Huawei will release a new generation of folding screen mobile phone Mate X2 at 8pm on February 22 and define it as the “new generation of folding flagship”. Is this product worth buying? In what areas have technological breakthroughs been achieved? What are the highlights and slots?

Regarding Mate X2, I don’t really want to talk about the configuration of this product. After all, the meaning of folding screen products is not the flagship configuration. What I want to talk about is my understanding and thinking analysis of conceptual products. For each conceptual product, I have only one point of view-“cautiously optimistic, encourage exploration”. At present, our technical level is still difficult to support a perfect product form. When we choose to fold, we will definitely There are shortcomings that the product reliability is not good enough. When choosing the inward folding, some people will definitely think that the product form is not cool enough. The scroll screen is a two-round solution. This is also my favorite design idea, but it has not been available until today. Related mass production products. Since Zenith Star Technology does not exist, then we can only make a trade-off, which is why I am not very interested in the so-called internal and external screen dispute, because in essence, there are imperfections in both of these two solutions. Which one is better? It is to see who values ​​which aspect more. In my opinion, Mate Xs and Mate X2 are completely two-path products. One is cool enough and has some reliability improvements. The other is the most complete in-folding solution at present. While being cool, while having an expanded large screen form, the daily use experience has begun to move closer to ordinary mobile phones.

On the mobile phone side, the biggest advantage of high refresh rate is actually to bring users a comprehensive and smooth experience, but this also determines that only a comprehensive and unfragmented high refresh experience is meaningful. Both the internal and external screens of the Mate X2 support high-swipe, which is definitely better than only the internal screen. After all, the experience difference when switching between the internal and external screens is quite unfriendly to consumers. In terms of the ratio of the secondary screen, Mate X2 has also reached a usable level-21:9, which is currently the largest aspect ratio of mainstream screens, and is actually closer to the ratio of ordinary mobile phones we currently use. At the same time, the screen-to-body ratio of this secondary screen is also very high. Close the folding screen, the secondary screen in front of you can also give you the experience of an ordinary mobile phone. It can enter a large screen, and it is also practical to retract. In my opinion, this is the biggest advantage of Mate X2 as an internal folding product.

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8 months ago

After unfolding the screen, the design concept of Mate X2 is also very good, optimizing the scene where most people hold the phone with their right hand, allowing consumers to hold it more securely. Of course, with a large screen, there must be a corresponding experience in using the large screen. Android’s large-screen experience is not good. This is a problem left over from history. So Huawei has created a parallel world to make these applications usable. However, for the large-screen adaptation, it is ultimately something to be done. This time on Mate X2, we saw Huawei’s new exploration direction, grasping more perspectives on one screen and displaying richer content. I am a LOL event viewer, so I can play the director’s perspective on it, and the three small windows below can choose the player’s perspective that I like. In my opinion, this is a good one-screen multi-view application scenario.

8 months ago

Speaking of the subject, Huawei Mate X2 wins my heart with “seamlessness” and “proportion” this time.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, which also adopts the inward fold, has obvious gaps after the inward fold, and the gap brought about is a discount in appearance, or an increase in the degree of risk in use.
Huawei Mate X2 uses a wedge-shaped design, supplemented by a double-rotating drop hinge design, to solve this problem. Moreover, the bottom of the folding screen is a relatively regular rectangle, which also has a good experience in grip.

8 months ago

The Kirin 9000 SoC chip, 4500 mAh and 55W super fast charge, both internal and external screens are 90 Hz screens, and an invincible rear camera. Note that this rear camera is different from the Huawei Mate 40 Pro+, which is an ultra-wide-angle lens. It can still achieve 3X optical change and 10X optical change, which is still invincible. Mate X2 also adopts the industry’s first magnetron nano-optical film. This material can achieve ultra-low screen reflectivity, so the experience is also good for daily reading, games, or video and entertainment. The most important thing, which I always value, is that the weight of Mate X2 is only 295g. Although it can’t be compared with ordinary mobile phones, I don’t think there are too many problems when using it, and the experience is very good.

8 months ago

In recent years, the screens of mobile phones have become bigger and bigger, so the portability is getting worse and worse. If you want a larger screen and want to take into account portability, there are folding screen models with different designs. However, due to technical and cost reasons, the listed folding screen models are firstly sold at too high a price, secondly, they are not friendly enough in terms of portability, and thirdly, some models still have creases after being used for a period of time. problem. But innovation is endless, and these problems will have better solutions with the development of generations of new products. On Huawei Mate X2, we can also see that there are many advantages over other brands of folding screen models!

8 months ago

As far as this time point is concerned, folding screen models are still in the pocket of local tyrants, after all, they are very expensive! It can even be a “financial product”! You want to buy… you have to be able to buy it too. But in any case, as long as you have this kind of mobile phone, whether you are attending a gathering of friends or attending a dinner with colleagues, or making calls, using mobile payment to watch movies and chat on WeChat, etc., you will definitely reveal it in a low-key manner. Two words-

8 months ago

In general, I think the design direction of MateX2 this time is to make it more refined on the basis of practicality. Compared with the previous ones that were not folded flat, the screen wrinkled after unfolding, and the screen was incomplete due to digging bangs, etc. For machines, MateX2 is indeed much more refined. And because of the normalization of the front ratio, even the folded state does not look abrupt. I really like this design concept, so after watching the conference, I feel that it has exceeded many expectations. Of course, the problem of inward and outward folding has not disappeared. If you are interested in this question, you can read on.

8 months ago

For folding screens that fold outwards, there are two problems that are not well resolved: 1. Strength; 2. Screen burn-in. The internal folding solution solves the abrasion problem by placing a small glass-covered screen. The folding screen can be hidden inside to reduce friction to a certain extent, and the durability is relatively better; and because the folding screen is fully expanded every time, it avoids every Only a part of it is illuminated at a time, which also avoids the problem of burning screen, which is a better answer to these two questions. In fact, Mate X is very clear about these issues when designing, and therefore it is only a cutting-edge, and really usable conceptual solution. But these problems are not meaningless. If folding screens are to be popularized, these two problems cannot be avoided. The inward-folded product obviously takes care of this aspect, which reflects a different idea from MateX.

8 months ago

But one thing to say, the purpose of the folding screen is to obtain a larger screen in a smaller space. Although the in-folding solution solves these two problems, it reduces the usage rate of the large screen and increases the volume of the body. I still prefer MateX’s solution. As time has passed, we took the opportunity of discussing this issue to make a small prediction for the product MateX2. A large part of the unpopularity of the internal folding scheme two years ago was that the external screen was too small. Indeed, the folding screen is just like a large screen. As a result, you asked me to choose a small screen for high frequency use. This is definitely not an improvement. Of course, this problem quickly disappeared. We can see that later folding screen products such as Galaxy Z Fold2 also use the same full screen as regular mobile phones. A similar design will most likely be adopted on today’s MateX2.

8 months ago

Of course, this design still has certain problems, the most obvious is that the screen may be relatively long, but it is sufficient for daily use. Another reason for the opposition to the inward folding scheme is the crease. This concept is actually well understood. When the folding screen of the outward folding design is bent, the radius of curvature is larger, and the screen itself and the protective layer are less stressed, so the crease is relatively less obvious, and the direct folding inward folding scheme On the contrary. So what method can reduce the radius of curvature when it is folded inward? Yes, through a special screen and hinge design to expand the radius of curvature. Motorola Rarz used to have such a structure, but because it is a product that folds up and down, it is not a track with this time MateX2. Looking at the warm-up, there is a high probability that MateX2 will have a similar design, otherwise there will be no way to achieve the seamless folding in the previous promotion.

8 months ago

I guess this design should be similar to the previous high-end yoga line’s hinge. By connecting multiple small hinges to each other, each hinge provides a certain resistance, and finally the entire system can support various scenes. The rest is waiting for the press conference to add, just watch and write, I will update if I am interested. Finally, it is customary to talk about your own ideas. I saw news that Huawei is currently doing both inward and outward folding, which I think is a good thing. Although the overall plan of MateX2 is very good now, one more screen will add a bit more weight after all. Every gram of weight loss is precious for every inch of mobile phone. The advantage of doing both schemes is that the advantages of the two schemes can be further combined, and I hope to see even better products in the future.

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