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The sentence of Mr. Yang Jiang: “When I was young, I thought that not reading was enough to understand life. It was only later that I realized that if I didn’t understand life, I couldn’t read books. The meaning of reading is probably to use the feelings of life to read and use the gains from reading. Go live.” 2. Forget the signature that a sister on Douban saw on the homepage of that year: The other party will not love you more because of your superb investigative ability and powerful ability to extract confessions, and it will not be too arguing because you can speak eloquently. He likes you more, he won’t care about you more because you can be jealous, he won’t indulge you more because of your repeated temptation, and he won’t be inseparable from you because you frequently break up. This passage is for everyone: We have too many things that we think are love, but they are fear, possession, and control, but not unconditional love for free will. Dalai Lama once said an exquisite generalization: Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay. “Give your lovers wings to fly away, give them roots to come back, and give them reasons to stay. “3. According to scientific calculations, 125,000 mountain ants can lift an adult elephant. And an elephant can carry 25 million mountain ants. What does this show? That is, if an elephant carries a group of ants for 1 kilometer, then this group of ants has to carry the elephant for 200 kilometers. From this I understand a word-coolie. 4. The biggest panic in my youth was being deemed untalented, and the later trouble was that I was afraid that I was not very humorous. Later on, I was worried about being discovered that there was no culture, and I was exhausted for all these kinds of things. But then one day, I suddenly discovered that the streets are full of poor-minded talents who read books but are unwilling to take up. The era of nihilism is rich in cowards who shun the important, and I am just a mere addition of one person. Now I only want to be a true temperament. Don’t deceive or harm others, don’t make mistakes when you can help people, and occasionally get a little bargain delivered to the door, and don’t lose heart. Most people in the world are smart and not kind, kind and not transparent. I am still a mere person. I only hope that I can have a heart of Qiqiao Linglong in the future. 5. Sincere not understanding is better than insincere understanding. The most disgusting thing is to be self-righteous and self-defeating. Only when you have sincerity can you be humbly, and when you have humility, you will be willing to let go of yourself to understand others, and then you can let go of your hypocritical self-esteem to understand yourself. The love built on understanding yourself and others is not blind love. ——Fu Lei’s Family Letters 6. When you walk in the world, you should know people. You don’t need to know people. You don’t have to be suspicious if you know people. When you know people, you don’t have to say everything. You don’t have friends if you know people. You don’t have to be harsh. Exhaustion, sternness means that everyone will be far away; when you respect others, you don’t need to be humble, and when you are humble, you will have less bones. 7. Beings create delusions and grow their hearts with their hearts, so they are always in hell. ——Dharma theory of comprehension 8. Aspirational but less desire, peace of mind but not fear, tired and tireless, qi is followed by obedience, each according to their desires, all get what they want. Devotee life.


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8 months ago

Psychologist Adler’s Quotations: 1. We do not utter bad words because of a moment of anger, but to manipulate and dominate the other party, and want the other party to comply with their own wishes and expectations, creating and using the name “anger”. “The emotion. 2. Don’t care about other people’s evaluation, don’t be afraid of being hated by others, don’t seek to be recognized by others, if you can’t bear the above costs, you will not be able to implement your own way of life, and you will not be able to gain freedom. ——Adler ​3. When a person encounters an unsolvable problem but believes that he can solve it, he will show an inferiority complex. Indignation, tears and apology are all signs of inferiority. But this method is not helpful for solving the problem. (Alfred Adler, “Inferiority and Transcendence”) 4. “Don’t want to be hated by others” is my subject, but “whether you hate me” is another subject. In terms of interpersonal relationships, you have no control over how others evaluate you. If you care too much about the sight and evaluation of others, you will continue to seek approval from others. The pursuit of recognition kills freedom. Because I didn’t want to be hated by anyone, I chose an unfree lifestyle. In other words, freedom means no longer seeking approval. ——Adler, “The Courage to Be Disgusted” 5. In love and marriage, if we want each other to feel happiness and joy, we will try our best to express ourselves and devote all our care to each other. If we only develop according to our own temperament, regardless of the other’s feelings, then the result must be: we become arrogant and disgusting. ——Alfred Adler, “Inferiority and Transcendence” 6. In fact, life is very simple, and the uncertainty of life is the source of one’s hope. Those who just want to escape difficulties will lag behind others. ——Alfred Adler ​7. What really affects our psychology and behavior is not “facts”, but our interpretation of facts. ——Alfred Adler, “Get along with the world like this” 8. The uncertainty in life is the source of our hope. ——Alfred Adler, “Inferiority and Transcendence” ​9. Each of us has different degrees of inferiority, because we all want to make ourselves better and live a better life. ——Adler “Inferiority and Transcendence” 10. Our troubles and pain are not because of the things themselves, but because of the concepts we add to these things.

8 months ago

There is a saying in “2046”: “Love is a thing, time is of the essence. It won’t work if you know it too early or too late.” But knowing someone is never too late. I am afraid that he has been hurt and shed tears, that he has suffered from insomnia in the middle of the night, and that there is an impossible person in his heart that can only fall asleep with a wine glass. It’s not jealous, but he feels that time has cruelly worn away his sincerity. He hurt so much at that time. I want to get to know him earlier, even if I can’t protect him.

8 months ago

I am a nostalgic but short-lived person, greedy for beautiful scenery, and I will be concentrated by a moment of darkness and color. Indulge in the smoke and fire in the firewood, rice, oil and salt, and moved by the hot people’s affection. Too many good things have always broken into my life, my life.

——Lu Qingyi, “Four Springs”

8 months ago

Later, I finally wanted to understand that my mother was not incapable of understanding me, she was doing her best. It’s just that she has always lived in that small circle. She has no way to see more possibilities in this world, so I should try to take her to see this world and tell her that this world is huge.

8 months ago

1. The night wind is cold and you are the flames of the world. 2. After bypassing the country and mountains, only to find that you are a spark in the world. 3. I hope you stare at the galaxy but only yearn for me 4. I will take the gentleness of the moon and the light of the stars along the galaxy into your dreams. 5. The girl’s skirt can withstand all the gentleness and midsummer. 6. Forget all those “impossible” excuses and stick to the “possible” reason. 7. You are the moon hidden in the clouds and the treasure that I have searched for all my life. 8. Be gentler, the moon will melt, and so will I. 9. The whereabouts of every cloud is unknown, and every moon is missing. 10. Tenderness is a treasure in the world. I will always succumb to tenderness and you are tenderness itself. 11. I want to cross the mountains and ridges with you, appreciate the clouds and talk about the wind, and count the stars together, and a pot of good tea to the sky. 12. I always love to talk to you about the universe, gentle, cola-scented wind and blue sunset. 13. I want to take a person back to the cloud, where I don’t know, bring it back and hide it. 14. Life is long and fleeting. Some people see the dust and others see the stars. 15. May you survive the loneliness and hide the stars and Mr. Yi. 16. Forever evenly matched and tenderly surrendered in love 17. The way you come to me is gentle and halo. 18. It turns out that the stars that are hiding are also trying to shine. 19. People laugh at not your dreams, but your strength. 20. The day I met you, I felt that the world was a bit brighter, the sun was a bit warmer, and there were many more stars. I hope you stare into the galaxy, but only yearning for me 21. Meeting the person you like is like the rest of your life in a catastrophe, drifting across the sea, and finally seeing the land. 22. A lonely person will appear even more lonely when given thoughts. 23. What is reflected in your eyes is the Milky Way, which is the most beautiful and extravagant dream I have ever seen. 24. I walked on the stars in the center of your universe and planned a romantic game for you. 25. Even if the stars are broken, the overflowing light is beautiful. 26. The orange-flavored soda is pouting. The summer wind passed through your one-meter-sixth heart and also blew through my eyes. 27. Even so, I think it’s great to meet you. 28. With trees and flowers, you are what your heart desires. 29. Don’t let life ruin your eyes and affection. 30. I hope I can become your niche preference. I am especially proud when I hide my joy and show off.

8 months ago

1. No matter what happens in the day, when it gets dark, I will take you home. 2. You are my only heartbeat after I appreciate everything. 3. The happiest thing is that you only need to be yourself and someone will love you. 4. I tell you that I like you. I don’t have to be with you. I just hope that in the future you will not be discouraged when you encounter the trough of life. At least someone has been attracted by your charm, once was, and will be in the future. Yes. 5. The college entrance examination is nothing more than a lot of people doing the same paper at the same time, and then deciding which city to go to. In the end, they find that every question that is wrong is to meet the right person, and every question that is right is to meet a better one. Yourself. 6. You will definitely meet more gentle boys, willing to accompany you to talk a lot, do a lot of things, and go a long way. ​​​7. What I liked about you before was to see you, miss you, and accompany you. What I like about you now is not asking, not watching, not disturbing. ​​​8. I think that there must be repercussions if you do not forget, never think that the mountains and rivers that you love are separated by mountains and rivers. 9. What is the cheapest thing in the world? Probably it is to pay. Impoverished sincere, gentle with nothing. 10. I have been forcibly giving you some things. My time, my love, my stubbornness, my hideousness and loveliness. I never asked you if you want it or not, I only know that I never give it to others.

8 months ago

The sorrow of the teenager, after all, is the easy disappearing Can Xue. ——Yu Dafu “Sinking into Depravity” The young man who once held the sword in my heart is also in the middle of the market at this moment. ——Zhu Xuan, I am eager to see you, but please remember that I will not ask to see you. This is not because of pride, you know that I have no pride in front of you. ——Simon Boova, “A Love Letter from Beyond the Ocean” You say you are lonely, just like the loneliness that the long star shining on the thirteen state capitals a long time ago. ——Haizi’s “Song or Cry”, who wrote your name among the stars in the south in a smoky font? ——Pablo Neruda’s “Twenty Love Poems and a Desperate Song”, even though time wasted and weakened by fate, he still struggled, explored, and sought without yielding. ——Alfred Denison, “Ulysses”, was surprised that lovesickness was not revealed, it turned out that it was only to the bone. ——Tang Xianzu’s “Peony Pavilion” Guanshan is difficult to pass, and those who have lost their way; meet by the water, they are all guests from other countries. ——Wang Bo’s “Preface to the Pavilion of the King of Teng” has a very short life, such as a fleeting moment when a white horse passes a gap. And this mood is very long, like mountains and rivers endless. ——”Wulin Biography”

8 months ago

1. Some people broke up in the end because they believed in being together too much. —— “Predecessor Strategy” 2. Sometimes God asks you to wait to make you wait for the right person, but the right person is not necessarily your favorite. Some people are destined to have no place, although regret and sadness, but how can Some answers are always love, and now I just want to cherish the person in front of me. ——”Predecessor Strategy” 3. A man is like a key, and a woman is like a lock. What is the name of a key that can open any lock? Called the master key. -“Predecessor Raiders” 4. Once she was my weakness, but now, I am no longer her armor. -“Predecessor 3” 5. We will reunite no matter what it looks like. -“Big Fish and Begonia” 6. Old Zhao said, your generation is different from ours. Things of our generation are broken, and we think we need to fix things, and things of your generation should be replaced when things are broken. That’s why there are so many predecessors. -“Predecessor Strategy” 7. “I remember his appearance, I don’t know his name, I remember his eyes, and the scar on his forehead” “I looked for six hours, a whole night.” Chun Came in front of a white fish. She looked at Xiaoyu, who closed her eyes and fell asleep quietly. ——”Big Fish·Begonia” 8. What I fear most in this world is to make you suffer. —— “Big Fish Begonia” 9. Good friends are not terrible, but the terrible thing is your girlfriend. No matter how much you do, it won’t be worth her words, your girlfriend is a little mother-in-law! -“Predecessor Raiders” 10. No matter how deep the feelings are, they can’t resist the fate. When I thought that Rosie would fade away from my life, there was indeed a tearing pain in my heart. -“Predecessor Raiders”

8 months ago

“For everyone, there is only one real duty: to find oneself. Whether his destiny is a poet or a madman, a prophet or a criminal-these are actually nothing to do with him, it is not important. His duty is to find his own destiny- Rather than the fate of others—then stick to his life in his heart, wholeheartedly, and never stop. All other paths are incomplete, a way of escape from people, a cowardly return to popular ideals, drifting with the flow, and inwardly. Fear.” —Hermann Hesse, “Demian Anxious Boyhood”

8 months ago

When I miss my departed relatives, I often rely on this passage to comfort myself: “If everyone is a small planet, the departed relatives and friends are the dark matter around me. I wish to see you again, and I know I will never see you again. But Your gravity is still there. I am grateful that our cones of light have overlapped with each other, and you have changed my star track forever. Even if I can’t see each other again, you are still the reason why my galaxy has never disintegrated. It is the web of my universe. Eternal composition.”

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