In order to test the boy, the girl wrote a note and put it on the table, saying that she would be on a business trip for a few days. The girl put the note on the table and hid behind the sofa. After the boy got up, he went to the living room and saw the note on the table. The boy looked After finishing writing on the note with a look of excitement, the boy threw down the note with disdain and then dialed a call. Man: Hey, my dear, see you in the old place, wait for me. The girl looked at the boy’s face full of Happiness feels very unpleasant. The boy hung up the phone, changed his clothes while humming, and went out after dressing up. The girl suddenly felt like a needle prick, tears could not help but the tears fell on the floor, the sound was so clear, the girl swayed and swayed. I stood up and the pain filled my heart that I couldn’t tell. Suddenly the girl’s text message ringing interrupted the girl’s thoughts. The girl picked up the phone and saw such a text message fool. Next time I hide a little bit, I will see your head. Go out and buy the things you like to eat. When you come back, you are at home and wait for me. The girl smiled happily. Tears flashed in her eyes. It was tears of happiness. The girl suddenly remembered that the boy is playing csgo! Only boys who play csgo have such a high level of consciousness! “Csgo” is a first-person shooter game developed by V agency. You present a new realm of perfect shooting effects for everyone. The skin is exquisite, the effect is gorgeous, the players are warm and friendly, with meticulous insight and advanced reaction ability, the boys after the main attack are calm and calm, have accurate judgment, and the boys of the main ak.m4 are cautious and meticulous, and have super strong Mobility, and the boys who pull the line of the main submachine gun can always give you meticulous care and a sense of security! Choose csgo, choose success!​


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Don’t ask if you like you when calling you. Let’s put it this way, boys who like CSGO must be worthy of marriage. This game is less irritating, so you generally have a good temper when playing this game. The essence of this game worth marrying is brother CS, so players who like this game are generally more empathetic. The biggest highlight of this game worth marrying is the economic system, which can cultivate the quality of saving for boys, know that money should be spent on the blade, and can buy stun guns and definitely not buy P250. What is worth fighting for in this game is reaction ability, which is usually not played by fools, which proves that this boy is very smart. It is worth marrying. This game pays attention to teamwork, so boys who like this game must have team spirit. It’s worth marrying. People who like to play this game will definitely love it for a lifetime, which shows that boys who play this game know how to cherish it. It is worth marrying. There are many modes in this game, but often only the competitive mode is the boy’s favorite, indicating that boys are more motivated and worthy of marrying. The greatest pleasure of this game is that five people shoot against another five people. If your boyfriend shoots accurately, there is no reason. You must marry! If one day you find that your boyfriend is playing this game, there are many red dots or very regular lines on the screen, don’t marry, someone who cheats even playing a game, can you still count on him not to lie to you?

7 months ago

Stop scolding, stop scolding, what should I do if there is a typo in the update of the mobile phone. Recently, there is less cs playing, but more Dota playing. It is recommended that those who are interested in doing double training together. According to my experience in playing CS, there are only a few situations in which you can view mobile/response messages: 1. The bastard on the opposite side of the middle gate game is killed by the master → I will get the phone to return the message and swipe the max. 2. Ruch gave it for nothing → Kaimai: “Isn’t there any flashes in the back?” Or “What kind of flash bombs are thrown to me?” Then return to the message, swipe station B. 3. The card point is Ruch. → “You paralyzed the opposite R, at least three!” Then reply to a message, and swipe to know 4. You won the end, but you lost the endgame → take advantage of the round preparation stage to take a look at the WeChat message, no need to reply Many of them will be returned, and the long sentence will be given for nothing, so we can draw a conclusion-the boy will return a message in csgo to show that he is very good, and there is time to call you to explain that he is more good so that he just started the game. It will be for nothing.

7 months ago

He was dead most of the time when replying to the news.
I really like you when I call you.
Because CSGO is not just a game of fighting and grabbing, it is necessary to make a comprehensive judgment on the information given by teammates for what to do at various points in time. Calling will greatly affect the game.
Either he is really good at cooking, or he just likes you like it miserably.

7 months ago

Don’t think too much, most of these boys are too bad, or are hanged up and beaten by more powerful people. They don’t find a sense of existence in the game, so they quickly reply to the news and breathe out.
If he is sniping and slamming in the game, the sand eagle has a headshot, and his teammates yell 666. Needless to say, he may not answer if you call him.

7 months ago

Today, my brother pulled me Rush B again. I’m sorry. The first game started with RushB, the unarmored sand eagle. I took the lead and was flashed by the flash bomb from the opposite side. I died instantly within one second. So I picked up the phone, and it showed a message from a girl I liked: “What are you doing?” I replied: “I won’t tell you, I’m in csgo” and the next round started again. This time there was a sand eagle, but 700 Sniper did not explain. The moment I probed out, the flash of my teammate and the fire on the opposite side happened to come out at the same time. I died on the spot, and three question marks were slowly played on the screen. I picked up the phone again, and she replied: “It’s amazing, how can you chat with me while playing the game”, that certainly can’t be said that I just gave it to the game for nothing. I thought about it a bit and replied a few Words: “How can the game be important to you.” Bai Ge continued, but she didn’t reply to me anymore. When I called her, she didn’t answer. If I was boring, I had to start Weibo and Zhihu, but I didn’t expect it to happen. When I got to this question, the next round started again without saying anything, and I started again for nothing…

7 months ago

Once I had an experience, calling, and let me die. The end was won, but the process was difficult. Combining my level with that round, 25 kills shouldn’t be a problem, but in the end there were only 20. Don’t underestimate the five heads, because they hung up and made a few serious calls later. Feelings: First of all, I am very awkward, because I use my hands and I can only tilt my head to play games. Think about the feeling, my neck hurts to death. Secondly, you have lost at least one sense of hearing, because you always have to waste an ear. Secondly, you have lost most of your consciousness and reaction ability. This society can talk with a person of the opposite sex who can call for 30 minutes. It can’t be a pure friendship, right? Then, you lose communication with your teammates, and you can’t call key information and suddenly press the button to chat again. Finally, combining the above, you can’t play the level you should have at all. After this time, I made up my mind that I can no longer be so sorry for the 4 teammates. I don’t talk about WeChat now, I don’t even look at my phone when I play gogo, unless I pause, let alone make a call. If the boy who plays csgo treats the game like this, I think he has a big problem. It seems to satisfy you. Actually I am sorry for the four teammates, and even said that the four people may not be able to meet again in the future. This time I am sorry and there is no way to compensate, but you are different. He always has a way to make up for you. It seems that reality is the most important thing, but it lacks time management. There is no time to communicate well, and at the same time, the other four teammates are real people. It seems to be listening to his girlfriend, but in fact this love lacks the freedom that both parties should have. You can make a phone call anytime, the game starts, and it is a game for nearly an hour. In summary, elsewhere, he doesn’t love you.

7 months ago

Many such teammates. . . . First of all, when playing csgo is more focused. Assuming one, he is playing in competitive mode. We use death as the standard to divide into two situations. One, if he hangs up, then it is normal for him to reply to your message and call you. Now it is divided into two situations according to the length of the call. 1. The time is short, it proves that he feels it is necessary to reply to your message 2. If the time is long, then you can skip to two directly, because one game is only two and a half minutes, and he did not hang, which shows that he is very concerned about you and is willing to be in the game Divide your attention in half, then you can make the next step for him, such as half-pushing and half-pushing him into a boyfriend. Hypothesis two, he is playing casually, jumping and sniping traps, deathmatch and other modes are still two possibilities , 1, Normal behavior 2, I have lost meaning to you In short, the guy who is willing to reply to you and call you will not feel bad to you, but whether you like it or not is another matter. I wish you success , The subject (you must have some thoughts about boys, don’t ask why)

7 months ago

First of all, making phone calls will not affect the boys playing games. Secondly, if you die fast, I have a lot of time to send you a message, don’t ask me how I knew it, I always reply after I die.

7 months ago

In my own experience of playing CS, I focus on the display and earphones while I am alive. After I die, I usually listen to how my teammates play, or help some blind players to mark people (this is true. I can’t see it yet) I will encourage my teammates to change sides in midfield. I will praise more when going downwind, and I will encourage more cellphones when going upwind. There is only one reason, I gave it for nothing, and my teammates are still playing rubbish, and the opposite is rubbish ( It’s not worth my time to watch the game.) So every time I play CSGO, I will inform my girlfriend so that she will not get angry because I ignore her for an hour. As for love or not, this thing can’t be reflected. You can say love. You can also say that you don’t love the person who really loves you. It’s not that he has to give you a message at the moment of the game, but his attitude towards one thing. He can double-heartedly treat CSGO, not to mention that he can deal with one thing whole-heartedly. People who are concerned about love will not be half-hearted because he disdains half-hearted

7 months ago

csgo is a scoring game. A whole round will be played for several rounds. Each small round is a starter of five to five, but if you lose the gun and you die, you have to wait for your teammates to finish this round before you can play again. If the marksmanship is in the past, the participation rate is very high, and there is no time to worry about other things. After all, this game is too competitive, not a casual game. So the message to you proves that he is dead, and the message to you all the time proves that he has been dead or his mentality has been destroyed and hangs up. To put it bluntly, it is a dish, otherwise it is a bad attitude towards the game. Or simply care about you. The number advantage of this game is very important. When teammates need him so much, they can leave their teammates and return news to you. However, if you want to chat with your girlfriend, you can have a good chat. If you want to play csgo, you can play it seriously. Both sides are not pleased.

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