Of course, there should have been a lot of contact with takeaways. After all, as an otaku, from college to graduation, I don’t expect to cook by myself. Although I go to dinner with my colleagues every day in the company, I still choose takeaway when I go home at night. Most of the time, I feel sorry for the delivery staff, especially when it rains, so I don’t care about being late. It is acceptable to be late for half an hour to an hour. After all, I will starve for a while, but this doesn’t mean I’m going to be hungry. Be tolerant of being late, especially for the content of my personal experience below. In order to facilitate understanding, I will write about scene one: my delivery time is expected to be 18:00, and the delivery staff will call at 18:30. Let me go downstairs to get the takeaway immediately (the school takeaway usually calls in advance and asks to go downstairs and wait, but this person should call only when he arrives downstairs). At that time, there was a team fight, and it was about a minute later from the sixth floor. Lou, I saw the takeaway guy at about 18:33, and the takeaway guy asked why it was so slow? Your special takeaway was delivered to me delayed and blamed me for taking three minutes to go downstairs. Scene 2: The estimated delivery time for the takeaway is 18:00. At 18:30, the delivery staff called and asked me to go downstairs and get the takeaway immediately (School Take-out usually calls in advance to let me go downstairs and wait). At that time, I had nothing to do and just went downstairs and waited. I thought I would arrive soon and didn’t care how much I wore. I thought it would be fine for a while. In winter, I wore a small dress. The sweater was shaking in the cold wind until 18:45. Just when I was about to enter the first floor of the dormitory building, the takeaway was late. He called my tail number and left without saying a word. Maybe you were the last order. The takeaway is so slow that you still can’t arrive on time after the call. It makes me tremble for 15 minutes. I can understand your difficulty, but I don’t accept a word. I’m sorry, I’m not frozen into a stupid. x is mine. Luckily, it is my honor to be angry and bad reviews. Scene 3: The estimated time for take-out is 18:00, and the fresh and fresh dishes are served daily. I usually cook at 18:30. At that time, it was rare for me to be at home. When cooking, because there are people in the family eating together, the takeaway called at 17:55, very sincere, and said I’m sorry, brother, I might be late here, and I will deliver it to you 15 minutes late at most, you see Can I order confirmation first? I thought about it after 15 minutes. I said that you can order it. Then he ordered to confirm the delivery. It was about 18:30. I thought why it was not delivered yet, something was wrong, so I called the takeaway again, and this time the takeaway was not so eager: Okay, I see, I’ll deliver it to you right away, so at 19:00 I still stared at the empty pot in a daze, by this time I was already I’m unhappy, and I’m very unhappy. You can’t order the delivery on time and don’t care about the time of my order, right? So I called the customer service and said: I didn’t receive it. I negotiated with the delivery staff before, but he didn’t keep his promise, so you will deal with it. I haven’t received it yet. Please give me a reminder, so the delivery staff rushed after 10 minutes. Came here, knocked on the door and left with a black face. I didn’t have a word to communicate with me to make you considerate in advance. Calling at 18:30 is to give you a chance. If I use my kindness in this way, I’m sorry, I’m not a very kind person. , So I wrote about my experience in a negative comment on Weibo, and complained that I thought online grocery shopping could develop well after the epidemic, but I was thinking too much. The official website of Daily Youxian was indeed very good and responded quickly to me. Although this is a public relations for them, I am still very satisfied with the result. However, I didn’t want the 50 no-threshold voucher to return me. At the time, I thought I was just for Aite. You let you know this, but you don’t want anything from you. Later, when I think about md, why am I so stupid… The above three paragraphs are the three experiences I have most impressed with, so I can give the most to the delivery staff being late. The tolerance is “late”, if you are not only late, but also give me a face, or give me a illusory delivery promise and delay it on the basis of being late, then I’m sorry, for me as a consumer, a bad review Complaint is my only weapon. I can bear it if I can bear it. I can’t help but care about you.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

If you are really upset, just give it. You’re welcome. Takeaway delivery belongs to the service industry. No matter how many situations the takeaway encounters during the delivery of the food, the basic service attitude is still necessary. Many times he is late and sincerely apologizes to the customer and speaks well. After the customer listens to it, it is because of the wait for the meal. Irritability will be resolved a lot. So if the takeaway has a bad attitude and you are friendly, you can exercise the right to give him a bad review, which is also a flogging for him.

6 months ago

Give it a bad attitude. They are all hitting workers, no one should be pitiful. It was not easy to see the media promoting the takeaway brother before. Now that I see similar news, I feel resisted, and I get tired after reading too much. It’s not difficult, those 996, those who get up early and work in the dark, those who go to work during the day and night, and those who take the bread and squeeze the subway and wait for the bread to turn into pizza. These people may be scolded for mistakes in their work. head. From the beginning of “more tolerance”, it gradually became a kind of privilege, a kind of differentiated treatment. You have to reflect on yourself if you give a bad review, it is unnecessary or unnecessary. If the platform time is unreasonable, too many negative reviews will naturally urge the platform to readjust the delivery time. I endure it, and the platform feels squeezed.

6 months ago

Based on the negative emotional feedback, I should give it. At first, it was because of the face. I am embarrassed. The colleague said that he often ordered and the bad habits could not be used to it. Then he carefully ordered the first time, waiting for the other party to call. Complain about the phone. Then I found that there was no call at the end. After having this first experience, if you encounter someone with a bad attitude in the future, you don’t have any burdens in your heart, and you should feel that this is a punishment for the other party’s poor professional attitude. In fact, it’s okay to be late in many cases. The key is that attitude can make people uncomfortable. The attitude of the service industry is one of the most important core competitiveness. Haidilao is the proof.

6 months ago

I must think that delivering food is an ordinary job. Overtime or a bad attitude means that the job is not done well. If the customer does not take punitive measures, he will blindly understand and condone his wrong behavior. I have always disapproved of it. Sympathizing for the delivery staff because of their own work mistakes, the delivery error or lateness, everyone is equal, since they have chosen to do the delivery work, it is their own business quality to achieve timely delivery, if you can’t guarantee that they will be timely without irresistible factors When served, you should reflect on your own acceptance of punishment, rather than just find excuses to shirk and exempt you from responsibility. Whether or not to give bad reviews should not be a moral kidnapping of customers, but a way of supervising foreign salesmen.

6 months ago

If it’s me, I think it’s okay if I have a good attitude. It should be considerate. If the attitude is not good, make a decisive negative comment. I don’t care if it’s because of any platform mechanism. If something is delayed, you can call me to confirm the delivery in advance. I can understand it, but if you have a bad attitude without explaining, then I’m sorry, you won’t deduct it. Salary has nothing to do with me.

6 months ago

As a takeaway uncle who works part-time but does a good job, I think I should give it. I have timed out more than 20 minutes, or even more. Anyway, I was in a very ashamed mood at that time, and I should sincerely apologize to the customer because of my feelings and reason. In fact, there are no more than four reasons: slow food delivery by merchants, messy delivery of orders in the system, greediness to bring along, and problems with the car. Corresponding to the problems of xx merchants, the problems of the black-hearted system, their own problems, and the problems of luck. Either way has nothing to do with the customer!

6 months ago

Once I ordered a takeaway on Ele.me. Due to the epidemic situation last year, many office buildings were not allowed to go there. When we got to the back, the office buildings did not stop the delivery staff. Just a few days later when I ordered the takeaway. , A hungry brother, went downstairs and said that the security guard would not let him up, because I knew it was possible to get up now, I asked him which security guard would not let you up, he hesitated, I said then you Call the security guard and I asked, if you are not allowed to come up, you will put it on the desk at the front desk. This little brother gave me a sentence directly, you can’t take it down, and I will take it away if you don’t take it, hey, my temper, I replied, take it away if you don’t come up, and then they hang up my phone. And then I complained to him. Also blacked him out. Are you hungry? I refunded my meal. I also compensated for a 5 yuan voucher, a useless voucher. I generally do not complain about riders, nor do I give bad reviews. Only that kind of attitude is extremely bad. If you don’t give a lesson, he thought he was a rich second-generation experience of life. Another time, it was before the epidemic. In 2019, a Meituan rider overdue (didn’t buy the punctual treasure). I didn’t ask. After he came later, he said that he fell and the soup was a little bit. He sprinkled it, and said that he would pay me some money, and pointed me to his leg, which was covered with mud. I said forget it and let him go. When he left, he kept saying thank you. . So, whether you give you a bad review or not depends really on your attitude.

6 months ago

Life is not easy, if it is not the worst, I never give bad reviews. But I will tell him where I am not satisfied, and I hope he will pay attention to it in the future. Of course I will not give good comments. Usually others will accept my opinion and apologize to me. Once I bought a piece of clothing online, there were obvious signs of tearing. The customer service wanted to exchange one for me. I found it troublesome to return the product, and said I would go to a dry cleaner to deal with it. It didn’t cost much and I should be able to deal with it. The customer service apologized and had to refund me the shipping fee four more times to make up for it. I accepted it. I think this is very good, it will punish her, and it will not hurt me. Most people are kind, and there is no need to be too entangled in unintentional mistakes. I believe in the “building a harmonious society” advocated by President Hu Jintao. In a harmonious society, people are pleased with oneself, which is very good.

6 months ago

①Punctual delivery of takeaway is our legitimate right. No matter what the reason is for the takeaway (a traffic jam, bad weather, or even a car accident), as long as he does not deliver it on time, our rights have been violated, we have the right Give a bad review.

②We still didn’t give a bad review to the delivery staff due to objective reasons. This is called consideration, which is a kind of care based on human morals, but it does not mean that it must be correct and necessary.

③Before we make an evaluation, when we did not receive the takeaway on time, we have the right to ask the other party why it was not delivered on time (the teacher should also ask you why you are late for school?). At this time, we are obviously benefiting. If the injured party is still in a bad manner, it is more in line with the conditions of the bad review and can even make a complaint?

In summary, sometimes we are just too kind and can’t bear to hurt others. When our rights are violated, we need to give ourselves a reason to act.

6 months ago

You can give or not, there is no need and no. The decision is in your hands. You are nothing more than afraid that if you give it to others, you will retaliate against you, or if someone does have difficulties, if you give it to others, it will affect others. If I don’t give it, I feel upset. So whether to give or not, there is no right or wrong. The service industry has always been like this. There are too many helpless things, and there are always things that are unsatisfactory. It is normal to be dissatisfied with criticism. It’s just that when we give feedback to others, we must pay more attention to their difficulties and be considerate of others. In case you encounter a delivery person who is in a bad mood, if the customer gives a bad review, the delivery person has extreme personality, which may be dangerous to your life. So more things are not as good as less things. Being late is not a very important thing, but bad reviews may be their daily income for the delivery staff.

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