Shenzhen girl Xiaoli (pseudonym) is 31 years old and the only daughter in her family. In May 2020, Xiaoli had performed rhinoplasty surgery at a cosmetic surgery institution in Songpingshan, Nanshan, Shenzhen without telling her parents. After 5 minutes of anesthesia, she had a sudden cardiac arrest. After rescue, Xiaoli’s life was saved. After 16 days of treatment in the intensive care department of a local public hospital, Xiaoli was transferred to the general ward. However, the consequences are still very serious. Xiaoli often has abnormal phenomena such as panic and screaming, even her parents and other relatives can’t recognize her. She has a lack of memory and has to be fed by her parents when she eats, and she cannot take care of herself.

After more than 10 months of treatment, Xiaoli’s current condition has not improved much, and her intelligence level is equivalent to that of a 1-year-old baby. Xiaoli’s father told reporters that after learning of her daughter’s accident, her wife turned white all night, “I don’t know how we survived these 10 months. The doctor said that Xiaoli’s current situation may need to be accompanied by someone for life. But how many years can we stay with her? I really don’t know what will happen to her alone after we leave?” After identification, this plastic surgery accident caused Xiaoli’s body to be disabled at level 6.

Xiaoli’s father said: “After the incident, we learned that the anesthesiologists and doctors in this plastic surgery institution did not have the relevant qualifications and did not have the record. One child would be destroyed by them. I just want the plastic surgery institution to give Let me say that they ruined the child’s life.” The person in charge of the cosmetic surgery agency declined to accept any interviews. The person in charge of the Inspection Section of the Nanshan District Health Prison said that they had already punished the institution in January this year: a fine of 20,000 and a one-month suspension of operations; a fine of 5,000 and a six-month suspension of operations by the doctor involved. He also suggested that Xiaoli’s family members should do the accident identification to clarify the responsibility, which is more conducive to negotiation of compensation issues. (Shenzhen Radio and Television No. 1 site, Jingbao)


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Can’t see. I expressed sympathy for this young lady’s experience, but there was no alternative. I can’t bear to read this news, and I don’t even have the courage to open the details, but I probably know that it seems to be caused by an anesthesia accident during the operation. Not before, there is still a news female celebrity high-slip cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty to the tip of the nose necrosis? Remember the death of Super Queen Bei? Speaking of this, I have to sigh, in this age of anxiety, the huge profits of the medical beauty industry are unimaginable. From the beginning of Ogilvy to all kinds of facelifts, ladies and fairies, you can save your life for beauty. I personally think that this kind of news will only be more or less in the future. The medical beauty industry has now fully entered the state of a large-scale, market-oriented mature industrial chain. How many people are pointing to this to eat? It is not strange to have Mr. Nan Guo mixed in, and this kind of thing is not like ordinary makeup, the beauty salon can wipe it off and start over. The consequence of a medical malpractice is often to ruin a patient’s life. Under the wave of consumerism, more and more people are willing to pay for their beauty. Especially in the current film and television dramas, I like to portray gorgeous transformations, it seems that as long as the plastic surgery can change my life. Open Douyin, Xiaohongshu, all kinds of singing and dancing little brothers and sisters all have very good appearances, as if you are walking in this world, without good looks, you can’t do anything, even out of place. Consumers lacking basic medical knowledge, the profitable medical beauty industry, and practitioners with mixed good and bad have formed a huge medical beauty circle. Please keep your eyes open, ladies and gentlemen who love beauty. Medical cosmetology is not a trivial matter. Whether it is injection or filling, or even surgery, as long as the doctor is not qualified to practice, you should not go. Many girls nowadays can’t distinguish the relationship between beauty and medical treatment. They think that beauty salons can pull double eyelids and beauty salons can do injections. As a make-up artist, it’s not once or twice that I have encountered girls who have undergone cosmetic surgery over the years. . Most of them were young and ignorant, and some of the spare money on hand was fooled by others. When the brain was hot, they went to see the salesman, and then paid the money for surgery. If you are lucky, it is a holiday. If you are out of luck, it will really leave sequelae. Regardless of what cosmetic surgery you decide to do, first of all, please remember these three things: 1. All medical cosmetology activities can only be performed in hospitals as long as they involve medical treatment. This hospital means that he has a hospital qualification license, not that he just calls himself a hospital. The medical institution’s practice license is the most basic and important qualification certificate for hospitals. This certificate is necessary for all hospitals. It is related to the legality of the hospital’s business. To put it bluntly, the hospital cannot be without the certificate. Carry out medical business. The legal basis for the certificate is Article 15 of the Regulations on the Management of Medical Institutions: Medical institutions must register and obtain a “Medical Institution Practicing License”. 2. Even if the hospital is regular, if the surgeon does not have a licensed physician, please hurry up Run, the farther you go, the better. A preoperative examination must be done before the surgical operation. If you don’t have a check-up, you will be dragged to the operating table after paying the money, so please run quickly. A guest girl once told me that she did it by herself from beginning to end, and she lay down on the operating table after paying the money. The girl still told me that the effect was okay. I really broke into a cold sweat after listening. To complete an operation, as long as it involves anesthesia, it must be done by an anesthesiologist, and the anesthetic drugs will be strictly controlled. An operation that requires anesthesia can only be done by one person. It is 100% unscientific. Run quickly. 3. No matter how good a cook is, there are times when a car is overturned, but an experienced and regular doctor can at least guarantee the lower limit of your operation, and at least it will not harm your health. Please do not over-imagine and anticipate the effects of the operation, consider carefully, and fully consider the results after the operation fails, whether you can afford it, medical beauty needs to be cautious. The era we live in is full of temptations, but there are many things that are more important than those that look glamorous. Compared with your physical health, whether you look good, your appearance is good, or even love is good. Not worth mentioning. The only real pain in a person’s life is physical illness and the departure of relatives. The rest of the troubles are your own demon.

7 months ago

This kind of thing has become a template. As long as there is an accident, there must be one. After investigation, this hospital is not qualified. When the name of the hospital is 100%, it is a variety of pheasant hospitals. I wrote a bad story about private hospitals before, because I have seen many such private hospitals myself, and then I was quickly reported by the private hospitals, and Zhihu deleted my article. The plastic surgery industry is a highly profitable industry. Those hospitals can do anything to advertise and eliminate negative effects. Do not underestimate the unlimited extent of domestic Putian hospitals. If there are no legal restrictions, these plastic surgery hospitals will release You loan sharks, and then you dismantle all your organs and sell them all. In the eyes of these hospitals, the patient is either a human or an ATM, and no one cares whether you make it good or not. You only recommend expensive ones, but don’t recommend doing them right. of. Public hospitals have poor aesthetics and public doctors are too conservative. They are all soliciting tricks from private hospitals. Don’t be fooled by such words. Plastic surgeons in public hospitals also want to make a personal brand, and hope that you can be well-known for what you do. How can you be ugly, unless it’s bad technology. As for the private plastic surgery hospitals in Shenzhen, when I did not understand the plastic surgery industry a few years ago, 80% of the private hospitals in Shenzhen were treated in person, and it was just a word of rubbish. Later, I had a face-to-face consultation, and the private plastic surgery hospital in Shanghai was even more rubbish. Sincerely, now the domestic plastic surgery can go directly to the top three public hospitals. Don’t mess with those messy things. If you go to public hospitals, you will definitely not have such serious sequelae. As long as the doctors you find are technically capable, the probability can be guaranteed. The effect is good and safe.

7 months ago

Routine medical surgery. Surgery is risky. All operations have risks, but some operations have relatively low risks. If there is no problem with the doctor’s operation, the risk is informed before the operation, and the person being operated (not really called the patient here) informed consent, and there are serious consequences caused by reasons other than the doctor’s will, then I tend to be irresponsible. Important: Neither the anesthesiologists nor the doctors of this plastic surgery institution have relevant qualifications and have not filed for records. It is recommended to punish as hard as possible. It is this kind of person who broke a pot of porridge. It is recommended that the person in charge of the so-called “hospital” and the so-called “doctor” be sentenced for medical malpractice and illegal medical practice, and the relevant persons in charge of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the Health Bureau also take the initiative to receive punishment. In addition, people without medical qualifications are openly practicing medicine illegally, and it is recommended to refer to “Endangering Public Safety in Dangerous Methods”. Moderate plastic surgery is a personal choice, and we cannot blame it. Please choose a formal place.

7 months ago

My answer can be used again if you use non-restorative plastic surgery. Healthy people, please don’t use the knife easily. When I pull out a horizontal wisdom tooth, I am afraid of facial paralysis. Why are your hearts so big? Plastic surgery has a shelf life. Now with so many unprofessional institutions, how long do you think the fairies can last? Yang Ying’s Internet celebrities have to spend money to repair them after a while. If you don’t have plastic surgery, take good care of it, go to bed and get up early, our oriental faces have a long shelf life. Some are even in their forties and can think about it and make a good decision like their early thirties, don’t be impulsive, don’t be deceived, and don’t go to the Putian department easily even if they are whole. Also, general anesthesia is very dangerous, very dangerous, and very dangerous. I have to say important things three times, but it feels useless to say it. I don’t even look at the relevant answers when I think about it. See this, you can see this kind of news and There is a high probability that the answer will not be correct. Forget it, it’s hard to persuade the damn thing, love it all.

7 months ago

Everyone loves beauty, but you need to be cautious about plastic surgery. Choose a regular beauty hospital. The woman is 31 years old this year and the only daughter in the family. She originally worked in a public institution. In the eyes of others, sweet looks, tall stature, happy family, and stable work are the envy of many people. However, this originally beautiful woman pursues “perfection” and feels that her nose is not good enough. As a result, she didn’t expect her face to be beautiful, she almost died. She suffered a cardiac arrest after anesthesia, and her IQ dropped to 1 after being rescued. Years old, it was identified that a plastic surgery accident resulted in her sixth degree disability. Her father said with a heartache: “A good person became like this because of a minor operation. They ruined the child’s life.” The ridiculous thing is that the anesthesiologists and doctors in this plastic surgery institution have no relevant qualifications and no record. It can be said that the operation was purely unlicensed. In January of this year, the institution was punished: a fine of 20,000 and a one-month suspension of operations; a fine of 5,000 and a six-month suspension of operations by the doctor in question. It’s all like this, only closed for a month? Shouldn’t this kind of plastic surgery facility be shut down directly? Leave the scourge to the next generation? The woman’s life and the happiness of her parents have been ruined, so is it allowed to continue to exist? The doctor goes out of business? If you don’t have the qualifications, you shouldn’t be in this industry. The penalty is too light.

7 months ago

Everything has a probability, this girl is really miserable. The group that has been exposed to plastic surgery most is the girls in the beauty salon. It is true that a few married well (compared to their education and background), resulting in a lot of people who continue to get married. Hearing them say that plastic surgery is not a one-off, it is actually quite painful to keep tinkering. But if they can change their class, they are very happy. This is also an environmental issue. In their opinion, plastic surgery is very common. They once asked me, where did you get your nose trimmed? I said in the womb. As amateurs like us, we don’t rely on our faces to eat, and we can’t eat. It’s better to be safe. The key is that my mother has repeatedly stressed that it’s no good. She has the final say, because the body is skinned and affected by our parents.

7 months ago

So I never discriminate against plastic surgery. People have paid money, endured pain, and assumed the risk of ineffectiveness, disfigurement and even death, so beauty is what they deserve. Plastic surgery institutions do not necessarily have their own anesthesiologists, and some come out from other hospitals. More money for practicing is not so easy to earn. First of all, your own unit will not agree, you can only go out secretly. It’s fine if there is no accident. Once an accident, even if it may not be caused by man-made, you will definitely be over if the procedures are not complete.

7 months ago

In many medical cosmetology accidents, most of the life-threatening risks are caused by anesthesia accidents! Ao Hushan, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and director of the Department of Anesthesiology, Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, once said to the media: “The safety accidents in the medical and aesthetic institutions I know are almost all caused by illegal anesthesia.” Other cases: sensation The same is true for the case of a 19-year-old girl in Guiyang who died from cosmetic surgery. In January 2020, Robell, the granddaughter of Luo Dingbang, the founder of the Hong Kong apparel brand bossini, died accidentally during plastic surgery in South Korea. The South Korean police report also showed that the hospital was skipped before the operation. After the basic preoperative drug inspection, the surgical consent form that must be filled in by the patient is also filled out at will by the hospital. Eventually lead to “adverse reactions caused by the controlled drug propofol used as a sedative.” During the operation, the anesthesiologist is an independent job and needs to use life monitoring equipment to closely observe the patient’s breathing and circulation. Such as changes in breathing and circulatory functions, a good anesthesiologist can find and deal with problems in time, and an experienced anesthesiologist can avoid the risk of anesthesia in advance. In fact, a good anesthesiologist can achieve zero accidents. However, there are not many good doctors: Chinese anesthesiologists have a gap of nearly 300,000 according to the population base. Based on the 12% increase in the annual operation volume in China, at least 8,000 will be added each year, but the actual increase is only 4,000, which can be allocated The number of physicians in the medical aesthetics industry is very small, so anesthesiologists are quite in short supply for the medical aesthetics industry. Anesthesiologists need to obtain both a physician’s qualification certificate and a physician’s practice certificate: “Physician Qualification Certificate” and “Physician Practice Certificate” as well as an anesthesiologist qualification certificate issued by the affiliated hospital. When doing medical aesthetics, if an anesthesia surgery is involved, you must carefully review the qualifications of an anesthesiologist, mainly from two aspects: 1. It is inclined to choose an anesthesiologist with a background in a large general hospital or a public hospital. After formal training, it can be avoided The risk of anesthesia. A good plastic surgery hospital can hire an excellent anesthesiologist. If not, at least a doctor’s practice certificate must be available! Many small plastic surgery, in line with the mentality of getting money for the operation last night, even the anesthesiologist can’t produce such a certificate! 2. It is necessary to understand the number of operations followed by the anesthesiologist, and if necessary, a certain screening can be carried out. Medical beauty is risky, and it is necessary to be cautious when changing beauty!

7 months ago

After reading the description, it is indeed caused by the sequelae of anesthesia, or the high-risk surgery such as rhinoplasty. It is really true. Do you have to do it in a regular hospital? Because the facial features are really too close to the brain, and many muscles and nerves on the face are really too close to the facial features, a slight inadvertent influence will be great. And anesthesia is really not to be underestimated. Let me give an improper example. Back then, my dog ​​had pyometra and had to undergo surgery. The pet hospital asked whether general anesthesia or gas anesthesia should be used for general anesthesia. Normal anesthesia costs 50 yuan, but it has an impact. The risk of the brain (because the dose is not well controlled), 800 yuan for air anesthesia, if the operation time is long, you will have to add extra money. At that time, I chose Qi numb without thinking about it. Without him, it is safe. My dog ​​is stupid and I can’t accept it. What’s more, it’s girls who are still using knives in their faces. Coordinates in Shenzhen, where I used to do medical beauty, there is a sister in charge who has a good relationship with me. She told me the story when she first entered the industry: her job was in finance. At that time, it was popular to learn hyaluronic acid injections. She was in medical beauty. The boss of the organization also encouraged them to learn, saying that they would pay for it. The elder sister did not agree, saying that she was not a medical student, and she was not familiar with anatomy and human facial structure, and she was afraid of problems. Later, they moved to another beauty salon next door. As a result, a girl was doing hyaluronic acid filling temples there. During the project, because the operation and equipment were not standardized (the blunt needle should be used, but the actual use was not), she was directly on the spot. The eyes were invisible, and the beauty salon ran away, leaving the girl blind since then because the optic nerve was injured during the injection. In summary, everyone has a heart for beauty. Please choose a regular hospital. Public hospitals now have medical aesthetics and plastic surgery departments. Although there are more people and the environment is a bit worse, the minimum safety guarantee is there.

7 months ago

The punishment for practicing medicine without a license is too small. Twenty thousand is not a drizzle for a profitable plastic surgery organization, and it does not hurt the muscles and bones. Illegal practitioners are only fined five thousand and closed for six months. Then six A month later, he will be a hero again. Two operations a day. One operation earns 20,000 yuan. A fine of 5,000? ! Driven by huge profits, crime often breeds. Legislation and law enforcement against the beauty industry is absolutely necessary. Illegal medical practice should be imprisoned. Hospital directors and doctors are the key to controlling the source. Many beauty seekers often cannot withstand marketing methods. Temptation. Impulsive consumption, borrowing consumption. There is an accident, the effect of the operation is not satisfactory, but the rights protection is difficult. It is time to vigorously rectify and raise the standard like a crackdown on online loans. Do not poison the younger generation.

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