In the early morning of February 12 (New Year’s Day), Xinxin (a pseudonym), a 25-year-old woman living alone in Beijing, was trapped in the bathroom due to the latch stuck in the door frame and unable to open the door. At 4 o’clock on the 13th, Xinxin’s sound of tapping on the pipe finally caught the attention of a neighbor and helped Xinxin contact the unlocking company. Xinxin, who was trapped for about 30 hours, was “saved”.

The sawn spherical lock. Photo courtesy of respondents

On the afternoon of February 18, Xinxin told the Beijing News reporter that during the Spring Festival this year, he did not return to his hometown of Sichuan, but stayed in Beijing to celebrate the New Year. Xinxin rented and lived alone near Chaoyang Park, “a one-bedroom and one living room rented out for almost a year.”

According to Xinxin’s recollection, at about 0:50 on February 12, he entered the bathroom to wash himself, did not bring his mobile phone into the house as usual, and locked the door easily. After washing, Xinxin planned to leave the guard room, twisting the handle on the door, but the door could not be opened. “At first I thought it was a problem with the handle, so I turned it more vigorously, but found no change in the lock cylinder.”

After that, Xinxin successively tried to open the door with the eyebrow scraper blades, remove the shower nozzle and knock the glass on the door, so as to put his hand out and turn the key hung on the lock to open the door from the outside, but failed. Breaking the glass allows more air to come in.”

Smashed door glass.

Xinxin said that when he was sleepy, he would sit on the toilet and sleep; when he was thirsty, he would drink tap water. Later, Xinxin repeatedly used the shower nozzle to vigorously hit the drain pipe of the bathroom and called out loudly for her location.

At about 4 o’clock on February 13th (the second day of the Lunar New Year), a neighbor downstairs finally heard a heart-to-heart call for help, and the two “talked and talked with their throats.” Heartily said, “During the conversation with him, I told him the password of the door code lock. After he entered the house, he tried to twist the bathroom door handle from the outside, but still couldn’t open it, so he called me and contacted the unlocking company. .”

At 7 o’clock on the 13th, the door lock in the guard room was removed by the unlocker, and the heart that had been trapped for about 30 hours was finally “saved”.

The door hole after the lock is removed.

On the afternoon of February 18, the above-mentioned unlocking master introduced to a reporter from the Beijing News, “At that time, the bolt of the spherical lock got stuck in the door frame, and the door could not be opened with the key inside and outside the door, so it could only be opened by sawing. It also has a certain relationship with the quality of the lock. It is recommended to bring your communication equipment with you. If you find that the door is locked, you can contact unlock or dial 110.

“With this experience, I feel that the mobile phone must not be separated from the body.” Xinxin told the Beijing News reporter.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

This matter fully explained! ! ! You must bring your mobile phone to the toilet! ! ! ! ! You must bring your mobile phone to the toilet! ! ! ! ! You must bring your mobile phone to the toilet! ! ! ! ! Say the important thing three times! Who would dare to say that you bring your cell phone to the bathroom to play with your cell phone. This critical moment is used to save lives! ! ! ! But I still want to say that when a girl is at home alone, she really doesn’t need to lock the bathroom door when she takes a shower! ! You are all alone, why are you closing the bathroom door so tightly? Bring a mobile phone first, not lock the door second! ! ! The third is that the voice must be loud. Kick the wall hard! Words from someone next door. You can hear it by kicking the wall! !

9 months ago

I rented a house by myself, working in another place, and going to work is like taking a day off in the previous day. I guess that even if I didn’t go to the unit, no one would take it seriously, and no one knew about the new house I changed! My head is sweaty, and the cramped bathroom that I just took a shower is very stuffy, and I can’t breathe. After considering all kinds of complicated ideas, the desire to survive got me started! I started knocking on the bathroom door with my hands. From top to bottom, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bottom of the door was hollow. Without tools, I started kicking, kicking open a little, and then tearing it by hand. A little tear, it feels like a long time! During this period, I have been listening carefully to the movement at the door. As soon as I heard someone walking by, I shouted: “Help! Help!” But there was no response. I only shouted a few times, fearing it would be a protracted battle. Save physical strength. During this period, I even thought about how to survive. However, the water is only in the toilet, and there is nothing in the food. The scene of eating excrement is automatically filled in my mind, which feels very unacceptable. In this way, I don’t know how long it took, I forcibly removed a hole in the lower end of the door. When I drilled my head out, my eyes became moist, a little “tears filled my eyes” and I felt alive.

9 months ago

Cell phone, be sure to hold it well. Such tragedies are not only for people living alone, but a more terrifying incident occurred last year. A mother and daughter in Xi’an, 82-year-old mother and 64-year-old daughter, live in a 4-storey independent villa. In the evening, they took the elevator to the top floor to take a bath together. As a result, the elevator malfunctioned and the two got stuck in it. At that time, they did not have their mobile phones and could not call for help. In order to breathe more oxygen, they removed the wires from the elevator lampshade and enlarged the gap between the elevator doors. Whenever there is a lack of oxygen, the mother and daughter take turns lying in the door to breathe. To replenish water, two people drink each other’s urine. In this way, staying in the elevator for 4 days and 3 nights, my daughter squeezed out of the elevator through the crack opened, and contacted the property and fire rescue. After being rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment, both mother and daughter survived.

9 months ago

Guys, if your parents are always nagging you to use your phone when you go to the bathroom, you can show them the news-you see, if you don’t bring your phone in the bathroom, that’s the end! If your parents say: Don’t lock the door when you go to the toilet, you won’t be trapped inside if you don’t lock the door. Uh, then… you just say: Don’t lock the door? Without locking the door, anyone who comes in sees me swiping my phone, what should I do?

9 months ago

Even if you really bring your mobile phone, your mobile phone may run out of power. Even if you don’t lock the door, the door may be broken if the lock is not broken. In short, there are unforeseen circumstances, and people have misfortunes and blessings. The sky is not as good as people. , Hades wants you to sleep in the toilet, and you can’t make it to your head-if you are really trapped in a closed space like a toilet, please use the following method: look for equipment that can emit loud, harsh, and can be transmitted to the outside, preferably heating It’s easy for people upstairs and downstairs to hear the radiator. The rhythm of the beating must be particular, even if you don’t understand Morse code or the three-length and two-short SOS signal (it is estimated that your neighbors do not understand), you have to change your percussion rhythm, like the behavior of a smart creature. Don’t make the interval too long, and don’t make the same interval, so that neighbors may think that animals are messing around. Don’t be afraid of harassing your neighbors, it is better for your neighbors to scold you than you are starved to death.

9 months ago

If there is no radiator, tap the tap (the toilet should have a tap), and the tap can also transmit sound through the water pipe. If hitting the faucet has no effect, go directly to the ceiling, so that you can directly signal upstairs. If the effect of poke the ceiling does not respond, then kick the wall, pay attention, kick the wall adjacent to the neighbor’s house. Of course, the wall may be kicked down in the end, and then the neighbor stares at you and said: “You TMD go to the toilet without a mobile phone, but our wall is kicked down and see what you do! 』

9 months ago

I was renting in a group rented house for a while. There was a girl in it, playing on the phone in the middle of the night, and sleeping during the day. Once I talked about why and why I would live in a group rented house. Her reason shocked me. She Said that if she died, at least someone would be able to find her for the first time, so that she wouldn’t wait until the insects were born. The second one was afraid of loneliness. If the girls live together, they can talk more or less. At the beginning, I didn’t accept group renting. There were too many people, noisy, and everyone’s work and rest time was different. But when I got used to it, I fell in love with group renting. When I got sick, my roommate would find medicine for you, and I could give you advice at work. It’s really good to talk about gossip on weekdays, at least not alone. I don’t know how to deal with the situation described above, because I don’t know the location of the toilet in the house. But on weekdays, the four items of water, electricity and coal locks at home are very important. On weekdays, we must always pay attention to repair and replace them if they are damaged.

9 months ago

If it is a bathroom, it is not scary. Because you have a faucet, turn on the water and spread it downstairs. Before starving to death (at least 3-5 days with water), someone must have come to see it. The water leaking downstairs must have exploded, 5 days is enough to leak through 3-4 floors. And there is another situation that the building is particularly waterproof, and it is not leaking, so it is better, because the water has nowhere to go but only through the gate, and people outside can see it. Of course, I have to pay for some renovations in the future, but they all say they are in desperate situation. The elevator is much more dangerous.

9 months ago

Does anyone think this is a decoration problem?

The bathroom could not be locked. Before the spherical lock entered thousands of households, the bathroom of the old house (like all other rooms) had a bolt inside with screws, and a pair of door handles with screws inside and outside. It would never appear at that time. This kind of problem.

In fact, in order to protect privacy, only the bedroom in a household needs to be locked, which used to be open locks.

9 months ago

One day I cleaned and closed the cleaned bedroom, but the bubbles were inside.

And this little thing figured it out, just jumped up inside and fiddled with the door lock, only to let it lock the door, and I don’t know how to do it.

The bedroom door can’t be opened, so someone can unlock it, but there is no need, and a door is required to get in.

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