Don’t give the political correctness fanatic a taste of the sweetness. Due to lagging cognition and arrogance, people unconsciously think that it is harmless for someone to discriminate under the banner of equality, or even take it for granted. People have the inconceivable illusion that “reverse inequality is equality”, so that political correctness fanatics can attack others wantonly as long as they use the guise of political correctness. The so-called neutrals have always been accomplices of political correctness and fanaticism, and those who are fighting each other’s views are essentially based on the attacker’s position. Don’t treat reverse inequality as equality! “Political correctness fanaticism” fears rationality. Once rationality prevails, it will make them irritated, because they enjoy unscrupulous malicious pouring. Some of them or their hearts think that this is the supreme “good”, but once there is an illusion At the risk of being broken, they will be hysterical, and the politically correct “conceptual bankruptcy” means that the “disclaimer” and “mental privilege” will be invalidated, and they will play with the scheming of various pua honest people to restore the defeat. They cannot accept their wanton The loss of the status of oppressing others. The value of “political correctness fanaticism” depends on framing and solidifying the “antagonism” and establishing the chastity archway of the “new opposition” under the notoriety of the “old opposition”, thereby plundering the material interests of the world and carrying out spiritual slavery. It seems to be strongly defending political correctness. It may also believe that it is defending political correctness. In essence, it replaces the “old inequality” with “new inequality”. They witty steal the fruits of the revolution. “Political correctness fanaticism” likes To create an “intensified” atmosphere, the more it appears “intensified and tragic”, the more conducive to the rationality of “political correctness fanaticism.” The psychological trick commonly used in public opinion speculation is “pessimistic and reasonable”, and “pessimistic and reasonable” can also be said to be “failure”. The core of “learning”. The more they make the situation look bad, the more they are happy from the heart, because the more conducive to confirming their “foresight of failure”, if the situation changes, they cannot accept it. We must find ways to prove that the situation is bad and maintain it. The critical point for the survival of “political correctness fanatics” is that the masses’ unconscious state of spiritual terrorism is self-perceived by the masses. Once the masses realize that the “self-contradictions” imposed on themselves are The rule of “political correctness and fanaticism” that is used to manipulate oneself will fall apart. The rule of terror that is maintained by hypocrisy kidnapping is afraid of mockery and no empathy from the masses, so many times they will curse and terrorize people madly. It has become worse, which is very similar to religion. Whenever the usual hard language and violence do not work in a crisis of governance, they will secretly use the beggar words to magically construct the form of “complaining” and “selling miserable”. Attempt to fool the masses again. The value of “political correctness fanaticism” is “one-way advantage”, which requires that “the adversary will die, and those who obey will have a caesarean test, cut meat and feed eagles.” If there is no opposition here, it must be constructed here. Opposition exists, otherwise it cannot survive. The internal logic of political correctness is “from unconscious opposition to conscious elimination of opposition, and finally to build an unconscious us.” “Political correctness fanaticism” is to frame opposition and rely on the consensus reached by people. Repeatedly harassing people, it’s difficult to describe, it’s similar to some routines in pua. For example, “equality” is actually unequal, and it is more of a pua-style blackmail. “The saints come out, there are thieves”, “Big thief” refers to people who use political correctness to “cannibalize” people from unconsciously to subconsciously, and use “rituals” to kill and condemn people. People are subjective, and bad people are no exception, especially those who are educated. The bad guys are worse. “Political correctness” is labor-saving and intrusive and concealed. It is an excellent wealth code and political tool. Stay away from political correctness fanatics. What is a fanatic of political correctness? The first characteristic of a politically correct fanatic is: (discourse structure). Use “showing weakness” to guide the strong self-interested public opinion bias (note that the attacked party is often self-brainwashed, caesarean examination powder and self-proving innocence), in order to obtain factual immunity and unlimited right to attack , And then pour out malice and steal benefits. There are two types of political correctness fanaticism: unconscious and subconscious. After the unconscious people occasionally taste the sweetness, over time, there will be subconscious ones, who begin to construct a dominant discourse system to oppress and permanently exploit in all directions. The second characteristic of political correctness fanatics is: (group kidnapping). They not only coerce the claimed group, but also kidnap the group to which the other party belongs to the current state of affairs, so that the two groups of poor people will always fall into a metaphysical opposite category to struggle and harm each other. The third characteristic of a politically correct fanatic is: (parasitic dominance). They are parasitic to a certain social group they have constructed. The framed group assumes the responsibility of the provider, but does not have the right to be self-directed. They are mentally flogged and humiliated all the time. Because the framed group has no self-awakening, and at the same time is intoxicated. In the enigmatic arrogant self-construction, it seems to be noble but the reality is the existence of slaves. Some perceptions of the group are as follows. Seek inequality in the name of equality (ie gender privilege). Defend other people’s prejudices against “prejudice” (that is, prejudice framing). Use “anti-sex discrimination” to discriminate against sex (ie, reverse discrimination). Anti-sex discrimination should not distinguish between genders, analyze matters in specific circumstances, deal with matters in actual specific rules, and do not emphasize the so-called “gender weakness” or “gender strength”, so as not to fall into the dualistic “self” that favors one side. Moving”. The same is true for other political correctness. If you are rigidly cognizing and acting in the category of dual opposition, either one party will take advantage of the other party and use malice, or they will torture each other. For certain social issues, we must go from “collective unconsciousness” to “one-way cognition” to “two-way cognition”, and finally achieve the “transcendence” of collective self-awareness. The emphasis on the “opposing category” of biased political correctness is easily misinterpreted by self-interest, and carrying red flags against red flags is very deceptive. Even blatant malicious hatred can easily be forgiven or careless, so secretly Exporting private goods is even more difficult to distinguish, which gives some people the opportunity to subconsciously use it for evil. At the same time, this emphasis is a kind of transcendental framing, which is noble on the surface, but is actually a presumption of guilt. It provides the convenience of murder and condemnation. The more the framed person is, the more excited he is and the happier. The framed person is stuck in it without knowing it. This so-called “ethical homicide” is also the only way to have a powder test by caesarean section. The teachers are no different from the previous Nazis, but they are more concealed. The Nazis blatantly slaughtered them. They were hidden among women. They used people’s consensus on equality between men and women to reversely operate to discriminate against men and violate explicitly or implicitly The self-sovereignty of ordinary women is a necessity of equality between men and women, and then demands their own gender economic privileges and spiritual privileges. After World War II and World War II were defeated, the Germans paid a heavy price, and the female boxer was defeated. Then certain women and men who were accomplices must also pay a heavy price. Of course, other ordinary men and women also had to pay a heavy price and finally defeated gender. terrorism. The so-called political correctness is the progressive label of modern society, and it is also the curse of modern society’s self-destruction. To quote a famous saying, “Just take one more step, even a small step in the same direction, and truth will become fallacy.”

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7 months ago

There are several possibilities for Intel: either, Intel really doesn’t know what Ms. Yang has made before, but thinks that “this person is very hot”, so it invites to do a linkage. This shows that Intel employees are not sensitive enough to social media and online public opinion. It is a problem of ability. Or, Intel’s propagandists are involved in private work, which is to invite this talk show actor who has a considerable connection with feminism to speak for it. This is purely broken. If you carry private goods in your work, it deserves it. Of course, there is another possibility that Intel knows that Ms. Yang will bring all kinds of controversies, but still hopes to get more female users through Ms. Yang—— The attention of non-traditional users has helped Intel products further out of the circle. If so, then Intel is in the atmosphere. In either case, the current results show that Intel has overturned without any accident. What’s more terrible is that this time everyone not only vented their dissatisfaction, but also started from Yang Li’s famous saying to popularize Intel’s decline in the CPU field and product deficiencies in the past few years-I think this is also out of Intel. Expected by the market staff. After all, if you are only dissatisfied with the spokesperson, then the target customers may still be able to hold their noses and continue to consume; but if more people know that Intel is no longer the leading product it used to be, there are more affordable options (AMD, YES!), yes. The brand’s impact will only be more far-reaching and serious. Let me say that Intel did not think clearly about several points this time: I only saw the support for Yang Li on social media (of course, because we know it well) and Yang Li’s popularity, but did not see Yang Li. The motivation and support for the “popularity”, as well as the controversy behind it and the so-called “silent majority”. Failure to figure out their core user groups and core users’ views on spokespersons may have Yang Li’s supporters or feminist supporters It is said that although you guys don’t buy it, there are girls who support Intel, and even the number of “bringing goods” can be greater than the boycott-but from the perspective of Intel’s withdrawal of relevant publicity, this statement is not true. Finally, I have to say: Judging from Intel’s reaction, punching is really useful. Female punches can be beaten as well as male punches. (For manufacturers, when choosing a spokesperson next time, think about whether there is a “silent majority”. In this increasingly extreme public opinion In the field, if you only see the people who speak, or only see the supporters but not the opponents, serious misjudgments will occur sooner or later.

7 months ago

AMD Yes! Seeing that Intel was first angered by a large number of men with Yang Li’s endorsement, and then by a large number of boxers. The picture is too beautiful. Perfect suicide marketing. For most ordinary users, Intel and AMD are highly interchangeable, and which one to use is just a matter of thinking. A large number of boxers are commenting on Weibo, and now the boxer’s hatred of men has been bound to Intel and cannot be shaken off. AMD really should show its heart to Intel’s marketing department. It is recommended that Intel and Hermes cooperate globally to release a limited edition pink fragrance ‘Yes, She Can!’ cpu with a Yang Li luminous head chassis. The price can be more expensive, and the parameters are not important. It can be powered on and minesweeper is enough to ensure that sales can crush AMD. Intel simply thinks that female users can be attracted by Yang Li’s traffic, and male users will not have any opinions. This male user said: I have a lot of opinions to get rid of your uncle. In addition to the anger on Weibo, I will just change my laptop this year and next, and AMD will make a reservation. It is necessary to fight on public opinion, but also to support competitors as much as possible. Facing Intel on Zhihu, it is easy to point a thumbs down. Don’t talk about what men are sensitive and can’t make a joke, and they are anxious to check in. What is the reaction of a woman who lie down in the workplace? It’s more than just sitting in the right seat, just sticking the butt to the chair. Intel does not officially announce the termination of Yang Li’s endorsement and apologizes to the men. I will not remove it from the blacklist. How can I be equal to the workforce in terms of treatment? Of course, Intel is being put on the fire by a boxer, so he doesn’t dare.

7 months ago

Intel’s marketing is to fight for female users? Will True Female Quan not buy AMD endorsed by Su Ma? You can also fight for the rural female boxing, right? The problem is that if Tianyuan Female Boxing has some money, how many do you want to buy Evo instead of Apple? For those who have been brainwashed by marketing, they feel that if you don’t buy a bag of tens of thousands of dollars, it is not a “women treat yourself better”. Is it better to buy Apple or Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Intel itself? Didn’t you have an AC count? Ask Yang Li to endorse that they will buy Evo or not Apples? If the Tianyuan female boxing has no money, do you think they are doing something bad for themselves to buy an Evo or to squeeze the pot belly and buy an apple? Originally, the pot belly wanted to buy a house and a car as a gift. I was already poor enough. I saved some money and wanted to switch to a new computer. AMD could not afford to buy Intel because of the price increase. But now it’s fine. Even the money for buying Intel has been squeezed away. Well… if Apple is still using Intel, it doesn’t really matter, the pot is still in the flesh. The problem is that Apple changed M1 to M1 and didn’t bring you Intel to play. Do you still find a Yang Li endorsement to help her increase her influence and indirectly support Tianyuan Female Boxing? Even if I don’t understand where my basic disk is, it’s no wonder that 10nm still doesn’t work well today…

7 months ago

I have always heard of a saying. In the retail industry, men’s spending power is not as good as women’s, so marketing cares more about women’s ideas.
This statement may make some sense, for example, my spending power is not high. But men are not useless, at least in the field of digital products. Let us have the opportunity to vote with money to express our dissatisfaction that has been offended by the “journey”.

7 months ago

I saw some people say that Yang Li is just talking about talk shows, and men don’t want to take a seat.

After that, will the cosmetics ask Ke Jie to endorse it?

Our Jaguar didn’t do anything to hurt the world and reason. He said a few words of justice and ridiculed the bizarre behavior of the female boxer, and was scolded by the boxers to withdraw from Weibo.

Then I will check whether those people on Weibo will resist.

Don’t be so double-standard, people will expand the male market.

7 months ago

Suppressing the status of men to an infinitely low level is of no benefit to the market economy, especially the IT industry. In the long run, it will only cause abnormal economic development. Looking at the current IT industry, no one buys a computer, no one buys a host, and the game industry is bleak. It depends on mobile games to support it. After all, what else does Guoman have besides mobile phones? In such a big environment, how much room can you imagine for Intel? After all, no licking dog is innocent. In my previous big data article, I mentioned that men’s spending power is not inferior to women’s. This has been confirmed in many countries, such as the United States and Japan. It is a pity that domestic businessmen still believe that as long as they flatter women unlimitedly, they can dominate the market. In this environment, capital began to suppress men in all directions, let women control men’s wallets, and suppress men’s right to speak in public opinion. The result? The consumer sectors that were originally dominated by men, such as IT, electrical appliances, watches, etc., have been overwhelmed. Who is this to blame? Both Sony and Nintendo’s games are not available on PC, and the games themselves can hardly see traces of Chinese style. Coincidentally, it is also difficult to see Chinese elements on Swiss watches. Even if the national male has a little spending power and family status, this is not the case. When you spend all your money on buying bags for women and giving bridesmaids to mother-in-law, you can only get more and more despised in exchange. Intel is still hyping feminist rights, which will only accelerate the malaise of itself and the entire industry.

7 months ago

Offending men has become zz right, whether in entertainment or business. Contemporary grassroots men are really miserable. What is a boxer? Isn’t that just splashing f? Some outsiders with ulterior motives gave a “female quan” hat, and transformed into a tall existence, and then turned to suppress the Chinese people and instill the idea of self-dwarfing. Not only for men, but also for the vast number of kind-hearted women, and kidnapping these women, as long as they don’t go with them, they are willing to be imprisoned by the old customs, not seeking progress, and low. We can’t control the opponent’s strategy. I just want to say, no matter whether you are a man or a woman, you should not be a gunman for others. Adoring these thoughts blindly does not make you look otherworldly and superior, on the contrary, you look particularly unbeautiful, and you don’t look too smart.

7 months ago

I remember that Ms. Yang once said: “Do I say that men have a bottom line?” Here, I would like to sincerely apologize to fellow male compatriots: I’m sorry, I lowered everyone’s bottom line! Because I am the man who is ordinary, not confident and has no bottom line. As a person with no bottom line, no matter how insulting me the manufacturer’s advertisements, no matter what inappropriate remarks made by the executives, no matter how the clerk treats me. As long as their product is good enough and the price is low enough, I will still support it with real money. According to Ms. Yang, there must be more than one person like me in our group of men. So do you understand? Intel. If your product is unsalable, don’t blame your brand manager for looking for Ms. Yang to advertise, really don’t blame them. Only blame your product for being so ordinary and the price so confident.

7 months ago

This is probably because you want more women and users to buy intel laptops? Have you lie down completely regardless of the spending power of the vast number of male compatriots? How many comrades girls choose when they buy notebooks instead of letting boyfriends, husbands, and male classmates refer to them? So male compatriots are not worthy of the workplace, are they not worthy of using EVO certified laptops? Really, I am happy to see that AMD is better at the scene, and Ma Su is also a role model, but can AMD increase its production capacity? When the money is ready, it is waiting to buy your product, and it is out of stock.

7 months ago

In fact, Intel’s ads are the same as Coca-Cola/Pepsi ads. The main function is to strengthen the brand memory. It’s good to find celebrities. You should also find celebrities that are relatively hot recently and have no obvious controversy, such as Guo Qilin and Song Yi. Or, like Pepsi, find a lot of people to spread the risk… So this is really confusing. It can only be said that either the second party is too unreliable or the brand promotion department has been a traitor. Additional note: I rarely see Yang Li’s talk show in the Douyin I use, but Zhao Xiaohui has more, and of course Li Xueqin has the most. As far as the talk show clips I saw on Douyin, Yang Li’s manuscripts were of a low level, but they were also on the qualified line. As for the fierce gender opposition, I personally have no feelings. The degree of talk show can incite gender antagonism, it is better to say that it is just a reason. What I want to express is that this kind of advertising that strengthens brand memory and finding a popular spokesperson is not the usual optimal solution, nothing more.

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