At present, mortgage loan intermediaries in Guangzhou have received notices from many banks, and since March 17 they will further investigate the source of the down payment. The “down payment” for the purchase of a house must be the family’s own funds. If the source of the down payment is verified to be borrowing, advancement and bridging , It is strictly forbidden to enter the loan by others. In addition to banking channels, small loans are also being reviewed.

A person in charge of a mortgage loan intermediary said, “The strict review is unprecedented.”

At present, the bank has further investigated the source of the down payment mainly from five aspects. Specifically:

Provide down payment flow. Before the review, the borrower’s family needs to provide the source of the down payment for nearly half a year’s flow; it can be a current deposit, or a wealth management balance, insurance balance, Alipay balance, stock balance, etc.
Those who have held 80% of the down payment funds half a year ago can be directly recognized as qualified; for part of the down payment that was transferred in within half a year, it needs to be verified as reasonable income.
For the transfer of immediate family members, the immediate family members must provide the flow of nearly half a year; if the family members have already held it half a year ago, it can be directly identified; if the intermittent deposit is made, it must be verified as a reasonable income.
It is strictly forbidden to enter if the source of the down payment is verified to be borrowing, advancing a bridge, or borrowing from another person’s name.
When submitting the loan compliance link, it is necessary to verify the borrower’s family credit again. If there is a new consumer loan or credit card installment business, it must be settled in advance before it can be issued.


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6 months ago

From the results of bank self-examination and supervision and inspection, Shenzhen Chinese-funded commercial banks conducted a comprehensive investigation of 154,000 operating loans with a value of 177.173 billion yuan. The Shenzhen Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau selected 6 banks to conduct on-site inspections and ordered the banks to withdraw 21 loans in advance. , 51.8 million yuan of suspected illegal loans, suspension of risky businesses, punishment of 4 violating institutions, punishment of 14 persons responsible for accountability violations, the total amount of fines was 5.75 million yuan. A total of 154,000 operating loans totaling 177,173 million yuan were investigated and 6 companies were selected, and 21 loans with 51.8 million suspected of illegal loans were recovered in advance. This is so powerful, it scared me to death. Bull, six six six. Counting on the bank’s self-examination and speaking of conscience, only 21 pens were made. Just like the case of the pool, three glasses of fine wine are fine. This is not about the down payment at all, and the issue of illegal lending is unclear at all. Regarding controlling housing prices, I personally think that two tricks are enough. First, it is agreed that new houses will not be listed and traded in X years after the purchase of second-hand houses. Second, increase the supply of land and really live on their own, and it does not matter if they will sell them in a few years. This will directly filter a group of people. Isn’t it in short supply? Just sell more land. Unfortunately, at most one of these two items can be realized.

6 months ago

“From the results of bank self-examination and supervision and inspection, Shenzhen Chinese-funded commercial banks conducted a comprehensive investigation of 154,000 operating loan businesses with a value of 177.173 billion yuan. The Shenzhen Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau selected 6 banks to conduct on-site inspections and ordered the banks to withdraw in advance 21 Pen, 51.8 million yuan suspected of illegal loans, suspended business with higher risks, punished 4 institutions that violated regulations, punished 14 persons responsible for accountability violations, and punished a total of 5.75 million yuan. “I am so scared of the intensity.

6 months ago

Two points came to mind immediately: 1 Yesterday, a friend from Zhuhai consulted. Is it possible to have some debts before applying for a mortgage? In my opinion, the national uniform hard policy is to settle all debts reflected in the credit investigation before applying for a mortgage. Including credit cards, online loans, bank consumer loans. However, in some places before, some business behaviors will get customers, and there will be some policy fine-tunings, such as within a certain amount of debt, the income flow is large enough to cover, and there is no need to settle it. But overall, in order to avoid trouble, it is recommended to settle in advance. It doesn’t matter if you use it and then lend it after approval. Simply put at this level is to prevent you from taking a loan as a down payment. 2 The city where the problem appears is Guangzhou again. I believe it will soon be Shenzhen, Dongguan and other developed surrounding areas. I have mentioned this in many answers before. I have to convince these places that the economy is developed, the income is high, the people’s ideology is advanced, and the courage is bold, and they dare to play! In the past, banks in these places stopped lending and strictly checked eligibility and other measures, but there are still many people who took the risk and cooperated with intermediaries to engage in “housing operating mortgage loans” and then buy second homes. Zhihu-If there is a question, there will be an answer., everyone can take a look at the comment area under my answer above! That’s a wonderful one! Concentrated! So the second point I want to express is that you’ve made the market play blind, and you’ve broken it, and let people later come back! Fu! Well, after talking about the two points that came to mind after seeing the problem conditioned reflex, let’s take a look at the five points mentioned in the question: At present, the bank mainly investigates the source of the down payment from five aspects. Specifically include: 1 Provide down payment flow. Before the review, the borrower’s family needs to provide the source of the down payment for nearly half a year’s flow; it can be a current deposit, or a wealth management balance, insurance balance, Alipay balance, stock balance, etc. 2 For those who have held 80% of the down payment funds six months ago, they can be directly recognized as qualified; for the part of the down payment that was transferred in within the past six months, it needs to be verified as reasonable income. 3 For the transfer of immediate family members, it is necessary to provide the immediate family members with nearly half a year’s running water; if the family members have held it half a year ago, it can be directly identified; if the intermittent deposit is made, it needs to be verified as a reasonable income. 4 It is strictly forbidden to enter if the source of the verified down payment is a loan, a bridge advance, or a loan under the name of another person. 5 When submitting the loan compliance link, it is necessary to verify the borrower’s family credit again. If there is a new consumer loan or credit card installment business, it must be settled in advance before it can be issued. Carefully tasting a product is really a strict review, unprecedented in history! The first article requires the flow of the down payment. The time node is within half a year, and the next few words are deposits or balances. In other words, the down payment was lying in your account half a year ago. You already have this strength, but you can take it out at any time when you want to buy a house, instead of buying a house now and starting all sorts of pooling in the last few months. The second article is a supplement to the first article, that is, although the down payment was not enough before half a year, it reached 80%. For example, if the down payment was 500,000, I had 400,000 in my card half a year ago, so now I don’t have to worry about it. If I directly determine that I am qualified, I can try to collect another 100,000 and not review it. But if I only had 200,000 before and only 300,000 came in in recent months, then I have to find out what the 300,000 is. Reasonable personal income is similar to income from investing in a small business, dividends, etc., as well as bonus subsidies at work, high commissions, etc., rather than other kinds of loan income. The third article is a restriction on the first two. The reason for being strict is that this one has a heavy weight. Because many young people make the down payment with the help of their parents and family members. Now if it is a down payment made by a transfer from an immediate family member, you must also check the source of this part of the money. Going back to the first article, did the money come in half a year ago? This is too cruel. For example, my family members helped me take a down payment of 100,000 yuan to buy a house, and my parents had credit with extremely low interest rates. At that time, you can directly transfer my card to make the down payment, no one cares and no one asks. But now I need to review where the 100,000 that my parents transferred to my card came from? Is it the balance deposit that I had half a year ago, or it was just recently, how did it happen? If it comes from a loan, sorry, it’s unqualified! Rejected! The fourth point is to make it clear that the down payment for buying a house cannot be from a loan, it cannot be loaned to you by your relatives or friends, or you borrowed money from an institution. In short, this money has to be a long time ago, not just a loan to buy a house recently! The fifth is the most shocking. After the review is passed, a credit investigation is required before the loan is released! I didn’t dare to imagine this before. As long as the initial review is passed and the credit report proves that there is no problem in all aspects, I just need to pay attention to the loan. But now the day has changed. Because of the tightening of mortgage policies, bank lending is sometimes very slow. The process from approval to lending can sometimes take two to three months or even longer. This rule is very lethal to some people. For example, the down payment is to borrow cash from a friend and agree on an interest rate. Of course, it is not low, because it will not take long for the next payment to be approved. Of course, this is what I thought at the beginning. Previously approved, you can directly use online loans, credit cards, consumer loans and return the money to your friends. In fact, this is a small advance to cross the bridge. The interest rate is high but the time is short! Operational! But now the loan time has been delayed, and the cost of crossing the bridge is too high to bear. Although the review has been passed, I dare not use the previous method to make up the bridge with credit because I need to check the credit before the loan is released. ! If there is a gap at this time, you still need to settle it and let the debt become zero before lending! Are you worried about you? ! Therefore, the strict review is unprecedented! More 3.21: This answer and the question itself may have caused anxiety among some friends. In fact, there is no need to worry too much. The promulgation of a policy mainly plays the role of suppression and deterrence. The five new regulations for down payment issued by Guangzhou are mainly aimed at speculators who are eager to try to pan for gold. If it is a real just-needed user. It’s another matter. You think buying a house is a big deal for you, but there is someone who is more attentive than you. That is the sales manager or intermediary or property consultant in charge of this house. If you can’t buy a house, you can wait and take a look. Anyway, if you still have money in your hand, he may not be able to pay the rent if he can’t sell the house. Therefore, he will do his best to help you solve the difficulties and tide over the difficulties in all the loopholes in the local property market policy. For example, it’s just a chestnut, you can think divergently. In response to the second question above, if you have a card of 200,000 six months ago. . . 80% is not satisfied. Can’t you buy a house? Go home and look for the safe under your bed. Is there still 300,000 cash in it? ! How do you know? That’s the bottom of your bed, how could I know your own money, I guess! Don’t tell me, there really are! But now it’s all electronic money, who still saves cash at home? You are a miser, and you like to wake up in the middle of the night with a little money and not fall asleep. Can I manage this? really interesting!

6 months ago

The author works in a bank. Talk about what you have seen and heard: 1. Because of the limited inventory of business outlets, it is generally necessary to make an appointment in advance for a one-time withdrawal of more than 50,000 yuan in cash. I met two people with the same surname, calling one after the other to make an appointment to withdraw cash. The next day, old x and little x went to the bank together, and each took the number and queued up. Query the current status of old x and found that the funds on the account came from small x inter-bank transfer. 2. The customer did not make an appointment in advance and proposed to withdraw large amounts of cash. Observe the customer’s personal belongings and also carry a large amount of cash. It is assumed that the customer has withdrawn cash at different bank outlets. Inquiry of the customer’s turnover, it was found that the specific details of the funds on the account were displayed as “Internet Commercial Bank-Loan”. 3. A and B enter the bank together. A means to “take out” the large amount of funds on the B card and then “deposit” it into the A card, and B means to add. The bank asked, isn’t this just a transfer? AB immediately became emotional and said that it could not use transfers and must use cash transactions. The bank refused on the grounds of anti-money laundering, and customers responded strongly. After compromise, help customers make an appointment for cash, and take it out of the outlet the next day after taking it out. A and B may be men and women of the same age, or they may be the same age and the young.

6 months ago

In the past few years, a family or a few families together invested in equity and looked for an agent to buy a house in Guangzhou and Shenzhen as investment. The problem is obvious. This kind of house purchase can neither bring high-quality labor nor high-quality capital. Neighbourhoods to the city government are unanimously disgusted. It is not surprising that they can step on a few feet while taking advantage of this shareholder’s wind. In fact, in more developed regions, the enthusiasm of some people in other regions to pursue the steady and rapid appreciation of assets has actually endangered the quality of local high-quality assets.

6 months ago

I own a few properties in Guangzhou, and at the end of last year, I just replaced two of them back to the old district. I just closed the house a few days ago. My opinion is that Guo Jia wanted to find a chicken to show to other cities around the corner, so as not to press the gourd and raise the scoop, but he didn’t want to really puncture the bubble, so Guangzhou would lie down with a gun. The three cities with relatively strong increases last year, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Guangzhou, are all in the Pearl River Delta, and the order of price increases is Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Guangzhou. These are the appearances. In essence, Shenzhen real estate speculators are in control of thunder and lightning. Shenzhen’s regulation goes to Dongguan, and Dongguan’s regulation goes to Guangzhou. Shenzhen is close to the above-ground financial center of Hong Kong and also close to the underground financial center of Chaoshan. The financial activity is very active. , The speculation method is first-rate, and the average household in Shenzhen 0.5 sets of property rights, so the house price is normal. Knowing that the real estate’s formal leverage is 2.33 times, 10 million houses can be bought with 3 million principals, but Shenzhen is full of irregularities. In speculators, the 3 million principals are basically loans. Guo Jia really wants to pierce the bubble. , Strictly check Shenzhen is enough. Once the housing prices in Shenzhen fall, the demonstration effect is obvious. However, Shenzhen has not been rigorously investigated, which is very intriguing. Not only did the major banks in Shenzhen conduct self-inspection of the loan inspection last year, but this year the board of the strict down payment inspection did not hit Shenzhen, but instead hit Guangzhou on the ass. It really made people think about it. As for why it is hitting Guangzhou, one of the top four in Guangzhou is the growth rate second only to Shenzhen, and the size is enough to be a chicken. Second, the real estate is relatively healthy. Even if you play the board, there will be no major problems. It is the most suitable as a caregiver. I called the public to see that the third tentacles of the Shenzhen real estate speculators have been in Guangzhou, and knocking out the tentacles can also deter Shenzhen. I have been involved in the real estate market in Guangzhou for more than ten years, and I have come to the conclusion that it is almost the healthiest real estate market. There are not many local speculators. The real estate speculators basically come from neighboring friendly cities. They have created some thunder, but they have been digested by time. . Take the online celebrity disk Vanke Opal as an example. I have been to see it in 15 years, but I didn’t buy it, but I saw a few people in Shenzhen who bought several floors. This year, this disk is very popular, but Vanke Opal is around However, there was not much reaction at all. It is hard not to make people suspect that someone is trying to ship goods. In addition, this year I want to buy a house in Pearl City, but I was cut off by a Shenzhen customer. He didn’t even buy the house at a price increase. I know if he will be found in the down payment check. I have to know that this year I have seen them in Pig City, Tianhe Park, and Yuexiu. I am really in control of the thunder and lightning. So my conclusion is that as long as there is no problem with the down payment, you can buy it boldly. It has nothing to do with ordinary people, so there is no need to make a fuss.

6 months ago

As we all know, China Real Estate and U.S. stocks are the two largest bubbles in the world. The United States desperately blows up its own bubbles. We seem to be actively trying to puncture its own bubbles. Very good. Since we want to fight with the United States, we must have it. The determination to cut meat and bones must not be better than bad, and hope that the other party will explode first. Don’t have any illusions about the property market. Future real estate speculators will not end well.

6 months ago

Credit is the seven inches of the property market. As long as you can hold down the credit, you can hold down the house price. The rationale behind this is obvious. Credit is the financial support of the property market plus leverage, and it is a weapon to amplify the property market speculation. If credit is squeezed to death, then the property market will never be hyped up only with just-needed own funds. Some people say that real estate speculators do not care about credit and can buy a house in full. You must know that there are not many people who can speculate in real estate with full funds. Under the constraints of purchase restrictions, there is not much room for real estate speculation with full funds. Credit leverage is the ultimate support for real estate speculation. On the contrary, once consumer loans and business loans can flow into the property market in violation of regulations, and even the down payment is borrowed, real estate will become a reservoir of huge funds. These pools of water have entered the top cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Is there any reason why housing prices should not rise? Therefore, wherever efforts are made to increase the second set of down payment ratios, mortgage interest rates, and crack down on operating loans, there is naturally no possibility of unsustainable housing prices. Therefore, if the illegal business loans and consumer loans are really used, housing prices in some popular cities will face challenges. Not long ago, at the press conference of the State Council Information Office, the chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a warning: the core problem in the real estate sector is still relatively large bubbles, and the tendency of financial bubbles is relatively strong. It is the biggest gray rhino in the financial system. Many people buy houses not for housing. It is for investment speculation, which is very dangerous. The report of the NPC and CPPCC this year also made it clear that we should insist on not speculating in housing, stabilize housing prices, stabilize land prices, and stabilize expectations, and do our utmost to help new citizens and young people alleviate their housing difficulties. Obviously, how to truly implement the “housing and living without speculation”, whether you are willing to be true to operating loans, and dare to crack down on speculators, is the time to test major cities. It will be clear who is working hard to curb the rise in housing prices and who is coping with half-hearted control.

6 months ago

To put it awkwardly, it doesn’t matter whether you just need to buy a house, but whether you borrow money to buy a house. If you buy a house in full, and the full amount will be paid on the spot, there will not be so many loans, and the real estate financial risk will not be so great. Many respondents interpreted this policy and basically made sure that you have enough money to pay the down payment. This money can’t be borrowed. I’m afraid that real estate speculators can borrow leverage for real estate speculation. If something goes wrong in the middle, they can’t afford it. There is a risk in these situations. However, there is a very fatal situation that young people do. To do, this is really just needed. But if they can’t afford the down payment, to be honest, the down payment they borrowed to make up is also a risk, a big risk, if the Sino-US friction continues to escalate, the economic upward will be blocked, sudden unemployment, cut off, or even borrowed I can’t afford to pay the down payment,,,,,, and I tighten my belt, all the money is on the house, how to stimulate domestic demand, how to expand the internal circulation, what if the poor don’t buy a house, give it in the 14th five-year plan, rent and sell The same right, the same right to rent a house and the same right to buy a house, and the same opportunity to enroll, this is the real housing not speculation, so that young people can give up buying a house, and the money can be used to drive the internal cycle. Only when there is hope, can there be willingness Only by giving birth to a child can the real estate bubble slowly squeeze out, but in order to achieve this result, the game among the various interest groups feels that there is still a long way to go.

6 months ago

First of all, make it clear that whether you limit the loan ratio or strictly check the source of the down payment, the core is to make ordinary people unable to buy or buy a house, and to prevent people in need from adding a very large leverage to the car. Protect 6 wallets, and enter the market when they are not in the high position. In the end, it will be empty. Secondly, strictly investigate the source of the down payment to prevent business loans and car loans from flowing to real estate, thereby pushing up the bubble. When young people cannot generate enough cash flow in the next 20-30 years to support this housing price, the bubble begins to grow. If asset prices rise and inflation is crowded out, the problem is very serious. In other words, real estate must be lowered. If real estate prices do not lower + inflation, it will be easily punctured. Secondly, when the birth rate drops to a certain level, it is almost impossible to increase the population. time does not wait. I think the regulation of real estate will become more and more fierce in the future, this is just the beginning

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