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Wait patiently for Lao Zhan to come back, hoping that the MRI examination will have a good result. After winning the championship in 16 years, the mentality of the few hardcore Zhan Mi I know is as long as he is healthy, but Lao Zhan’s career in the next few years has brought me a lot of surprises. I hope this time I can tie my shoelaces and stomped my feet and start again as usual. Feeling that the years are not forgiving, Lao Zhan has never bypassed the years; and the loss of the 10 finals, this time the recovery may not be so fast. Lao Zhan’s MVP is basically impossible, the reporter said it will take several weeks to return. The Lakers are now 6th in the Western Conference with only three wins. With just 42 games played, the difficulty of the second half of the schedule is sixth in the league, and it is risky to make the playoffs. After all, in the game where Zhan did not play, the team’s record was only 34 wins and 69 losses, and the Lakers’ offensive efficiency was 103.7 lower than that of the league’s worst Cavaliers. Among the top 20 players in the current scoring list, Lao Zhan is the player who played the most games. Coupled with the thick eyebrow injury, the Lakers lineup was stretched for a while. Before Hill was injured by this accident, I was also very worried about the health of Lao Zhan, because most of the injuries came from fatigue. Lao Zhan tweeted after the game: “There is nothing that makes me angry and sad more than not being able to play for my teammates! At present, I have been injured both internally and externally. The road to return to the injury is now open. I will Come back as soon as possible, as if I never left.” Now I only hope that the other Lakers players will stand up, hold on for this period of time, and wait patiently for Lao Zhan and Damei to come back. Then I looked at the 14 answers in total, and several well-known Zhanhei have all been in place. The situation of injury can also be black, which is really a wonder. Thinking of the day Kobe left, Hu Jingyi also posted three articles in a row saying that James had benefited the most, and Zhanhei’s bottom line was really far below ordinary people. I hope you can practice this kind of speech on the Internet, instead of hiding behind the vest and being a hero on the keyboard.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

1. I hope that everyone will not double the standard. The defensive side does not intend to hurt James. It is not good to deliberately attract public opinion. 2. No matter what, I don’t want any players to be seriously injured. I hope that James can get back to the court as soon as possible. Athletes of this level still hope that he can contribute more classic games to fans. 3. LeBron’s long career has gone against the sky, but this kind of accidental injury is probably unavoidable for anyone, even if it’s Zhan Hei. Please take into account that you like the experience of stars and don’t mock injuries. I know some fans have done this before. This is not why we are worse. 4. The main reason for James’ anger is that he still has a dream, and he knows that he is getting farther and farther away from this dream. This season, James’ strength and abilities are obvious to all. I hope James can look a little bit off and take a good rest to win the championship. 5. In a sense, chance and probability are fair. Everyone has all kinds of difficulties and injuries, I hope it will not affect the whole season record and the evaluation of the championship

8 months ago

Latest news: James tweeted after the game: “There is nothing that makes me angry and sad more than not being able to play for my teammates! I am currently injured both internally and externally. The road to return to recovery is now Turn on. I will come back as soon as I have never left. #The kid from Akron” doesn’t seem to be very serious, but according to the news, it’s a high ankle sprain. This sprain is different from what we usually do. Ankle is a more complicated condition, and it usually takes a few weeks to recover. Achievement is not important, health is the most important, so take care of your injury.

8 months ago

I didn’t watch the game. I wanted to get up and watch it at an alarm clock, but I was older than Lao Zhan and couldn’t get up anymore. First look at the statistics in the morning. As soon as James played for 10 minutes, he knew that he must have been injured. It depends on the severity of the injury. In the past, James was pushed, stepped, pierced, and even “clothesline” defense, but for all his feet, he used the “lacing therapy”, that is, tightening the shoelaces again, and it’s all right. Continue I’m fighting (the smart groin that is scammed is just some kind of gas). As is often seen in storytelling, a certain general fought bloody battles, went to a place to rest, eat something and drink some water, tighten the horse’s buckle again, and turn on the horse to continue the fierce battle. James’ feet are his horse, and the shoelaces are the horse’s buckles. But this time the “tying shoelace therapy” is not working well. I admit that James throws a three-pointer to keep his scoring in double figures. However, if he fails to make a three-pointer, then he limps on one leg and continues to score three points. Are you afraid that the injury will continue to worsen? It can be seen that if you can think about it, James is more likely to see if he can continue to play. After all, there are more than 1,000 consecutive doubles. Even if today is interrupted, I will not see who can break this within 30 years. recording. Next, there are those who say it’s OK, those who say it’s negative, those who say they’re going to rest 5 games, those who say they’re taking a month’s rest, those who say it’s 6-8 weeks, and those who say they’re going to Phoenix with the team. There are four types of injuries for NBA players. One is to bring the injury to the battle, the other is to wear training clothes but usually not play, and the third is to wear casual clothes and watch the game on the bench (the thick eyebrow has become the Lakers assistant coach. ). Fourth, it is impossible to show up if surgery is required. The second and third situations are more optimistic, and they are better than the fourth. Just like thick eyebrows, either wearing a checkered shirt or carrying a big gold chain on the bench. There is no problem with walking or raising arms. I just have to look on the sidelines in order to fully recover. Now James has undoubtedly joined this. Ranks. I’m not too worried about the Lakers playoff tickets. The Lakers are currently ranked third in the West with 28 wins and 14 losses. As we all know, this year’s regular season is 72 games, which means there are 30 regular season games to play. The Lakers’ current winning percentage is 66.7%, which means they can win 2 games in 3 games. Even if the next game loses victory and only wins one game after playing three games, the Lakers will still be 38 wins and 34 losses after the regular season, with a winning rate of 52.8%. Based on the current win rate, they can rank eighth in the West. Moreover, as long as the tickets for this year’s playoffs are ranked in the top 10 in the East and West, there will be games. The 7th and 8th games will be played first. The winner will get the playoff tickets, and the loser will play against the 9th and 10th winners and win. Get the last ticket. So as long as the Lakers don’t slip to 11th in the West, they will have a black ten miracle.

8 months ago

Hill’s defense is indeed a bit uncomfortable, James did not pay attention at all, the center of gravity is indeed pressed on the ankle, and then it seems that the injury is still very serious, and according to the current actual situation, the impact on the Lakers Very big. Because if the next schedule is particularly tight, and then there are two cores without inside, then the inside can only use Morris and Harrell, Kuzma, then there is actually no defensive inside, and there is no inside. If James organizes, it may be relatively difficult to keep the playoffs. Because only Schroeder dominates the ball and compressed the three-point shot space, your flanking offense will fail, and then you may only be able to watch Harrell behind you. Therefore, if there is no flank defense and no interior defense, then basically it can only rely on the outside touch of a few people and Schroeder’s breakthrough, and the offense cannot be opened. Then the level of defense is combined. The inside protection is reduced by one level, and the shooting space is also less. Then the pressure of the Lakers’ game has suddenly increased. However, James is indeed a fighter, and he has completed his mission. This is difficult for the veteran, and the injury will really affect him a lot, including psychologically, as well as the recovery process. Bless it.

8 months ago

3 of 6 shots, 10 points and 4 assists. He was taken aback when he was injured. For the first time, he saw LeBron turning over and screaming loudly. He was just lying on the ground in the past with serious injuries. I didn’t plan to watch the game. At 3:30 in the morning, this event, six or seven hours ahead of the regular game time, seems to have some magical power injected into it~Unfortunately, it is a bad thing~The NBA lost this year. Disastrously, Tang Shen, Durant, Thick Eyebrow, Embiid, Curry, LeBron, and the key players of the league suffered injuries one after another. The impact is quite deep. It is worth thinking about. Not much else, I hope they can recover soon!

8 months ago

Injured an ankle, but still insisted on returning to the court, hitting a three-pointer to turn his score into 10 points, James’ record of scoring double figures continues, and the legend continues. respect. James deserves to be a high-quality idol. After many years, when all fans talked about James’s record of scoring double figures, they would naturally mention James’s surprising performance and sincerely feel that James is really wise.

8 months ago

Among other things, those who talk about fraudulent injuries really don’t know what the fans are. The taste of the meal is getting more and more rushing. Regardless of the fans, they are really disgusting and shameless. A few days ago, it was James who spoke for Asians. It was James Xiaohua Morey. Now, what is the difference between biting directly and animals? I can’t think of it, hiding my heart in real life, maybe being gentle, what is the experience of becoming a vicious dog on the Internet, I know that this question should arise-what is the experience from a real gentleman to a vicious dog on the Internet?

8 months ago

The focus of this game should be James’ injury. Injuries in the NBA are normal, but if you look closely, you will find that James’ injury was intentional by the opponent, not an accident. Solomon Hill of the Eagles made the move to occupy the place of James’ bottom plate when James almost completely controlled the ball, and used his most aggressive back to fight the opponent’s bottom plate. This is a serious malice. However, in a similar situation, the NBA probably won’t issue additional penalties, because the scope of the NBA’s current rules in this area does not seem to have such a wide range of control. The NBA has actually worked hard in this area. I believe that with basketball. With the development of NBA, similar situations are more and more appearing, and NBA’s management and control in this area will become more and more perfect. Speaking of the game, the Eagles have been in good shape recently, and they have maintained a strong physical aggressiveness throughout the game. The referees have begun to lean towards the Eagles slightly, which has caused the Eagles in good condition to be more and more daring to take action, combined with the player Solomon Hill. The changes in his career and the current situation in the league also understand that it is easy for him to develop such thoughts and behaviors when defending James in such a situation. James started to improve his state after the All-Star Game, and he worked hard for the fifth mvp, which naturally reduced his attention in this regard. What’s more, he was lucky to be able to walk with such a malicious collision prepared in advance. Up. NBA referees often have certain tendencies in their judgments. Just like this game, when James was in, the referee tended to the Hawks a little. After James was injured and left the field, he began to tend to the Lakers, which is even worse than the original preference for the Hawks. bigger. In order to make the look and feel of the game more attractive to ordinary audiences, it may be understandable at first glance, but if you look at it in the long run, the various consequences of doing so may hurt the development of NBA even more. In view of the fact that some acquaintances think that I may be playing rhythm, personally feel that I may need to describe the details of this foul more, so I put up a comment in reply: I did not have a rhythm, I just told how I watched it. Cognition after the game and playback slow motion. James’ injury this time is quite special. This is special not only because this injury was caused by others maliciously, but also because Solomon Hill’s malicious behavior just drilled a loophole in the NBA rules. From a certain point of view, Solomon Hill is very smart. According to the rules, the NBA may not be able to impose additional punishment on him. From another point of view, this shows the depth of Solomon Hill’s evil intentions, Solomon Hill’s This foul is a pre-judgment earlier than ordinary malicious fouls, and there is still enough time for the NBA professional players to change their actions during the completion of this action. Instead, they choose to attack James in the most aggressive way.的下盘. Almost every player in a nba level game will have additional actions, but they are usually controlled at a reasonable level, and there is a certain degree of predictability for the player who is violated. As long as you pay a little attention, it is unlikely Will be injured, NBA referees will generally default to such actions. But what Solomon Hill did today was equivalent to a direct murder, and it was murderous. Slow motion shows that Solomon Hill chose to use his body to invade James’ bottom plate at the moment when he completely lost control of the ball and was almost impossible to touch the ball, and used his strongest and most aggressive back. Usually in this kind of face-off situation, the player in Solomon Hill’s position can make the biggest regular action is to save the ball with his hands straight forward like Schroeder, and from the slow motion point of view, it is completely possible for James The right foot can make such a save action before starting to step up, but Solomon Hill first chooses to wait and wait until James’s next right foot starts to step up, almost at the same time he starts to curl up and lean forward (this action I gave myself enough room to adjust for the next move), and then gradually began to turn his body when James’ right foot came up more and more (Waiting while turning, waiting for James’ right foot to step on more and more firmly, he After waiting for James to have no room for predictable prevention and adjustment, he did it all three points firmly. The subtlety of fire control is amazing, because Solomon Hill’s body is partially curled up, which determines his role as an NBA. Solomon Hill, a professional player, said that during this period he has always had ample room for adjustments), let his strongest and most aggressive back hit James’ right foot as the next supporting foot. This is naked murder. Zhu Xin, but all of this requires a certain level of basketball cognition and insight to be able to see it. In contrast, some people say that the next time Solomon Hill defends James’ three-pointer is a stepping situation, personally think it is a normal defense.

8 months ago

Tell me neutrally and objectively. Hill just used normal basketball moves. Compared to James’ past deliberate pushes in the air, anti-breakthrough extensions, etc., Hill obviously has no malice, and he has not been called for malicious fouls. We all saw James in the finals last year, in order to maintain his shooting percentage, holding the ball in the midfield for a few seconds and not shooting. We also know that James likes stat padding, so the last three-pointer thrown can be described as clear. . I think it is a personal choice to gloat at this time. Whether it is privately or publicly, expressing satisfaction and joy with this incident is beyond reproach. After all, James led the Lakers to integrate martial arts and basketball this season, which is disgusting. I hope the Lakers quickly withdraw from the playoffs and return the NBA to a clean game.

8 months ago

1 Normal grabbing action, but it was really scary looking at the injury. 2 LeBron walked out on his own and knocked out a chair, indicating that it was not serious. It was not serious at least for a month. Inexplicably, LeBron pushed Embiid to end Granger and never saw anyone like this. It is an ordinary stadium accident in itself, and the exposed humanity is disgusting. PS: The LeBron Zheng Dynasty Center in recent years has been too high-defense. Awkwardly

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