Let’s just say it. It’s really good. Who wants to go? Update: The puppy got off RNG overnight and changed the certification. The good guy has torn his face. This is Omimi and also posted on Weibo. Visual inspection is what the RNG club did to let the puppy eat It is rumored that RNG was unable to renew the contract and sold its contract to the elephant without notifying the puppy. The idea of the puppy coming back was cut off. This is also right on the No. 10 puppy. I posted on Weibo and waited for the follow-up to eat melon RNG. I want to recruit big-name players. It is completely out of play. There is JKL before and UZI. Who dare to go

Personally, this is not good news, at least it is a hindrance to Uzi’s comeback. Let’s talk about a logical analysis at the bottom level. If RNG disagrees with Uzi’s comeback, it means that we don’t have any room for discussion on this matter. There is no need to sell the broker and make an appointment with the elephant and goose. Selling to the little elephant and big goose means that there may be something to talk about about the comeback. It may be a price issue, or an identity issue. RNG really wants the meritorious battle to have a chance to realize their dreams, and Uzi himself has the will and the team is willing to accept it, so just talk directly. Now that the fourth party’s guild has been introduced for no reason, and it is a purer live broadcast guild, the problem is naturally more complicated. Don’t think of RNG so simply. People can be named the “God of Contract”, which naturally shows that they are better than us in contract research.

Now things are getting bigger and bigger, and Aomi’s Weibo made me feel that rng has some problems. Putting aside Wuzi, Junze didn’t know much about the incense pot. The 50 yuan Ale forced Xiaohu to turn to Nima. How to say that the stain is also your veteran, now taking the attention to the introduction and the official blog pretending to be deaf and dumb, it is even more obvious that there is definitely a problem. Why are there so many clubs in lpl, and the contract of God’s hat is pinned on your head? I think about it now, don’t you really think that you can achieve each other with the stain? It’s the stain that makes you understand, it’s those six people that make you understand? When things come to the bottom, if it’s really a rng problem, I’ll take the lead and rush to you for 4 years. Fan died in 18 years.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

The brokerage contract is transferred to the live broadcast union = the puppy’s comeback is hopeless, I can only say that I love my dog. Gouzi and rng have signed a contract for 5 years… Now they are sold, which means that the economy is far more than 5 years… Gouzi is the one who sucked the most blood. Consider that Gouzi has a deep affection for rng, but the relevant certification of rng in this transfer Weibo is gone, and the attention is gone… I posted a few days ago: Wow Hao s Weibo, let’s talk about another question. There is almost no financial contract that the team does not want players…that is to say, if the puppy is sold to the elephant, it is basically impossible to come back. No one really thinks we like rng. To be honest, it’s those people who won the championship by msi! ! rng has no heart.

9 months ago

Uzi, as a hero and flag representative of the team, made great contributions to the team during his lifetime (the player period) and made RNG become a wealthy team. After death (after retirement), building monuments and graveyards is still used as a cash cow (the god of the contract cannot be forced to bind. Transfer and comeback) Now the tomb has been demolished, and the remains are dug out and the last drop of oil is squeezed directly. Bibimbap (sold to the elephant before the end of the contract to squeeze the last bit of value, it is said that Uzi did not even ask for permission) RNG this wave It was Ruthless that his mother opened the door to Ruthless-Ruthless came home. . .

9 months ago

Uzi was sold to other companies at a high price by rng, and there is basically no possibility of a comeback. Uzi and rng tore their faces temporarily, whether there will be bigger melons in the back depends on the right time and place. The management of rng, emmmm, knows everything, with 50 yuan on the order. . In addition, although Wolf X has transferred, the live broadcast contract is still with rng, and it cannot be broadcast live. I will not repeat what mlxg said on the live broadcast before. And Wuxin, let the emperor… make people a little confusing. Also, the boss behind the company that is being transferred now is wsc. In the early years, wsc publicly commented on Weibo that uzi is an e-sports giant… I won’t find the screenshots. I don’t know if the future of uzi is flat. Anyway, I think it’s good for him to be a small anchor just like this. There is no shortage of heat flow. Don’t fall into the abyss where interests are oriented. .

9 months ago

I really, really don’t want to, really don’t want to, really don’t want to.

Said I like Uzi without RNG. Because I really like everyone behind the prefix in those years.

This is a story, a great story, not perfect, but still great.

Why is there such a disgusting ending.

9 months ago

One rng, one ig, and lpl, the two most successful clubs, are two extremes, which are completely mirror images. There are a lot of endorsements in rng all-China class advertising, the logo is printed all over the team uniforms, various marketing activities are extremely active, and the management is superb. For the players, the last point of commercial value is squeezed. The mid-laner tool man, be a dog for the next road. Set aside the five players, the other players buy one for each player. In the world championships, except for the s-Cypriot champion, they have won. After the players retired, the daily interaction maintains the flow, which is said to be the most humane club. ig match between China and South Korea, there is a panda live broadcast on the team uniform before the championship. There are basically no marketing activities. The management throws money down, and all players dare to go out. The team play is famous for its trident. In addition to assisting, it can play c position. Since the formation of the team, the players mainly rely on drawing cards, drawing one to earn one. Except for the s championship in the world competition, I have never won it. After the players retired, they did not pay attention to where they would go.

9 months ago

This rng is estimated to be thinking about making the last money by uzi, preparing to buy players, preparing for the reconstruction is just ugly, forcing uzi to go for the money, uzi’s career is almost over 100%, this really hurts Uzi’s heart is like some daughters raised in the family. They said that they were intimate padded jackets. Some people actually came to the house and took a lot of money as gifts. They sold them regardless. Uzi definitely didn’t want to leave emotionally, but at this time rng estimates I started to sit on the floor and start the price again. If you don’t want to go, you can make me 200 million yuan… But then again, now the capital enters the e-sports and the live broadcast industry is deeply bound. The stadium has brought more and more dirty canyons, even if uzi has been so uncomfortable in his favorite field, do you miss the iron gate that Chris closed? I really sigh, if life is just like first seeing

9 months ago

Some dare to sell, some dare to buy. RNG without uzi, knows everything. If, as the online public opinion says, RNG makes a decision to sell the brokerage to the Elephant Big Goose without good communication, then there is absolutely no problem with how we spray RNG. For his own benefit, a businessman will never consider any possible consequences, so we should let him pay for his actions. The operation was as fierce as a tiger, and the public opinion was zero bar five. After this wave of operations, no matter what public relations level RNG puts out, what kind of team performance, it is no longer possible to reach the previous height. You must know that everything is people-oriented. A club without a star player can get there. Maybe everyone knows it well. Maybe on the surface of the sky, we can never see what kind of inner influence he will bring to us. It is foreseeable that we will never see the Uzi with the RNG prefix again, and we will never hope. I saw it. GNR or RNG, how many people would give you the heat without uzi?

9 months ago

It’s very simple that Rng doesn’t want to play anymore. There is a tendency to change projects as a whole. As a capital company, what should be done to change projects? In the first part, play the cards in the current hand as soon as they can be played, and suck as much blood as the last wave. How much, as a passer-by, I don’t despise this behavior, but from the perspective of the company, Bai Xing has never had any emotion for this game. No matter how good you play, no matter how good your uzi is, no matter how good the commercial value is, it is a top seller and a commodity. Make the maximum profit when the product is sold.

9 months ago

Since the merger with Big Goose last year, Elephant has been seeking to go public in the United States. The Dota2 team storm and Uzi’s current economic contract storm, in the final analysis, is to make big moves and continue to impact NASDAQ. Elephant Interactive Entertainment is a company that is the second shareholder of pdd. It has been completed. The 6 rounds of financing are valued at 2.5 billion. Big goose culture, such as Tencent, Kuaishou, and Station B, is a company in the same echelon of mcn and Xiaoxiang Mutual Entertainment. The current Little Elephant Big Goose is Little Elephant Mutual Entertainment + Big Goose Culture As for the so-called founder of Xiaoxiang Mutual Entertainment, which is now the chairman of Xiaoxiang Big Goose, Dou Yuxiao is not as simple as a WSC person like the casual sentence in the mouth of a player. Dou Yuxiao, former yy, head of Huya revenue operations , Executive Vice President of Panda, the current public information of Little Elephant Big Goose shows the only shareholder, whether it is the panda in everyone’s eyes, or the current Little Elephant Big Goose several disturbances. Dou is definitely a better entrepreneur than wsc. He is a master, so I won’t repeat it here.

9 months ago

Uzi was already very famous before going to RNG. The number of fans and Baidu search index far surpassed RNG in the same period. After going to UZI, RNG also won a few championships and started marketing, and officially became a marketing team. . Don’t say anything about RNG holding UZI, uzi has more fans than RNG fans.

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