Zhang Meng:

In the “New Blind Date Conference”, a girl mentioned her experience of watching her boyfriend’s mobile phone. Many boys on the court rejected or agreed with this behavior. I found that “women should look at boys’ phones” is a question that everyone is very concerned about and worth discussing.
From my personal understanding, I think there is nothing wrong with looking at the phone itself. Girls look at boys’ phones because they have a long-term willingness to walk with each other. Boys can accept girls’ ability to look at their phones moderately is also a manifestation of love. In fact, it seems that boys look at girls’ phones more often around me. Both parties are the same in this matter. They all want to eliminate their worries by looking at the other’s phone and strengthen their belief in the long-term development of themselves and each other. Confirming that the other party is worthy of what you can undoubtedly give is beneficial to the relationship between both parties. After all, to effectively eliminate scumbags (females) and not to condone scumbags (females) is responsible for their own lives. Is responsible for oneself
But what I want to say is that if the boy is shown to be loyal to the relationship and worthy of trust, the girl should learn to trust and give affirmation to each other. The skill of “looking at the phone” can also gradually degenerate, because You have to have a degree in everything. Not only will the high frequency of looking at your phone not increase your feelings, but it will backfire, making yourself suspicious and anxious, and even driving a good man crazy and eventually leaving you.
It is necessary to know that emotions are equal and are mutual. Both men and women are partners. For long-term development, girls must also know how to listen to the opinions and demands of boys in their emotions, devote themselves to satisfying each other’s emotional needs, communicate in a timely manner when there is a problem, and be tolerant and tolerant. Being considerate and loving is the best way for a love to be fulfilled.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I think what she said makes sense. Good men must be able to withstand cell phone checks, and good women must be able to withstand cell phone checks. The most fearful thing is that she can check your cell phone, and if you touch her cell phone, she will give you anxious haha. In love or marriage, there must be trust between each other. Is it necessary to be together if you are suspicion of each other? Everyone needs to have their own privacy and space. Sometimes there is really nothing, but they just don’t want to be seen by people other than themselves. For example, work crazy licking customers’ humble chat records, or boring photos of myself, or even some diaries that I am embarrassed to look at. . In fact, sometimes you want to check the secrets of your phone, or do you want to see the other half of the privacy? If you look at his phone and don’t see what you want to see, you will definitely suspect that he deleted it a long time ago and won’t let you see any traces. If you see what you want to see, what will you do? Do you pretend you can’t see it, or just start the spray? There is also sometimes the scene when TA chats with others. If you check with emotions, is there an expression or sentence in someone else? You all feel that the relationship here is not simple. When should I look at the subject’s cell phone, TA started to chat with him late at night and didn’t sleep. TA began to answer calls from 10086 with your back on his back. TA began to be afraid that you would touch TA’s mobile phone and even take it to the toilet.

6 months ago

These female stars keep moths every day, what logic! It doesn’t mean that you can check it if you can stand it! This is a paradox. It is indeed a good man who can stand the investigation, but it must be checked first to prove this sentence. The moment the girl shows the doubt and distrust of the other party, this feeling of distrust is Harmful! There is no doubt about it! This sentence is very arrogant and unreasonable. It belongs to moral kidnapping. I found a reasonable explanation for checking the phone. However, this reasonable explanation comes at the cost of hurting the other party and presupposes distrust. Injured? I never agree with checking mobile phones. Most of the people who check are cringing and secretly checking. No one likes the feeling of being suspected and being supervised! After saying this, Zhang Meng added that the investigation must have a degree. If there is nothing wrong with the investigation, you must trust the other party and do not do the investigation. This contradicts the fact that a good man can withstand the investigation. This degree is in her mouth. Check once twice? Whether you make a mistake or not depends on your coincidence? This is obviously trying to justify himself, knowing that there is a problem with his export. I personally hope that the deepening of the relationship between two people comes from trust, and this trust should not come from surveillance and supervision, but from each other’s feelings. I do not agree with this view of trying to prove the feelings by concrete evidence.

6 months ago

First determine a standard, what is a good man? Am I a bad man if I don’t let you look at the phone? You must know that some people in life are extremely sensitive to privacy. This is a personality issue. If you don’t like others to look at your mobile phone or other privacy, you will feel disrespectful and untrusted. This feeling is not good. Can we say that these people are bad men? First of all, the use of this check is very inappropriate. Two people live together and often check each other’s mobile phone to prove whether the other party is a good man. Then, is such a relationship interesting? The understanding of Cha is actually the meaning of doubt, search and proof. If your partner frequently proves whether you are loyal or not through doubt and checking, will you feel comfortable? Can girls read boys’ phones? It can be seen that the premise is that two people have established a habit of sharing and transparency with each other from the beginning. If two people can use each other’s mobile phones normally in front of them, at a certain stage the man is very sensitive and suddenly prevents himself from reading the content, which shows that he may have something in his heart. Ghost, therefore, to measure whether a man is loyal or not requires comprehensive factors. It cannot be said that relying on checking the other party’s mobile phone to prove anything.

6 months ago

As the saying goes: “Get out of bed and treat each other like guests.” It is important to maintain proper interpersonal distance. Even couples should keep some privacy. Because no one is perfect, no interpersonal relationship can maintain full openness and frankness. Violating the law will almost certainly lead to Undesirable consequences, some unnecessary things are exposed to others, but they will hurt each other. Even if you report your transcript truthfully to your mother, you might get spanked, isn’t it? In addition, some topics are not suitable for conversation, such as the current status of relationships with past lovers. You may be curious about these issues, but real conversations can easily lead to unpleasantness. So smart partners will form a tacit understanding and avoid these problems. In addition, there is a danger of excessive self-exposure in the stage of love: loss of mystery may cause the relationship to fade prematurely, and if the interdependent family relationship has not been reached at this time, and there is not enough intersection to tie the two people together, it may be possible It is difficult to maintain a relationship.

6 months ago

In the movie “The Perfect Stranger”, there is a line, “It is not so easy to fall in love, everyone has his/her mobile phone”. Many problems in relationships are often exposed by mobile phones accidentally. Today we are going to talk about whether or not to look at the target’s mobile phone. If you have ever thought about looking at the target’s mobile phone, I suggest you read this article carefully. Before that, let’s take a look at two short stories. The first story is a personal experience of my readers. She talked about a boyfriend of two years and had a good relationship during the period. The only thing that makes her feel strange is that her boyfriend’s mobile phone is always muted, and the screen is always facing down when eating. Because they had a good relationship with each other, she didn’t think much about it, and she never checked his phone. But one day, his boyfriend suddenly couldn’t get in touch. It was only after calling to the boyfriend’s company that she discovered that her boyfriend had a wife and children in his hometown. Reminiscing about his previous level of secrecy for mobile phones, my readers finally understand that they have been caught by a junior. After reading this story, do you think that you should look at the object’s cell phone, or else you don’t know if the other party deceived you? Maybe they secretly raise a lot of juniors. Let’s take a look at the second short story, which is a story about myself. My personal attitude is that I don’t like being watched by the subject, because it feels like being stripped naked and parading in the streets. But in fact, my girlfriend can check my mobile phone at any time. I voluntarily showed it to her. As I said earlier, I don’t like being viewed by others. Why do I still choose to show it to her? Because I knew that she was insecure before looking at my phone. If I insist on insisting on my attitude, it will only make her feel more insecure. So I simply took advantage of the trend to show her, and watch it whenever I want. Two years later, now, the frequency with which she sees my mobile phone has changed from every day before to not once in a week now. Because every time she looks at it, she can’t see anything that affects her sense of security. Over time, she will feel that checking her mobile phone is unnecessary. From an ethical point of view, everyone has their own right to privacy in communication, and we should not look at other people’s phones. But judging from the two stories I said above, it seems that we have to look at the object’s mobile phone, otherwise something will happen. So should you watch it? In fact, we should not be entangled in the question of whether or not to look at this issue, but return to the idea of ​​whether or not to look at the subject’s mobile phone. On the surface, this is a question of whether or not to look at the phone. In essence, it is a question of trust between lovers. When you come up with the idea of ​​looking at the other party’s phone, it shows that your relationship has a trust problem. At this time, whether you look at it or not, it will only make the problem worse. If you look at it, if you find some tricky things, it will eventually lead to conflicts, and then lead to a breakup; if you can’t see some tricky things, it will make the other party feel dissatisfied and feel that you are not trusting enough. If you don’t watch, your curiosity will continue to ferment until you do something that affects the relationship more. There are a thousand Hamlet for a thousand readers. Just like the two stories I said before, sometimes it will bring terrible results if you don’t read it, and you won’t necessarily see anything horrible. I can’t return to you the question of whether or not to look at the partner’s cell phone. Every couple’s situation is different. But when you have [the idea of ​​looking at the subject’s phone] in your mind, I can tell you what to do? Tell the person directly in person: “I recently suddenly had an idea of ​​wanting to look at your phone, because I feel that your behavior recently made me feel very insecure. I know that looking at the phone will not solve the problem, but it will let you Disappointed with me, so I want to talk to you.” Then look at the other person’s attitude, and at the same time, you have to talk specifically about the other person’s behavior that makes you insecure. In the end, if the other party is willing to cooperate with you, everyone is happy. If the other party is not willing to cooperate with you, it can also explain some problems from the side. Only through this method of communication can we avoid the superficial problem of not seeing the phone, directly attack the essential trust problem, and conduct efficient communication. Rather than staying at the level of whether two people are arguing about whether they can look at their phones. The right to view other people’s mobile phones always belongs to others, and you won’t be able to override this right just because you are a girlfriend or wife. A more respectful way should be to ask the person on the phone and tell them why I want to look at your phone. See if the other person accepts and understands you. Whether or not to look at the object’s mobile phone should not be my final say, nor should it be the social moral standards, but the mobile phone owner.

6 months ago

I do not mind. In fact, I used to force my girlfriend’s fingerprints to be recorded, so I really don’t care about these things. I am not worried about the so-called “checking the phone” because I have nothing to hide. I can also understand this behavior. Sometimes I am also curious about what my girlfriend does on her mobile phone every day, but I don’t want to gossip. So the question is, where should I go to pick up my girlfriend? When I saw this title, I almost thought that gender antagonism was about to be corrected again. In fact, this matter has nothing to do with men and women! Don’t start outputting without reading the content! Let’s review the content of the matter again. From my personal understanding, I think there is nothing wrong with looking at the phone itself. Girls look at boys’ phones because they have a long-term willingness to walk with each other. Boys can accept girls’ ability to look at their phones moderately is also a manifestation of love. In fact, it seems that boys look at girls’ phones more often around me. Both parties are the same in this matter. They all want to eliminate their worries by looking at the other’s phone and strengthen their belief in the long-term development of themselves and each other. Confirming that the other party is worthy of what you can undoubtedly give is beneficial to the relationship between both parties. After all, to effectively eliminate scumbags (females) and not to condone scumbags (females) is responsible for their own lives. Understand, the so-called “good men can withstand cell phone checks” is just a way for the title party to trick you in! In fact, the real intention of the people is: looking at the mobile phone is only a form of caring about the other party, and it also helps to strengthen the relationship between the two parties. This is just one way! It’s not that you are with me, I have to look at your phone. It’s really boring to force the bar like this. If you don’t care about these things, then there is no need to care about them. Even if some people are sensitive to these things and don’t want other people to touch these privacy, I don’t think it really matters. You can tell your partner clearly what you think. I believe that he will be able to understand you.

6 months ago

Let’s be reasonable. There are reasons for not checking, but we must admit that letting the other party check will definitely have the effect of a subjective emotion filter, right? For example, a colleague of the opposite sex sends a message “What time do you get off work?” I asked you how to interpret, how to explain, how can both parties be satisfied? Then you turn on your phone, whether you are of the opposite sex or not, just read the text, you go through one by one. The same sentence, suppose it was sent by a “cheating scumbag”, how do you interpret this sentence, suppose it comes from a Miyoshi husband, how do you analyze it? It’s exactly the same sentence, the scumbag, don’t have many death sentences, right? Literal prison, understand? and so? You want to use your cell phone as a tool for catching rape. I don’t think it’s very reliable, and there is no hard evidence, right? If you use your mobile phone to promote transparency between the two parties, wouldn’t it be good to sit down and talk openly? Instead, they take turns to check each other with expressionless faces to guard against thieves? what do you want to see? If the call and chat history is empty, are you happy? in conclusion. Random checks on each other or disclosure of mobile phone content cannot effectively prevent cheating. Disclosure of mobile phone content does not necessarily enhance the relationship and communication between the two parties. Ask the other party to disclose the content of their mobile phone, and think that this trick is good for the relationship between husband and wife. This person may not have high EQ, do not know how to deal with interpersonal relationships, be superficial, treat life hard, and may have hardship on interpersonal relationships such as husband and wife relationships. hurt.

6 months ago

First of all, what is the difference between “good men should withstand cell phone checks” and “good women shouldn’t dress well”? No difference, it’s all moral kidnapping.
Secondly, looking for a target is to live a life, not to practice one’s investigative skills. If you don’t worry about him, you don’t need to establish a relationship. Even if you are in bed, you will get married. Is the other party desperate enough to understand you? Whose problem do you think it is? I don’t know what some people think about every day, as if they are busy every day, but after work, they find someone to give birth to so many things for themselves. Is it interesting? I can’t even do basic trust, so I always feel that I can get something from the other party. Isn’t it contradictory?

6 months ago

Good men should be able to withstand cell phone checks, and good women should be able to withstand cell phone checks, but we should not take the initiative to check each other’s cell phones. Married women came to answer. Being able to withstand the investigation does not mean deliberately going to see the other party’s phone to see if there is something tricky, but when there is something to use the other party’s phone, the other party can give you without complaint. There are many occasions where the other party’s mobile phone is used. For example, I have a member of a video website, but my husband does not. He uses my mobile phone to find a video to cast. For example, I can’t find my cell phone anywhere, so I use his cell phone to call my cell phone. I have a member of Meituan. He took my mobile phone to order takeaways. He talked to me about which of his friends had done stupid things. He was too lazy to report. He took the initiative to hand me his mobile phone to show me his chat history with his friends and so on. If there are ghosts, they will want to hide, for fear that people outside who send messages to themselves will be seen accidentally, instead of using the mobile phone as a daily tool generously, it will become an invisible secret. In fact, even if you don’t see the content, this kind of ghostly attitude will arouse suspicion. The essence behind the issue of not checking the phone is whether the two parties are loyal and trusting enough. If both parties can do it, they will not discuss whether to check the phone at all, but one party will force the phone to the other party. , The other party is too lazy to take a look (after all, my husband’s phone is too carded, and I want to smash it every time I use it).

6 months ago

There are two reasons for not fully agreeing: First: The essence of this problem is a trust relationship, but the act of checking a mobile phone itself contains distrust, so there is a contradiction in essence. Second: There are logical loopholes in the two-stage questioning of this question. In this question, between the first question and the second question, there is also a “good woman who can withstand checking mobile phones” in a subset. The second question will be established. The first question: I agree. This question essentially asks the same sex, that is, “Whether men agree with men’s mobile phones should be shown to their wives” and “Whether women agree with women’s mobile phones should be shown to their husbands”. If the opposite sex is asked to answer, then the probability is that they will punch each other on the spot. That’s it. The reason for identification is simple. I believe in love. I sincerely hope that every couple can be honest with each other. No matter whether the other person checks himself or not, at least I am willing to show the other person. The second question: I am against it. As I mentioned above. <Should be honest> test the question of whether “you” is worthy of being trusted, and <should check the other party> test the question of whether “you” trusts or does not trust the other party. So in my ideal, the best state is that both parties are willing to show each other’s mobile phones, but both parties trust each other not to look. Of course, this is only an absolute ideal state, and there will definitely be people who think it is impractical, and I also think it is quite impractical. After all, there will definitely be hypocrites who come to pua the other party under the banner of “in the name of love” to cover up the dirty things in their backs. But people always have to chase ideals, this is just a pure yearning for beauty.

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