I think Zhang Zhehan is more inclined to experience school, and Gong Jun is more inclined to method school. There is no absolute, just a tendency. I personally prefer the method school, but obviously Zhang Zhehan has more experience, better acting skills, more freedom in rewinding and playing, and a lot better line skills. However, there is no fault in the performance gap between the two people (if there is a fault, no one will ask this question). Just looking at the finished product of Shanhe Ling, Gong Jun didn’t lose. Their acting skills are okay for the same age, above average. I went to archaeology for their previous works. Zhang Zhehan may be a little bit salty and not short due to script restrictions, lacking impact, and feels a bit stereotyped. Gong Jun’s acting skills lack details, and his role is rough. In Shanhe Lingli, the two of them probably talked sincerely with the screenwriter and director, and then blessed them through the script, so they did a good job. The acting skills of the two of them are really not so good. Every time an actor comes out, a few pictures will say that the acting skills are immortal, and they are tired. Compared with some unspeakables, it is naturally good, mainly because it can’t be said that there is no acting skills at all. In the past few years, the entertainment industry can’t say too much, and some have been marketed as acting skills. The past two years have been better. Among the more famous niche players of their age, Dou Xiao, Zhang Ruoyun, and Bai Yu have better acting skills. Brother Haoran is fine too. But they are all considered promising in the future. I feel that fans will spray me so many people watch, no one scolds me, happy. After watching the latest 4 episodes, let’s update it. Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun’s acting skills are half missing, one cannot get in and the other cannot get out. In acting, the actor understands the role and then expresses it to the audience for the audience to understand. Zhang Zhehan enters the role, and can even find out the details of the character and the inner logic loopholes that the screenwriter cannot take care of. It is difficult for a screenwriter to write so many roles by one person, and it is difficult to grasp each role very accurately. The actor’s own adjustment is very important. But what he conveys is not enough. Acting is not as true as possible. Otherwise, as long as you liberate your nature and integrate into the role, everyone can be an actor. The actor needs to make the audience understand the role. Comparing the two of them, Wen Kexing has so many off-court scenes, and theoretically the embarrassment value is very high, but Gong Jun’s performance is actually okay, so Gong Jun has a lot of highlight clips. His expressive ability is okay. However, compared with Zhou Zishu, the characters are a bit broken after savoring. To express with pictures, if the red line is the right performance, Zhang Zhehan is the blue line, and Gong Jun is the yellow line. The three more outstanding actors I mentioned earlier are all able to achieve the red line. Let me talk about the most promising part of them. Zhang Zhehan is very suitable for making movies. It can give him space to think about, and allow him to polish to the right shots over and over again. TV dramas don’t have this space. Gong Jun actually benefited from his character and would seize the opportunity. He said that he chose the best at the moment. Many artists have said so, but he has done very little. I believe he has done it. I watched too many actors, and I really found that the thinking in the actors is normal and there is no problem with the aesthetics. There are not too many people who know what the public likes. Zhang Niangniang has overturned recently, can you say that she is not good at acting? The older you get, the more you feel that the world is unfair. How many abilities you have is not important anymore, and how much you show is more important.


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7 months ago

Performing factions cannot compete for performance. Performing factions cannot compete for performance. Gong Jun’s acting skills are young and Mr. Zhang is good, and it has nothing to do with any faction. The fact that Gong Jun didn’t send it had nothing to do with his inability to control his expression freely. I emphasized the performance faction because Zhou Zishu developed the femininity in the masculine spirit, which has beauty that transcends gender. Don’t use experiential analysis to dance. Teacher Zhang likes Wen Kexing. Judging from his performances and interviews, Teacher Zhang himself doesn’t like it. He just pity Zhou Zishu. The success of the experiential school requires the actor to have a strong emotional perception on the one hand, and requires him to have a “cold and rational” heart to control and release emotions. Therefore, the experiential school extremely tests people’s spiritual power and hopes that Mr. Zhang can adjust himself. Well, this road is not easy to follow, I look forward to his future performance. Finally, I personally like to experience the “no trace of performance” deduction style in the experiential school. “With traces of performance” does not mean bad, it depends on the situation. After all, performing arts are diverse. I glanced at the answer to this question. I’m afraid that everyone will misunderstand. Let me explain. Different performance schools cannot compete for acting skills. No matter what school is for expression, it depends on how the actor handles it. It’s hard to say the pure style of every scene of the actor. There are many ways to deal with the performance, including Teacher Zhang in Shanhe Lingzhong. I said that he is mainly experiential, completely based on Zhou Zishu’s personality, plot, Feminism, and teacher Zhang’s essay considerations, are not considered from acting.

7 months ago

No, I’m a bit confused. Is it because the characters in the script Wen Kexing are a bit thin, or are Gong Jun’s acting skills a bit thin? Why do I feel so weird? I won’t blow the rainbow fart, it’s boring. My analysis…The script Wen Kexing is a bit thin, and Gong Jun’s acting is also a bit…Gong Jun’s acting is a bit…well…just…well, I can’t say no, but it’s almost that interesting. Maybe it’s the same as his singing, and it can’t be said to be out of tune, but… I began to realize that the dissatisfaction started from the martial arts conference. The rainy night before Xiao Xiao and the pavilion were actually a little bit… but fans are all Said it was a dubbing problem, I followed to scold the dubbing. After changing the dubbing, it was better, but I felt that it was almost meaningless. I won’t do unnecessary stigma here, because many fans feel that it is very high-gloss and talk about ghosts. Gu Gu Master should not like appearance, OK, here the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom. But the contrast in the martial arts conference was really too strong… There are too many old opera bones… The acting skills of the old opera bones are really great… It seems that Wen Kexing’s reaction is too calm. . . The atmosphere of the entire martial arts conference was squeezed by the old drama players. I think the highlight moment: noble, hard for a long time, when I saw my big apprentice, there were tears in my eyes, and when I heard big When the disciple identified himself, the eyes were unbelievable. When the disciple died, his eyes turned to concern, reluctance, and despair. . . . Oops, tut tut. . . In just a few shots, this mood is shaped, this character is full. The beggar gang master, when he saw the broken glazed armor, shouted “No!!!”, there was a greedy look on his face. . . Zhao Jing, when he cried his eldest brother in the rain, the lower part of his face was sad, and the upper part of his eyes was treacherous. . This actor actually studied law. Compared to Wen Kexing, no. . . Someone is arguing. The Wulin Conference is a lively event in the Five Lakes League, and Wen Kexing is just an audience. Of course, he has to sit on the sidelines. . Nothing wrong, but! The martial arts conference is the revenge of Wen Kexing’s self-confidence! ! Didn’t he show that the fan was shaking with all his hands? That proves that his heart is surging, but the expression in his eyes has not kept up. . . . . Someone said again, he wants to conceal his identity, suppress his identity, yes. It’s the expression that hides the depression and excitement. . . After the martial arts conference, I found that Wen Kexing’s stamina was insufficient… Some of the complicated parts were not complicated, and the TV drama microdermabrasion was too heavy, and the actors’ tears were invisible. . . . Although I really can’t take one step on the other, but… even fans should admit that Zhang Zhehan has more experience, right? I feel…Zhang Zhehan has improved his acting skills more than his previous dramas, and he is indeed better than Gong Jun. Complex emotions can be expressed better. Even if you look at seniority, you can’t let me force a bowl of water. Right? If it depends on who has good acting skills, I feel that Ye Baiyi is the top of the three! Even if you look at seniority, you have to admit that Yelaoshr is more experienced. (Manual dog head, I have been blowing two starring acting skills on Weibo, I really don’t want to step on landmines, but I don’t vomit.) Especially in the Longyuan Pavilion Cave, Wen Kexing squeezed and squeezed in tears for a long time. When he didn’t come out, Ye Baiyi brought up Rong Xuan’s crisp tears, and the oppressive sense of righteousness in the confrontation between Four Season Villa and Zhou Zishu. . . Zhou Zishu’s acting skills can still offer tricks here, is Wen Kexing completely hanging and beating. . . . (Sorry!) Let me talk about my personal feelings. It is purely my personal opinion and has nothing to do with Zhang Zhehan. Hahahaha, I always think Zhang Zhehan is always telling the truth in a joke. For example, he said that Gong Jun “what the director requires is that the lines should be up and down, and the priorities should not be slow.” “Gong Jun not losing money is the representative of rote memorization.” Gong Jun said, he likes Wen Kexing because Wen Kexing has many aspects. Zhang Zhehan choked at him: “How many sides are there?” He also said, “You have a very simple understanding of Zhou Zishu. They are all superficial things, not deep at all. Go back and follow the drama to understand Zhou Zishu. What kind of person is it? Hahahahahahaha. Although he is joking, I see that now, I sum up Gong Jun’s acting skills: I don’t have a deep understanding of the characters. . . The above views represent only me, don’t fight. Slipped away. Fans keep their mouths harder, and then stubbornly. It doesn’t matter, we don’t need to worry, it’s already red, so sooner or later there will be a chance, it’s the mule that can be pulled out by the horse. I am not afraid of death to pull up a top stream, and I suggest you to search for the highlights of Xiao Zhan’s “Celebrating More Than Years”. . . Let’s take a look at the acting skills that were blown up in the “Chen Qing Ling”, whether it was in a relatively serious drama or a relatively serious drama. After being deducted by the director one action, one line, one line, the line was still being taught by the whole network. Group mocking. . . . I’ve watched TV dramas for so many years, and it’s really nonsense to say that you can’t see acting skills. Take a closer look and you will find that Gong Jun is really performing one after another. I will react to whatever lines this time. He does not follow the main line, echoes back and forth, does not perform foreshadowing, and your actor does not perform foreshadowing. How can we understand when watching the drama, hahahaha, it’s not on Weibo that Zhang Chengling’s person had collapsed, and that he had deliberated on Wen Kexing, and some said that it must be a game. The change of the drama has seen the detective Xia. Locke’s feeling. Actually, didn’t the screenwriters in front have a foreshadowing? Zhang Chengling got up early to practice kung fu, and Wen Kexing asked him why he worked so hard. He said that I would work hard to practice kung fu, take revenge, and kill Ghost Valley! Wen Kexing here, generally experienced actors will respond with a guilty conscience, and when they come later, they will respond with fear of being punctured and guilt to Chengling, and then haha ​​and say, then you have to sleep, you are. Grow your body, soothe your child. As a result, our old Wen is very gentle and caring about the child’s body, saying as if Guigu has nothing to do with him. He is just an innocent passerby. I really laughed. . We have to have a close-up shot from the director or an Indian drama-like shocking music in the later stage, so we can see that Wen Kexing and Zhang Chengling have insurmountable contradictions.

7 months ago

As Zhang Zhehan said in Dan Cai, Zhou and Wen made each other’s achievements in the play, and Zhang Gong made each other’s achievements in the play. Commenting on the two male protagonists, it is inevitable that there is a comparison, and it is inevitable that there is harm. Regarding the performance styles of the two, the respondent has analyzed thoroughly May wish to look at it from another angle. The difference between the story itself and the interaction between the two is the tension that determines whether the story is good or not. In the combination of Zhang and Gong, Zhang provides bright colors, and Gong sets the background color ( It’s not the modeling color, it’s the relationship between the characters). Although the two of them can’t be considered acting alone, but the combination produced a perfect effect. Taking the time back to the casting stage, Zhang and Gong both read the script and liked Wen Kexing at the same time. Although the request was rejected and he accepted the role of Zhou Zishu, Zhang did not give up. During the reading of the script, he still asked for it many times, and even missed the role of Wen Kexing in the interview after the broadcast. This reflects Zhang’s “Madman” attribute, this matter can be big or small. A role-playing incident, to put it awkwardly, is the failure to repeatedly intercept Hu Gongjun. Similar incidents are not uncommon, and improper handling or deliberate use is likely to turn into a mutual stomping. Tear the battle. Even if the two sides turn off the fire, they often complete the shooting in the ghosts of each other. In the end, whatever the plot is, it becomes the scene of a contemporary palace battle. But none of these dog-blood plots happened in Shanhe Ling. This is accidental. ? Just look at Shuangcai. Although Zhang never shy away from his obsession with Wen Kexing, every time this topic that may cause embarrassment is resolved by Gong Jun’s seemingly cute and straightforward response. Another example is Bazaar. Shuangcai, Zhang joked that he always plays with Gong’s stand-in. Good guy, this is another big blow! Just change an actor at random, let’s not say that this is not true, even if it’s true, you dare to interview face to face and say that people have to fight with you every minute. On the other hand, Gong Jun, the hand holding the microphone did not retract from Zhang’s side to defend himself or even counterattack. , The smile did not even froze on his face, he just said a few words at the usual speed and in his usual tone, “You must say this clearly today.. When did I not play with you?” Of course, Zhang Zhehan also immediately realized When the joke was too big, he hid behind Gong with a smile. What does this have to do with acting? The relationship is that the process of cooperation is always full of various variables, and the success or failure of the performance is often not how high the respective level is, but how to deal with problems or even crises. From the examples seen by the two audiences, Gong Jun’s way of dealing with things is two people. The cooperation releases maximum tolerance and trust. And Zhang Zhehan is so frank and even joking from beginning to end, which is also a full manifestation of the trust and partnership between the two. This unforeseen relationship is itself a relationship between Zhou and Wen in the play. Life and death support each other, the spiritual pillar of the sword world. Without one of them, it will deteriorate. So even if the two do not have first-class acting skills, the audience still believes and is moved by their emotions. Speaking of acting, the actors’ role in shaping There are two aspects: technicality and creativity. Unfortunately, like most things in life, it is difficult to have both. Because the more technology is involved, the higher the composition of experience and routines, and the lower the composition of creativity. Generally For the actors in the performance, the more technical, the smoother the shooting, the audience experience tends to be the same, the lower the overall risk, but it is difficult to impress people. Just like Marvel’s blockbuster movies, although each has its own merits, the viewing experience is full of excitement and the box office Great, but in the end submerged in the background of superheroes. Zhang and Gong’s performance in this drama is obviously not technical enough. This is caused by two reasons: 1 the actors themselves have limited experience and maturity, 2 the internal entertainment has no tour There is no successful precedent between the reform and the original. The result of immature technology is that the audience feels differently, and the evaluation of the two protagonists is uneven. Since it is creatively led, the vegetables and carrots have their own love. Someone Crazy love, popular tooth itch, in fact, it is all natural. To be sure, Zhang Zhehan discovered the gentle and strong character in this drama, using soft to overcome the strong (not synonymous with femininity! Tai Chi is also using soft to overcome the strong) side. Gong Jun’s performance, especially his expression, has progressive levels. Commenting on his acting skills depends on whether the two of them can apply these abilities in future character creation. Looking forward to ing

7 months ago

A recent interview made me notice that Zhang Zhehan is very good at observing and imitating. For example, he imitated Gong Jun’s smile in an interview, saying that Gong Jun laughed when he did bad things, and hahaha when he was silly. In the Huihuo interview, Gong Jun lay down behind Zhang Zhehan to paint, and by the way, he pulled Zhang Zhehan’s hair to complete the task. He grinned after doing bad things. After he succeeded, he would hahaha, exactly the same as Zhang Zhehan imitated. Zhang Zhehan grinned at the camera for some footage from the shooting. It turned out that he was imitating Gong Jun at that time. Being good at observation and imitation can shape different people vividly and perform different roles. And what he reads and writes can tell that he is a very delicate thinking person. He also loves to play Lego, focused and patient. Such an emotionally delicate person who takes work seriously is really suitable to be an actor. No wonder Zhou Zishu was so vividly played by him. Zhou Zishu’s every move is alive. The person presented in the play is not an actor who walks in front of the camera and recites his lines, nor is he just changing his outfit and always pulling cool and handsome idol, he is Zhou Zishu. And I also began to wonder, what will Wen Kexing be like by Zhang Zhehan? It must be frightening to be mad, and that pair of affectionate eyes must be full of affection when it is affectionate. But if you don’t find someone with good acting skills to play Zhou Zishu, the show will not look good. I am very grateful for him to act Zhou Zishu. Thank him for making Zhou Zishu figurative and appearing alive in Shanhe Ling. Another Gong Jun contributed to the best state he can give in the Mountain and River Ling. The actors achieve each other, very good.

7 months ago

I like both of them, but I really want to say something for Gong Jun, because many answers are exaggerating Zhehan’s stepping on Gong Jun! I don’t know what the experiential school is. I’m not a director or acting tutor. I’m just a spectator. I only talk about my own experience of watching the show. First of all, Gong Jun did not fail to catch Zhang Zhehan’s play. On the contrary, the early plot was initiated by Wen Kexing, and some people talked about the character of Wen Kexing in the later period. Wen Kexing shouldn’t be this kind of reaction or something. Then you might as well go to Lingkai a scolding script to scold the plot! In the picture I saw, Wen Kexing responded to every reaction of Zhou Zishu as it should be! For example, in episode 27, when the two were about to die together, Zhou Zishu was brilliant, but did Wen Kexing pull it? No, the two times when he was grimly at Ye Baiyi, his emotions were different. When Zhou Zishu was defending him, his eyes changed almost every line, which can be said to express his very clearly. Inner feelings fluctuate! You have never seen performances in scenes where you can’t catch your opponents. I won’t give an example. Anything you think of in your heart counts! Again, many people say that Zhang Zhehan is Zhou Zishu, and Gong Jun is acting as a guest in Wenzhou! Zhang Zhehan changed himself from a war wolf to Zhou Zishu. Everyone discovered his feminine side other than a straight man of steel, and everyone who has seen the analysis of his appearance and temperament knows that Zhang Zhehan has that kind of gentle and charming (praise) temperament! Then Gong Jun didn’t turn himself from a silly to a crazy beauty? Looking out of the play, Gong Jun and Wen Kexing are nothing like each other. Doesn’t this show that Gong Jun is performing well? I agree with what Zhang Zhehan said about the relationship between actors and actors, roles and roles, actors and roles. Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing have achieved each other, and Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun have achieved each other! I admit that Zhang Zhehan performed more mature and deeper. Isn’t it right for him to be a more experienced actor? Although talent is important, experience is also indispensable. These two are actually not talented players. No matter what kind of performance method, there is no high ground in the first place. Comparison can be done, but it is not good to pull!

7 months ago

Why is it popular to analyze acting now? What character logic, experience school, acting school, etc., is this something that an ordinary audience of me needs to understand? I think it’s simple to evaluate whether the acting is good or not, whether it touches your heart, makes you cry or laugh unconsciously, and makes you immerse yourself in the plot. For example, in the scene of Lao Wen Luoya, neither of them made me feel uncomfortable and wanted to cry. For example, in the scene where Old Wen bowed his knees, I was not moved by the handling of Asu. Both the trailers are better than the feature film, which makes me feel that the performance of two people is above the pass and not excellent. But this doesn’t delay my drama, the plot is smooth, the face is good and the waist is thin, the acting skills are not awkward, and the overall level has been ranked as an excellent TV series. To put it aside, I don’t know if there are more acting skills in the tap water speech of Zhen Hun. I feel that in the discussion and marketing in the past few years, I have loved the fact that acting is good. In my opinion, appearance, personality, acting skills, and experience (especially whether there is a dark history) constitute the comprehensive competitiveness of an actor. Focusing on one aspect blindly makes it easy to mislead oneself. Paste the content I added in the comment area. First of all, what I want to express is that for me as an ordinary audience (not dare to represent all ordinary audiences), the actors’ acting skills are part of the final film, but not all. For me, I don’t want to dig out the details of acting. So second, who will dig out the details of acting? Actor fans. Only when you become an actor fan will you be willing to use various statements to prove your acting skills to prove that a person has a strong professional ability. So how do you evaluate whether an actor’s business ability is strong or not? This is a very subjective matter, and it cannot be explained by various theories to convince people with reason. In the final analysis, it depends on the recognition of passers-by. To give a simpler example, whether the food in a restaurant is good or not, a long review of a food analyst will analyze all aspects from the materials used and using the fire knife technique. Are these important? Of course it is also important. But no matter how delicious the food is, if the store environment is dirty and poor, and the waiters have a bad attitude, then the business may be bleak and closed. But for passers-by, a restaurant business is booming and there is a surging flow of customers, we can summarize it as delicious food. When a restaurant is closed, we say that the food is still not enough. So is the food important? Important, but not the only important. That kind of acting is the signature dish of the fly restaurant. (Why keep mentioning the soul of the town? Because this is a drama that can’t be beaten by comparison as long as the drama is changed. I have also observed that after the soul of the town, it has become popular for all-round hardcore actors’ acting. The soul of the town is true. There is nothing to pick apart from acting.)

7 months ago

To be honest, it was awkward at first, and I thought it was what it was, the lines that made people feel like chicken skin and the eyes that Gong Jun could not do without Zhou Zishu, but I persevered. . . Become the one who is really fragrant. Speaking of Gong Jun’s acting skills, in some places it really feels simple to deal with. According to Wen Kexing’s character life experience, there should be something deeper. But on the whole it is a perfect performance of the characters themselves. When facing Zhou Zishu and facing people who want to hurt them, the change in eyesight from a little milk dog to a cruel and savage valley master has been handled very well, no It will make people play and get their identity in a second. Moreover, as the owner of the valley, one smile, one action, the momentum is also very tight. As a beauty attack, greasy is just right, milky and lovable, generous and unpretentious. It’s remarkable, Gong Jun, come on! ! ! Zhang Zhehan can obviously feel that his acting skills and experience are more sophisticated, especially in the latest episode, the confrontation with King Jin was handled very well. After reading his interview, there are many small details and script logic that he has made suggestions. With his own careful thinking, I feel that he has a thorough understanding of the role of Zhou Zishu. Going back to Gong Jun, this appearance can really conceal all flaws. Whenever I change the role of another person, I should focus on the various bugs rather than the protagonist himself, but Gong Jun has this charm. Once he appears on the stage, he can’t see anything else. People out. This character fits his face too! ! You know that after reading so many novels, there is someone who makes you think that you are the hero in the old sayings of your fantasy! ! He came out! ! He is in this world! Mainly because the TV series CP is so good, Gong Jun himself is also very talkative, just like the big boy next door, simple and sunny. No matter how fans knocked, he still watched station b and watched fans knocked their own CP. Such a simple and cute big boy, who doesn’t like it

7 months ago

Non-professionals answered, I think Zhang Zhehan’s acting skills are better than Gong Jun’s acting skills overall. Zhou Zishu’s role is at least in the first 20 episodes, and the highlight is not as much as Wen Kexing, and it is easy to be dim. However, Zhang Zhehan’s deduction makes people feel like they are fighting in a separate battle, and they can add many details by themselves. It’s a pity that the reason for the lack of good director training in the early stage is that sometimes the eyes can’t find the focus. Alas, this is also the place that gets blacked the most. Fans say he did it on purpose, but I think he has a better choice to deal with. He did not hide his flaws, he did interpret this role very well, giving people the feeling that he was Zhou Zishu. He is an immersive actor, if he encounters a good role, a good screenwriter, and a good director, he will definitely shine. Gong Jun’s acting skills are also very good, because his role is very oily if he doesn’t perform well, and he controls it well. But sometimes when the emotions are fierce, the expression is a bit too much, I don’t know how to describe it, but you think he should react like this, but the range should not be that big. It is not very obvious in the TV series, but there are definitely big bugs in the movie, and his plasticity is not as good as Zhang Zhehanqiang. Let’s see what route he wants to take in the future

7 months ago

The problem with xfxy. I don’t think it is necessary to discuss the experiential method in the previous section, and it is impossible to say that Gong Jun does not have Zhang Zhehan’s heart for the role. From the perspective of watching the drama, the two actors are very serious about their roles. Compared with the original performance in the TV drama, both actors have made great progress. I personally think that Gong Jun is inferior to Zhang Zhehan because he has much less acting experience than Zhang. He may not know which direction to interpret when the play itself is gradually collapsing. He only pays attention to the fragmentary performance in the play, while ignoring the continuity of the entire role. For example, the scenes that followed Zhou Zishu and the scenes in which Guigu went crazy during a meeting, from the perspective of the fragments, were extremely complete. But later when the screenwriter gave him some life-related parts (not to blame the screenwriter, the screenwriter must be flawed for the first time), he started crying, maybe a single clip is OK, but when you watch it continuously, you will have a Although Wen Kexing feels pitiful but there is no need for Jiji, his attitude towards Asu is quite different from before. The character gradually follows the script and collapses. And Zhang Zhehan, who also faces the weakened and dwarfed character, insists, “No matter how crazy your plot is, I always hold on to a few points on Zhou Zishu’s body and don’t let go”: 1. I have nails on my body that hurt from time to time, and my five senses gradually Lost; 2. No matter what the situation, always be gentle and tolerant to Wen Kexing; 3. I used to be the master of the skylight, even if I am not now, I am still a master of speech, a ruthless person and a master of the field. 4. Grasp the sequence of Zhou Zishu’s emotional and psychological changes, and to what extent. So no matter what period Zhou Zishu was Zhou Zishu, the audience always felt that it was Zhou Zishu, and there would be no confusion. I haven’t read the original work, but I’ve watched the original work. In more than a dozen episodes, the party scolded the screenwriter and said that she had changed Zhou Zishu to separate the book and drama. But after 20, especially in the 27th episode, the original party was excited and said that he saw the original work Zhou Zishu. The wind color. It can be seen from this that Zhang Zhehan must have studied the original and understood the difference between the original and the adaptation, so when the characters start to break in the script, in which direction does he act? He chose the original. PS: As a digression, there is a very interesting clip of Duan Pengju torture Zhou Zishu. This screenwriter is definitely a veteran rotten girl, and it’s just the old bloody plot: the monarch and the minister are terrified, love but can’t, forced to be humiliated in the torture room. According to my rotten girl thinking, Zhou Zishu’s broken beauty, torturous beauty, and desperate resistance will definitely be shown here. Wow, it’s delicious to think about it. As a result, I forgot that the screenwriter and the audience are veteran, the actors are not. Zhang Zhehan’s performance seems to have moved towards the starting point. Shuangwen, the male lead, I am tm. Even if you are tortured, you can’t help me. I still rely on intelligence and cannons to crush you mentally, hahahaha. Seeing this, I think Zhang Zhehan is indeed a very interesting and thoughtful young man. Of course, Zhang Zhehan is not without problems. Sometimes he doesn’t know how to be more present in the camera. In the first episode, the inner drama is very poor and his eyes are out of focus, but he just asks the actors to be in place. Without this problem, I tend to be unstable in acting. Also, before closing his eyes, he used to turn the whites of his eyes up first, and it was a drama when he was close-up. This must be changed.

7 months ago

No, is this a new rice circle purification routine? Analyze the acting skills and analyze them separately. There is no need to say that the acting skills of the two sides seem to be different. The drama is endless, and the fans on both sides are quarreling. Why are they afraid that they will be tied to real people for business? Hey, my aunt, see if they interviewed, it’s true that there is no tacit understanding of the appearance, she laughed to death, but because of this, she smashed the cp. They have all walked out of the scene. You can’t see Zhou Zishu from Zhang. The two sides have no intention of engaging in small-action live-action business. It is really unnecessary to worry about too many CP fans. Therefore, the fans on both sides quarreled. Digressing, Zhang and Gong clearly stated in the interview that they accomplish each other, and the characters in the play accomplish each other. They also said that they seem to have a few scenes every day, and they think it’s good to come to this scene. worth it. They both recognize the acting skills of both parties. Both of them have a lot of room for improvement. So before it was obviously harmonious, now fans scold each other, just. . Otherwise, you can analyze which acting skill you like separately, whether it is good or bad, and the other has its own analysis by others, otherwise it will be confusing to watch your posts and quarrels.

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