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Because in foreign countries, [being punched] caused by zzzq is very tragic, especially in the current information age + the environment where all kinds of old boxers are full of demons on the streets, once you encounter a punch, it will be either dead or injured, and you think it’s strange. Just because you are in the country, just because the domestic environment is not at all such a thing. Domestic boxers can’t be called boxers at all. They are just a clown. Because the pastoral feminism, black life and LGBT in Europe and the United States are put into the domestic social/historical environment, there is no goal at all, so domestic boxers can only Throwing a fist in the void on the Internet, the whole is a Dark Sword 21. (Rua? I heard that they have evolved to Dark Sword 22? Hey, I’m old and old…) If you want to elaborate more about domestic boxing, it is equivalent to a paper-paste shell of the Eighty-Nine Beans chariot and its charge mixed with sand. The 57 cannons hit the forehead of the M18 Hellcat commander. The skin of the hit target was not damaged or even would not respond. The reaction was that the speed of light summoned the various roads on the Internet to wear 8 pairs of these bean chariots. With the momentum throwing gas tanks, the bean chariot has no living environment at all, isn’t it? Of course, there are more fun, such as the famous scene on Weibo some time ago: the female boxer-shaped bean chariot rushed out of the paper shell 57, but did not recognize the target, and hit a well-known explosive anti-armor body, and the result was exploded anti-armor. The big baby on the forehead shot through with a 125mm HEAT backhand, the armor-piercing blasting burned in one go, and the external main structure was wiped out. In further detail, if we analyze the three major methods of boxing: Tianyuan female boxing is not popular in the rabbit family at all, because the rabbit’s social background is completely different from Europe and the United States, and the rabbit family’s rural boxers are unorganized and unleaded, so it is difficult to match. Bad money, but the rural female boxer of the rabbit’s family can always find a shadow, and then the dark sword that I love to see slams into the void, and the female boxer has always been the mainstream of domestic boxers. Black life is expensive, and we can’t get it popular. It’s also because of the different environments. Most rabbits are not inherently contemptuous and prejudiced against black people because of the racial discrimination in their bones caused by problems left over from European and American history, but they are very annoying. Black people who have the status of “three noes” and illegally behaved everywhere, pay attention to the dislikes for justified reasons, not unreasonable, historical, and inherent discrimination, and the black life movement cannot develop in our country. After all, our country There are very few blacks no matter how small. Unlike the Gaul chicken whose dark race can account for 70% of the total population, the black life movement is really going to be launched in the rabbit’s house. The hospitable rabbits don’t mind letting them This group of three-no blacks realized what it meant to be [entered into the vast ocean of People’s War]. LGBT, it’s not even more popular. It’s not a rabbit culture at all, nor is it a culture that rabbits welcome. There is no growth environment in the rabbit’s home. The fight against the void is simply outrageous than the pastoral female boxing. Therefore, in the domestic environment, boxing is the ultimate joke, and you will naturally not feel the “deep waters” of the European and American people. On the European and American side, because of comprehensive problems such as cultural foundation and historical legacy, whether it is true feminism, black sports, pastoral female boxing, black life expensive farce, or LGBT (the model circle is estimated to add a fat buff, refer to the previous buff suffix I can’t wait to fold a one-meter-high female model), it was all punches to the core of the flesh, and then the above example was reversed. The one who was punched was not the Hellcat commander but the CV33, and the punch was at least 88. When the gun started, it was just a face-to-face output. When the affection is strong, you can’t wait to take out Atom Annie and send a few shots. The key gov is still acquiescence. After all, it is a social problem created by cultural background. If gov does not approve of punching. It is tantamount to denying the entire society and culture and also denying their own deeds. Therefore, gov simply ganged up with the boxer to fight the target core area. This way, the boxer and gov win-win. One is that gov will not lose face + step down, and the other is the boxer. There is a lot of legitimate bad money (this is the key point and the ultimate goal that domestic boxers yearn for), so how can the beaten Italian supercar be able to hold it? As soon as you send it, you will be crushed by the people and the car. The captain is unconscious and the occupants abandon the car in one go. When the job is over, you have to send a full-picture kill announcement, and you must squat up on your wreck. Let your wreckage output another wave of 12.7 coaxial, squeezing out the last bit of bad money. So you now understand why the European and American zzzq is so serious, not just games, but also in any aspect of being punched, so now no one in Europe and the United States dare to provoke a boxer. Giving a bowl of money stupefied becomes eating two bowls of powder and giving a bowl of money, and then directly presses you to death at the speed of light that European and American people like to see most. Then, huge indemnities, moral condemnation, and even government suppression, oh Husband, the whole family has a wave of buckets. In detail, if you are the boss of a European and American game company, as long as you don’t engage in zzzq, you simply get a bad reputation for “disrespect for special groups”, then do you think your games can still be sold? ? After all, people who play the game in your home will also be considered by the boxer to support your claim, and then the scope of boxing will suddenly expand infinitely. There will be various online violence against people who support this game. If you see one, you will fight it. One, who will buy your game on the platform over time? The physical store will not enter your game board anymore, because it can’t be sold at all. If there is this game in the store, it may be bombarded by boxers offline, and even the host platform may request to cancel the sales contract and play your game. It has been withdrawn, yes, all the three parties have been cut off. In addition, the boxer is pressing to chase the ass to ask for huge compensation. The most important thing is that the gov will not support you and may even come to rub a lot of oil and water… Yes Doesn’t it feel that life is better than death? Small factories with weak foundations died on the spot. Large factories with solid foundations such as Blizzard and Ubisoft can hold them, but within a period of time, the stock price can hardly be seen to explode. Then you can see if shareholders will immediately demand it. The company boss and the development team resolutely follow the zzzq? So who dares to provoke a boxer in the game industry? Big companies like Blizzard dare not provoke them, referring to the LGBT attributes of 76, Tracer, and more and more black characters. You should know that the LGBT attributes of 76 and Tracer were only released later, instead of having this original setting at the beginning, it is equivalent to forcibly adding a second setting, and then suddenly adding a new character setting that has nothing to do with the content of the game. Certainly, it can’t be said that the development team’s brains are rushing to fool around, so again, the energy of European and American boxers is beyond your imagination. Let me add a digression about the ass: The character image of Soldier 76 is almost equivalent to the captain of the United States on the next MCU set. The image is so magnificent that the word justice is almost written on his face, but Blizzard suddenly corrected 76 as gay. , This is equivalent to putting the scum Lanson from the next room on the “Blade Out of the Sheath” set and the American team together, and then telling you that the American team is not called Steve Rogers but Steve Ranson and he Once emotionally, eat shit will madly…Look, is it particularly nauseous, and it feels like seeing a cluster of indescribable things?


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