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Another answer that I moved to and was included in Zhihu Daily was that I grew up with a textbook published by the People’s Education Edition. Fortunately, I was born more than ten years earlier. How come the textbook now degenerates into this way? How beautiful our illustrations are before what. One afternoon, when I was packing up my things, I turned out the Chinese textbook for elementary school, stopped my work, and flipped through the pages of the book with a little yellowish ground. Now the weather is getting colder, and winter is about to enter. I remembered a little poem that I had learned before, and read one after another, and finally found this little poem. It’s snowing, it’s snowing! A group of little painters came in the snow. The chick draws bamboo leaves, the puppy draws plum blossoms, the duckling draws maple leaves, and the pony draws crescent. No paint or pen, just a few steps into a painting. Why didn’t the frog participate? He fell asleep in the cave. When this poem was in class before, it was time for the Chinese New Year. When I was young, I lived with my grandparents. There was no air conditioning in the house. In winter, the weather in the south was very cold and humid. Grandpa would put a small charcoal stove in the living room, and the family would warm up around the stove and chat. When the New Year comes, the family will buy a lot of glutinous rice cakes. Grandpa puts the glutinous rice cakes one by one on the tongs, and then puts the tongs on the charcoal stove. After the heat of the charcoal fire, you can see that the glutinous rice cakes are slightly softened and then drummed. I picked up the small bags one by one, and finally the small bags would burst open, and a burst of heat came out of the small bubbles. At this time, Grandpa took the rice cakes to me, dipped them in white sugar, and took a bite. The rice cakes were soft and sweet, really smooth from the mouth. The esophagus warms all the way to the stomach, and the taste is really unforgettable. The teacher asked these classmates to return to their seats, and said with Yan Yue: “When you mention starfruit, everyone is familiar with it. However, when you look at it from a different angle, the appearance of the starfruit is also different. Sometimes it looks like a five-pointed pentagon. Stars. Therefore, when we see other people drawing a starfruit as a five-pointed star, don’t be too busy to laugh, but to see from what angle they look at it. We should trust our eyes and draw what it looks like. What’s it like?” The teacher’s words are so similar to my father’s. Their teachings have served me throughout my life. When I saw the text “Drawing a Starfruit”, I remembered that at that time the teacher asked each of us to buy a starfruit, bring it to class, learn the way it looks in the textbook, and draw a picture. When I was writing this text, it happened to be summer. Grandpa took me to buy a starfruit. In my memory, it was the first time I ate a starfruit. I cut it up and looked like a five-pointed star. . But the taste of carambola, I don’t particularly like it. Old squad leader, eat it! We have to lift you out of the grass! “I’m almost crying. “No, you can eat. You must get out of the grass! I saw the instructor and told him that I did not complete the task assigned to me by the party and did not take good care of you. Look, you are all so thin…” The old squad leader stroked my head with a rough hand. Suddenly, his hand dropped. “Old squad leader! Old squad leader! “We cried. But the old squad leader, he, his eyes slowly closed. We threw on the old squad leader and choked for a long, long time. After drying my tears, I took the hook left by the old squad leader carefully. Wrap it up and put it in a close-fitting pocket. I thought: After the victory of the revolution, we must send it to the Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall, so that our children and grandchildren will pay homage to it. This is a fish hook covered with red rust. Shining with brilliant golden light! “Golden Fish Hook”, when I saw this text, I thought that this text was going to be an open class. At that time, I was still the class leader, and the teacher asked me to A brief introduction to this text in class. One night before class, Grandpa took a sewing needle, baked it on the stove, and bent it a little bit with a kitchen knife to make it into the shape of a fish hook. The next day, I took this simple prop to speak, and got a compliment from the teacher who came to the class. “No, I was deceived! Comrade Chen Geng suddenly yelled, and immediately turned his horse’s head, kicked the horse a few times, and ran along the way he had always been. When he found the little red army, the little red army had fallen on the grass. Comrade Chen Geng struggled to hug the little red army. When he got on his horse, his hand touched the little Red Army’s dry food bag. The bag was stiff. What did it contain? He took it out and saw that it was a black-burned cow’s knee bone with several tooth marks on it. Comrade Chen Geng understood. At this moment, the little Red Army stopped breathing. “The Stubborn Little Red Army”, this text created a self-sacrificing little hero image. Remember that the Chinese teacher couldn’t help crying when he was taking this lesson. I got up. The Chinese teacher was also the head teacher, whose surname was Luo. She was in her early 30s and was a very kind and responsible teacher. I remember one time a female classmate in the class broke her hand. We went to the hospital to see her. It’s a pity that I didn’t achieve much, and I always felt that I had failed the teacher’s expectations. After so many years, I didn’t feel embarrassed to go back to school to visit. I don’t know how Mr. Luo is doing. If I go to school, I really want to send the teacher. Hold wild chrysanthemums. Of course!’Beat roe deer scoop fish, pheasant flies into the rice pot’, you have heard of it. Unfortunately, you are not here. If it is spring, the grass has just sprouted, the river has just opened up, and it is hidden. All the fish in the winter swim up from the bottom of the water. The fish from the river and the chicken from the eggs are the most delicious! The dried fish mailed to you this spring are not adulterated at all. I scooped them with a scoop.” It is the description of the Great Northern Wilderness in the textbook. When learning this text, I was really attracted by the beauty and richness of the Great Northern Wilderness. She is the granary of the motherland, knowing that there are blisters one after another, and there are big fish in the blisters. Unexpectedly, after many years, my university would be in the Northeast, and I stayed there for eight years. “Beidahuang, Beidacang” has actually become my second hometown. Whenever you turn to the after-school vocabulary list of a text, you can see Grandpa’s signature that year. In the past, when I came back from get out of class in the evening, parents were required to supervise the students’ recitation of the text. After listening to me, my grandpa wrote at the end of the text: “I heard Yang Dihuang recite the text tonight. I was very familiar and fluent in memorizing. Satisfied.” Seeing my grandpa’s handwriting, it’s like returning to countless nights in elementary school. Grandpa sat at the desk and watched me recite the text a little bit. Grandpa would cool me down in the summer, but in the winter. , You can only sit by the charcoal stove while warming the fire while warming up the book. After reading the six-year-old textbook carefully, and then looking up the window, it is already setting sun, and the sunset glows the sky beautifully. I remember when I was in elementary school, in the afternoon with sunset, my grandfather would sit under the tall camphor trees opposite the elementary school and wait for me to finish school. When he sees me coming out of the gate, grandpa will stand up and wave to me, smile slyly, and I will threw three steps and two steps into his arms. Grandpa’s flowers are gone, and I am not a kid anymore. When I think about it, grandpa has been away from me for 15 years, and the joys of childhood have already flowed. The child who read texts with emotion back then is already an uncle who is almost 30 years old. I can’t help thinking of this. Tears whirling up. If you think about it, let the time stay in the countless afternoons after school when I was young. Grandpa was still sitting under the old camphor trees waiting for his grandson to finish school.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I found the cover of the first to sixth grade. The salient features of the characters and animals are that they have very open facial features and wide eyebrows. They are almost the same as the portraits of children with Down syndrome in the world. I don’t know why this artist is obsessed with this kind of painting. The wind is all the same. I checked Baidu and it seems that the distance between the eyes of the baby is relatively wide. I can only guess that the artist wants to show the baby’s immature appearance!

8 months ago

Horrified! The illustrations of elementary school mathematics are on the hot list. It seems that this year’s education topic is really hot! Practitioners say that they turn books almost every day and are completely immune. However, the new version of the teaching materials was quickly put into use, and the level of illustrations has improved a lot, so you don’t need to worry too much. In fact, the illustrations are only superficial. The real XX lies in the knowledge system and the explanation logic. It is really hard to explain in a word; the specific reasons are not shown, nor can they be shown. Fortunately, the new textbooks have made innovations in the bottom line, and elementary school mathematics finally shows what it should be: based on the vividness of the situation, returning to the fun of thinking, not just a pile of knowledge points. Still curious, why suddenly this question is on the hot list?

8 months ago

Actually, from a professional point of view, the artist’s skills are really not bad… The brushwork and lines are quite simple and neat, and the generalization ability of the shape is also very good. But…this style of painting is indeed a bit…inappropriate for drawing teaching materials. Things like textbooks are for the public. In fact, it’s better to be a little more modest and as popular as possible. [Some people use the Japanese comic style as an analogy, in fact, I don’t think it’s appropriate] It is speculated that the author of this illustration is an older cartoonist. This style is a bit old-fashioned, like a caricature in a newspaper.

8 months ago

Someone finally asked this question. After reading the textbooks for two years, I was puzzled for two years. The lively and lovely children were drawn like Twenty-One Trisomy (no offense, just think it’s not good to be a healthy child?) ! I really can’t figure out the illustrator, and I can’t figure out how the editor can pass!

8 months ago

Like most friends, I am glad I was born early. Mathematics illustrations can still be seen by people born in the 90s, especially the young lady with a ponytail. But some books have mystery lace like jelly bubbles. I was in the first grade in 2001, and the textbooks at that time were quite lively. Especially in the Chinese textbook of the second volume of the first grade, three characters from the popular animation Qianqianwen, rock-paper-scissors and Xiaobu appeared at that time. After the third grade, the illustrations no longer have a lively style, like the little goalkeeper, the generals and the like are back to the style of the 1980s, but at least there is still some artistic attainment. Like the squirrel in English pep, the bear, and Kris Wu who is wearing glasses, plus the opening music of the Enigma tape and English rap are a little misleading. In addition, other extracurricular readings, such as Dr. Rabbit’s comic strips and story books, are also interesting. In the uniformly distributed English teaching and research materials, there are unexpectedly Ayanami Rei and Katsuragi Misato and others. . . What didn’t do well was the nature textbooks and later science textbooks, and the illustration style was old. I also used some unclear pictures, which is a pity as a natural science subject. The social subjects are quite satisfactory, because the functions of history and geography are taken into account, the pictures used are maps and pictures of historical celebrities, and there is nothing to say. Ideological and moral subjects are similar to Chinese, but the early textbooks are not in color. The printing quality is not good either. In fact, I miss that time, although it is not materially rich. But there are really many good things, such as the high-level popular science magazine Juvenile Science Pictorial, and the children’s comic magazines that are not vulgar and have jokes. There are also Xinlei’s primary school essays and readers who have not yet turned to nonsense. Even the Super Warriors and Blue Cat Naughty Three Thousand Questions broadcast on TV are much more beautiful than the all-bear bears now. I sometimes reflect on the question, whether economic development and technological progress will make our future children more from textbooks and beyond? Or does it just increase their ability to manipulate electronic screens? Or just make them feel at a loss in front of all kinds of knowledge. Yesterday, I heard that my nephew was reading the Hunter Hailibu, and I discovered that the texts we used to learn in fourth and fifth grades are now being used as early education content for five-year-olds. It feels a little strange.

8 months ago

Zhang Hua, Chen Xi, and Zheng Wenjuan from Beijing Wu Yong Design Studio, do you paint in your own way? Paint a textbook so ugly! The more you look at it, the more awkward it becomes. Is it okay to draw a cute child like a toad? You can’t draw more normal! Did you take the orders received by the relationship or did the Ministry of Education owe you wages or did you outsource the work? Anyhow, there must be a basic bottom line! So many art students all over the country have no chance to leave their works on the textbooks. How can you, Ho De, use such bad works to prevaricate? The following is the old version of the math book, is it normal?

8 months ago

I have a complaint for the author. From a professional point of view, his skills are very good and impeccable. The simple lines and smudges outline a very full volume. The textbook illustrations in the answers of other people do not achieve this. The Japanese two-dimensional drawing can have this. The basic skills are all big brothers. But the face is unpleasant.

8 months ago

Maybe the artist thinks that inserting is just to make the lines round and round, but there is not enough detail to add Michelin tires in various messy places… Even if it is outsourcing, the person in charge of the art will not review the manuscript. Is it? Even if there is no individual responsible for reviewing the illustrations, how did the person in charge give it after seeing it? Aesthetic burst

8 months ago

When did textbook illustrations look good? The ghost knows where they all go to hire illustrators, there is a high probability that there is a relationship, all kinds of strange ratios can be mixed in. I will never forget the teacher who is less than 1.3 meters tall in the Chinese textbook “I choose me” in the elementary school (old version). I’m also thinking of developing in strange directions

8 months ago

As someone who has dealt with these publishers, let’s reveal the inside story of these textbook illustrations. One is the price. The budget for this kind of painting is pitifully small when it is actually given to the painter. Another aspect is the audience. This is the decisive aspect. On the surface, this kind of painting is for children, but it is actually controlled by the aesthetics of the leader in charge of this batch of books. First of all, in terms of price, this kind of painting is usually packaged for 20 to 30 yuan per piece in the hands of the painter, and the entire book is only a few hundred yuan for painting. Think about it, everyone, what level and quality can a painting cost 20 or 30 yuan. Moreover, the painter who is willing to take such a cheap order must not have better strength and resources. Anyone who is capable of painting this kind of thing? As for the difference between the funds given above and the funds they actually outsourced, this is hard to say. From the audience’s perspective, the normal process should be to find a professional children’s illustrator to define the style. However, for them, painting is determined by the leaders, usually those in their 40s or 50s who have not learned to paint for a minute, have no knowledge of children’s illustrations, and don’t know what children need to look at. The uncle or aunt of the illustrator holds the power of this project in his hands, and he exudes a small leader who is confident of his own aesthetics. And they don’t care that this painting is for children. What they care most about is how much money this batch of books can save in their pockets. In the process of painting, usually the painter does not have the slightest right to say, he must specify a kind of painting, tell the painter that you painted me like this, and then constantly change it according to the leader’s preferences during the painting process. Change it. Why does this happen? Quite simply, this kind of painting does not need to compete in the market. It is sold directly to students every year. There are fixed shipping channels, and there are too many tricks.

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