This problem, the diversification of well-understood tasks, requires combatants to not blindly increase protection and weight; because every additional weight of equipment worn on the body will drag down the power of an extension; in many scenarios, increase mobility. It can improve survivability more than protection; anti-beating is not necessarily more useful than running fast. It is possible to simply simulate several scenarios for long-distance combat on foot. Which is better to use a light vest to retain physical strength and improve mobility, or to use a heavy-duty vest to increase dead weight? When performing infiltration reconnaissance/fire guidance, firefighting is not the main task. The threats mainly come from potential patrols/pursuits. Which one is easier to hide and evacuate? When assaulting in an open area, if the enemy is expected to have fierce firepower, quickly maneuver and alternately cover, and quickly cross the line of fire; or rely on heavy equipment protection, which has a higher success rate? In water combat, consider the danger of falling into the water. Do you want to wear a light-duty vest with quick release function, or a heavy-duty vest that may drag you into the water? In mountain combat, in high-altitude mobile combat, which one is better with a light vest or a heavy vest? In fact, today’s special forces are not the same as the “armed to the teeth” image that everyone often remembers; the variety of mission requirements forces special forces to consider not only their protection, but also more when choosing a tactical vest. Compromise with light weight and mobility; a typical example, the reason why the American Emperor’s JPC vest is popular among the military and police, the biggest advantage is “lightness”, with a certain critical protection area, and good light weight and mobility. Through the expansion module, it also has a lot of mounting capabilities; σண is known in the industry as the “heart guard”. This is a photo of the American Marsoc troops in the past two years. The two on the right are all using jpc vests, and you can see the mounting. After expanding the package, it is actually a bit bloated. The picture below shows the Cag and Marsoc forces before 2015. In the picture, Yishui’s CPC vest. The biggest advantage of CPC is its sufficient protective area. The protective lining of the side walls can also be equipped with inserts, but the shortcomings are also obvious in the installation. After the board is inserted, the excessive weight and bloated appearance will slow down the speed of action in many cases; in recent years, in the US special war, CPC vests have begun to be replaced by a large number of Avs vests that can be used for both light and weight ( The first person from the left in the above picture) Therefore, the choice of tactical vest is actually largely related to the nature of the task and personal physical fitness. It is not blindly pursuing large and comprehensive. However, contrary to special forces, urban special police in Europe and the United States are due to common With a small combat area and sufficient back-up support, protective equipment is more suitable for heavy loading, such as this… vests, shoulder pads, and crotch pads are all available…


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7 months ago

This large-looking body armor is commonly called ba (body armor), and the small one is generally called pc (plate carrier). The body armor that is more fully wrapped usually has a soft armor base with a larger protective area. The current mainstream soft armor protection limit is the nij3a standard, which is generally used to defend against mainstream 9mm or larger pistol bullets fired by smg. 44, power Larger mainstream rifle shells will not be able to carry soft armor. What do I do? Then harden it. Steel plates or composite ceramics are fine, but the thickness of the pure PE pile is fine, but it is not appropriate to wear the clothes when the board is hard, so generally two pieces are enough to protect the front chest and back. After all, under the premise that the vital organs are protected, Existing medical technology should be able to save lives if the treatment is timely. Please note here that when facing the threat of mainstream rifles, the protective area of ​​the big vest and the small vest you see is actually the same (both relying on these two small plates), and the soft armor covering part of the big vest is now It’s useless. So what is the value of a small vest like pc? When the main threats are mainstream rifles, and I need to take a lot of belongings and run a long distance, soft armor is of little value to me. It’s great to lighten up a little weight and bring more things, so you don’t have to run so tired. Is that big vest useless? Nor is it. Unlike the military, the threats faced by law enforcement agencies are actually more pistol bullets, and law enforcement operations generally don’t have to run all over the floor, so try to increase the protective area as much as possible. In the same sentence, there is a market if there is demand, don’t you see that the German special cold weapon chain armor to prevent criminals is put on, so

7 months ago

Basically, it can be regarded as a carrier base with a lot of soft armor coverage, or the carrier itself has soft armor inserts (such as crye cage). This is generally used in the known CQB environment at the destination (driving, getting off, kicking the door, closing work). For example, the brother in the picture above is SWAT medic, without weapons but wearing protection. As for why there are not so many normal carriers, to put it bluntly, it is too heavy and inconvenient + this kind of coverage is enough to protect the vitals. Too heavy is not friendly to many tasks that require legs, and it is generally believed that mobility is far greater than the area covered by the protection-no matter how good armor can not let you stand in the rain of bullets, but running fast can make you directly avoid appearing in need The position facing the rain of bullets.

7 months ago

Suppose you are a leopard (crossed out) seal, and now it is the Vietnam War. Your task is to drill into the mountains and go to areas controlled by North Vietnam to investigate the movements of the X country military advisers who are cooperating with North Vietnam. If possible, kill a few black hands and plant them. You have to walk all the way from the border (crossed out) to infiltrate, we will use helicopters to send you forward as much as possible, but it is expected that you will have to walk hundreds of kilometers to reach the mission location. In order to cooperate with your group’s actions, the 11-mounted cavalry will launch a large-scale sweep operation to attract the attention of the North Vietnamese regular army. Here are a few former North Vietnamese who have hatred with the North Vietnamese government. They have passed the SOG training and they will act as guides in this operation. Well, pick the equipment yourself. I believe you will break your thoughts of putting yourself into a can if you walk for hundreds of kilometers. If you don’t consider the temperature and the various tree forks, mosquitoes, mosquito bites of the jungle environment, you can’t wait to be naked…

7 months ago

Because the carrying capacity of individual soldiers is limited, the weight of the protective equipment is a little bit more, the ammunition and supplies are a little less, and the equipment is configured according to the characteristics of the mission. Special forces often do not even wear bulletproof helmets when performing infiltration reconnaissance missions, relying on penny hats or lightweight sports helmets. It is because the mission itself has a low chance of fighting (or trying to avoid it), but the mission is long and cannot get logistical support. If you need to carry a lot of supplies, you can only sacrifice protection. But let alone the full-size body armor when the special forces entered the room forcefully, the shield was not carried in.

7 months ago

In addition to improving mobility as others said, there is another one, for those who do not need protection, or those with poor physical strength (such as VIP). Don’t think about bringing a bunch of protection to VIP, wear helmets and everything, he can’t walk, at most he will have five consecutive whips. Therefore, it is small and can improve the protection ability while reducing the weight of the personnel as much as possible. I play with ei’s aero and lbt’s 6094ulv. Really, you let the thinner carry an aero+ board. If you don’t bring other magazines or something, it’s about to die again. My back is only a pair of expired The third-level board, you can change to a higher level of protection. If you play crossfit, let’s follow the original answer.My point of view is this. When I talk to the students in the school community, I will divide them according to the protection area. In the case of M code, according to the available protection area, it is divided into heavy (cias + shoulder pad + crotch protector), medium (cpc, avs with side panels, etc.), light (only front and rear panels or such as rrv) It can be installed with one) and unprotected (rrv without a board and chest hanging) are more extreme manifestations, there are these two: 1, lbt’s ulv2, cpc too many not put the picture, you can see. , Cpc does not add side protection, the protection area of ​​the two is the same! The same! Even if you rrv + a board, the front protection area is the same as the cpc front! ! ! So the size of the “protection area” you see is just that the vest has more mounting points for mounting. In fact, the protection capabilities of the front and the back may be the same! Even if you stick 502 on your body and wrap it around twice, it’s the same! Is it small enough?

7 months ago

In the past, there was a concept of battleship protection called all-or-nothing. The key parts were armored, and the minor parts directly let the shells penetrate into the sea and explode. The same is true for the plate carrier. The focus is on protecting the heart and lungs. The heart and lungs are basically not saved if they are shot. Therefore, it is necessary to enhance the cardiorespiratory protection level to the level that can withstand medium-caliber ammunition. As for the secondary parts, there is no way to protect them from ceramics. They are basically unable to stop the rifles and submachine guns. Instead of the bullets rolling over and unable to pass through the ballistic material on the other side after the breakdown, they rebound and reciprocate, so they simply give up the protection as long as they don’t hit Basically, there is no need for amputation of middle bones.

7 months ago

Have you found that if you get a shot in the place where the body armor is wrapped, you will basically sing in the cool, while the unprotected place can be more effective and convenient to control bleeding and the death rate is not so high (except for the head). Do you want a full package? How about Iron Man Battlegear? If all bullet-proof materials are used, the weight of the full-protection armor will inevitably exceed the standard, so what should I do? I can’t add an exoskeleton weight-bearing system too much, right? So the closed armor, I can’t add an air conditioning system too much, right? With such good protection, then I must not add a battlefield intelligence ** system to the armor? Now that I have an intelligence system, I can’t be too much equipped with a battlefield data HUD, right? Add more water to the surface, add more water to the surface… Ladies and gentlemen, I am very happy to introduce a military armor, the full name is MK2 full protection information military armor, which supports a maximum flying speed of Mach 1.3. Wrong, you heard it right, it can fly! At the same time, because the fusion reactor energy it carries continuously supplies it with energy, its main weapon is an ultra-small electromagnetic railgun. The bullets fired by this AKA1 electromagnetic railgun can penetrate 30 mm at a distance of 1000 meters. Thick homogeneous steel, and it is equipped with an advanced optical sighting system. This system is connected to the Starlink project. It can use satellite data with advanced optical sighting and computing chips to calculate the azimuth correction to the target in real time. The back of the armor The weapon bay can store two ultra-small fusion bombs developed by our defense contractor Hanmer Industries. AKA is “incumbent.” Ah no, the development is the development of advanced technology to prevent H2O invasion, making the “incumbent” reach the world’s advanced IP68 waterproof and dustproof level, the maximum flight distance is 16 kilometers, the damage radius is thousands of meters, it is not convenient to disclose the equivalent for the time being. , The material of this protective armor uses the same insulation technology of the space shuttle, so that it can pass through the dense atmosphere. Yes, we openly admit that this armor has the ability to combat space and re-enter the atmosphere to strike the ground. The life support system it carries can provide up to 240 hours of life support at one time. Because the armor shell uses the pressure-resistant technology of the Seawolf-class nuclear submarine, it also has a deep diving capability of up to 700 meters. Comrade, you have discovered the initial form of the future war mech.

7 months ago

In mountain operations, soldiers have a heavy load, many tasks on foot, full-size body armor is physically exhausted, and mountain operations rely on many things, so they will use carrier vests.
In the Middle East street fighting and security warfare environment, soldiers are easy to face bullets coming from various directions, and they are generally able to maneuver in vehicles. Therefore, full protection vests are often used.

7 months ago

It can be understood that body armor has never been the main requirement for bullet protection. The main design purpose of body armor is bulletproof pieces, because it was discovered during World War II that most of the deaths and serious injuries of soldiers were not caused by bullets, but by various shells. , Bomb shrapnel and splashes caused by shock waves, so the main design purpose of helmets and body armor is to prevent stray bullets, shrapnel and other splashes from injuring and killing soldiers. Moreover, in terms of materials, there is no bulletproof type. The bulletproof helmet can withstand the shooting of standard rifle bullets while taking into account the mobility and mounting capacity. As far as tactical thinking is concerned, it is always to create an asymmetrical advantage first and then strike a fatal blow. No commander will let soldiers/policemen wear “absolute” bulletproof armor to attack, can block bullets, can you block RPG? In urban security wars or police anti-terrorism warfare, generally, various methods are used to investigate first, and after determining the tactics of hitting more and less, using strong and weak, unexpected tactics, then use shock bombs to open the way, and then break the door/wall with one blow to defeat the enemy. In this type of operation, they will try to avoid shooting the culprit in the door, and the culprit will not go to the police/special police stupidly, so the main source of casualties will be grenades/homemade bombs or bullets that penetrate the wall. Moreover, the main weapon in urban street fighting is often a pistol, and there are many bunkers, so there is no need for body armor with too high protection level. Instead, there is a great demand for goggles, light body armor that does not affect the convenience of movement, and so on. In terms of modern battlefield combat concepts, infantry is no longer the main offensive force on the frontal battlefield. The greater role of infantry is to detect, guard, guide and cover. When the infantry discovers the enemy, it does not need to shoot at all, and directly transmits information to the rear artillery, Missiles, armored vehicles and even mortars are used to carry out annihilation missions. If the infantry battles with tanks, the infantry will always act as the eyes of the tank and help clear the hidden danger of the tank’s blind spot. Therefore, the infantry will not receive bullets from the front at all, but will be because of the armor. The value of the target is too high, and it suffers from the coverage of artillery and anti-tank missiles. As for the situation of special operations is too complicated, let’s not say. The summary is that there is no saying that light body armor is useless. It depends more on task requirements. For example, if the opponent does not have firearms, then wearing light body armor with stab resistance is also the most preferred. In case the culprit has no gun but lights up the gas If the tank is exploded, the body armor can still effectively protect important parts of the body. Still the same sentence, why do you shoot at the enemy? Can the body armor be strong enough to resist RPG? Can it resist .50?

7 months ago

The anti-ballistic performance of the soft board hard board is much higher than that of the soft board. The highest level IV can block the M2 Lao Ganma’s armor-piercing bullets, while the highest level soft board is generally only IIIA level, usually .38 or 9mm pistol bullets. However, the rigid board is inconvenient to wear and cannot be bent, so it cannot protect the underarms and other parts. So back to the subject of the subject, “normal” is used for general infantry. They will use a hard board on the chest, and a soft board underneath to protect the armpits and other parts, and can absorb if the hard board is broken. Fragments. However, considering that the effect of the soft board is not good, and it will affect the heat dissipation and mobility, so special forces can choose not to wear it. In this way, they only need a “ultra-small” hard board to hold the chest. By the way, the name body armor is not precise, and generally refers to the one-piece of the police. The general army is called a plate carrier. When there is no board, it is a carrying device (or a common vest with many pockets). Only when the board is inserted can it be bulletproof.

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