our own habits. The “cheese body” was probably fired up before because it was very suitable for exams. Calling “Cheese” such a cute name, think about it, even the days of the third year of high school were sweeter. After graduation, unless you like calligraphy or have requirements for calligraphy, you will not change it. Anyway, the writing is clear, clear and tidy, and you are done. Usually, no one will judge your font when you hand in a big homework or work. As for many people criticizing the aesthetic problem of “cheese body”, I think it is unnecessary at all. This kind of font itself exists for exam-taking. It is not important whether it is beautiful or not, but it is convenient and practical. As long as it is practical enough, it will always be used. Unless there is no need to write so many characters in high school in the future, or calligraphy becomes a point for marking the college entrance examination, otherwise there will be more and more people writing cheese. People who really like calligraphy will seriously buy famous copybooks and follow along. People like me who have nothing to pursue will continue to learn. As for the cheese body as “calligraphy”, let alone worry about it. Anyone who has been in the third year of high school should know everything I said above. After all, there are people who want to practice a beautiful Xingkai every year, and even those who want to practice Yan Ouliu. As a result, they can’t stand the change of “Ghost Painting Talisman School” in the first year of high school. I think any “pop” is justified. The popularity of the cheese body is more related to the current college entrance examination system. If you want to be delicate, isn’t it good for hairpins in lower letters, and is it bad for thin gold bodies. The problem is that you can write with the strength of writing in high school, and you can write with thin gold bodies. I really respect you as a man.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

There is nothing to comment on. I think that many interviewees talk about calligraphy. I feel that this font does not follow the traditional glyphs and has no stroke. The problem is that they don’t say that they are calligraphy fonts. As a designer, there are too many such fonts. Such fonts are more biased towards design fonts, and the usage scenarios are very limited. It is only used in some places to look good, such as small and fresh-related designs, or children-related designs, but not in other places. Why is it involved in calligraphy? This is obviously a design problem == As for many people like daily use, there is no need to worry about it. If you think it is good to change the phone font to this, it will hinder others… and there is no need to talk. First of all, aesthetics can be improved through training, which is a variable. With a superb look, people who use this font are not good at aesthetics. Have you ever wondered if you are not tolerant enough? We must know that there are still many people who have not received aesthetic education at all. This is the majority phenomenon. Furthermore, in my experience, except for Times New Roman, even the boldface looks uncomfortable for a long time. The picture is changed to a new typeface for a while, and it is naturally changed when you get tired of it. Such fonts are like meteors, and now there is a meteor shower in the sky. I looked at the answers of other respondents and found that things are not simple. I hate to add, but I am afraid of misleading others. I must add. When I answered this question, I looked at the picture on the title. This is a picture of the question, but after reading the answers of other respondents, it seems that the cheese trap body they said is not the picture of the question? But another kind of copybook? So, it is not advisable to use this kind of copybook to practice calligraphy. To practice calligraphy, you still have to pay attention to the neatness of the strokes and the righteousness of the font. The practice of the calligraphy starts with the basic regular style, and the foundation is laid before stylization. This is the same as painting. Picasso’s Cubism is also based on his strong basic skills. It is not stupid to want to create a genre if he can’t figure it out. My original answer is only for the initial picture. As a design font, the title map font is really not a problem. Don’t be misled.

6 months ago

To be honest, I don’t understand what everyone is discussing-how to evaluate the typeface of cheese trap body.ttf? How to evaluate the script / hand similar to the cheese trap font? How to evaluate the use of cheese traps in graphic design? How to evaluate the use of cheese traps in the text layout? How to evaluate the use of cheese trap body as UI font for electronic products? How to evaluate the Cheese Trap Personality Stickers? How to evaluate a calligraphy work that looks like a “cheese trap” from the perspective of calligraphy? How to evaluate the use of cheese traps in the exam? How to evaluate deliberately practicing cheese trap in order to prepare for the exam? Okay, I don’t recognize the words “cheese trap body” in my system font anymore. Let me change the font slowly (just kidding). My personal idea: changing the font on a computer system is a low-cost behavior. I really practice one. Handwriting is a high-cost behavior; changing one’s own machine font to play is a low-cost behavior, and using strange fonts in public places (posters/slides, etc.) may bring high costs depending on the situation. Please be free on low-cost issues and be cautious on high-cost issues.

6 months ago

As the design style is quite normal, there are more fonts in art and poster fonts than this. Handwriting is actually quite normal, and it is not only in middle and high schools. Nowadays, there are many girls in universities and graduate students who are similar to this type of font. I am a college student, and the characters in high school are similar to this. Now the characters are a bit more cursive. (I originally found the italics copybook and planned to take a leisurely practice, but I didn’t have much idle time. Later I forgot to put it on hold…) Our elementary school When I arrived in high school, there was no such kind of copybook. Personally, the reason for the formation of this kind of writing is because of the transition of different stages. At the beginning, it was Kaiti, and I practiced a lot of Kaishu copybooks in elementary school, and the fonts were also partial to Kaiti. I used a pen to write in the square, which was more square and a little sharp. Later in junior high school, I didn’t write in the square, and I wrote more words during the exam. The previous fonts were too slow to write, and the italics gradually disappeared, but I still try to keep the square as possible, but I don’t have that sharp stroke anymore (think about it now) Probably a little bit biased to the feeling of Song and Hei.). Later in high school, I have higher requirements for writing speed. I want to bring a little continuous pen, but the running script is too continuous. I can’t find a good-looking font in the bookstore. I can only try a little bit by myself. Later, it gradually evolved into something like this. Fonts (the fonts in the intermediate transition period are very ugly 233). I may have explored it myself. My characters are not completely close to this. Many characters are not connected. The frame of writing is still in italics, but there are girls in the class whose characters are almost exactly the same as this cheese trap. The teacher actually likes this type of writing when I change the paper, because the outer frame is still square, and the surface is neat and tidy. Of course there will be classmates who practice calligraphy, and of course they can write very well (I like to ask these classmates to help me write big characters on the board). But since I was little, I only knew a girl in elementary school and a boy in high school who insisted on writing block letters and could write quickly and well. Of course, the teacher liked their words the most. There is a classmate who practices calligraphy in the high school class. He usually writes a little bit more frequently. He generally likes to use a pen above 0.7. Using 0.5 will be a bit thin and not so good-looking, but in this case, the characters must be written larger, or they will be connected together, so He does not write too fast. Everyone agrees that he writes well, but when the zero consultation is still the first consultation, you can see your own scan rolls. After you compare it together, you still feel that the characters in the block letters and the so-called cheese characters are neater and more beautiful. , His words look good individually, but many words are not so easy to recognize when they are connected together, and it will be very tired after reading for a long time (he himself has been troubled for a period of time, and has been trying various solutions). So personally, I still recognize the existence of this font. Compared with the various fonts used by everyone at the time, this type of character is already a better one. It is not admired as a font for everyone to learn, but I personally think that it is more suitable for the overall appearance of the test, which is comfortable, clean and easy to recognize. Especially the composition is more popular, but the poetry type is less written on the individual title. Of course it’s better to be more correct. As a copybook, it is not recommended for elementary school students to practice. The basics should be written in italics. However, if the characters in middle and high schools are not very beautiful, especially the ones that look messy, the font needs to be improved as soon as possible. Kind of a good choice (but I haven’t practiced, I don’t know whether it will be effective or not, but I feel that practicing Kaiti requires a long time to persist and slowly improve). The test font really does not require you to write every word perfectly. The overall clarity, neatness and legibility are more important (this has a lot to do with word size and word spacing). Of course, this kind of character does not have to be praised to the height of calligraphy font, everyone knows that it cannot replace the regular script and cursive script. You don’t have to panic when you publish a copybook. Now the threshold for publishing a copybook is quite low. When I went to Taobao, I found that in addition to this so-called “cheese trap”, there are many handwritten fonts of Internet celebrity girls, with different names, but They are all similar to this unreadable style, and there are also many celebrity idol fonts (many of them were originally designed fonts and were printed as copybooks). The previous answer is that the comment is correct, and neither excessive flattery nor excessive depreciation is desirable.

6 months ago

Japanese little girls can write this word, and even adult women are used to it. This type of font is cute, constricted, and simple, just like a Japanese girl’s inner character when she walks. In line with the local social atmosphere: Being a person, especially a woman, you must be cute and gentle, you must know how to be restrained, and it is best not to be annoying. They all write this word. I just saw a performance in a kindergarten for children in Moments. These materials are handwritten by the teacher. This word is like a person’s safety work clothes. If you put on it, you can protect yourself, who is not strong enough, or too lazy to make enemies. In fact, most Japanese people are more envious of the real good-looking writing, rather than this kind of characters that can be made quickly without too much time, which is similar to the artistic style. What really looks good in writing is her/his hard work and the family environment. At the same time, she dared to confidently express “I have a good hand” instead of pleasing to show weakness.

6 months ago

Let me say something quietly. At the beginning, I really thought this font was pretty good-looking (Don’t spray me, don’t spray, I don’t spray me, I didn’t compare it with regular script, nor did I say that it’s calligraphy). Well, I feel very angry and pretty neat, maybe my aesthetic is missing (sad). In addition, I think this font should have evolved in Kaishu relatively fast from the beginning, because I have never practiced this font deliberately. I only practice Kaishu and running script, but I write and write quickly. The kind is quite similar. So it just feels that it is unrealistic to ask everyone to write the characters in printed form. Everyone will have their own fonts, and it is understandable. For example, if I practice regular script and then I write quickly, you can say how low-end my fonts are. Not really. This cheese font and many fonts on the Internet are some people’s own handwriting, but after being seen by others, they feel that this font is very good, and it has brought a wave of follow suit. Of course, I didn’t say that this font is good. I didn’t, and I don’t recommend you to practice this font at all. Don’t step on it, it’s not black

6 months ago

One of the exam-taking skills, calligraphy can’t be talked about, there is no need to be particularly disparaging, and no need to praise. Ordinary people’s characters look neat and tidy, and the writing speed is good, suitable for exam writing, so it became popular. A little knowledge of calligraphy is generally not learned, but people who don’t look good on curly noodles are one of the quick ways to perfect curly noodles. To be honest, isn’t it normal for people who don’t want to learn calligraphy but just want to write neatly? Calligraphy is used to cultivate sentiment, there is no need to be so hostile.

6 months ago

From the picture of the title, this word is pop (may not be accurate, I didn’t look it up carefully), and the stroke logic is quite similar. I used to write greeting cards to friends and advertise frequently, and there is no problem in the application. To practice calligraphy with this as the goal… Actually, it is not impossible. There is nothing to say about personal hobbies. After all, the most important thing in life is to be happy. What I oppose is always the act of trying to occupy the aesthetic high ground in the field of calligraphy for any form of Jianghu style (do not oppose personal preference, do not oppose personal practice, don’t fight for orthodoxy, fight for personality, and even think that serious calligraphy is stupid. x ). In the face of people who give seriously, speaking lightly is equal, and speaking lightly is not true, it is a kind of…(unspeakable) behavior. You don’t know what others have seen in the door of this line, and what they have given. If someone sees a mountain after untold hardships, you take a small stone on the side of the road to let him admit that it is like a mountain, think about how he sees the stone and how he sees you.

6 months ago

The question without pictures made me look up the pictures. At first glance, I found that it has the characteristics of the width of the palace in the printed form. This reminds me of my middle school teacher criticizing us for writing and imitating the textbook font. The characters written are commonly called “panmen style”, which is clumsy and lacks aura. The scary thing is that it is easy to omit strokes on the test paper, because the regular writing is faster and there is a standardized writing method, so it is still recognizable; as for the writing of the Panmen body, it can only be said to be aesthetic and practical. Commonly missing. In addition, many people claimed that they were writing “cheese traps” in online materials, but each has its own merits. It seems that everyone writes their own boards. In the end, they found that they wrote “very similar” to each other. Oh! So I took a font name to “register for residence”.

6 months ago

I think it’s pretty awesome to be able to write characters like this. First, calligraphy, or needless to say so big, writing, is the act of dividing space with lines. So whether it looks good or not is not to look at the line itself, but also to look at the space cut out by it. The font of cheese trap, first of all, on the lines, I think that the writing person is a bit powerful. Because the strokes or lines are deformed, they are no longer horizontal and vertical, but the final character is still square. In other words, this type of font breaks the balance and finds the balance again. I see in many comments, the students who posted their own words, hehe, crooked, and the structure is not correct, and they blame the font for the ugly font. Let’s forget it. Of course, balance is only a dimension of output that can be quantified or standardized, not an aesthetic dimension. With regard to the understanding of beauty and space, this dimension is based on the environment in which each individual grows up from birth, and the highly integrated dimension of all cognition. It is normal to evaluate the beauty or ugliness of a font or writing. Just like some people think that the thin gold body is beautiful, some people think that it is contrived, some people think that the body is square and magnificent, some people think that the body is solid and fat, and some people think that the official script is weird, and the script is strange. There must be a reason for cognition, and the reason for forming a specific volume argument depends on whether there are enough people in a group. Second, I have always felt that the act of writing is a transmission behavior from the brain to the end of the nerve. Note that not everyone’s brain-to-nerve execution efficiency is the same high or equally effective. Just like e-sports players or sports players, the brain’s ability to direct the fingers or the body is not the same for everyone. This is also a talent. In summary, the discussion about the beauty and ugliness of the font cheese trap is a discussion about the superposition of personal cognition and all the information of birth and growth. As for going online, denying the font is unnecessary. The problem is not that you look down on it, but that you may not be able to write it, my friend.

6 months ago

After reading so many answers, I still feel a little skeptical of life, so I don’t need to be so derogatory. Every font has a division of labor. In some videos or programs that are easy to use, you use official script or block letters to be a bit offensive, and in the practice circle you use this kind of kid drawing fonts, I can only make you ask for more blessings. If you want to practice this font and send it to the calligraphy circle, you should save the time. The answer below has fully analyzed why it is so ugly. But if it is used in a very relaxed vlog or where you want to deliberately imitate a child’s drawing, it is not so impossible. For example, it is appropriate to use this font in some videos of children learning to write. Finally, each font has its own division of labor. You can’t call this kind of internet celebrity body as calligraphy characters, and you can’t ask Zhuan Kaili to jump out of the video below. This font is ugly, but everyone is discussing whether or not to practice this font instead of whether or not to use this font.

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