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The heart of Qinglian has been hot for thousands of years, but it doesn’t even have a spiritual wisdom. Falling Heart Fire has a fire spirit at all, and San Qianyan Yanhuo has its own thinking. What’s the problem? It was because the time when Qinglian Earth Heart Fire was born was too short, it could be said that it hadn’t started cultivation, it was just a dead thing. The Golden Emperor Burning Tianyan has a longer existence time than Qinglian Earth’s heart fire. This has been explained that the ancient clan has inherited a different fire, and it has long been inherited. It is much easier to conquer. Of course it is not particularly simple, because in the article Said that Xun’er was the only one who succeeded in conquering in recent years. Void Swallowing Flame is something from the same era as the ancient Emperor Tuoshe. It is really the grandfather of the Emperor Soul Heaven. The long training time is terrible. He had his own thinking and IQ as early as in the Different Fire Cave Mansion. No lower than human beings, Alihuo has such a high IQ, it is no different from a normal person in cultivation. If you think about a normal person who has cultivated for so many years, he can also become a giant. In addition to Void Swallowing Flame and Jinglian Demon Fire, there is more than one type of other abnormal fire, such as Falling Heart Inflammation, which is similar to the infantile Falling Heart Inflammation, which has lower strength and is much lower than Qinglian Earth Heart Fire. Grades. So the decisive condition is time. The book says that giving the heaven and earth spirits enough time can give birth to their own spiritual intelligence. Then the IQ of the heaven and earth spirits can naturally be cultivated after they are online. If you practice for a long time, you can naturally become a fighting sage. Don’t forget. Tuoshe ancient emperor is a group of strange fire, and everyone has become a Dou emperor, there is nothing strange. Suddenly this answer has been a lot of likes recently, so let me add that Xiao Xun’er is not the Golden Emperor Burning Tianyan absorbed by Douzong. Xiao Xun’er already had Golden Emperor Burning Tianyan when Nalan retired. Up.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

First is the ranking issue. Qinglian Geocentric Fire ranks fourth from the bottom, not very high in the rankings. Only with Yao Lao’s guidance and a bit of luck can the Qinglian Geocentric Fire conquer the Qinglian Geocentric Fire, but it almost never burned to ashes. Fourteen of the Fallen Heart Flames had already given birth to spiritual wisdom, able to fight against the sect, and was later assimilated by Xiao Yan’s Qinglian sitting on the stage and Queen Medusa. It can be seen that the higher the level of the flame, the higher the upper limit of his development. Yao Lao’s Bone Spirit even ranked 11th, but because he was born not long ago, he only had his own power of heaven and earth. Xiao Xun’er’s Golden Emperor Burning Tianyan should be family exclusive like Nine Dragon Thunder Ganghuo in Burning Yan Valley. People of this clan have a higher success rate in regaining the flames than others. According to Emperor Dan’s dictation, the only different fires that wanted to escape from the Ancient Emperor’s Cave were Void Swallowing Flame and Jinglian Demon Fire, so these two types of flames are essentially different from other flames. Moreover, the Jinglian Demon Fire already has a five-star fighting sage, and it stands to reason that no one can beat him except the top group of each race. It is not surprising that Void Swallowing Flame has become a nine-star fighting saint.

8 months ago

Actually, I don’t quite understand what you asked. There is too much content in this question, in fact there is quite a lot to say. 1. Don’t look at the No. 4 fire subdued by Xiao Xun’er Douzong, in fact, people have foreshadowed since retiring: this fire is the younger brother of the ancients, ranking fourth without even wisdom. Fire No. 2 is the uncle of the Soul Clan, the No. 2 character in the family, and most of the work of the Soul Palace is carried out for him. (The formation of the formation is too ridiculous, it is obviously made up now, the ancients do not know about such a big action by the soul clan) 3. . Xiao Yan is the protagonist’s halo, Yao Lao + Fen Jue + fire-absorbing three-piece suit. Queen Medusa, a pool of icy cold spring swallowed a strange fire and was burned to death. Anti-inflammatory a small bottle of ice spirit cold spring, feeling a little more comfortable after swallowing the abnormal fire. No wonder that the power of the fire called Xiaoyan 19 is probably Dou Huang, and the 14 is probably Dou Zong (but Xiaoyan uses two fires to add up to the power of Dou Zong). No. 11 should be the peak of Dou Zong, No. 9 Dou Zun, and No. 4 It should have the strength of fighting saints (Zicai also has half saints). No. 2 and No. 3 seem to have a small difference in strength, but No. 3 has been refined, and has been sealed afterwards. The strength is still 7 stars, and No. 2 is in the soul. With the assistance of the clan, he has cultivated for a thousand years to 9 stars.

8 months ago

I think it should be like this: 1. Xiao Yan was able to subdue Qinglian Earth’s Heart Fire because of the support of NPC such as Yao Lao, of course, it is mainly the protagonist’s aura. 2. The Golden Emperor Burning Tianyan is the ancient flame of inheritance, and has a heritage mark. It is questionable whether this alien fire is still resistant. As the daughter of the patriarch, Gu Xun’er is also the bloodline of the ancient gods. It is not difficult to conquer the different fires with the strong strength of the ancients. 3. The Void Swallowing Flame and the Jinglian Demon Fire are relatively special existences in the different fires, and they have evolved wisdom that is no less than that of the human boss. Judging from the battle between the Great Elder Danta and the old soul demon in the demon fire space, the strength of the Jinglian Demon Fire should be at the peak of the six-star fighting sage or just entering the range of the seven-star fighting sage. The first official appearance of Void Tumor was in the early stage of Jiuxing, and Gu Yuan said that he had beaten Void Tumor to a serious injury and ran away, so it may not have been long before it entered Jiuxing. Of course, the above is only described in the book. I think the reason why Void Swallowing Flame was set as the early stage of the Nine Stars is because there is an old patriarch Zhukun of the Primordial Void Dragon behind.

8 months ago

The combat power collapsed severely. There are so many strange fires in the whole world, even the weakest one (forgot the exact name) can make people rush. Each Alien Fire has a special ability. In this case, Alien Fire can only be obtained by top masters, and the younger generation of Yu Yin family. There is one upstairs who uses the analogy of Zhejiang University. This is not the same thing in itself. No matter how it can be tied with Zhejiang University, it can also get the 985 echelon. Then it is reasonable and reasonable to compare the different fire list to the 985 list. The worst 985 university also needs a relatively high score. It is impossible to get a score of 985 in any case with a score of 300. At that time, the anti-inflammation of such a weak chicken could not be achieved by practicing for 300 points. To be honest, if there is such a big gap between the different fires, the fire in the heart of Qinglian, why should Hai Xinyan be side by side with Void Swallowing Flame and Jinglian Demon Fire? So reading novels and having fun, don’t be too serious. A Fight Breaks the Sky, is it really necessary to grasp the bugs in it like a masterpiece?

8 months ago

Absorbing abnormal fires is extremely dangerous. The early control of potatoes is still very strict. When Xiao Yan arrived at the heart of Qinglian, he found that the master was gone. From spiders (picking) silks (to) horses (beautiful) In trace (Du), (Sha) found (scale) to (sheet) clue and locked the target. When the Qinglian Geocentric Fire was found again in the center of the Snake-Human Clan, Medusa had just used the Qinglian Geocentric Fire to evolve again. The scene was very scorched, and the Qinglian Geocentric Fire was almost exhausted at this time. The electricity was directly installed by Xiao Yan using the original Qinglian Geocentric Fire lotus table obtained before, and the process of conquering was omitted directly. The whole thing was picked up, and the output was all made by Medusa. Later…I remember that Hai Xinyan, who was ranked higher, was given a snack by Xiao Yan, tusk. Void Swallowing Flame and Jinglian Demon Fire belong to the Soul Race, and the other belongs to the Jinglian Demon Sage. With time, they have become refined, and each plays an important role in the later stage of the plot, and the strength is naturally increased accordingly. Xiao Yan: “A ring at the start. All equipment is robbed. The different fires blend in and harmoniously. Come and enjoy the different fights.”

8 months ago

First of all, Qinglian Geocentric Fire ranks low, and Xiao Yan made complete preparations before swallowing it. The protagonist was lucky enough to get the lotus platform. Adding to the fact that Yao Lao is controlling the situation and Xiao Yan’s own strong willpower, it is still understandable. Xun’er’s Golden Emperor Burning Tianyan, not surprisingly, should have been swallowed with the help of his father and his clan. Only the first three different fires were particularly strange, and the rest of the different fires were not tempered when they met Jiuxing Dousheng. Didn’t it say at the end of Fights Break Sphere? There is no such thing as the first alien fire. The first alien fire is actually an ordinary flame, but it has swallowed all other alien fires to evolve. In other words, in addition to this Emperor Yan, which needs 21 flame fusion. Void Swallowing Yan is the number one in the natural fire, no one except Doudi is worthless

8 months ago

In fact, it is because potatoes make the quality of the different fires that anti-inflammatory encounters are getting higher and higher, and the cultivation time is getting longer and longer, and the green lotus earth heart fire condenses the form. Working hard to transform the spirit, Falling Heart has already possessed the spirit of 3000 flames. Yan Huo has been able to spit out people’s words. The demon-cleaning lotus fire is indistinguishable from human beings. Nihility swallows inflammation. Cultivating into a nine-star fighting saint. In theory, the fire in the heart of Qinglian can grow to a very high level, but at this time that Xiaoyan encountered not enough

8 months ago

A Xiao clan, eight ancient clan, with the assistance of the Venerable Medicine and early beaten, a three-piece set of fire-absorbing, a lot of heaven and earth spiritual treasures, plus a protagonist’s halo, it is understandable that it can be collected. An ancient god-level bloodline, Dad is one of the strongest. The Golden Emperor Burning Tianyan is still the ancient inheritance of different fires. It is possible to have any special down payment methods and there is no declining ancient heaven and earth spirit treasure. There must be a lot, and it is normal to receive it. With the assistance of the Soul Clan, it was originally the second-ranked alien fire, the upper limit was originally high, and it has been growing, and it can be understood by the Nine Star Fighting Saint.

8 months ago

Reason 1: Because Void Swallowing Flame ranks second in the rankings of the Abnormal Fire Ranking, with a high level of spiritual intelligence, and having been mixed with the Soul Emperor for so long, and the first Abnormal Fire has become the ancient emperor Tuoshe, not giving Void Swallowing Flames A nine-star fighting saint can’t justify it. Qinglian Earth Heart Fire ranks twenty or so, and there is almost no spiritual wisdom. With the guidance of the old medicine, the blessing of the pill, Xiao Yan can no longer absorb it, how can this Fen Jue play? As for our family, Xun’er, a dignified ancient clan, and the Golden Emperor Burning Tianyan is also the fire of inheritance, so it can be said that it can be absorbed by hand. Reason two: Tudou: “Come, come! I’ll give you the pen, you can write.” The plot needs. When Void Swallowing Flame appeared in the novel, it was already in the late stage, and Dou Zun powerhouses had already grabbed a lot of them, and it was really not enough not to give a Dou Sheng. Finally, let me talk about my feelings when I see Doubreaking the sky. I have read the original novel three times in total. The feeling three times is very different to me. The first time was when I was in high school. At that time, the school was very popular to read novels. At that time, it was a closed school. Every time I came back from a break, I would bring an 800-page novel, and then I would tear it into a small stack and sandwich it in the book. , Everyone pass it on. In case the teacher finds that reading a novel is confiscated, only part of it will be lost. According to the programmer’s thinking, this is data disaster recovery. Closer to home, the first time I saw Dou Breaking the Sky, it was really exciting to watch, especially the sentence: Don’t bully the young man, my goose bumps are all up after reading it, and the blood is on my head. I want to kill Yun Lanzong now and defeat Nalan Yanran. At that time, what I saw was passionate blood, all three thousand thunders, flames and waves, Buddha’s anger and lotus all rely on their own imagination. At that time, I felt that Fighting Breaking the Sky was really the best novel! none of them. The second time I watched the freshman year, although I knew the plot, when I saw Mo Qijuan poor, I still felt that kind of enthusiasm. With the result in my heart, I read the novel again. The third time I saw it was an internship. I don’t read new novels much anymore, I read the novels of Tang San, Tomato, Tudou, and Chendong repeatedly. At that time, Dou Po Cangqi also had anime. It may be due to age, or it may be the reason that I have read it. After reading it, I may have a new perspective. I feel that the whole novel is Fire Lotus, Fire Lotus, Fire Lotus… the protagonist’s aura is a bit too strong. In fact, no matter what, the fight breaks the sky. It will always break through the sky, and it has brought me a different world in that era, and that world is full of blood and youth. Now I am also watching the Douluo Dalu animation, I hope it will be faster and faster. Write a novel that I like after all. Can you guess my age? Longevity World, Douluo Continent, Immortal, Fighting Breaks the Sky, Jiuding Ji, Manghuangji, Qin Emperor, Ice Fire Magic Kitchen, Zodiac Patron Saint, covering the sky, perfect world.

8 months ago

The main reason is of course that the combat power has expanded too much… but this is not unreasonable. After all, rankings define simple relative strengths and weaknesses, rather than relative “how strong” and “how weak”. Take Zhejiang’s university rankings as an example (based on Sichuan last year): Zhejiang University ranked first, with an admission score of 691. Second place is Zhejiang University of Technology, with an admission score of 621. The difference between one position is 70 points. These strange fires are on the same list, maybe not because they are close in power, but because they are all strange fires.

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