This is the 1.2 big update originally promoted? At that time, the bounced ticket said that the 1.2 update was an unprecedented big update. There are 4 changes in total. Other optimizations are not mentioned except BUG, ​​etc. I don’t know if there are any. Even if there are, the update content is also called update? 1. The NCPD response slowed down and the police refreshed farther. To tell the truth, this change will not have a big impact. Why, because as long as you don’t go to the police chase and don’t change the wanted mechanism, any changes will be useless. The wanted is canceled. What is the difference between you refresh in 1 second and refresh in 10 seconds? 2. The turning sensitivity of the vehicle is reduced, and it is better to control this. It’s hard to say, but if you just change the sensitivity, you can only say that the change is from a thin hand to a controllable. It is impossible to say how good the change is, otherwise, so many games Isn’t the company researching vehicles for so many years for nothing? 3. The car gets stuck and escapes. I have encountered this in the game. I have always felt that it is normal to get stuck and not get out of the trouble. However, the jam of 2077 is really stuck, and there is no performance of the car breaking away. And this change is OK. To be very rough, it means shaking in place and then running out. To be honest, I think it’s a drama before and after the change. 4. Changing the key position. In the news of the Vagrant Starry Sky, it was also marked that it was changed and then changed back. Perhaps there may be a BUG, ​​which will be fixed later (this 1.2 has not been released yet, why did you consider 1.3?), and I want to say that after a few small updates and two major updates, some changes will be made. The key position, should I boast, or should I scold it? Check out the 1.2 update of Assassin’s Creed Hall of Valor 1, Ostara Festival Festival Event 2, Equipped Weapon Transmogrification 3, 3 New Skills 4, Closer Lens Options 5, More Cats 6, Improved the Character’s Performance When Climbing Ladder Physical performance 7. Fixed the balance problem of skills and battle. At least 6 or 7 items were fixed. 8. There are some messy miscellaneous items. I didn’t look at it carefully.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This update only shows one thing, that is, CDPR’s talent in marketing and publicity is far greater than playing games. 1.2 This level of update, you can find a lot of other big manufacturers to update the game, and they will give a task log to finish, because these are the repair and optimization of small bugs. Isn’t it new content, it’s guilty of a big fanfare to make a promotional video? Isn’t the Hall of Valor, which was recently released at the same time, also updated with new festival activities? Let’s look at it by comparison. AC has 15 Gs, dozens of updated and optimized content, plus new activities with content. Just a text mission log, plus a 1-minute video introduction. CDPR even has to make promotional videos for this kind of update, and 4 more are released. It’s not just to fool some passersby players who didn’t watch the video carefully. Just looking at the title and introduction, I thought that CDPR was stepping up the game as planned, and even thought it was how much new content was updated in 2077. The role of marketing is far greater than the actual meaning.

7 months ago

While I feel like laughing, I feel like crying at the same time. Laughing because they picked the most insignificant part in this mess and optimized it slightly. I want to cry, but some of them are still insisting, like a child who collects the pieces of a broken toy one by one and wants to put it together, and then goes back to tell everyone that this toy is really amazing. I hope that they will not forget their purest original intentions as players, developers, and creators, but also learn to grow and learn to recognize reality.

7 months ago

First of all, release the 1.2 update content bit by bit, or by way of jokes, the purpose is to pull the popularity of this game that is almost dying. This approach is actually the stalk of the mission of the fucking wizard Rima. But you have to know that the task of horse is in the case of the success of the main body. The stalks and dishes added in the expansion film have brought a positive publicity effect. As a player, seeing this method used in the failed 2077 main body can only be said to be nothing. Feeling, even a bit annoying. Didn’t anyone in the cdpr comment on this before the implementation of the publicity program? Or is there another management who has photographed this plan and no one dares to publicly oppose it? After the 2077 body came out, the cdpr management was chaotic, the R&D had no right to speak, and the management bureaucracy had serious problems. Through the 1.2 update incident, it still has not been solved. I feel that 2077 of 2.0 will not be real. After it comes out, even if 2.0 is released later, the fundamental problem of the 2077 ontology still cannot be solved.

7 months ago

I’m a fool to pre-order Battlefield 6. I wouldn’t buy a big update for what I should have done in 2077. I think why this is called the 1.2 update patch, maybe because cdpr thinks they did a good job. Things that affected the game experience of players have finally been repaired. We pre-order 2077 players all over the world have to kneel down and kowtow to them. Last time I drove into the garbage dump and couldn’t move. I couldn’t even get out of the car and could only read files (no I can’t get off the car by mistake, I can’t get off at all) This time it was finally repaired. I first bought cdpr5000 shares of i7-9700k and couldn’t load the street view at all when I drove. This time I can finally see it clearly. I loaded it in my field of vision. After the fight, there would be no policemen. This fits the setting of ncpd. Why should it be repaired? After all, who won’t teleport in 2077. There are not many people in ncpd. It’s okay to kill them all. Understand, this can’t be repaired, cdpr By the way, the red bird can fly with ease, and my mother will be with you forever.

7 months ago

This kind of update, put in the garbage mobile game, is just the weight of routine maintenance, right? Can you skip the ticket once for this kind of thing? Not to mention anything else, the enemy (police) refreshes from outside the field of vision. Isn’t this what a normal game will do? Will it be changed after a quarter of release? You don’t think that the design of the rear car in your racing mission that refreshes crazily below the field of view is normal, do you? Last time, a group of people were washing, saying that the hacker attack suffered heavy losses and it took a long time to repair balabala. I think what you have in your house is not a hacker attack, but the body is overheated. Hackers are afraid that you are not the main program shark.

7 months ago

The game has been cleared and unloaded a long time ago, and the changes are all insignificant things that are not used. It is also known as an unprecedented big update. I only feel speechless and ridiculous looking at the behavior of cdpr. Last year, gog steam was purchased on the same day as the pre-order, and I felt sorry to be drawn 30% of the g fat for the dumb donkey. Now I just want to go to Gotham and Batman. Update content: 1. Originally ncpd will be refreshed in the back in an instant, and the refresh distance has been modified. Now ncpd will run from far away. Isn’t it very realistic and realistic? Of course, driving to the crime scene and chasing fugitives is a function that gta had more than ten years ago, and I don’t have the energy to do it. 2. I don’t understand the procedure. Isn’t the vehicle turning sensitivity a parameter? Is it great to be able to set it up? 3. When the car is stuck, I always get out of the car and call for another to finish. 4. There is nothing to say, do you have to praise you when you update the things that should be included in the release a few months later? I personally feel that with this level of update, some games make emergency repairs a day that are richer than this… even writing a small composition for the b station column takes more effort than making this patch. What’s more ridiculous is that the ticket seems to have bounced to make this patch? ?

7 months ago

Let’s talk about these one by one… well, optimization. In short, the NCPD correspondingly means that the refresh rate of the sliver has changed from “growing out of soil within five meters in an instant” to “growing out of soil that is farther and invisible in an instant.” It may be that I have a misunderstanding about the profession of Tiaozi, but the “police response” in my understanding should be like this: After you commit a crime, you start to broadcast police radio calls, and several police cars drift from various intersections to a sudden stop after tens of seconds to a minute. Entrance forms an encirclement. If the player escapes, he will enter a car chase. At the same time, new police forces are coming from all directions as the situation escalates. I don’t think that the above-mentioned scene feeling is technically difficult to achieve, because GTA his grandmother can achieve it ten years ago. However, the scene shown in this demo video is like this: the player shoots at a passerby and enters a radio. About ten seconds later, a drone flies out of a dead end behind him, and ten seconds later, a policeman comes from the road. Run across to the stadium. I really… don’t know how to describe it. It may be that the CDPR demo did not accurately reflect their changes. 2. Driving sensitivity, let me describe it in one sentence: Isn’t this a problem that can be solved by adjusting a few parameters or is there any misunderstanding that I have broken away from the era of game development? 3. If the vehicle is out of trouble, please briefly explain to friends who don’t know what it is. It turns out that if there is a situation like “car chassis stuck on the road teeth”, you can’t get out of trouble, and your car will be stuck here. The slope is up. In fact, this is not a problem, because in reality it is impossible for your chassis to get out of the trap by yourself. But there are also solutions. If you are lazy, you can temporarily ignore the collision volume of the obstacle after a certain period of time, and let you drive the car out; if you have a stronger sense of substitution, add a cart action so that the player can be in the car. Get out of the car and push after getting stuck. But how does CDPR solve it? After your vehicle is stuck, you can make the vehicle start shaking with the chassis as the axis, so as to achieve the purpose of getting out of trouble. My personal feeling is that you might as well leave it unchanged. 4. The key position modification is omitted. I now have two ideas. First, if the entire 1.2 update contains only these main contents, then CDPR must have had a huge problem. The chaos at the launch of 2077 can be attributed to premature delivery and excessive publicity, but these have been on the market for three months. The two big patches that were announced with the same vigour and the main body have maintained a high degree of consistency. Then I only It can be considered that this company has experienced a serious productivity decline and is no longer able to run a project of this scale. Second, what CDPR needs most now is not only to give players an explanation, but also to give an explanation to their own signs. Now the number of online users in 2077 has dropped to about 1-2 million, which belongs to the middle and upper reaches of a stand-alone game after the craze has receded. This shows that there are still a large number of players who think 2077 is fun or trust CDPR. In other words, now is the last chance for CDPR to restore its reputation and maintain its core player base. When the number of people online drops to four or three digits, then you can spend more money, and the sheep are all dead before repairing the fence. What’s the use? I discussed it a long time ago, and sooner or later the overall strategy of the 3A industry will drag down these companies one by one. But what I didn’t expect was that CDPR would thunder before R star or even Ubisoft, and I didn’t expect that the thunder would be the product of 2077 (at least in the announcement) of “a sword in ten years”. It is boring behavior to step on a hand, and engage in a meal between games. Just for the game itself, my personal feelings are not so much disappointment as it is a pity.

7 months ago

Before the Chinese New Year, the group friends in the group showed pictures of the progress of the 2077 update, and said that it would be better to start 2077 after the new year. I replied without thinking, 2077 and then 2077, underneath is a group of ruthless repeaters repeating it ten times. According to the progress of this update, it seems that 2077 can really experience the 2077 mentioned in the promotion. I have cleared the entire map a long time ago, and updating these is something that doesn’t hurt or itchy. It’s better to open a few weeks earlier if you don’t.

7 months ago

This patch basically completely nailed 2077 to the pillar of shame. By the way, CDPR relied on the Witcher Trilogy’s reputation to squander cleanly-whether you owe it depends on how miserable you are by 2077. The host party is not far from the top ten, that is all lack of word-of-mouth. To be honest, in fact, I have never had any expectations for Seiko. Now I am more gloating. After all, the filial son who besieged me last year, and now I don’t know what I think when I see this patch. The dream should wake up.jpg. Of course I am now more looking forward to seeing how our great Zhihu first filial son Mendel will wash this 1.2 patch-after all, before the release, I can blow CDPR and 2077 into the industry’s hope of Zhihu V. I have seen him like this. One. So hurry up and let us continue to popularize science. What kind of new gospel the industry hopes to spread~~ Oh, it can’t be said that 2077 has no advantages. After all, he urged everyone to change the computer configuration in December last year-I was stupid at the time. The ridicule of 2077 optimization made me feel unhappy at 1060, but now I really regret thinking about it. If I had changed from CDPR to 3070 at the beginning, where do I need to see the soaring graphics card prices in today’s mining tide with tears. ? In this way, CDPR is really a beacon of the industry.

7 months ago

CDPR: Explain the following for this update. After a month of joint investigation between us and the Polish police, we found that the main purpose of this hacking attack was to steal our programmer team. Unfortunately, they stole our program Staff, through the Internet, we have hired the world’s most elite Zimbabwe Crime Investigation Division at a high price on February 26, 2021 to investigate the whereabouts of the missing programmers. As of 20:00 on March 19, 2021, Zimbabwe The Crime Investigation Division of Zimbabwe has brought us a piece of good news: The Crime Investigation Division of Zimbabwe: dear cdpr I am honored to receive a letter from your company, our country’s most elite anti-criminal organization “Zimbabwe Crime” The investigators of the “Investigation Division” have taken our country’s most advanced means of transportation “mule” to set off. I believe that in the near future, with our expertise, they will be arrested and brought to justice. Please feel free to pay tribute to the business. Kei did not respond to this matter as of 18:00 on March 20, 2021.

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