Place the three apples overlapped, and each apple is divided into 7 evenly (because there are 7 children). Just make sure that every kid gets 3/7. After three cuts, three apples can be divided into 6 3/7 and 3 1/7. This solves the problem, each child takes 3/7, and the last child takes 3 1/7, which adds up to 3/7. Of course, there is also a four-knife arrangement of three apples in a row, one cut (please use a long enough knife) to cut into three 1/7 apples and three 6/7 apples; the remaining three 6/7 apples each Cut into six 3/7 apples with one knife. Among them, six children each take a 3/7 apple, and the seventh child takes three 1/7 apples, which means a total of 3/7 apples. In this way, every child can get 3/7 apples. Of course, the method is not unique, this is obviously a positive solution. If you want to pick a thorn, it is difficult to cut three apples into 1/7 and 6/7 at the same time, but this is a technical problem. If it doesn’t work, please practice first before cutting it. In fact, this positive solution can be simplified. For example, after the first cut, the remaining three 6/7 apples can be arranged in a row, and one cut can be cut into six 3/7, saving two cuts. However, if you consider the situation where the three apples may be of different sizes, this positive solution and its simplified method cannot meet the requirements, and this can be further optimized at this time. The positive solution after optimization: (1) First cut: stack three apples in a row, and cut it down (please use a long enough knife) into three 1/7 apples and three 6/7 apples; (2) ) Second cut: arrange three 6/7 apples in a row and cut them down (please use a long enough knife) to cut into three 2/7 apples and three 4/7 apples; (3) Third cut : Arrange the three 2/7 apples and three 4/7 apples cut into (2) into six parts in a row, and cut it down (please use a long enough knife) to cut into three 1/7 apples and three A 2/7 apple; (4) The fourth cut: arrange the remaining three 2/7 apples in (3) in a row and cut them down (please use a long enough knife) to cut into 1/7 apples. Each portion is 1/7 of an apple. Even if the three apples are of different sizes, since each apple is divided into seven portions, it can still be divided equally among seven children. Consider the final actual operation. Assuming that the apple can be seen as a circle (top view), the above positive solution can be realized as follows: arrange the three apples in a straight line and cut each one in half along the middle, and then rotate each of the three apples by 180 °/7 (approximately 25.7°), then take a long knife and cut three apples at the same time. As shown in the figure below, the three apples are divided into 6 parts of 3/7 and 6 parts of 1/14, 6 3/7 are given to 6 children, and the remaining 6 1/14 are given to the 7th child, so everyone can get 3/7 apples. According to the previous discussion, this answer can be simplified. For example, the first cut can cut 3 apples at the same time, saving two dollars. However, if you consider the situation where 3 apples may be of different sizes, the answer just now and its simplified method cannot meet the requirements. At this time, this answer can be further optimized. The optimized answer: First cut: arrange three apples in a row, cut each apple in half with one cut (please use a long enough knife); second cut: still cut the three apples according to the original trajectory Each apple is rotated 180°/7 (approximately 25.7°) around the center of the circle. With one cut, each apple is cut into two 3/7 parts and two 1/14 parts; the third cut: the knife still cuts according to the original path, Rotate the three apples 360°/7 (approximately 51.4°) around the center of the circle, and cut each apple into 2 2/7 parts, 2 1/7 parts and 2 1/14 parts; Knife: The knife is still cutting according to the original path, and the three apples are rotated 360°/7 (about 51.4°) around the center of the circle. With one cut, each apple is cut into 6 1/7 parts and 2 1/14 parts ( Finally, parts 1-7 of each apple). In this way, each apple is equally divided into 7 parts. Even if the three apples are of different sizes, since each apple is divided into seven parts, it can still be divided equally among 7 children.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

1. First cut yourself to death, let seven children want to grab three apples. No limit to means or weapons. It is allowed to hold a stun gun, mace, Qinglongyanyue knife, and to kick the crotch and hit the back of the head. The key to the Law of the Jungle is to let people return to the latent animality in their genes. The winner is the king and the loser is the inferior. Only the strong children who survive are worthy of eating this apple. The rest can only cry while surrendering to the strong. Underfoot. The one that stands out is the king of the children you prayed for. His rule will eventually span the Eurasian continent, and four continents and five oceans will crawl under his feet. 2. Finish three apples by yourself. Hold the knife in front of the children and chop around, show the sharpness of the kitchen knife, and ask them if they accept it. If you refuse to accept it, punch to death indiscriminately. 3. Eat two apples by yourself, put the remaining apple in front of seven children, and tell him who gets the best score in the next exam, who is eligible to eat this apple. This is called maximizing one’s own profits while diversifying a small part of the profits to provide bait. When the children start to scroll frantically for the benefits of this, you can see their performance is improving rapidly. If someone has equal grades, cut the apple into quarters. Give three quarters to one person and one quarter to the other. This is called intensifying internal conflicts and encouraging competition again. Punish the children with the worst grades and drive them out of the house to alert those with medium grades. This is called an isolated target, set up a target to hit it, and shape the values ​​that performance cannot be bad. Finally, I gave a speech, telling everyone that if they get full marks next time, there will be endless apples waiting for them, and I advise everyone to work hard to improve their scores. This is called picture cake

7 months ago

Stupid/war criminal: Cut each apple with a knife, and cut a kid to death. Brainless Right Ren: Children with poor grades are not given food. No brain Zuo Ren: No one should eat apples. Rightists: Cut the apples randomly into 7 or more portions of different sizes, and then score them according to their scores. For example, the first place will get the most or the largest apple pieces, and the second place will get less than the first place. Some, third to sixth and so on, the last one has no food. Leftist: First use four knives to divide the apple into as many apple pieces as possible, and then divide the apple pieces as much as possible, and then give the person who cut the apples the remaining apple pieces that cannot be evenly divided as a reward for labor. Capitalist: Put forward the condition of “I will help you divide, but the remaining apples that cannot be evenly distributed to everyone after the distribution are paid to me as the distribution reward”, and then optimize the “best” apple cutting method to ensure that Maximize the volume of apple chunks that cannot be evenly distributed in the end within the acceptable range for children. Real-life arbitrators (such as parents/teachers): Cut them into a few pieces and divide them into one point, regardless of whether the children have opinions or whether the distribution is even/reasonable.

7 months ago

First cut three apples, cut 3 apples into 6 parts, and then: call 7 children, so I said to them with difficulty: “Nowadays there are only 6 apples, but you have 7 people. It is not as good as you say that you are obedient. The most well-behaved one eats apples.” Children 1 to 6 told about their deeds of going to school on time, helping parents with housework at home, and listening to class carefully. After talking, they took an apple and ate them by themselves. When it was the child’s 7th turn, there was no apples, but the child 7 was the monitor of the class. He was very angry and said: 270 days a year, I help the teacher collect homework, organize morning exercises, and be a class representative. I don’t have apples for such credit. It’s too much! Children 1 to 6 were very ashamed after hearing this and said: It is true that Child 7 has done more than us, but we were ashamed to get the Apple first, so we committed suicide one after another. Child 7 saw everyone commit suicide and regretted it, saying: We are all classmates, but I forced everyone to commit suicide for Apple. What kind of face do I have to live in the world, so I also committed suicide…

7 months ago

Ask any child to cut the apple and ask to divide it into 7 portions. The remaining 6 children take turns to take one of the apples, and the child who cuts the apple must take the remaining portion of the 6 people. With reference to such a question, I once saw it in a book on game theory: 10 people want to divide a pot of porridge into 10 bowls, and each person takes 1 bowl. Everyone wants to drink as much porridge as possible, but they have to share it as fair as possible. How do you divide the porridge? 10 people take turns dividing the porridge every day? Election of sub-committee? Introduce supervisors? No, no matter how small groups form cliques, this pot of porridge is just unfair…What is the final solution? Yes, you can divide the porridge by yourself, but let it be taken at the end. From then on, the 10 bowls of porridge are evenly distributed as if they have been measured with a measuring cup (the bowl that the porridge person gets is the leftover, so the portion must be the least. In order to drink more porridge, the person who divides the porridge must divide the porridge as fair as possible). What, this question was asked by the kid who cut the apple? That’s okay

7 months ago

If I will divide this question equally, just cut the children or make apple juice, but the magical reality is that 1. PUA type constantly hits the children, let the children know that they are disobedient, let him go to school, and say how awesome he is. The child brainwashes, and then asks the child to dedicate the apple to me 2. Capital type gives an apple to a child and other children, tells how hard the child is and how hard the other child is to work hard, so that you can get the apple and actually give it to others The children have apple cores, even after eating them by themselves, there are no apple cores left. 3. The pdd type tells the children to bring them to my house before they can tell them there must be apples in my house. There are other fruits that have insects in my house. You look good. , And it’s very cheap, so I’d like to buy it and wait until a child reaches 99 and then the other child tells the child to buy you a coupon for Apple. 4. Transfer the contradiction type and let the child stand by height from high to low. Everyone cuts a knife, from low to high, what does each person get? Is everyone different? You blame me for taking it yourself? Is there a problem with everything? Who makes you not tall enough, blame me? 5. The former iPhone type tells the children that there are very few apples from m78 Nebula on hand. Change to apples the day after tomorrow, so that children can prepare things for time. The children bought apples, bananas and pears, and exchanged them for the most expensive ones. Then, in a few days, I will switch to an Apple for marketing such as hungry to maximize the benefits. 6. Although the iPhone model is not very good and has worms, these apples are from the m78 nebula, m78 nebula! ! m78 Nebula! ! There will be children who change at the m78 Nebula. 7. Live broadcast of the children who carry goods and xxx, a large amount! This apple*** child exchanges things on impulse and actually gives the child an apple peel 8. Humble knowing answer type (crossed out) As long as the child likes it, double-click the screen, wishing to pay more for yourself An apple for the children 9. When you are hungry, draw a big pie to the children and send them tasks. As long as you complete all tasks, you can get a big apple. In the last task, you can kill all the children. As long as no one reports, you can swallow all the apples. La

7 months ago

Let us first assume that the apple is a perfect spherical shape in a weightless vacuum of the same size.
Using the theorem of dividing the ball, three apples are cut into fifteen parts with three knives, and then rotated and combined into six apples.
Then randomly select a lucky apple, use the ball-dividing theorem again, cut into five pieces with one knife, and rotate them to form two apples.
After cutting four knives in this way, seven children can each have an apple~

7 months ago

The answer to this question made me distraught. Let’s not say that there is a disagreement and cut off the clever netizens of the four children, nor do they forcefully turn the problem into a public account for the social resource allocation problem that he is familiar with (good at talking about the mountains), nor do they just use their eyes. You can see the Apple’s 3/7 dividing line. To these people, I just want to say, don’t answer if you can’t think of the answer. If there is no answer to this question, don’t let the inferior answer put an unsolved problem on the hot list, okay? This is very funny. When I saw this question on the hot list this morning, I thought that the Great God had already solved it. Good guys, most of the answers were clever (I still want to thank some of the answerers who took the question seriously, although their answers are Incorrect). Okay, I didn’t want to worry about it. I just found out that I saw a 2000+ agreeable answer. Well, the highest praise, I slid in and took a look. It was very fanciful, like a serious answer. It is indeed a serious answer. But who will explain how to use Archimedes’ law to determine the 1/7 quality boundary. The answerer, I guess what you meant was to imitate Edison’s method of finding the volume of the bulb with water. So what you mean should be like this: you first immerse the apple in a large container full of sleep (the density of an apple is less than water, it doesn’t matter, take a toothpick and press it down), measure the volume of the overflowing water, and then Delimit one-seventh of it. Once again, carefully control the apple into the container filled with water, so that the volume of water discharged from it is exactly equal to the place just designated. This will be 1/7 of Apple’s place. It’s a good way, but where is Archimedes’ law? Why did I not see it? Oh, I looked at the answer carefully again, as if the first step of the answer did not mean that the apple was completely immersed in the container. Then this can indeed be obtained according to Archimedes’ law: the gravity of the apple excluding water = the buoyancy of the apple = the gravity of the apple. What will you do in the second step? Reapplying the old technique? However, because you have exerted control on the apple (produced a vertical upward force), in the second step, the gravity of the apple to remove the water = the buoyancy of the apple the gravity of the apple. So you will not get the correct result. So I think you (including most of the audience in the comment area) have a little lack of understanding of Archimedes’s law, which is a very basic physics. Then you say you don’t want to use toothpicks, what should you do if you have to use Archimedes’s law? First use the drainage method to measure the volume of the apple.

7 months ago

Step 1: Find the density of the apple. Step 2: Prepare a solution with a density of 7/6 that of apples. Step 3: Throw the apple into the liquid and cut off the surface of the water with one knife. Step 4: Replace the solution, its density is twice that of apples. Step 5: Throw the apple into the liquid, and cut off the part of the water with one knife (if it is not good to cut on the water, you can dye the liquid, take it out and align it before cutting) Of course, this solution may appear to some children. This is the case of inedible apple cores. Step zero: Find another knife, curl it into a cylinder, put the four apples together, and smash it directly against the fruit base. Of course, the apples are of different sizes. This problem requires the last knife to peel. Although I don’t know what the kids see What will it look like when someone cuts an apple to less than half

7 months ago

I have seen Detective Tang 3 and war criminals against humanity: four children were hacked to death, and each of the remaining children was one. Sheda: Allow children to grab apples from each other, and advertise to children who did not get apples that only the strong can get apples, and the weak can only starve to death. “Left” leaning: Require everyone not to eat apples when hungry. Free capitalism: Children compete in the market, calling on adults not to interfere with children, allowing adults to only act as “night watchmen” and claiming that the market has an “invisible hand” regulating it. Monopoly capitalism: After the above stage of free capitalism, monopoly organizations such as “trusts” and “syndicates” formed by one or a few children monopolize the market, and the monopoly organizations get the most out of apples. State monopoly capitalism + welfare state: requires adults to use necessary means to intervene in the Apple market. Distribute compressed biscuits to children who don’t have apples to eat, and advertise to the children that “we climb up through a ladder, and there is a net underneath to catch the fallen.” Nazi racism: hacking children of impure blood. Authoritarianism: Threatening children with a knife, spanking disobedient children, and hacking to death directly by children who dare to resist, so that the children obey the adults and the adults distribute them according to their ideas. Socialist distribution according to work: socialist education for children. Every child is required to work (grow apples). A labor time certificate is issued based on the length of labor, and the certificate is used to exchange for apples according to a certain percentage. Hidden event: Because the children’s enthusiasm for labor and production was mobilized, the “Stakhanov Movement” occurred. The children participated in labor competitions and their ability to produce apples was significantly improved. Therefore, the apples are not only enough to eat (one per person), adults and Children and Wealthy Apples can export apples to children in other kindergartens. Communism distributes according to needs: due to the continuous development of socialism and entering the communist stage, labor has become the first need of every child. Apples are extremely rich, and each child gets apples according to his needs (one for small appetites and two for large appetites). Reality: The adults are randomly assigned, and the children are promoted to “love to eat, not to eat”. Licking the dog (literally): Each child takes turns to lick an apple, the first apple is licked and the second is licked, until all the apples are licked clean. Me: I sold the knife, bought a juicer, and squeezed it into a glass of apple juice. I drank the rest as compensation for my hard work.

7 months ago

Eat three apples and give them the seeds inside
And tell them seriously
“These seeds can grow into apple trees under your careful cultivation. Seriously, you will definitely get a lot of apples.”
Give you so many apples in one go
Brother me, but it’s very big

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