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My mother-in-law has been trying to deify my husband, but she has been repeatedly frustrated in the process of deification. Because my husband is a straight steel man, he always slaps the face like my mother-in-law. When my mother-in-law first lived with us, half a year after I gave birth to my second treasure, she came to help with the baby. The first thing she could not adapt was to take a lot of express delivery every day. My husband is a shopaholic. He said that his way to relieve stress is to buy, buy and buy. My family receives express delivery every day. He bought eight out of ten, but the recipient is my name. My mother-in-law always thinks they are all. I bought it. Once he came back from get off work to unpack those express delivery, my mother-in-law leaned over. The mother-in-law whispered: “There are so many express delivery every day, I think it is useless things, it is not easy to earn some money, and I don’t know how to save it.” The husband hummed, “What happened to the money I earn? Besides, I didn’t buy any expensive ones. I don’t want to spend any money on it. I don’t want to spend any money on it.” The mother-in-law was surprised: “You bought these?” Then I watched my husband take out the Nth blindfold in the house and the third game. The keyboard, a box of small clips, a girl’s hairpin, my son’s shoes, and a jacket for me. Well, there is also a soup spoon, only my mother-in-law can’t think of but he can’t buy it. Later, I occasionally complained to my mother-in-law that your son could spend too much money to buy it every day. There are all messy things in the house, and I can’t clean it up. My mother-in-law said quietly, how can there be nothing in a family with so many people. The second thing my mother-in-law can’t stand is that my husband often socializes, often comes home in the middle of the night, and sometimes drinks a lot of alcohol. In fact, he also hates socializing and drinking, but he can’t help it. When socializing, he will tell me in advance who I am with and the approximate time I will go home. I will ask him to take anti-alcoholism in advance if he drinks alcohol and pay attention to his diet. Then there is no unexpected situation during the whole process and basically will not call him. But when my mother-in-law came, he would make a phone call every half an hour if he didn’t go home after 8 o’clock when he was socializing. I advised her not to do this. He is not a child, he is reasonable, for work. The mother-in-law said, no, he is a child in my heart as much as he is. He is still socializing after get off work, how tired it is, and how dangerous it is not to go home at night. Thinking of him being so tired, I feel distressed when I am a mother. Then I kept waiting, when will my husband come back and when will she go to bed. Until one time my husband broke out completely. That time the husband’s boss came to talk about business. He needs to accompany him to visit Party A. He told me not to wait for him at night. It is estimated that it will not be early. If it’s too late, I won’t come back and stay at the hotel directly with the leader. The next day is fine. Entertain in time. That day, I kept pressing my mother-in-law not to let her call, saying that socializing today is very important to your son, so let’s not disturb him. Coax her to go to bed as soon as possible, she may not be back today. Thousands of calculations did not expect that she would wake up at midnight and call my husband and say that she has been waiting for him at the gate of the community if he does not come back today. In the northwestern region in winter, the temperature is minus 20 or 30 degrees at midnight. My mother-in-law really waited outside for more than half an hour. When my husband was forced to return home, it was almost one o’clock in the morning. Then my husband came back and told me that my mother-in-law was crying, and for the first time I saw him lose his temper. My mother-in-law said that my husband loved to eat dumplings since she was a child. Since she came here, she has often made dumplings. If his son is at home for a long time, he can’t wait to eat dumplings all the time. One day I really ate enough, and stopped eating after two or three. The mother-in-law said: “XX loves to eat dumplings since I was a child, so I have made them a few times recently. I know that you are too lazy to make them when you cook by yourself. This is my heart for being a mother!” Husband: “Mom, don’t make them. I just vomit when I eat it every day. I don’t like to eat dumplings anymore.” Mother-in-law: “Then you still eat so much every time?” Husband: “You didn’t do anything else. Why don’t you eat this? “Mother-in-law: “.” There was a time when her mother-in-law came back from playing cards and said with a smile: “Haha, oops, my group of card friends saw ×× (my husband) today and told me, see your son is so tall, why don’t your daughter-in-laws “High” my husband chuckled and laughed: “I don’t think any of your brand friends are tall. Mom, you are not taller than ×× (me), and one is fatter than the other, which is smaller than the one sold in the supermarket. “Winter melon-like” mother-in-law: “.” Later, my mother-in-law was stunned more often, and finally she couldn’t hold her face anymore. She said to me, “You don’t care about your husband. This has to be in your hometown. My son is not filial. Neighbors will say yes. The daughter-in-law did not discipline me well. I walked to my husband and kicked him “violently”, saying that I would be more polite to my mother in the future, and say a few words less if you can.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

It just so happens that the interesting things in this new year can be mentioned. My wife likes to watch “Crayon Shin-chan”. I told her that I was like Kazama Che in kindergarten, and I also had friends who looked like Shin-chan, Masato, Dumb and even Cheetah, and had a kindergarten graduation photo as a certificate. She was looking forward to it and wanted to see it. Going back to my hometown, I found the old photos in the study. I pointed to this and said, “Does it look like Xiaoxin”, pointed to the other and asked, “Does it look like a dumb?” I was so proud to see my wife covering her mouth with a happy smile. Then my mother heard the movement and came in too. Seeing that we were looking through the old photo album, we sat down and opened the chatterbox with a smile, and began to reminisce like (no) water (long) years (crooked) Hua (I). So their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had the following dialogue. Mother-in-law: “Zhenzhen was smart when she was a child. He taught the nine-nine-nine multiplication table in the kindergarten, and the teacher praised him as a child prodigy.” Slowly poke and poke, and look like it’s easy to bargain.” Mother-in-law: “Jing Zhen was very good when she was a child. She was obedient, and taught him to do things immediately.” Daughter-in-law: “The foundation is well laid. He is also behaved now, and the housework will be done well without saying.” Mother-in-law: “Jingzhen has been beautiful since she was a child, and little girls like to play with him at that time.” Daughter-in-law: “The peach blossom luck of fate is good when you are young. Now it’s much more worry-free.” Mother-in-law: “Zhenzhen was diligent and thrifty when she was a child, and she would give her pocket money to me for safekeeping, especially her life.” Daughter-in-law: “He secretly bought me a necklace a year ago. It seems that when I grow up I don’t learn well. Prodigal lords, come here, let’s not take it as an example.”

8 months ago

It’s like watching a fool perform. When I first got the certificate, she told her baby boy that the gift money was too much, so I could marry two wives locally. I am very happy after knowing that, I hope his mother can save money for him to marry two wives in the local area. After all, there are a lot of housework at home and there are children to take, so I am tired. When I was pregnant, all kinds of people thought that after her dear son and I were divorced, she could find a daughter of a big leader, no matter how the second-generation official and the rich second-generation married the car and house. Now that the child is born, I am very supportive every time his mother says such things. Anyway, if the child divorced with him, I would like to see which rich and powerful second-generation official is willing to be a stepmother, and he Isn’t he an only child, nor is he afraid that he is a Fudi Demon? ? What do you think of others who are rich and powerful? Picture of your country? Picture of the money shared by your three sons? Or picture your son with a child who is still drinking milk powder and can’t wait to be his stepmother? ? ? It’s really long and dog-like.

8 months ago

When I see everyone, I have to say, how good her son is. He studies well, has a high degree of education, can work, and can make money. The golden phoenix flew out of the chicken coop. Say it at home and say it outside. Every time I saw someone, I said the same thing. I was annoyed by talking to my acquaintances and refused to talk to her, so I went outside to talk to a stranger. Said in the garden of the community, said to buy food in the supermarket, said to see a doctor in the hospital, said to send the child to a training class to talk to parents. Don’t miss an opportunity. Her original words, countless times that her son is a genius, made my daughter also say that her father is a genius, and then she was united by her parents to educate her. In addition to saying that her son is smart and capable, she also said that her son is white, and her granddaughter is white, and he talks about growing white many times a day (other than that, I can’t find anything to boast about). Why do you want to talk every day? Because of low self-esteem. She was stupid, stupid and poor all her life, and she was looked down upon too much, so she brainwashed herself over and over again. She has a great son who can make her live like a human being, can no longer be looked down upon by others, and can even grow confident. Long faces to bully others. 2. Having never seen the world, her son may be the one with the highest education and the most earning in her village. On the streets of Shenzhen, there are people like her son, and passers-by are everywhere. For an old lady who has never seen the world, the number one in the village is equal to the number one in the country or even the number one in the universe. She is even better than the president (it is not an exaggeration to say so, she really thinks so), because she has never seen one. Her son is even better. 3. When I am older, I am insecure, self-confident and anxious. I will not be a man for a lifetime. I don’t want anyone except my son. I have to give everything to my son. I have no friends, no relatives, no hobbies, my husband and daughter. No, I can’t bear to be stingy about other people’s money and material, and I can’t bear to give away my strength (for example, the first time I went to her house and bought a lot of snacks, some women brought their children to the house, and I took a packet of snacks for the children, she actually Snatching it back in front of me, I was stunned, how stingy to the point where there might be friends) I know that when I am old, no one can count on except my son. The son is the only sustenance and support. I repeat every day and countless times about how good her son is. Can it alleviate anxiety? I don’t know, there is nothing else besides that. 4. When I was in confinement, my colleague came to see me at home. Later, she told me that she felt that my mother-in-law was abnormal. She kept saying that her son was very good and could read and work. Confinement is not good to take care of mothers and children. What is this doing? A colleague said that it was because she had a patriarchal inferiority complex and was still a granddaughter. She faced no son in her entire life and could not hold her head up. Her experience in the village without a son was that she could not hold her head up and be looked down upon for a lifetime, so she had to talk about it over and over again. What she is proud of is that she is afraid that others will look down on her, and she is also afraid that she will look down on herself. At that time, several people in my mother’s family watched my confinement at my house, and told my dad over and over again that her son was bull-breaking, but I didn’t hear it. Outsiders could see that it was wrong and thought I was not worthy of it. She is the best son in the universe. 5. Living in your own world feels good about yourself, doesn’t have the ability to communicate with others, just talk to yourself, and don’t care if you don’t know whether others are willing to listen. 6. The most important point is, if it’s not too much, just open one eye and close one eye to get by. If it’s too much, you have to find a way to solve the problem. Talking all day long is still because it is good for her, and if you don’t resist, it will definitely be more pros than cons for her. She is doing her son’s dog licking. Her son is happy, comfortable, and of course he likes it. It’s so cool to be praised every day. Passport her son all the time, and don’t let her son do housework to take care of the child. Don’t get tired of her precious son. Such a person can hardly find a second one. On the other side is his wife Cui who is responsible and takes the children to do housework. Who do you think he listens to, who he likes, and who does he stand with? They form a natural alliance to deal with you outsiders. They have done a lot of things like this before. For example, they only let her daughter do housework and farm work. The son can only do school work. She is also confident, and she talks about all kinds of patriarchal stories at home every day. Men can’t do housework and come to brainwash you, and let the whole family pass on her ideas over and over again, because she comes from this kind of family and never does Feel wrong. Then in your home, the relationship between husband and wife will become more and more disharmonious, and the relationship between herself and her children will become worse and worse, because she has been brainwashing her children and grandchildren and forming gangs. The good people are all she does, the evil ones It’s all you. The good thing is her and her son, it has nothing to do with you, the work is all yours, you are free babysitting in her house in her eyes. Finally, when I couldn’t bear it, I quarreled with her and said: Her son is the best man in the world. She said yes, how good her son is; She is the best woman in the world, so she should marry her son. An individual will live a lifetime and will never quarrel without contradictions. You don’t need to be afraid of making money from outsiders. The excellent sons you cultivate are all her own, and you will spend your entire life serving her to provide for her, so you won’t make your daughter-in-law cheap. Shamelessly treat his son as husband for a lifetime. She was stunned, she had nothing to say. She had never thought about it this way before, and she didn’t know that from the perspective of others, she saw something completely different from hers. She knows herself ashamed, has nothing to say, and doesn’t know how to fight with me, just repeating one sentence: That’s what you think. People should learn more, read more books, travel more and see the world before they know how big the world is, there are people outside of them, and they should not be laughed at by being a frog in the bottom of the well. If you are stupid and stupid, you need to learn more, talk less, and put money on your face. In addition, you need to have your own hobby circle and have friends, know how to care for people other than your son to give for others, and not for the son alone. live. I have been reflecting on these questions this year and answering many of these questions, because calmly thinking and thinking while recording will make me clear my mind and think more, know what I should do in the future, and don’t get it wrong. And the big picture. The root and essence of the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are extremely scary. Fortunately, you can hold your own bottom line, and you must resist to the end when you hit the bottom line. Resolutely do not live together again, the home can be demolished by an old woman. If you are honest and innocent and will not resist, if you meet an old woman who has no bottom line, she can really turn you into her family’s free nanny, Your husband and children have become your enemies. The contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not that simple. I didn’t know this until the second child was born.

8 months ago

When I was pregnant, my mother-in-law came to take care of me in the later period. To put it bluntly, it was to relieve his son’s burden, because she talked to her daughter and said that she felt sorry for her son, and did not mention me. Of course, I am also grateful. After all, I am The one being taken care of. My mother-in-law praised my husband every day for being attentive, more attentive and considerate than the girl, and I was really annoying to say too much. She talked to my husband, he thought it was normal, and my parents thought that their children would be good everywhere, so I simply won’t pick them up. Then she felt boring too. During the confinement period, the mother-in-law said that her son was working hard, so I said that her son had not changed his diapers. She said that her son was considerate enough, and I had a pimple in my heart. What does it mean to be considerate? After the child is in confinement, a lot of things can only be done by him as the husband and the father. Otherwise, let me, a person who cannot go out, do it? During my confinement, I bend over to change the baby’s diapers, and my back hurts to death. Her son has never changed by himself. I have not denied his hard work, but this is not what he should do? Should I do it alone? Later, I said, he is your son, but it is my husband. Your son brings you some water. You think he has worked so hard and sensible. If he knows that he feels sorry for you, then if your husband doesn’t bring you water, you will feel like you. After a hard day, without even serving a glass of water, can it be an attitude towards my son and husband? He is my husband and not my son. He said that I want the husband and wife to be considerate. What do I mean by understanding? He came back from work and hoped that I would give him a glass of water to comfort him. I did housework for a day. I hope he has free time to rub me. Shoulder, this is called sympathy, sympathy is mutual, can it be unilateral? Her son told her to put her focus on her husband, and his son has grown up and has a family, so he said very tactfully, and almost said that his mother was nosy. So, all mothers-in-law, all parents are the same, they feel that their children are good. When I say my mother-in-law, she can’t listen, but her son said it’s different. I can’t tell her to stop being nosy. But her son is okay, you can tell her to let go of that amount, so you can ask your husband to say, if your mother-in-law praises him when your husband is around, let your husband and colleagues praise you, the more times she It’s boring. If your mother-in-law praises him when your husband is not around, then you don’t answer the conversation, smile appropriately, or just “um, yes”, “yes, you are right”, similar, Perfunctory, the same number of times is too many and I don’t want to say another thing, this kind of mother-in-law is idle, too idle, people boyfriends, husbands, people don’t know where he is good or bad? For you, you didn’t just meet

8 months ago

Once, I always thought. If a person’s mistake is really obvious, even if the mother doesn’t admit it, he still has a bottom in his heart and will be guilty in private. Later I found out that I was really too young, and some people could really fool themselves. There is a word called reverse rationalization, which simply means that no matter what the truth is, you can find reasons and excuses for rationalization. 1. When I got married, I didn’t want a house, a car, or a bride price. I thought it would give me extra points. Unexpectedly, it was his son who got extra points. The mother-in-law showed off to the neighbors: “My son is so good, and the girl doesn’t need a bonus, and I also want to marry my son.” I: “…” 2. Husband no I know how to do housework, and I have to ask whether to put the vegetables first or put the oil first when frying vegetables. Mother-in-law: “Women should do more of this kind of thing. Men, they don’t.” 3. Once, my husband and I didn’t know what to do, and the mother-in-law rushed over and said: “That’s right, you No.” Me: “Then tell me, what are we arguing about?”. At this time, the mother-in-law stopped talking. 4. For a long time, my husband didn’t go home under various excuses, and the information returned was either slow or perfunctory, and he even asked the children less and less frequently. Me: “Mom, I think something is wrong with xx, there seems to be someone out there.” Mother: “Don’t talk nonsense, I know my son, xx is not such a person, he is just busy at work.” Then I analyzed the reason, but I didn’t expect it to explode at once, and it might have pierced his son’s perfect image. Mother: “You stay at home all day and don’t go to work. My son stays in Shanghai alone for this family. He is still talking about my son behind the scenes. Do you think you have a child and don’t have to go to work in the future? My son is raised.” Me: “……………”. 4. It was later discovered that what I said was the truth. The mother-in-law said: “You must have a bad temper, so my son felt aggrieved and had to go out and look for it.” Me: “…………”. The mother-in-law continued to frustrate me: “Why didn’t you tell me this kind of thing earlier? If this is the case, I can persuade my son to come back as soon as he has an affair.” Me: “……. ……..”. Pozhao Xiaosan: “It must be you who seduce my son, who is such an honest person, otherwise he would not go this way.” Finally, to summarize, you will never be able to wake up a person who pretends to sleep. Don’t waste your effort! Don’t think everyone can explain it! By the way, this man is already my ex-husband!

8 months ago

My mother-in-law. His son is four years older than me. My mother-in-law’s mantra is that my son is still younger, in his 30s. If he is ignorant, why can’t you let him. Say me, you are almost 30 years old and don’t understand anything. I just haha. Your son is a human, but your wife is not a human? In the confinement, my husband washed diapers, and my mother-in-law saw it and said, what to do at such a late hour, it was only 8 o’clock at that time. Then it was almost ten o’clock in the evening, and my mother-in-law said that I should wash my clothes and diapers while the child is asleep. It is still too early to go to bed. I have a higher education than my husband and I have a good job. For a while, my husband didn’t have a job, so I told him to go to my unit to work as a handyman to earn pocket money. The mother-in-law found out and said, how can my son do that? Scold me, our family lacks you to eat or drink, you let my son suffer? ….. There are too many. After 6 years of bumping and bumping, in the seventh year, we moved out to live, and the contradiction broke out completely. My husband married me at the age of 28. He has never left his parents. He has lived for 28 years without washing clothes and socks or doing housework once. After moving out, because I didn’t serve him like a mother-in-law, I served him food and served him. He quarreled with me, the whole world is only his mother treats him well, what am I, why not serve him food? Hit me with a cell phone, domestic violence. It’s not saved, it’s really not saved, my mother-in-law has completely ruined him. He has no right and wrong concepts. Since childhood, his parents have not taught him what is right and wrong, what can be done, and what can not be done. He didn’t go home until one or two in the middle of the night every night. My in-laws never told him once. Every time he quarreled, the in-laws always said that it was not mine, and was reluctant to talk about his son. He cheated, he felt it was normal, because the mother-in-law said that men are like this. He doesn’t go home at night, he feels more normal, because the father-in-law said that men are like this. By the way, my father-in-law treats my mother-in-law even more badly, and he still has domestic violence in his 60s. I often think that I have been married to such a family for hundreds of years of not doing good deeds. Everything is not normal. New Year’s Eve is still more than 10 days away. I returned to my natal family and the divorce is in progress. I want to live like an individual, and I don’t want to serve my mother-in-law’s son anymore.

8 months ago

In my mother’s eyes, my own children are the best. When I first got married, my chat with my mother-in-law was basically like this: My mother-in-law: My son is the most handsome in our village. Me: By coincidence, my mother always said that I was the most beautiful in our village. My mother-in-law: My son is the tallest in his group of friends. Me: By coincidence, my mother said, although I am short, girls are cute when they are short. My mother-in-law: My son is smart. Me: By coincidence, my mother said, I have never seen a smarter child than me. All the answers to my mother-in-law came when I opened my mouth! Just talk, who wouldn’t!

8 months ago

Uninvited. I’m a man, I didn’t touch this subject at first, but I am married and have a mother-in-law. I can’t help but say a few words when I see this. First of all, I have a problem, that is, I am relatively straightforward. If I like it, I like it, and if I don’t like it, I don’t like it. It’s better to be with people who don’t have a deep relationship, and no one cares what you think. However, in life, it is inevitable that some people have more contact, such as classmates and colleagues. These people will show that I have a good impression of you. If I don’t like you, I will basically put it on my face (or try to avoid communication to avoid embarrassment). Then if there is a conflict with the one I don’t like (disagreement, quarrel, etc.), I can’t help but I will definitely be head-on. Next text. My wife is very good, good-looking, generous, hardworking, and getting along well with my parents and many relatives. I am very satisfied. We are college classmates and love freely. After graduation, she separated briefly (the reason for her job was not in the same city), and later she quit her job and came to me, and then got married and had children. Everything was fine. My mother-in-law also has a son (my wife’s younger brother, my brother-in-law). I went there when my brother-in-law got married, with talented men and women, very lively and festive, I wish them good wishes. But someone like me who doesn’t hear things outside the window and doesn’t like gossip at all. During the marriage period (which usually lasts a few days before and after), I heard a saying that my mother-in-law doesn’t like the new daughter-in-law. Opinion, I feel that the new wife is not worthy of my brother-in-law. Since the news can reach people like me who don’t like gossip, there is a high probability that the new wife will know it too. I was shocked at the time. This has just passed the door, so can’t wait to express malice? I speak lightly, and it will pass after listening. I don’t participate in the discussion and don’t talk behind the scenes. But I was a little worried about their young couple, and worried that the relationship between their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was unsatisfactory. Many years have passed, and things have developed as I feared. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is very poor, and the situation is almost noisy when they meet. My brother-in-law had nothing to do. He rented a house opposite the door. During the day, the mother-in-law helped them bring the baby, and at night they got off work. The mother-in-law returned to the rented place, and the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were out of sight. As a bystander, I am far away (not in a city), and I can only sigh. And this kind of thing doesn’t help much, or it will help more and more. The above story, for my brother-in-law’s daughter-in-law, may fit the meaning of the topic. I only know the outline of their story, so I won’t say much. Tell me about our little family and mother-in-law. In response to national policies in the previous two years, the family added a second treasure. For various objective reasons, the mother-in-law came to help carry the second treasure for a few months. If you don’t rent a house, just live at home. There is no disharmony in the relationship between my mother-in-law and my wife, but I am a son-in-law, and in my mother-in-law’s eyes, I may be an outsider. There seems to be an old saying: “Mother-in-law sees her son-in-law, and the more she looks, the more she likes it”. In my house, it may be “the more she looks the less she likes it”. She doesn’t like me, I know, and I don’t like her, she also knows. I am very grateful that my mother-in-law came to help bring the baby. However, as mentioned in the previous article, I have a problem. The good and evil towards people are shown on the face. Finally one day, because of something, my mother-in-law and I had just met. The original scene was like this; because of certain objective things, the mother-in-law kept talking, and I couldn’t help but said aloud “you say a few words” (in her understanding, I might be shouting at her). Then she went to the room without saying a word. My wife sat for a while and went to the room to comfort her, and then she couldn’t help but came out and pointed at my nose and cursed. Really raised his hand and pointed at me and cursed. I have shortcomings. If you scold me, I will admit if the scolding is correct, I will definitely argue if the scolding is wrong. I listened to her scolding in a respectful manner, and seeing that she was almost cursing, I said “Are you finished?” It meant that it was my turn when I finished speaking, and I wanted to argue against what she said was unreasonable. . She said “it’s finished”, and before I even started to say it, she fainted in front of me. At that moment, I was really panicked, regretted, and blamed myself. My mother and my wife hurriedly came up for an operation, and I followed the busy schedule and apologized. Fortunately, my mother-in-law has nothing to do, maybe it was just a moment of anger and anger, just take it easy. The next day I took my mother-in-law on the plane and went to my brother-in-law’s place (the original planned itinerary had nothing to do with this incident). I blame myself and regret it a little bit. I shouldn’t have just met her in my house. Fortunately, she is fine. Recalling afterwards, she scolded me something. I had no impression and didn’t want to remember. The only things I remember were three points: 1. She always felt that I despised her (this point I admit, I don’t like her and I don’t like her. I did not hide it and showed it); 2. She always felt that her daughter paid a lot and I did not pay (I gave a lot of examples, I don’t remember the old cases at all); 3. She supported her daughter’s divorce with me! This was when my mother and my wife went to comfort her after she fainted and woke up. The original saying was “I would support them if they divorce”. (I heard this one at the time, and my heart really ran through 10,000 grass mud horses. When did we say we were going to get divorced? Otherwise, she had just fainted once, and I really wanted to go up just once.) Recollection afterwards, this time “Just a positive incident”, I started from beginning to end, and then she kept pointing her nose to scold me, and she didn’t give me a chance to refute it after her scolding. Then I apologized in a low profile and ended. If I sum it up, she may think that I am not worthy of my wife, which may mean how good my wife is. From this point of view, it should be related to the subject of the subject. Did you find it? She felt that her daughter-in-law was not worthy of her son, and then she felt that her son-in-law was not worthy of her daughter. The couple in my brother-in-law’s family have been divorced and have not left for the time being, but they are now separated from each other (for work reasons, I am still very worried about them). My wife and I are in love and harmony. We have two lovely babies. I never thought about divorce. But, let me imagine that if my mother-in-law lived with us for a long time, there would be no good life. By the way, I feel sorry for my brother-in-law. My wife doesn’t have any big opinions on me. It’s not a secret that I don’t like my mother-in-law, she knew it early on. When the mother-in-law fainted, she was really angry and scolded me, but didn’t say much about me afterwards. Don’t talk about too much subjective things, you just have to read a story. The story tells us a truth: you can be reasonable with young people, but you can’t be reasonable with older people, they are all right. If you feel wrong, you still have to recognize it at the time and stay away from the person as much as possible afterwards.

8 months ago

Because it is patriarchal because I think that mothers rely on their sons to praise their sons, which means that they praise themselves for raising their sons. They have good genetics, especially for mothers. They also feel that their sons don’t need to learn housework (all women’s affairs) and don’t need to learn to take care of others ( This is also what a woman should do) No need to learn to express love and care (should your daughter-in-law coax and hold my son, so that my son will give you face and spoil you, otherwise you think you are something)……… tmd I also have a son. I understand that protecting a calf like that is not love. It is nothing more than harm. It is because the mother is too selfish.

8 months ago

Eight years ago, I divorced and ended 9 months of marriage. I have been my first love with him. I have been hand in hand for 7 years, three years of high school, university, and three years of graduation. I think I will give him the best future for the rest of my life without any complaints. No regrets, just because of love and the promise of a twin in the past half a year to get pregnant and have a baby. Her mother came and lost her face every day. She always compares how good the living environment of the elder daughter in Shenzhen is, and loves her son, everything. The final outbreak was when I was hospitalized because of a babysitting. The day before, I had a few quarrels with his son. They didn’t come over all night and early in the morning. I was so hungry at noon that I bought lunch with the card of the neighbor next door, and No choice, the set meal has pork. The climax came over the next day because of this bit of meat. I came in for a meal and asked his son to apply for a meal card. She obviously choked with me when she came up with anger: Why did you two quarrel again? Wait for a lot of preaching, I can bear it! She suddenly said, did you eat pork in the dish? ! “Because they are Hui,” this sentence broke through her bottom line and also broke through my bottom line. I was shocked and went back at the scene: we quarreled you should ask your son, I called your mother to respect you, you never loved me, you are not qualified to educate me, what happened to eating pork after two consecutive meals? , You don’t want to go here. The whole process happened, just in time for his son to apply for the card and when his son came back, she started crying and said I will leave now, I said you go, if you want to go to Shenzhen, go to your daughter’s house. She is gone, he is gone. From then on, life was impossible. The whole family felt that I was a demon. How could there be such a woman who said such disrespect for the old and the young, he was also shaken. A month later, I returned to my hometown and decided to divorce. After a month of nonsense, he did not give in and still chose to stand on the side of my parents. Of course, I finally chose to have a miscarriage. At the time of the examination, I found that I had hyperthyroidism during pregnancy. , Patients with hyperthyroidism cannot control their emotions when they are angry. He did not show up during the whole hospitalization treatment plus miscarriage plus postpartum repair. It’s been eight years since this matter, and occasionally when I reflect on myself, I feel that I really shouldn’t say those few words, just occasionally. I have never regretted the original decision, to marry you, do not regret, decide to divorce, do not regret, even if decide to lose the child do not regret, he should not come to such a family. In the past eight years, I have worked hard from the Pearl River Delta to the Yangtze River Delta. I have been working all the way up in my career, and I have never stopped, but I love the world more and more. Today, I have changed the world and face of the world. I saw a passage and kept it in my heart: People are looking for the other half in order to seek the victory of genes. One of the most important decisions in life is the victory of mate selection. The victory of mate selection is the victory of genes, so be excellent, this way We are more confident to find good genes. Love whoever you are, don’t just choose, don’t choose the wrong one, stop the loss in time if you choose the wrong one, you must be brilliant! !

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