I don’t know what the sports games mentioned are, then I think it’s football, basketball, table tennis and so on. I don’t know what the standard of indulging in sports games is, so I will give two examples of my own to express what I think of indulging in sports games. (1) In the sixth grade, I like to play table tennis. I really like it. I remembered playing table tennis with a friend on a cloudy day. After playing for an hour or two, it rained. No matter what, I continued to play. But the rain was getting smaller and bigger. The whole person’s clothes, pants and shoes were soaked, but we didn’t know how to drip. Both of us were very persistent. As long as the ping pong ball could still be played, we would continue to play. In the end, the rain was so heavy that it turned into a torrential rain. The ping pong ball could not be played anymore, so he went home. It’s good to go home in this way, go straight back by bike, no need to hide from the rain, anyway, it’s wet. When I got home, I couldn’t avoid scolding, asking me what I was doing, and answering playing table tennis. My mother didn’t criticize me, but said that I should take a hot bath as soon as possible to avoid catching a cold. (2) I started to like basketball in seventh grade. At that time, I was very happy playing basketball. I could play from 9 am to 9 pm on weekends and then go home. In the middle, I can only go to the restaurant next to the school to eat a bowl of fried noodles and go home in the evening. I’m exhausted, eat some leftovers from the house, take a shower, and immediately fall asleep in bed. At first, my mother would ask me what I did on weekends. Later, after learning that I had been playing at school, she ignored me and asked me to come back for a meal when I was free. The outside was unhygienic. In my heart, this should be the standard for indulging in sports games. If I was not addicted to sports at the time, but online games, the place I ran every weekend was not the school playground, but the street Internet cafe. Mom interrupted. Thinking back carefully now, my mother doesn’t care about my reasons. There are probably two points: ①The school playground is safe, and the Internet cafe is dangerous. ② Physical exercise, games hurt the body. Regarding the first point, it is indeed true. When I was studying, social security was not as good as it is now. Internet cafes are a mixed place where a group of smoking street chuckles gather. For some, it seems very weak. The students, they will blackmail, and they will not refuse the comers for five or ten yuan, and they will not give money? If they are in a good mood, they may not beat you. If they are in a bad mood, they may have a bruise and swollen face today. The point is, this is still a trivial matter. It’s a big deal. At that time, the Internet cafes also smoked and used sharp weapons to fight. It was a real thing, so for a kid like me, it was really unsafe. For the second point, I have personal experience. The biggest emotion is that, fortunately, I used to love sports, otherwise I might wear glasses now. But after going to university, my eyesight has indeed declined compared to high school because of holding my mobile phone and facing the computer for so many years. You know, when I was in high school, no matter when I had a physical examination, my eyesight was bare. The eyesight is 1.5 at full, and I definitely don’t have it now, but now I don’t have to wear glasses, which is really fortunate. Intentional friends, those who are still on campus, can deliberately observe the people around you wearing glasses on the way to the teaching building and the cafeteria. I have observed that every time I observe the situation, it is the classmates wearing glasses. Far more than students who don’t wear glasses. As for today’s children, the second point about vision, exercise can enhance physical fitness, still applies, but what about online games? Sitting in front of the computer every day, one sitting is one afternoon, one whole day, it doesn’t need me to say that everyone knows it well, this is definitely not good for health, especially for minors who are still developing, so if you are a parent, Which situation do you have a higher tolerance for? The first point may not be applicable. After all, social security is very, very good now, but what I want to say is that for children who are addicted to online games, Internet cafes are always a place to yearn for. At home, there are no teammates and parents. Control, but it’s different in Internet cafes. You can open black face-to-face, as long as you are not afraid of others fighting, you can shout as long as you want. The most important thing is that there is no parent in charge. Note that Internet cafes do not allow minors to enter, but in some small counties, there are always ways for minors to go to Internet cafes to surf the Internet. So if you, your tolerance for online games and sports, who is higher?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

What do sports games mean? Take sports as an example. If it is a child, addicted to playing football. Do not go to class during the day, skip class and go to the stadium to play football. Playing football is a day and a night, and I feel hungry and fainted when I carry it. When I woke up, I ate two mouthfuls of food and drank a few mouthfuls of Red Bull and ran out of the house to continue playing football. At night, when the adults at home were all asleep, they dressed quietly and went to the stadium to play football, and then quietly came back to sleep in the morning. Lie the parents of various supplementary tuition fees, and then use the money to buy high-end sneakers and high-end football. I secretly stole the gold jewelry from the house, and planted turf on the court by myself, saying that I can feel it when I step on such turf, and it is more refreshing to kick. I thought I was a football genius and dreamed of playing a league abroad. Then there was a second-tier team in the city and set up a training camp to recruit young people who are addicted to playing football. As a result, none of them passed the professional test. Whether it’s speed, strength or accuracy, or cooperation, it doesn’t work. Let him practice basic strength and physical fitness. If you can’t practice, if you say it is boring, you like to play football. Do you think this kid has a big problem? So it has nothing to do with the game and what type of game. Addiction is the key.

7 months ago

Before answering this question, we need to understand what is the core of online games that can attract people, or that can make people addicted? If life is a game, then why are few people addicted to life? Because the real life game is too difficult and cannot be repeated, many people will always be discouraged and pass this life in a muddle-headed manner. However, online games are different. In addition to the magical and fantasy background stories, various characters and cool and arrogant move level settings, they have short-term goals that can be achieved with little time and effort. final goal. That is to say, the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that you can’t get in reality can all be obtained in online games, and you have to add a sense of curiosity and novelty to the experience. This compares with reality, why not indulge in it? Don’t say that children are easy to indulge, adults can still indulge, but the self-discipline of adults can slightly get rid of this addiction. Therefore, the more in reality children who have fewer material resources or who have more difficulty in obtaining resources, the easier it is to indulge in them. And those who are still obsessed with the industry they like after having some achievements in reality, or those who have a rich family foundation and still strive to create wealth, aren’t they addicted? Or maybe those rich second-generation playboys hang around among all kinds of beauties, aren’t they addicted? So, as long as you have the strength, ability and money, you will not be said to be a problem if you are addicted to anything. On the contrary, it is not the problem of children or parents, that is, online games are the biggest problem.

7 months ago

Is it a big problem? It depends on whether the child is addicted, not what it is playing. In fact, sports games, or as long as they have nothing to do with learning, are addicted, and affect their performance, parents will think it is a big problem. In fact, the idea of many parents is also very simple, as long as their children have good grades, they are addicted and addicted. In the past, most of the parents who helped others install computers were the kind of parents whose children had good grades and bought computers for their children. Also before the birth of online games, people who used to fish and play basketball would be scolded by their parents. . As long as it can prevent children from studying well and affect their work and rest, there are big problems. Furthermore, there are too many children who are addicted to the Internet or online games, which leads to a lot of crimes, but very few because of sports. Finally, online games are for making money, so they will find ways to make people addicted and make you spend money, while sports are not designed. There is a difference between the two.

7 months ago

Don’t say it as if it were true. For the time being, people’s recognition of sports and sports, let alone healthy or unhealthy. What is it like to be addicted to games? I don’t need to describe it. What does it look like to be addicted to sports? Compared with the degree of addiction to games, addiction to sports is not an addiction at all. Do you call this reciprocal addiction? Do you think these two kinds of addiction are of the same degree? The degree of sports addiction is much lower than that of games, and of course the severity is much lighter.

7 months ago

Times have changed. Entertainment that affects learning will be resisted by parents, but now more children are addicted to games than sports. Xu Guanjie has a classic pop song “Brother Student”, which can be described as “Encouraging Learning” of that era. Look at the lyrics: Student brother, warm homework, Mi Jing hangs on kicking waves. The most disadvantaged is the fat old Zuo Wu Yin Gongluo, and the classmates are also helpless. Student brother, Hao Mi Shuluo, Mi hangs up on dating day and night. Gu stayed with more than a dozen Kekevoro, still dumbfounded. Ants also want to warm the wild food, it is really useless not to do things. You must work harder if you are young, and hope to be self-sufficient in the future. (Lyrics meaning: Review well, don’t always think about playing football. If you fail the exam, you’re self-sustaining. Read well, don’t always think about dating, failing the exam is self-sustaining. Even the ants have to work hard to find food. Students also have to study hard to be able to support themselves in the future.)

7 months ago

Sports games refer to sports games (SPT). I don’t know if the sports games mentioned by the subject are this. NBA basketball, FIFA series, and live football all belong to this category. These games also support online battles, and in a sense they are also online games. The same will be addicted. If you are referring to this, sorry, there is a problem with this topic. Because it is mainly a problem of indulge, not a problem of the object of indulge. If the subject of the sports game refers to running, playing ball. Let’s put it this way, when I was 7 years old, I was obsessed with playing and had a lot of activity. As a result, the comment in my report card was to pay attention to the amount of activity. The large amount of activity here should refer to obsessiveness. I spent almost all of my time except class, and finally my parents confiscated my ball. Let me sit down and play the keyboard.

7 months ago

For parents, as long as they are not addicted to reading, it is a big problem. Indulging in online games is considered a big problem just for comparison. Twenty years ahead, when electronic devices have not yet developed, it is a big problem in the eyes of parents who are addicted to sports games. Those who are addicted to playing basketball and table tennis are still scolded and beaten. Nowadays, electronic equipment is booming. Children generally carry mobile phones and computers at home. Parents’ current mentality is: instead of playing games in their children’s nest, it is better to play basketball/football/table tennis, etc., at least to exercise. When the children are all addicted to sports games, it will naturally be a big problem.

7 months ago

The temperament of Chinese people always like to reconcile and compromise. For example, you said that this room is too dark and a window must be opened here. Everyone must not allow it. But if you advocate tearing down the roof, they will come to reconcile and be willing to open the window. You push forward for 20 or 30 years. When domestic video games are not popular, you will not be scolded if you don’t go home after school and go out to study. You will be scolded when you go home and read a few extracurricular books. Parents will say you are not doing business. At that time, indulging in sports games was also a big problem, and indulging in books other than textbooks was also a big problem. Video games are here. Parents watch their children sit there every day and start to reconcile, even if they go out to play ball, even if they read extracurricular books and read Jin Yong Gulong’s martial arts novels. It’s not that the indulging in sports is different, but the roof has been lifted. Let’s see if you can just open a window. If you don’t lift the roof, you won’t be willing to open the window.

7 months ago

Quite simply, your physical strength and resources are not enough. You can truly be as addicted to sports games as you are addicted to online games. What is meant by sports games? It’s nothing more than all kinds of ball sports, or parachuting, skiing, diving, skating, and the like. First of all, you can’t do these things like you are addicted to online games. Will you be said to be addicted to playing a game once in a while? It’s not like you’re going to be obsessed with playing all night long when you have time on vacation. How long can you play these sports games? Will you play football and skiing all night long? Either you don’t have the physical strength, or you don’t have the money, or no one plays with you…So the reality is that you can’t really addicted to all these sports games. Therefore, no matter what the game is, when parents and teachers need you to focus on learning, you will be labeled as problematic as long as you indulge in it. The essence of indulging in online games is because you squeeze your time for study. This is the root cause of parents and teachers who do not support or dislike. Therefore, no matter what you like, as long as you achieve this effect, it will definitely lead to the same result, even if You are addicted to learning from Lei Feng on the street to do good deeds.

7 months ago

Times have changed. Now that the child is already lazy and has arrived at home, do you want to go out and exercise, do the parents want to celebrate the point where they are happy? Anyway, when we were young, who didn’t get beaten because we missed the time to play? We are not addicted, okay? A word off the topic, the final stage of the “four elements” I said (if you are interested in searching the official account by yourself) is “consciousness”. Indulging in anything that goes wrong is a manifestation of inadequate consciousness. Take care of yourself, take care of things, and take care of your time. If you can do it before junior high school, that’s what you should be able to achieve. It’s not a show, my child in the second grade has almost trained. Want to watch cartoons after finishing homework? Say it by yourself for a few minutes, then turn on the alarm clock by yourself, go to the balcony to rest your eyes for a minute, and then the next task. Parents urge everything behind the ass? Anyway, I am not very optimistic.

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