Recently, a primary school student in Wuhan, Hubei, picked up the mobile phone and returned it to the owner. The owner came to the school to express his gratitude to him with a thank-you letter, snacks and exercise book. The elementary school student told the truth after seeing the exercise book: “I like snacks, not the exercise book.”

Hahaha, I was about to die of laughter. The little girl saw the test paper’s expression on the spot and said, “I like snacks, I don’t like exercise books”. In fact, the owner brought a letter of thanks, pennants, snacks, and three exercise books to the school. For this kid who is not ignorant of gold. Elementary school students get a free exercise set for picking up money! Haha! Heathcliff’s video 9130 Play This is an interesting and warm story. The little girl picked up her mobile phone and waited with her grandfather, but the time for school was approaching and the owner had not seen the owner, so the grandfather sent the little girl to school and returned to the place , The owner made a surprise call and recovered his mobile phone. The owner also knew how to be grateful, and sent pennants, snacks and exercise sets to the little girls’ school. To be honest, the owner is very considerate. He contacted the little girl’s head teacher in advance and bought a fourth-grade exercise set for the little girl. The little girl’s reaction was very real. This is the child’s innocent reaction, but the owner is for the little girl’s future study considerations. , So I think in this case, the gift from the owner is very appropriate. After all, this is a child of someone else’s family, haha! It’s good to give students a set of exercises as a gift. Even if you don’t give it, parents will buy it. For students, study is the top priority. Little girls are not ethical when picking up money. No matter how hard they study, they will definitely be virtuous when they grow up. Talented, both ability and political integrity!

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7 months ago

According to Article 19 of the Civil Code, minors over the age of eight may independently perform civil juristic acts for pure benefit or civil juristic acts suitable for their age and intelligence. From a legal perspective, the behavior of the thanker and the elementary school student’s acceptance of the gift can be completed independently, protected by law, and the elementary school student does not need to obtain the consent or ratification of her parents. The act of gifting is established and complies with the law. Snacks are eaten, and the test papers Do it selectively. The behavior of the thanker is subjectively affected by Douyin, because it is normal to buy some stationery or snacks for the child according to my logic and behavior pattern. The performance of the primary school students is still commendable. Although the expressions freeze instantly, but the words they say are also in line with the children’s ideas. Snacks are their favorite. Seriously, who likes test papers, dull and tasteless. It is better to be thankful and gifted. It is better to let them release their nature. The country advocates reducing the burden on students, so we don’t want to increase the burden artificially. Thanks to the primary school students, thank the middle school students for sending the test papers, thank the college students for sending the test papers, and send the test papers to the students. Test papers are king.

7 months ago

You find someone else’s wallet and return it to someone else. People come to your company to thank you, ask your boss to reward you, improve your performance goals and work overtime. What is your mood? You give someone an emotional enlightenment, and then that person gets better and continues to do dog licking. Then he rewards you. When licking a dog, he borrows a loan to buy and buy from the goddess, and invites you to be his joint guarantor, or she Go to give Gao Fushuai a big belly, and then invite you to the hospital to pay for her abortion. What is your mood? Do many people have been hit too much since childhood, or the original family is too weird, or do you say that you have watched too many Sand Sculpture Idol TV series, and you can’t even thank you? What do you mean by sending a test paper? Are you telling the child that kindness is not rewarded? Do you think there are not enough test papers in the school? Do you think you are humorous? If you don’t know how to thank others, just verbally thank you, or if you don’t do anything, it’s better than sending a test paper? Do you think it is good for children to send test papers? This is the same as the sand sculpture heroine in the idol drama all day long doing her death to help the hero, so angry that the hero yells, “You are helping me if you don’t do anything!”, I feel wronged, just want to help. , Didn’t want to hold back. Acknowledgment and giving something is definitely something that makes others happy, not something that makes oneself happy. If you don’t know how to thank you, don’t thank you

7 months ago

There is a law in the State of Lu: If the people of Lu people encounter misfortune in a foreign country and become slaves, as long as they can redeem these people to help them restore their freedom, they can receive compensation and rewards from the state. Zi Gong, a student of Confucius, redeemed the Lu people from abroad, but refused the compensation from the state. Confucius said: “Gi (Duanmu Ci, Zi Gong), you are wrong! Receiving compensation from the country will not damage your character; but without receiving the compensation, no one in Lu will redeem their victims. Compatriots.” Zilu rescued a drowning man, who thanked him for sending a cow, and Zilu accepted it. Confucius said happily: “From now on, the people of Lu will have the courage to save those who fall into the water.” The law of the Lu country1, the people of Lu are concubines,2 for the princes, whoever can redeem, take the gold in the house. Zigong Xielu people came to the princes and let them go without taking the money. Confucius said: “Gifts are lost. From now on, the people of Lu have not redeemed people. Taking the money will not damage the line, and if you don’t take the money, you will not redeem the people.” Zilu saves people and worships them. Niu, Zilu suffers. Confucius said: “Lu people will save those who will save them.” Confucius sees it carefully, and sees it far.

7 months ago

Gifts are used to express gratitude, not to Geying people. Therefore, I really disagree with the owner’s approach. It’s like Fat Tiger borrowing a shovel from Nobita’s house and returning a wooden stick after it is used up. I always feel that in this matter, she is a little bit “repaying virtue with grievances”! Not only did she not sincerely thank the little girl for returning the lost property, but instead sent her homework more vigorously, leaving her in a situation of “social death”. Especially from her facial expressions when facing reporters’ questions and interviews, it can be seen that she dislikes these assignments very much. I think this is not at all an affirmation and encouragement to well-wishers, but a kind of pressure and burden in disguise! Is there any little girl really willing to receive such an unsatisfactory gift? Is there a little girl who is really willing to take the initiative to accept such unsatisfactory gifts? Therefore, the kindness of the little girl can be ignored in return, but those who are willing to take the initiative to thank those who are not ignorant of collecting money must not be unprincipled! Finally, if the owner is me, I will only give her the snacks she likes.

7 months ago

If a person with a positive mind and a positive mind comes to see this issue, he will beat his chest and his feet: out of touch, this is out of touch. According to licking dog, the other party likes pears, and the apples you give to a truck are useless. According to the social and animal world, the most frightening promotion is to throw more mission impossible tests to test you. Therefore, the starting point of the gift-giver is to start from where they feel good. The owner feels that to send a child, it is best to learn related things, because this is the trend of judging children at one’s own age, and completely ignores the mood of the person involved. If it is a gloomy and dark-minded person who comes to see this problem, then it would be a singular admiration. It’s a scheming loser. The return of the mobile phone, the children have noble morals, must be praised. But how to praise and who to show it to, this is very particular about it. Go to the school to find the grade director and principal to exaggerate, or find the other parent’s crazy likes, this is the choice of normal people. However, thank you letters and pennants, this is very formalistic. It’s not that formalism is bad, but it’s also a way of expressing gratitude, such as sending a pennant to rejuvenate the wonderful hand or the guardian of the people or evil nemesis. But the pennant, it must be photographed, so we can see a group photo of children wearing masks and the owner deliberately pulling the masks down. If you have a thank-you letter, you must have the opportunity to read it aloud. The purpose of the thank-you letter is to advertise it. It spreads the good deeds of the children and at the same time quarrels the heat. The workbook is the finishing touch. After the 00s and 10s, the cultural ethics do not know how high it is. After all, it is the age of having enough food and clothing and knowing the honor and disgrace. There are always things about picking up gold without ignoring the righteousness. Why can this be on the hot list in various ways? This is this smart workbook. From the very beginning, the owner was based on the pattern of making things big. In the past, the little girl had no idea that he could only pay for it. Now it is the old aunt who has no idea that the report has only become popular. If it is a person who has no feelings to see this matter, he can only sigh for a long time. It is strongly recommended that the story of Zigong Bairen and Zilu Shouniu be included in the elementary school Chinese textbook. Let everyone know from an early age that doing good deeds not only means moral satisfaction, but also more substantial rewards. In this way, more people will do good deeds. After all, most people are just ordinary people with a little sense of justice. As the threshold for doing good is high, everyone will hesitate and have concerns. Therefore, this owner is not bad-hearted, but he is doing bad things.

7 months ago

The little brother in the comment area is also right. The main reason is that some papers/homework are of no use to the child at all. Why are they sent here? Isn’t it embarrassing? ——————— The following is the original answer———————The reward for doing good deeds is the test paper, look at it, is it personnel? The first person to do this, I thought it was funny when I heard it as a joke. I still find it interesting for the second person to do this, but I started to think about whether this behavior is desirable. When the third person did this, I began to suspect that this person was really in return? It’s still for bloggers’ attention. Giving the test paper alone I really doubt the purpose of the owner, and I personally dislike such behavior. There are a lot of things like homework, and adding more to the students will not make the students feel grateful, but will make the students disgusted. What’s more, if other students see the end of good deeds like this, will they start to have questions? Is your behavior really correct? Otherwise, why would you get “retaliation”. But the owner’s method: snacks + test papers, this is acceptable. I can also understand. After all, from the perspective of the elders, children absolutely like snacks. Even if they don’t like the test papers, they are relatively beneficial. In case the other party is a schoolmaster who likes to write questions. But from the perspective of a child, what this student said is the answer in every student’s heart. Including everyone here.

7 months ago

First express my point: I will never give homework as a gift. One, in my cognition, homework is not a gift. I am a student, and I usually read enough exercise books in class. If I receive an assignment as a gift, I can’t wait to throw it on the face of the guy who gave me this thing, and then slap him twice. Second, since it is a gift for children, can you be sincere? I really don’t know what I like. Why don’t I just give me some big red bills and I will buy my favorite snacks and toys. But after reading a lot of answers, the owner is accusing the owner, saying that this product has low EQ and will not give gifts. If you have a word, it’s okay to be comprehensive when you watch the news. The owner came to the school to express his gratitude to the little girl with a thank-you letter, snacks and exercise book. If you simply bring a book of exercises as a thank you, this guy really deserves to be scolded. The labor and management are not ignorant, but you will avenge your grievances instead? ? ! ! The problem is that the owner not only brought the exercise book, but also a thank you letter and snacks that children generally like. It can only be said that it is a bit inappropriate to bring the exercise book as a thank-you, but it does not hurt. This is because the owner hopes that this little girl will be both good in character and academics, and that she not only has good character, but also good in learning. Double meaning. There is really no need to lay down the responsibility of the owner. But the first time I saw this news, I still laughed in the bed! Haha! This is the real mask of pain, right?

7 months ago

Good deeds are not ignorant. I don’t think the child has thought about any rewards. But wouldn’t it be funny if you sent two sets of test papers? Under what circumstances will the test papers and exercise books be sent? For example, when the child is too free to play games every day, or the bear child is too nosy, this time must be associated with the teacher’s assignment of too few homework. Give him two sets of test papers to keep him busy and he has no time to cheat. Obviously doing a good deed, but it is like getting punished. In the future, other children will see something on the ground to pick up, or will they not pick it up? It doesn’t really matter whether you pick it up and give it to the teacher or not. It’s willing to help others. Picking up money is our traditional virtue. But what if you encounter such a weird owner next time he will give you a few sets of test papers and even prepare the mock test papers for the college entrance examination? The less trouble, the better. . . . Isn’t giving a set of brushes or a nice notebook better than a test paper? Ruyi, you don’t understand the child’s mood at this time, let me give you an example. While working, your colleague asked you to do him a favor, but the boss saw that you were not too busy at work, and he would call you every time you work overtime (not counting overtime pay, are you happy?)

7 months ago

It’s very unreasonable. Now it seems that it has become a consensus to collect money and send children exercise books. After these things are posted on the Internet, most of us look at them as jokes. Although they are always treated as jokes, nothing has changed. This thing is really incredible, even disgusting. We have to understand one thing. For a primary school student, what does homework mean? This is something that he has never touched before going to school (of course not necessarily). Compared to carefree, homework is more of a constraint. There seems to be no inevitable relationship between two more questions and a better school for a better future. So obviously, the owner has fallen into the well-known psychology of being good for you. It seems that giving the test papers is a kind of help, or even okay, with a smile on his face and said to you: “Come on! Study hard, thank you for picking up money.” , I will help you.” This is really disgusting. If I were that kid, in most cases, I would not think you were kind and grateful.

7 months ago

During the winter training camp last year. Because I am afraid that the training camp for more than 20 days is too tight! So I thought of playing a small game for the students to relax the tension. We prepared red envelopes, drinks, snacks and other prizes. Draw some grids on the table, write the corresponding prizes in it, push them with a drink at a certain distance, and receive whatever you push. The students like this activity very much. Seeing that this game is so popular with them, I worry that they indulge in the short-term joy of the game. So I decided to add something to it so that they can gain the knowledge they learned while playing games. So I joined the copying and drawing, and the students who were selected for the copying and drawing had to hand in a copying and drawing homework within the specified time. This game didn’t take much time, but I saw happiness in their faces! Happiness from the heart! If you don’t believe me, they laugh so much!

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