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“Daming Palace Ci” is now on the premiere, it is definitely on the street. why? There is no way. It is definitely the level of Jia’s mother-in-law in “A Dream of Red Mansions”. The imagination of Li Shaohong’s generation of Chinese historical drama palace drama is that level, the level of opera. Long live the emperor, no matter what dynasty or occasion, you can open your mouth and kneel when anyone says…”Daming Dynasty 1566″ may be the first drama to try to make a real official culture: implicit, hidden turbulent . Ancient literati could not speak so directly. There were unspoken rules about what they said and how they said and how to whom. “Zhen Huan Biography”, as the pinnacle of Gong Dou, actually puts great emphasis on “laws”, with clear levels and rules. Concubine Hua, no matter how awesome, didn’t dare to say anything to the queen, at most it was the yin and yang weirdness that made small movements disgust her. “Know-Do-Know-Do” goes a step further, basically trying to photograph the life and culture of the nobles in the Song Dynasty, giving gifts to everyone, what is a gift? It is a set of social rules that everyone recognizes. Although the plot of “Qing Ping Le” is poor, the first seven episodes are definitely the best TV series in my mind. It can be said that the story of the Imperial Palace of the Northern Song Dynasty has been restored to a high degree. And from the point of view of TV series, it is indeed a bad drama, but from the perspective of historical documentary, except for the fiction of Huaiji and Granny Jia, the other important plots are basically available in historical data. This is the historical process: the audience’s understanding of ancient life logic and aesthetics has gradually improved, and they will no longer believe that Little Swallow can live like that in the palace. At this time, “Da Song Gong Ci” turned out. Song Taizong’s queen, and Taizong’s eldest son had an affair? Was Taizong arrested on the spot? Kaifeng and Yunzhou earthquake at the same time? A huge palace, only the emperor’s palace collapsed. Is co-location of the emperor’s palace the worst project? The emperor’s palace collapsed. What’s the matter? The emperor’s younger brother and the emperor were both crushed in it, and there were no eunuch ladies…== The emperor’s younger brother slept in the emperor’s palace at night? Taizu’s famous saying, on the side of the couch… The most exciting thing is that the emperor’s brother asked Taizong: I am dying now, you tell me the truth! Taizong said: Yes, I killed the second brother and robbed the throne…? ? ? Twenty years ago, this kind of plot might be quite exciting, now? I don’t think the audience will buy it. The emperor’s third son is the male lead. The wife of the family gave birth to a son during the earthquake. He returned to the Kaifeng imperial city from the Yunzhou battlefield and felt like everyone was fine: the son is not important because he just met the female lead… more important The thing is, the little prince was immediately assassinated…what? Prince, you were assassinated when you said nothing, are you kidding me? And in a panic, the princess did not entrust her son to the nanny who was next to her, and she did not entrust her to the maid beside her, she must give her a very jealous and hated mistress… The most important thing is that the son was killed, the man The Lord doesn’t care at all, he only cares about whether the heroine is in danger… Tiger poison doesn’t eat its seeds! The only child! This is not a matter of logic, this is unsatisfactory. In addition, although the Song Dynasty was a weak chicken, they gave money to porcelain and silk cloth. All of them. Exchange protons with Daliao. This is a matter of the Spring and Autumn Period… Everyone in the old Zhao family is not very good at giving birth. Son, it would be nice to have one, and I will send it to be a proton, just make sense! Liu E is an orphan, married, and her husband is too poor, so he sold her and moved to the mansion of Song Zhenzong (the prince at the time). Liu E was fifteen years old at the time, and it is said that Zhenzong fell in love at first sight. This can only show that Liu E is absolutely very beautiful, with a very good appearance. However, Liu E has always been nameless, until Taizong died and Zhenzong became emperor before he was canonized as a beauty. What beauty saves the hero, what gift to marry Liu E, this is the court cognition level of Aunt Qiong Yao. If this is not on the street, it would be too insulting to the audience’s IQ.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Because I saw the Empress Dowager Liu E in Qingpingle, I felt that the aura was quite consistent with the history, so I wanted to see the story of her youth. As a result, I watched an episode of the ancient puppet show and finally knew where the noon sun was. Even the worst director Zhang Kaizhou at noon is far better than this show. Although Qingpingle’s heroine was unsuccessful in portraying it, the Chaotang drama was well written, and the emperor dowager had that kind of heavenly authority. Liu E, played by Wu Yue, has more reassuring power than Liu Tao. Don’t take Wang Kai over Zhou Yimin, it’s too bullying. Liu E in history can fascinate Zhao Heng at the age of fifteen. It is definitely not a white lotus. According to the way of Emperor Wu’s mother, the queen, the simple kindness has long been played to death in the harem, and Liu E is the ability. The person who is next to Wu Zetian is definitely not a love mind. And there is an important historical fact that Liu E did not have a biological son, so the story of the civet cat changing the prince. Since the exchange of civet cats for princes is one of the main plots, can you respect history?

8 months ago

Optimistic, Da Song Gong Ci said that there are 60 episodes. I have already figured it out. Empress Pan is responsible for the early fight against the heroine’s house, and Empress Pan is an arrogant and unintelligible character like Hua Fei. It is an early mob. It ends early at about 20 episodes. . . Then rest 5 episodes in the middle. In the 25th episode, the male protagonist becomes the emperor. The next step is to fight with Queen Guo. Queen Guo is the kind of person who is gentle on the outside and vicious in heart. He is a middle-term monster, and then fights with the heroine. Yeah, it’s about 15 episodes and 40 episodes Xiecai, interspersed with wars and alliances with Liao, the Empress Dowager Xiao appears. . . Then there was a fight with Concubine Li Chen. Concubine Li Chen was originally gentle and kind, but became sinister and vicious in the later stage. She repeatedly calculated that the heroine was similar to Yao Jinling, and she began to support each other with sisters and became a big boss in the later stage. , Is a late stage monster, but also fights 15 episodes to 55 episodes. Lost to the heroine and was rushed to guard the tomb of the emperor. Later, the heroine felt that she was going to die. In order to prevent Concubine Li Chen from causing chaos, she gave it before her death. Concubine Li Chen died, the next 5 episodes will talk about the future, and then the 60th episode of the heroine’s death. The finale. The heroine: the standard heroine and the way to upgrade the monster. Queen Pan: The character is stupid and has no scheming, the early stage is small. Strange Queen Guo: The former is kind and the queen is vicious and scheming. In the middle stage, Li Chen concubine is blamed: the good sisters turn into hatred and scheming to hide the big boss. In the later stage, the big blame is Queen Yang: stupid personality. Gong Dou, who was later influenced by the heroine, became enlightened, changed his mind, and turned enemies into friends with the heroine, and turned friends into enemies with Concubine Li Chen. I just took the opposite route. I have thought about the role of each role. It is really formulaic. Well, because this drama seems to only film the five harems of Song Zhenzong, so I won’t talk about Du Guifei, Cao Fei, and Chen Fei here.

8 months ago

I never thought that the first episode of a TV history TV series could explain so many things! 1. The third child killed the second child and became the emperor. (I thought I was going to die under the imperial palace and told the fourth child who was also under the imperial palace. The third child here is the current emperor, and the fourth child is the king of Qin.) 2. The emperor especially loved the three sons (Zhao Yuankan, King Xiang), He became the prince, so he thought of a way to give birth to the emperor and grandson first. At this time, the third princess, Guo, was almost giving birth. 3. The border gate fell, and the youngest prince felt that he was not in line with the ancestral system, so he led troops to the conquest. 4. An earthquake occurred in the palace, the emperor was buried, thinking that he was going to die, and at the same time the Guo family gave birth to the emperor’s grandson. 5. There is news that the third child died unexpectedly because of the earthquake. The emperor was in grief, and Guo was grief. 6. There was another news that the third child was saved from death and brought back the savior (female protagonist Liu E) and wanted to marry. 7. The youngest was established as the prince, and by the way, he flashed back to his love with Liu E, and wanted to ask the emperor for a position. 8. The emperor agreed to hold an event to pray for the world because of the earthquake, with the emperor’s grandson being the protagonist. 9. The event encounters an assassin, the first clues of seizure, Guo is injured, and the emperor and grandson are taken away by Liu E. 10. Encountered a female assassin midway, Huang Sun tragically died in Liu E’s arms. 11. The emperor took Liu’e to inquire about the crime, went to jail, and gave the dove wine. 12. Guo’s rescue, Liu E is in suspended animation. Good guy, how much has happened! As a historical drama, is this rhythm too fast? There is also the lines. Every character is so anxious when he speaks, and he feels rushed when he listens! (Does the Song Dynasty speak like this?) The best thing is to Fu Hua Dao! In the past two years of domestic dramas, the plot has not improved much, but Fu Huadao has improved a lot! Finally, love is so easy!

8 months ago

I don’t understand why the current film and television dramas always like to find people in their 30s and 40s to play the teenage boy, Zhang Luyi of Daqin Fu, Zhao Liying of Fei, Zhang Ziyi of Shangyang Fu…, including Liu Tao in this one. , When the audience is stupid? A sense of violation! I was looking forward to it, after all, Li Shaohong had filmed “Daming Palace Ci” before. But I don’t dare to expect anything, after all, she has also played dramas like the new “Dream of Red Mansions”.

8 months ago

It’s simply inexplicable!

“Daming Palace Ci” is because the Tang Dynasty Palace Palace was really called Daming Palace. What is the meaning of Da Song Palace Ci? ? ? The main hall of the Northern Song Dynasty is called Daqing Hall, so does it sound bad to call it “Daqing Palace Ci”? Are you still afraid that the audience level is not enough, think you are talking about the costume drama of Daqing Oilfield?

8 months ago

Just click on episode 8. The first reaction, oh my god, what did you shoot? ? ! ! ! I jumped and watched at double speed, and finished the eighth episode in about 10 minutes. Still feel like this film is shot? ? ! ! The princess has no brains, and the hero and heroine can’t say anything.

8 months ago

This is a TV series with double speed and weird rhythm! How misunderstood is Li Shaohong about the fast pace?
Fast pace means that the characters speak as fast as a machine gun?
Fast-paced means that the dialogue is sentence after sentence, and after the sentence is said, there is no emotional brewing and brain thinking?
Are you rushing to reincarnate? ?
I won’t say anything about the story anymore. The uncomfortable rhythm alone is totally unattractive!

8 months ago

Did you drink too much in the clip of “Da Song Gong Ci”? ! Very good setting and team, the order of storytelling is reversed. I thought I had a rough understanding of the background of the story. As a result, when I mentioned a person’s name, I often couldn’t respond. I had to pause and take another look at the list of brothers of Zhao Kuangyin on Baike. This is basically an obstacle caused by narrative faults. For example, Zhao Guangyi went out in the ruins to make Li Dezhao the prince. You have never said who Dezhao is since the beginning of this plot. All audiences are required to remember that Dezhao is the second son of Zhao Kuangyin. Is the threshold too high? The line here only needs to add the sentence “It’s still located in the line of Taizu Li Dezhao”. Liu Tao’s appearance is also absolute, a legendary heroine casually pulled into the palace and turned around and waited to flash back the origins of Liu E. It’s not that the narrative is disrupted, it’s called a sense of luxury, and it’s too rushing. “Da Song Gong Ci” tells us: a child who can laugh, luck will not be bad for King Xiang’s first son to cry when he sees the emperor, the emperor said: “I am your grandfather, what are you doing here crying for!” The king’s second son laughed when he saw the emperor. The emperor said, “The emperor of Song Dynasty has a successor.” He felt that these two contrasts were very powerful. The first son died unexpectedly soon, and although the second son Jill went to Liao to do protons, he was loved by the princess of Liao and took him to learn how to ride and shoot. However, Zhao Ji is not the prince in historical records. And among Zhao Heng’s six sons, only Zhao Zhen, who succeeded to the throne, has grown up. I don’t know how the screenwriter will continue to write Jill’s destiny. Such a sensible and pleasing child should have a good ending.

8 months ago

At 10 o’clock in the morning on March 19, the TV series “Da Song Gong Ci” was finally announced and will be broadcast on March 20. The difference from the previous rumors is that the play was not broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV, but was broadcast on the web. In the preview released, it can be seen that the play is a very textured period drama. The pictures, costumes, and music in the play are all online, giving people a sense of the vicissitudes of history of the big production, which is very exciting. Next, the editor will introduce this drama to everyone and give a way to watch it on the big screen. “Great Song Palace Ci” is a large-scale costume drama co-directed by Li Shaohong and his wife, starring Liu Tao and Zhou Yimin. Liang Guanhua, Qi Xi, Jia Bin, Tu Men, Gui Yalei, Zhao Wenxuan, Wu Mochou and many other powerful actors participated in a large-scale costume drama , The total episodes reached 61 episodes. The play directed by Li Shaohong generally pursues the beauty of the picture. The excellent method of directing literary films is praised by everyone and has won many awards. The famous “Daming Palace Ci” is the work of director Li Shaohong. Li Shaohong’s husband, Teacher Zeng Nianping, is a photographer himself, good at creating light and shadow. The combination of the two can bring good audio-visual enjoyment to the audience. In the plot, the play takes the love story of Liu E and Zhao Heng as the main line, with the historical background of “The Reign of Xianping” and “Reign of Renzong”. It tells the story of the Jinzong era in the Northern Song Dynasty from 985 AD to 1033 AD. . The history of this period of itself is very magnificent. The big aspect is the battle between Song and Liao. Within the Song state, there are events such as the rebellion of the Qin king, the three sons, the battle of Chanzhou, etc., and there are open and secret battles between various forces within the court. Crisis is everywhere. In terms of emotional line, Liu E was originally an orphan in Shu, separated from her husband during the war, and then fell in love with the third prince Zhao Heng. Later, he helped Song Zhenzong Liu Heng deal with political affairs, and started his own step-by-step story about listening to politics in court. The famous “raccoon for prince” tells the story of Liu E. Such a magnificent life is very legendary. In terms of actors, Liu Tao himself looks very angry, very suitable for this kind of heroine role. In addition, the state in the trailer is also very good, you can’t tell the age at all, the makeup looks are all online, and they are not old, and they look very good with Zhou Yimin. In summary, all aspects of the play are worth looking forward to. The only concern is that the number of episodes of the play has reached 61 episodes, which is also the upper-middle number of episodes in the costume drama. Especially in the current fast-paced living environment, there may be slow-paced evaluations after the broadcast, unless it is good enough and the plot is sufficiently cohesive to win public praise. But don’t worry too much. There are 76 episodes of The Legend of Zhen Huan, which are equally loved by the audience. Smart TV users can download Dangbei Movies and TVs in Dangbei Market, and watch them on the big screen at 8pm on March 20~

8 months ago

This play feels inferior to Shang Yang Fu. Although Shang Yang Fu refers to Liu Yu, it is clearly said that it is overhead, so it is hard to say anything about it. This drama is so funny, it’s drunk to film Song Zhenzong and Liu E out of the blue. Zhao Tingmei’s titles were Qi Wang and Wei Wang, and Li Dadao had a heart-to-heart love for Li Shimin, and he had not changed his title to Qin Wang. In the Song Dynasty, the emperor was generally called an official family, and he didn’t pay attention to such common sense. These are not the most magical operations, the most awesome is that Zhao Guangyi actually admitted to Zhao Tingmei that he killed Zhao Kuangyin. The screenwriter is blind, and none of the acting skills are online. It feels that Liu Tao is really the most overrated actor. In simple comparison, Jiang Shuying’s performance in Qingpingle has beaten Liu Tao. I also advise you screenwriters, since you want to shoot strong women, you should avoid the Mary Su line, (especially the dramas played by Tang Yan), it really doesn’t help you at least get the level of Mi Yue Chuan, otherwise we have five thousand years of history, if we rely on Mary Su is a strong woman, she should be more than just a few strong women, isn’t she? In other words, our five thousand years of history is just these few Mary Su, and the others are morally corrupt. The screenwriter is afraid to take this pot, right? Of course, few directors and screenwriters in our film and television circles have read books well. After all, from the selection system, the cultural performance is basically a mess, and it is difficult for these guys to understand history. Another good story was ruined, only a sigh.

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