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I have raised a lot of cats in my family. When I was young, the cats were raised freely, and there was no scientific way to raise them. The life span of cats is relatively short, and the more common one is six or seven years. Back then, whenever I heard that the cat at home was dead or lost, I would be very sad. When I was a child, I used to live at my grandma’s house. I remember that my grandma raised a cat and didn’t know what she ate outside. She foamed at the mouth when she got home. Grandma said that the cat might have taken rat poison. At that time, there were more rats and many people. Medicine mice. I was very sad to see that my beloved cat was dying. There was no veterinary hospital at that time. My grandma poured soapy water into the cat and said that the cat would vomit the medicine. It turned out to be vomiting a little, but the cat still died. Because of this, I was sad for many days. Later, my grandma asked for a small cat from someone else’s house, and I was soon cured by the cat. It’s a cow, very much like the cat in the picture, thinner than this cat. This little tabby cat has been raised by my grandmother for ten years. Because of lessons learned, grandma feeds the cat every day and buys small fish. Cook it for the cat, then the small fish can buy a small bowl for a few cents. The cat eats a round belly, sleeps in the yard every day, and licks a lot of his mouth. People with rats don’t eat at all, and they just throw it aside after a few strokes at most. Later, the cat died of illness because of his old age. By this time I have grown up. I think this cat is really old after more than ten years. The chubby kittens raised in my grandma’s house have given birth to naughties, so I don’t feel particularly sad. Although I know that cats will leave one day, I also keep cats after work. I think that as long as I treat cats better and raise cats scientifically, it is perfectly possible for cats to live for more than ten years. In foreign countries, some cats have a life span of more than 20 years. According to the Internet, they are even more than 30 years old. At that time, when I picked up the first kitten, I began to work hard to learn about raising cats, and I bought several veterinary books and books related to raising cats and dogs. In addition, I will combine the information on the Internet, the legendary “first-child photo-raising” haha~ Birth, old age, sickness and death is a natural law, since you have a cat, treat it with your heart, even if one day the cat gets old and leaves you, I will feel calm.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

First of all, the life span of cats is not short. If it is a garden cat or a cat with a suspicious pedigree, even in the semi-random state in the countryside, as long as it is not beaten to death, starved to death or scared to death, it is generally no problem for more than 15 years. Not to mention that there is a record of cats living for more than 30 years-others can do it, why is it impossible for your furry child. As for breed cats, the life span is relatively short, but most of them can live for 10-17 years. This is not a small number anymore. Do you and your parents spend more than twenty years in your life, living together, needing each other, and spending time with each other? The friend you made, even if you still keep in touch now, how much time do you spend with him in total? Your brothers and sisters, how many years did you spend with you before you grew up and each had each other? Ask yourself, how often do you talk to them on the phone? I don’t think it can exceed the life span of a cat. Although its life span is indeed no better than your parents, your brothers and sisters, and your friends, the company it gives you is 100%. In its more than ten years of life, there is only you in its world, it has never left you, and it has never stopped caring and loving you. Its company is true “accompaniment”, not saying “I am” on the phone, but being true all the time. It is a group of happiness close at hand. In this sense, it does not have to stay in this world for too long. Moreover, the cat’s old age is not as long and unbearable as humans. Cats with inconvenient legs and feet and suffering from aging only account for one-tenth of their lives. It can be aware of its own time of death, and before it comes, leave its owner, find a hidden place, and die alone. As we grow older, we must all witness the deaths of relatives and friends. But you won’t think that you haven’t seen them, because the happiness they bring to you is far greater than the pain of their leaving. In that case, why are you worried about the death of the cat?

8 months ago

It’s uncomfortable, but many things are not just about results. The fun of raising a cat is to develop it from a cute little guy into an indispensable part of life, watch it act coquettishly, accompany it in the sun, and play games with it. Falling in love will quarrel, drinking milk tea will make you fat, staying up late will hurt your body, and you will catch a cold if you don’t wear long trousers… We know the result of many things, but we still can’t control how we do it. Because dating is happy, drinking milk tea will make you happy, be yourself when you stay up late, and show thin legs without long pants. Only by enjoying the process and accepting the results can life be happier.

8 months ago

It’s uncomfortable that my old girl left on the 12th. Although I knew she would leave for a long time, but she did leave, I still couldn’t hold back my tears. The old girl is a stray cat. She should have had an unbearable experience in the wild. She was caught home by me when she was wandering in my community. She was a fleas. She was not close to people and was not allowed to approach. She was hiding behind the curtains in the study. I brought the food and cat litter into the study and let her eat and drink by herself. It’s okay to basically not enter the study. Every time I go in to change the cat litter and eat and drink, I can’t see her, and I don’t dare to open the curtains for fear of scaring her. For about three months, one day when I was watching TV in the living room, I suddenly saw her coming to the door of the study. When the old girl was caught by me and went home, it was not much bigger than the palm of my hand. I didn’t expect that she would not grow into a half-large cat in three months. She wanted to come to the living room but didn’t dare. He hesitated for at least two hours. I stayed in the living room for so long. I didn’t dare to get up while holding the urine, for fear of scaring her. I stood up slowly. She looked at me very vigilantly. She shrank back, but did not turn around. I tentatively moved forward and slowly to a place very close to the entrance of the study until she was about to turn around and escape. Stopped and lay slowly on the floor, turning his belly like a cat. After another ten minutes or so, she approached me at a turtle speed. I took my hand to her and smelled it. After she got acquainted, I finally touched her. It’s too long. Someone will read it before writing.

8 months ago

It will be uncomfortable, but because of the loss, perhaps we can know how to cherish it more. We have heard many truths, such as “life toward death”, such as “life in the unknown knows death”. In fact, they all vaguely point to an attitude or concept, that is, we can’t give up thinking about the meaning of life just because we avoid thinking about death. If you really love a cat, you will extend from the finiteness of its life to thinking about its own finiteness, which may enable you to reach a possible ultimate problem earlier and better. There will always be death, so how can it be more meaningful and less regrettable?” This may be a kind of “love the cat and yourself” progress, from this perspective, it may not be a bad thing. More importantly, we shouldn’t think about it or dare not own it because we are afraid of losing it. With a healing cat, you know there is something beautiful, you shouldn’t miss it.

8 months ago

Keeping pets is mainly for companionship. Cats and dogs, with a life span of 10 to 15 years, can accompany their owners through a relatively long journey in life. The life span of a person can reach 80 or 100 or longer. But think about it, the condition of raising a cat is basically after work, having a house of your own (renting a house is not a good choice), you should be around 30 years old. Then people have the ability to take care of cats and dogs, and they are almost 60 years old, and it is a bit difficult to take care of them later. So only 30 years. Comparing these two times, the cat’s life span is not too short. There are some small animals that can’t even survive this time. Of course, tortoises can accompany people for a lifetime, but from the perspective of interaction and companionship, cats are more suitable for pets.

8 months ago

In fact, people’s life span is not long, just because people “borrow their life.” We will “borrow” from plants and animals, and sometimes even “take” them. Coupled with human ingenuity, we still have medicine, and we can use drugs and medical technology to extend our life. There is a clean water source, a strict sewage treatment system, and a clean and reasonable living habits… The entire human modern civilized life system keeps our “longevity”. Otherwise, according to primitive people at 30 years old, they will have high birthdays and funerals, and some may not be able to live a cat. Let’s talk about cats. Not to mention pet cats, but cats in the ordinary sense. I remember that when I was a child, I used to be the cats around the community. In two or three years, I felt that you could always see one of them, and I felt that the change was not great. Now, basically change every year, and I don’t know what to change next year. In fact, the life span of non-domestic cats is really short. Sometimes a cold night rain in a winter will be gone. Cats that can become “pets” have actually extended their lives. Of course, “pet” cats also involve breed issues. Some owners are not scientific enough in the choice of cat food because of their own genetic diseases. As a result, the cat may eventually die due to obesity and suddenly suffer a heart attack in front of the owner’s eyes. Some are caused by long-term His liver was damaged, and finally caused the disease to die. But I always want to say to the owner of a pet that what determines the meaning of life is not necessarily the length of life, but also the width of life. The relationship between pets and owners has always been a relationship of mutual choice. You recognize it, and it recognizes you. Otherwise, they can easily bite our throat when we are asleep. They could, but they didn’t. Of course, back to the problem itself, the logical relationship of this problem is very strange. The cat’s life span does not actually constitute a real causal relationship with the cat’s raising and the death of the pet. It’s like why you can’t eat because you are hungry so fast. If you die, you don’t feel hungry and you don’t have to eat anymore?

8 months ago

As a cat slave, I have thought about this problem many times. Before raising a cat, I thought: What if it dies one day and I can’t bear it? Then I will not raise it? After raising a cat, I thought: It must die one day, what should I do then? But since I was young, how I longed to have a cat… When I was young, my parents refused to raise it, or raised it for a few days, fearing that it would affect my study, so I sent it away without my consent… But then I was again What can be done? A child does not have the right to choose things outside of your ability. Only to bury this wish deeply in my heart… After growing up, my all-time wish is that one day, when I become capable and have my own home, I will immediately raise a cat of my own! Because I love cats so much, there is no reason, just love! I also thought about the problem of the original poster, but I just love cats. This feeling far exceeds the sadness of losing it that I have never experienced… So I raised it. When I took it back the first day, I am ecstatic, I finally have a cat! ! ! And it is so cute and so beautiful. I take care of it with all my care, patience and love, so that it can eat and play, sleep and run. It just grew up slowly. Grew up in my laughter and happiness. I think I have half the world if I have it. ps: The other half is of course your husband, your family, and your children. Suddenly it got sick one day, and its small body suffered in the pet hospital… When it was going to be sterilized one day, I would take it to do it myself… When it had the operation, it was weak and awkward. In your arms, when its eyes are full of grievances…you will think, you must get better! Fortunately you are getting better… if it leaves me, what should I do? Just like the sudden outbreak of the new crown, I want to hug my cat tightly. If I am quarantined, no one can snatch it away, and no one can handle it privately! Whoever dares to snatch it, I’ll fight hard! As time goes by, your cat and you have left many beautiful moments. Your phone is full of photos and videos of it, and traces of it are everywhere in your home… You look at these, you Will be full of happiness, of course, provided that you are a cat lover. You will slowly think about it, we will surely die one day, let alone it? It’s just time sooner or later. If one day, its life span is over and it is about to leave, I think I will be very pleased, because I have accompanied it through a carefree life, it has not been hungry or cold, has not been bullied, has not been subjected to those The suffering of stray cats… We have been with each other for more than ten years. It has soothed my heart. I am happy and full of happiness because of it. It has also gone through its cats safely and happily. Born, go back to Meow…I don’t feel sad, I have recorded every moment of it, its appearance will always be engraved in my mind, and I will never forget it for a lifetime. Every time I think about it, I’ll still smile happily. After it’s gone, I may not have a cat anymore. Those memories of it are enough… Or maybe I will raise another kitten, which is long or very long with it. Like, or completely different, no matter what, I will finish it with me. I will start the next cat’s life and my next life. They will all be cinnabar moles in my heart. Don’t want to be forgotten by anyone.

8 months ago

When you asked this question, I think you have never raised a cat, but you are trying to understand everything about cats, especially the end. Apart from some accidents, such as diseases, such as sudden accidents, domestic cats will basically live up to about 15 years, while stray cats will basically live for 3 to 5 years if they can survive their juvenile period. My neighbor’s cat has never been out of the house in his entire life, but he has never been sterilized, and lived to be 16 years old. In fact, I was still a child, and I had conceived this question when I had never raised any pets: Why should we raise them? Spend your time, energy and money, but without accidents, you will eventually be greeted with grief and pain more than ten years later, and even tears of self-blame. What is the picture? Later, from the second half of 2017, on the school network platform, through a kind-hearted school girl, she adopted a kitten she picked up from the garbage dump. Leaving her mother, she was weak and was thrown into the trash on rainy days. Every day as long as we are not at home, it just yells wantonly in addition to sleeping. At that time, I told my boyfriend who was living together, what’s the matter, a girl with such a loud voice, she screamed all day long like a shrew. But even though I said that, I still held it, oh oh oh, coaxing it like a child, pity it is weak and helpless, and I feel distressed that it will encounter this before the blue film fades. It has cat moss on it. When I took it to the hospital, I was as anxious as the parents of the Children’s Hospital, but at a loss, I had to fumble to register for consultation and pay for medicine. With the vaccine, watching the fine needle go in, it feels as distressed as the injection on my body. Even with the cat moss, I slept with it in my arms. As a result, I was tragically infected. I got itchy when I got a big bag on my hand. Watching it grow up a little bit, the blue film of the eyes gradually recedes, ushering in an embarrassing period like a monkey. Mischief and me and my boyfriend are facing each other. The yurt mosquito net we bought at that time, he slept on top of the mosquito net every day, pressing the keel of the mosquito net like a pumpkin, and the middle was flat. I often steal corn sausages from my boyfriend and me, and ran to places under the bed out of our reach. Always preaching to him, he grabbed the back of his neck and pressed him next to the broken cup, crackling and scolding. As soon as I let go, it rushed over to bite me again. I grabbed my slippers and slapped my ass. After that, I was much more honest. The emmm south is too cold. And my home is in the north, it is very warm in winter, but there are 1,000 miles in the middle. I called my boyfriend and asked about the program to run down one by one, and finally checked it in, and followed me back to the north. The 28-degree room temperature at home made this silly cat lie down and sleep like a person every day. And it will please my dad extremely, it will listen to my dad to roll around. (It has made my dad proud for a long time) My mother doesn’t like it lying on the sofa bed in the living room, but it loves it very much. So every time my mother saw it lying on the sofa bed, she would chase it away immediately: Mom, are you bullying our orphans and widows for staying in her natal for a long time? My mother: fart, you are at home with her Comfortable and sterilized like the last emperor (I think its body has the characteristics of a Chinese idyllic cat that is particularly tough and resistant, so I am convinced that it will be fine, mainly vaccines and other things are normally used) The middle story will not be explained Now, every winter and summer vacation. Will take her back and forth between the south and the north. After that, I raised a second cat, the day I picked it up. The angry boss shit on the floor. He was not in good spirits and had a bad appetite. He was taken to the hospital for filming and the doctor told the doctor and finally took the medicine. It was concluded that he was depressed. After reading the bill, I was almost depressed. In the end, I broke up with my boyfriend at the time. The first thing my boyfriend did was not to want it, because he thought it was too weird to control. This has really made me sad for a long time. It’s like a man who didn’t want to have his own child when he got divorced? ! ! ? ? Whether I give or not is my business, but the attitude you want or not is that you have a problem. Then it became the story of me raising two cats by myself. In fact, I have never figured out how I should teach the relationship between the boss and the second. After much deliberation, the boss only needs to be a good one, and only if he can do a good job, can he lead the second to have a good life habit. …… The long, long-winded talk of the big evening. look. Although he has only lived for three and a half years now, the life experience he brought to me is something other people don’t have. Even if he is a cat breeder, they have never had some experience. For example, how to do the consignment procedures? How to charge? Which department to go to? Enter the cargo hold to check the cat in the moving train. I think some people have done it, but not many. Sometimes I feel inexplicably that raising animals is actually similar to raising human children in some sense and nature. Cats, like children, need to go to the hospital for regular vaccinations. It will also be like a child’s sudden illness. The focus is on some of his simplest basic emotions, such as being in conflict with others, who is the head of the family in the judgment of the time and the situation? A coquettish and pleasing person who knows his words and colors. When you are sick and uncomfortable, the low mood makes people feel sorry for themselves but bear with it. This is really the same as raising a child. I take care of it as much as my ex-boyfriend, but maybe I am more concerned about it, maybe it understands that I often attack it for its good. It depends more on me than its ex-boyfriend. It will squeeze me to sleep at night. Even if it twists and turns to sleep on its own, it will always have a claw on my leg. I go to the bathroom to take a shower. It will always Stay with me by the side. (And staring at me in case I eat shit) Others, through it, I have delivered a lot of friends who also love animals and love life. Let’s ask together which cat food is more cost-effective in a certain price range? Is there a luxury car price for cat food? Which cat food has recently overturned? Which brand of insect repellent is better? There is an injured little wild cat in a certain location that needs help. Whoever is nearby should go and help. It can be considered to have seen a wider world. It’s funny, I will scold it every time it makes a mistake: If I don’t support you, I must be using an iPhone now! But no, as long as I have money, I will go out to eat delicious food. If I don’t raise it, I will definitely become a fat man. I have watched some documentaries recently, and I often follow the ending of the documentary to imagine what will happen to me if it is gone. I dare not think, now I have to cry when typing, if I live only 15 years old, 12 years later, I should be married and have children, and my children should be in elementary school. At that time, my life had just stabilized. Gradually towards a good state, but he can’t accompany me anymore. Maybe a friend will catch a kitten of the same color and give it to me at that time, but no matter what kind of cat it looks like, whether it’s the cat I picked it up or not, I will never forget it, let alone a cat that can replace it. Position in my heart. At first, the feelings for it were more like mother and child, but when we go deeper into it, we seem to be the little prince and fox. Did the little prince tame the fox? No, we tame each other.

8 months ago

It is hard to imagine how uncomfortable I would be without it in my future life. I can’t even think about this problem at all. As long as I think about it, I can’t help crying. It’s more uncomfortable than a broken-up relationship. In fact, when I first raised, I did not consider this issue. And my sister is reluctant to keep cats and dogs because she is afraid that it will be sad to leave. However, in the days we get along, it is happy, and I am also happy, and both feel good to each other. Isn’t it enough to be happy? No regrets, that’s it. If I didn’t meet it at the beginning, I would be even more uncomfortable. In fact, the life span of pet cats is not short, and it can last for several decades. My aunt’s garden cat is now 15 years old and still very healthy. The meaning of pets, to me, is companionship, family, and a light in dark days.

8 months ago

How long is it long? How short is short? My cat is 21 years old this year, which is equivalent to over 100 years old. It’s alive and kicking every day, and I expect it to live past 25 years old without a problem. From the time I had nothing to follow me, now my children are almost graduating from junior high school. To be honest, there are many people who spend less time with their parents. Only a few days a year does not count. Take myself as an example. I started college at the age of 17, even if I left my parents. The following days will only be together for a maximum of 10 days a year. Therefore, if a cat can follow you for more than 20 years, it will be more family members than most family members.

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