At the beginning, I disagreed that players rushed to mhy because of “Zhong Li is weak”. Now many characters: Gan Yu, Mandrill, and Walnut are all numerically expanded. Zhong Li’s new mechanism is forcibly superfluous to the completed mechanism.
Where will “Original God” go in the future? What kind of impact do you think the Zhongli incident will have?

No, I just want to ask those who say that the first version of Zhongli is not weak, do you really think that those who play along the way have a bad memory? Still feel that the storm has passed, everyone doesn’t care anymore? Is the first version of Zhongli not weak? ? ? What are you talking about? A general attack with a lower A rate than Xiangling is very good and completely cut off the station output. (Friendly reminder, the first version of Zhongli has no life bonus for basic attack damage) The ultimate control time is too short, the cut is finished and the skill is over, and it has not been interrupted… Of course, this has not changed now, let’s not talk about him. The most cruel thing is to open the shield and not to give energy to the pillar, understand? You want a shield? Excuse me, just deduct Q as it does not exist. You put the pillar? The range is so small and the damage is low (and there is no life bonus) so that you can only see the rock master out of the resonance rock creation. Do you know what Zhong Li was talking about during that time? Say which rock we use to support him in order to be charged! Need assistance assistance, do you dare to believe? By the way, Shuangyan was also very hip at that time. By the way, at that time, there was no overlord body when opening the shield. Slap Qiuqiu interrupted you from flying, and then the CD continued for more than ten seconds, so please be sure not to open the shield in the crowd. what? You said that’s not the case in PV? There is a lot of physical damage in PV. Oh, one last mention. At that time, Gaoming Ice Cat’s shield could discuss the duty issue with Zhong Li. So you get it? If you want to play the first version of Zhongli’s shield, you have to deduct the basic attack, deduct the short E, deduct the Q, and still can’t stand in the crowd, and then let’s take a look at the ice cat’s acceleration treatment and Zhongli’s station Who is better to use the shield that will be interrupted in the pile of people. If you want to experience Q, I’m sorry, give him a rock assistant charge, and then we will consider which main C can withstand the double rock waste buff and use the remaining milk assistant to drive the two rocks, or ask us invincible Pan God? Or double wind? It can be, but why bother? So the question is, do you like this kind of quarter-function disabled person? Do you think that the players who rushed to the base camp of Miyoushe before are all fools? If you think this is the case, then I can only hope you don’t see all cars retrograde on the highway.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

There are mistakes, but they have little to do with Zhong Li. For example, I personally think that the biggest mistake is to launch too many powerful five-star characters in one anniversary. From my personal point of view, Zhongli shouldn’t be introduced as a role within a year of opening the service. However, if the conclusion is that it must be launched, then what is being done is already perfect. The introduction of Gan Yu, Mandrill, Walnut, and 3C lifted Zhong Li to an unprecedented height. After all, these three C’s are basically uncomfortable without Zhongli. Among them, perhaps Gan Yu can be used by some masters without Zhongli, but I really can’t think of how to play Zhongli with Mandrill and Walnut. Or in other words, if the human rights card at the opening time is Wendy, the current human rights card has become Zhongli. Without the clock, you can hardly output at all. At the player’s request, Zhong Li has indeed been elevated to Wendy’s height, that is to say, the seven gods are considered equal. This result is basically a happy one. My biggest opinion on this is time. I think Zhong Li’s biggest problem is that he came out too early. The seven gods who came out too early may be unable to avoid the fate of retreating from the environment in the future, and if Zhong Li retreats from the environment, it will be a wave of rhythm.

7 months ago

It’s hard to be called a mistake. why? At that time, the character evaluations all said that Zhong Li had the ability to survive (bold the Austrian) support ability, but this game does not need to survive, so Zhong Li is useless. In fact, there were no characters who survived lame but output power (mandrill, Ganyu, walnut) at that time. At that time, the most partial c was Keli, who had a bad feel, but the bad feel was not a problem at all. So the big environment really didn’t need survivability at the time, and the player certainly did not expect that the cost of high output was such a serious survival gap, so the player was right. Is there anything wrong with Miha? might have. Because Mihayou can choose to first push the three c of Mandrill, Ganyu, Walnut, which are problematic for survival, out of the pool, and then introduce Zhongli, so that the original Zhongli also perfectly fits the environment of poor survival (of course, the first version of Zhongli also serves as a shield tool People up). It sounds wonderful, as if Miha should have done this at the beginning of the tour. But when the players first came to Liyue, there was no doubt that the most anticipated was Rock God, not Liyue’s output of trio. Later, the god of the rock was rushed again. Anyway, the customer is the god, so Mihayou is right. Then some classmates have problems again. What if Mihayou directly admits that the follow-up character is a powerful output for the survival of the lame when Zhong Li is rushed? Doesn’t this give players a psychological support? Don’t worry, if you say this, Mihayou will still be rushed after the output trio comes out, because “Mandrill Kaida actually loses blood so fast? Really forcibly raise Zhongli?” “Gan Yu was hit while aiming.” Will be interrupted by such a small amount of damage? Is there really no Zhong Li is not worth playing?” “Walnut opens the e-buckle so much blood? You can retreat without Zhong Li, right?” Of course, I have to mention the inner ghost, no. Denying that some inner ghosts told the players the facts, saying that Zhong Li was a support and it was not easy to squeeze into the team. However, these are not all inner ghosts. There are still some inner ghosts who are brushing the Li Yue Martial God. This undoubtedly raises the player’s psychological expectations. In the case of two kinds of inner ghosts crazily outputting information, the player’s choice is not to believe in one of them. Believe in both, that is, it is generally believed that Zhong Li is both a strong support and high damage. Why is it said that the inner ghost is one of the instigators of the Zhongli incident? This example can be recorded in the history of Mihayou

7 months ago

Yes, Mihayou is wrong, but the player is also wrong. Mihayou made the mistake of three points: Zhongli is indeed too weak; the final version of the live broadcast of the voice actor did not use the final version, which led to the false publicity of Petrochemical Time; the public relations were not well done. But he was absolutely not wrong in slashing to test the suit Zhongli. What does the test suit do? I used to do game QA. The test server is where we test bugs, adjust balance, and adjust gameplay. Where there is a bug, raise it, go back and change it; which game system has a problem, raise it, discuss it, go back and change it; what is not fun, affect the experience, raise it, discuss it, go back and change it; what role is unbalanced, raise it, discuss it, go back and change it. The test suit is for this! ! ! What internal ghosts broke the news, unpacked spoilers, and players expected, so they are all test servers? Can you blame the test server for being different from what you got? Isn’t this nonsense? My first one-thousand-like answer was to write Zhongli, which mentioned that the original design may be cool, it is the main C positioning, but I hope everyone can understand that this is our YY, which is “I hope he can give me this “, instead of “He should give me this”, no matter how a character is changed before it is officially launched, it is an internal matter. We can express dissatisfaction with the result of the finished product, but the player must not interfere in the production process.

7 months ago

The Zhongli incident is a bit of a petty judging by right or wrong. After an afterthought, it may be a surprise accident. Zhong Li should have been released later, and existed as a new version of the answer like Wendy, but Zhong Li was released too early, and there is no accurate anchoring of high, medium and low standards in the current pole weapon roles, which makes it difficult for most players. See the meaning of this role. There is a time limit for the original god fight, and the rewards are also settled according to the completion time, which to a large extent means that speed and damage are the focus, rather than defense and blood volume. If there is no time limit for the original copy of God, such as fgo if you want to play 1w rounds and no one asks, it may really be a kind of early seat belt to reduce the possibility of overturning. However, although Zhong Li’s changes have solved the problem, it will also change the original upper limit of the output value of the current version, and change the plan. I hope that the later numerical design can have a regular role in the seven gods. For example, fgo has one abduction in two years, and the original god can have one god in two years.

7 months ago

The Zhongli incident is a feather in the ground, and it has long been inexplicable. First, Zhongli was temporarily weakened on the line, causing players to be dissatisfied with the request to strengthen. Up to this point, it was all normal demands, and then it became smoky and misty visible to the naked eye. The first was the “Riyue Sick Husband” stalk brought from the Internet. It was later revealed that they were self-directed and acted, but they could not stop it after they lit the fire. At the beginning, the request for strengthening was reasonable and then it became more and more outrageous. A lot of fictitious news has been fabricated. The most famous thing is that the things that are not in the “Main C setting and QE linkage” test server are just conspicuous by their words. The most important thing is that everyone believes it. The most funny thing is that they accused the online of being kicked, and the result was that they were self-directed and acted to deliberately kicked people, in order to pull more neutral players into the water. At that time, you could get thousands of likes as long as you insulted the plan, and even just typed “Zhong Li!” Some people forgot to remain anonymous when they rushed. They clicked on their avatars to see that they were employees of Tencent. Some rational players persuaded them to avoid suspicion. As a result, people still shamelessly talked about a lot of wrong things, in short, “the devil teaches everyone to get it and punish them, and there is no need to talk about morality.” When public opinion reverses, when the environment is most stinking, the representative event is that the voice actors are washed away, and the second creation works are washed away, causing a lot of dissatisfaction from neutral players. Then came out of the map of the snow mountain, using iron to quell the player’s anger with the hard truth. The irony is that other platforms were talking about the Snow Mountain Map at the time, and only a group of primary school students at station B were left as repeaters there. They saw that no one paid any attention to their group of jumping clowns, and they started Black Snow Mountain again. Some sunspots promoted Abedo as the Mondite Rock God, and thus rose to the height of insult to China. But at this time everyone has almost calmed down, and it is generally regarded as far-fetched nonsense. In the end, as Zhong Li strengthened for the second time, he became the role of iron human rights, drawing the curtain for this farce. Although the Zhongli incident has ended, its impact is still there. Only in my personal opinion, the positive impact is that the Ganyu, Mandrill, and Walnut after Abedo have met the demands of most players for zero life, full life change, and no split mechanism. Players and planning have a certain degree of running-in. , The role of the next period of time will most likely not deviate from this policy. The negative impact is that a considerable number of players believe that Mihayou is weak and can be deceived, and regards the distribution according to noise as a last resort in the special situation as the norm. Any trivial matter has to be troubled. Coupled with friends and merchants, it is easy to go online, and trivial matters make big troubles. This was the case of the Keqing incident two days ago. Modifying the bug is justified, this little thing also made a lot of trouble in the city, I don’t believe that Ke Qingchu can say such things as deleting the character. The wood show in the forest wind will destroy it, and the original God game will definitely be controversial for some time in the future. I hope that the majority of players will be more rational when participating in the group, and not be used as a gun and defeat their own character. Of course, the interests that should be fought must be fought, and game companies also need players’ supervision.

7 months ago

It is said that Gan Yu, walnut, and mandrill have expanded their numbers? These three are the main C, and the damage is normal. Compared with the five-star strongest C Diluk when the server is opened, the damage is indeed a lot higher. However, the rain needs to accumulate energy, and it suffers from the shortcomings of the output environment and operation. Just ignore it? Walnut needs to sell blood. In the absence of protection, the amount of blood is basically a matter of blame. Is it unreasonable for the high-risk and high-operations to exchange for high damage? Mandrill’s ultimate move is fully charged, it loses blood when turned on, and the element ball of e is not eaten during the turn on. The wind does not have a high multiplier response to damage. Is it unreasonable that the pure skill damage is high? Diluk’s damage ceiling is indeed not high enough, but the difficulty of operation, balanced output and living environment just like that is ignored by you? At the time when the server was opened, an auxiliary Mona million damage nuclear bomb, why didn’t it say that the value was expanded? Several main C monkey shows have millions of injuries at once, which is swollen? The Zhongli incident led to numerical inflation? The question is where is the value expanding now? Just open your mouth?

7 months ago

I have torn up this issue with people in the post bar before. In fact, the mistake should be the copywriting, not the digital planning. Why is it a copywriter? I will make a hypothesis: Suppose that Zhong Li’s role introduction was: “The retired Emperor Yan Wang was tired of killing and had no intention of fighting. He sealed most of his power, leaving only the power of’guardian’. However, Zhong Li, who only retains the power of protection, is also an extremely powerful defensive auxiliary role, possessing extremely powerful auxiliary and control capabilities, and is an indispensable powerful auxiliary in the team. “Will someone charge? Obviously, it won’t. To put it bluntly, Zhong Li’s problem lies in his PV, and the introduction does not match his actual strength. that is it.

7 months ago

I prefer to believe that the test of elemental response mechanism just failed. The biggest difference between the character before Zhongli and the character after Zhongli (five-star) is the super-high multiplier. The increase of Gan Yu’s multiplier caused damage to crush the five-star before, and then after. The five-star character that came out must be equal to or even stronger than the previous five-star, otherwise no one will pull the bell away, which is equivalent to the law of the sky. Before the queen came out, the old s role was actually evenly divided. Each has its magical effect. When the queen comes out, the old s The character was completely crushed, and in order to sell the role in the future, the queen can only be retired from the environment, but the queen is retired from the environment, and the previous s can’t be used. Fortunately, the original gods are cleverly designed to be the seven gods. Support, otherwise you don’t need to play with the background story of the Seven Gods for normal five-star strength

7 months ago

This incident only made me deeply understand that the average game understanding of the original god players is really broken at the touch of a touch, and the eyes of the masses are pitch black. Opening the service and blowing the clear, the initial number of Kaiqing is hundreds of dollars far more than Di Luke. The first wave of evaluations was launched, and all major evaluation T-level videos uniformly ranked Bennett to T3. (The Bennett I used as soon as I came up, don’t talk about the account stage, it’s easy to use at the beginning) The son pool, all saying that the son is a waste, I said that if the intensity is moderate, I must be sprayed. see. Then Zhong Li, and even with this answer, someone still said that Zhong Liping A’s damage was low, I was curious, did your account degenerate to use Zhong Liping A? I don’t have to leave the station yard before and after normal people step up? Abeduochi, it is more obvious that a West Wind sword will bluff the first wave of people. You said that the eyes of the masses are not bright, I am afraid they are not bright. Don’t say that these do not represent the masses. These opinions were absolutely mainstream opinions back then. Anyway, I also have memories. Don’t change your face. Why did the rhythm start back then? Because the first batch of people felt that the propaganda did not match the actual situation. This is true. I also support it. The propaganda should have a lot of damage. The length of the propaganda film should be the same as the official server. Just entered a bunch of navy forces to follow the rhythm, and they can really bring it up. In the end, the Yin Soldiers were not brought, and they were all brought by real people. Good guy, how much better is Zhong Li now than the original version? It becomes version T0 in one jump. Doesn’t that mean that the intensity of the first version of the clock is not that low at least? At any rate, the future is promising. When I say this, I’m really not afraid of spraying. I know that these people’s routines take the first step, using pure assistance and Zhongli to add blood to the second step, using Mona and Zhongli to compare the nuclear bomb with the third step, using main c and Zhongli The fourth step from the station yard, the monkey hurts, and the screenshot of Zhongli’s naked stone is put together to draw a perfect end to this remark. What does it have to do with me? The first phase of my Zhongli’s release was 12-3 full of stars. The civilians can play 6w small stones once in 12 seconds at the hard station. I think this is the standard five-star strength. Yours is Samsung, then Samsung, then don’t refute it. After the enhancement, it is an outrageous character. From the first day of enhancement to the current abyss, I have never slept, all of them have been repeated, and my main number has no sweet rain, two mandrills, three walnuts, five-star basic lifeless, weapons Most of them are four-star numbers. The half-layer does not exceed 40 seconds and never fails. It takes 15 minutes from 11-1 to 12-3. I can’t do it without a clock. This intensity is the iron exceeding the standard. If you really want to spray, you still have to go to the Miyou Club. Anyway, everyone’s progress is displayed. The spray level of Zhihu is indeed not good, and it does not give you progress. With more than 40 cards and 11 layers, I dare to talk and laugh with you for 100w damage. On the day after Zhongli was strengthened, someone said to me, “What does the strengthening of the rock series have to do with Zhongli? Is Zhongli hurt?”

7 months ago

It’s an understandable mistake. In fact, the motive of the Zhongli incident is understandable. I believe that mhy is very clear about the disadvantages of the output-only theory + pure intensity competition, so I also understand mhy’s desire to let players contribute to the cooking and defense properties of krypton gold, and it is undeniable that these two points do not matter. What little success will indeed bring many benefits to the game, especially the long-term development of the game in the future. It’s just that what can be foreseen is counterproductive. In pve games, the spiral difficulty is far below the upper limit of the role. However, pvp is still the mainstream in most public opinion fields in the game, and it is difficult to see the naked eye. As for the attributes of the defensive side… I guess that before the first version of Zhongli, mhy’s default configuration for most players in this game is milk + shield + deputy c + main c, that is, 2 characters are responsible for the defensive side, 2 roles To assume the responsibility of the output terminal. This setting may be reasonable and supported by data. After all, as a popular game, the main line boy has to reduce the difficulty. In fact, it can be seen what the level of mainstream players in this game is. But even if the data makes sense, mhy also ignores one point, that is, this part of the players will neither go to the public opinion field to speak up, nor do they have the ability and confidence to judge what role they need most. Today I have the ability and data to confidently analyze what role I want, what role is strong, and even analyze players who are listening to others. Their game understanding cannot require 2 defensive roles, so the first version of Zhong Li must be for them. Iron five, and they are the dominant public opinion field, so the mainstream opinion of the public opinion field must be predictable. For players who really need 2 defensive positions, they will most likely not be able to judge the strength of the role by themselves. At this time, when they see the mainstream opinions in the public opinion field, they will most likely feel that they have lost money, rather than Zhong Li is suitable for them.

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