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I have experience in chasing men. The men that I have known since childhood are all chased by themselves. The so-called chasing is to give a man what he wants, or let a man know that I have what you want. Every man wants different things. Some men need to understand, some men need to be pampered, some men need encouragement, and some men need freedom. How to chase depends first on what type of person a man is. Male chauvinist, ask more, appreciate more, agree more, praise more; playboy type, want to get in touch with each other, when chatting, the mouth can be a little bit poisonous, a little humorous, show contempt and indifferent to his various love history; the mind is not that way. Mature, sunny, cute, lively, active, climbing mountains together, playing cards together, drinking together, and joking together. There are also some common experiences: 1. Learn to praise each other. To boast to the point, it must be obvious that you are knowledgeable, but a little bit lower than him. 2. Independence, can’t let go: Those who say that chasing a man have no good results are nothing more than dying to live when chasing a person, pondering every sentence, entangled in every detail, and finally their mentality is broken. . Chasing a man is like advertising. Be creative and have confidence in yourself. In the end, don’t worry too much about whether or not anyone will buy the advertisement. When eating and chatting, be casual and reveal that the other party is excellent. I will line up with you and think about me if I have an idea. The man can’t make a decision for a while, just wait and continue to treat him openly and generously-not afraid of the thief, but afraid of the thief. 3. Don’t put yourself on the highest point of morality, thinking that I like you all the time, you will die if you like me. Relax and relax. All the pursuits are played together as a starting point. Learn to observe appearances, and don’t rely on brute force and bitter drama. Business is not righteous and righteous. When a man has no curiosity, he will tease him from time to time. After he has no curiosity, then if nothing happens, when the man has curiosity approaching, he becomes ambiguous with you, and he takes the initiative to chat. . . about there. 4. Don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry, always have the attitude that I like you and you can do it yourself. 5. Have more friends of the opposite sex-it’s best to be a playboy. They bother to be boyfriends, and it’s good to be friends. I have to say that sometimes I get depressed after chasing a man, and I go back to have a drink with the kotou sergeants and curse a few words about my mother, which is very good for adjusting my mood. If it’s a woman, she’ll be a bit tricky. . .


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8 months ago

It was very embarrassing to chase a boy for the first time. Just record it, if it succeeds! ! ! ! It was a big creation class in one evening. We were taking a major together (we were in two classes), and I found a handsome guy! ! ! Because I know all the boys in my class, I know that he is from the next class. He is long and white with a high nose. He doesn’t look too good when he smiles. I quickly took a pat on the phone and sent it to my girlfriend to see. She also said that she looked good, so I was moved and asked the girl in their class what his name was, and then I went to the professional group to add him.

8 months ago

He has already begun to say that I am a love master now. Let’s talk about it again, that is, I am not in love with him at the beginning. I only write about Zhihu after we are together (If we are not together, write it down. If it doesn’t meet this topic, how can I teach it! I can’t even answer this question without catching up by myself.) Actually, I wouldn’t write it on Zhihu, but because my good friend is annoying hahahaha, She told me, please don’t abuse me anymore, or send it to Zhihu to abuse everyone. Then I posted it. I didn’t expect that there were so many likes and comments and kept updating, so please don’t ask me why I was in love in the first place! ! There are a lot of private messages I have read, I also wrote at the end, I really don’t understand your story! So I can’t help you guys. I know everything I know in this answer. Still have to rely on yourself! People who like you must like everything about you, not just the fun aspect of your chat! So I won’t reply to private messages, sorry. Someone who added me in a private message also caused me some trouble, so I won’t reply again. I will still reply if I wish. Thank you for knowing that if something interesting happens, it will be more on another topic, Douyin And Weibo will also be updated.

8 months ago

It’s great if you don’t have to do anything, and the other person will like you, but it’s generally not such a good thing. I will only talk about one today. There is such a word in Japanese literally meaning a woman who makes people feel heavy. Many girls worry about whether being too proactive will scare the other person away, and will be underestimated. Will do. If you use the wrong method. I often tell my friends who ask me about my relationship problems that dragging the frontline will not make you end up with a male god. Whether he likes you or not, whether love will happen between you and him, it will start within a week at most. If after a week, the other party still doesn’t consider you to be of the opposite sex, you will not be able to do it later. Many times, we will pay attention to a “feeling” when we fall in love. “She’s pretty good, I just don’t call” situation often occurs. And this “do you feel” is decided at the beginning of your contact with him. The so-called heavy women mentioned above often make a fatal mistake in the pursuit phase. [Mixed the pursuit stage with the formal communication stage] Chasing a man never captures him by being kind to him, absolutely not. Being good to a person is an important factor in maintaining a relationship after a sincere relationship. But it should never appear in the pursuit of mutual attraction, which will destroy the “feel.” Next, let me tell you how the correct posture is in the pursuit phase. 1. Don’t be cold, cold and reserved are two different things. (High coldness is arrogance, and reservedness is arrogant. Many girls are only proud and not Jiao.) Except for goddesses, ordinary girls’ high coldness won’t bring much benefit and will directly scare the suitors away, because you let them He thought it was impossible. In the interaction with boys, the approachable intimacy of the “neighbor” is a must to make your love fortune “boom”. If you are not a LV, don’t try to increase your value. (QWQ I don’t treat girls as goods, for example) For example: I recently received a private message: Heng Heng Meimei ~ I have an emotional intelligence question, and I have been ambiguous with a straight man in the military school for a month on the Internet. The three views of life are not bad. After a month, he started to say some ambiguous things. I pretended to be deaf and dumb in order to keep the image of the lady. Later, he asked me for a phone call. I made a joke to make the pursuit difficult. Did not give. Then he didn’t pay much attention to me. In the circle of friends, I saw his status “I don’t want to humble myself for the love of grievances”, and I went to like it. But it feels swollen to him again~ You can test boys. A little obstacle will increase the emotional stimulation. But in the pursuit and attraction stage, too many obstacles will make the other party lose confidence and retreat. It is recommended that the girls wait until his feelings for you deepen, and prepare for a slightly more difficult test for him. In the early stage, we should give more sweetness, more hope, and more praise. How to give “sweetness”? Note that it is not good to the other party. Show curiosity to each other more, affirmatively. Remember not to pour cold water. -Hey~What’s the matter with this~How did you do it? -BLABLABLABLA~-Ah~ like this~ It’s amazing, what about this one? -BLABLABLABLA~-Haha, you are so funny~ That’s it. Be sweeter and cute. This is not for you to pretend to be stupid, but to encourage others to say more and be a gentle listener. Don’t be ridiculed/savage/disinterested/attack/show superior/difficult to dismantle people/These actions, not only do boys dislike you, but also the basic politeness in interpersonal communication should not be the same. “Coax” the boy to be happy, let the other person float, let him feel that he is very special to you, very much valued. It’s definitely the biggest “good” for them. The other party is coaxed by you. The difficulty is lower if you want to get on the base. No one will hate people who admire yourself. Do not make a fuss about him, but carefully discover the details of his body, and then go and talk about your views. -Today’s shirt looks good~ I like boys wearing this shirt the most~- Hey~ The hands of this watch are so special~-0-0 You smell fragrant…-What do you usually like to do? -Playing basketball^^-I like the boys who can play basketball the most~ I feel that their bodies are very tall and straight~Haha~…It’s very simple. You also know that most straight men like cute girls.

8 months ago

I met the male god on the school’s BBS, admiring his knowledge, and sometimes inviting him; but his posting tone is very solemn, making me feel that I am old, like a teacher, and I can’t help but keep away. Once mentioned that I was the president of a tea house, he became interested and said that he was notified of an event. I thought it was a kind word, but I didn’t expect him to come. It was a day in early May, a day when there was no wind and the air was sticky, like a layer of honey. The club was meeting at the school gate. I was a little nervous, and I kept my eyes away deliberately. People only saw it when they were very close. He is tall and wide, with a straight pen, but he appears relaxed, as if this good standing is not stretched out by the rules, but by nature, and it doesn’t take much effort. The skin color and hair color are lighter than the average person, shining in the sun, like a salt lake in the Gobi. Carrying a book, I probably just came out of the bookstore across the street. I stretched out my hand: Brother, lucky to meet. He has a large square jaw, a straight nose, and a little sweat, so that the blue half-rim glasses slipped down a bit, looked down at me through the lenses, and then stretched out his hand. Body temperature is higher than mine. On the first side, he didn’t realize how handsome he was, but he was surprisingly young. He’s funny, sociable, and she’s a young man. I found myself squeezing my words and deeds, consciously or unconsciously. This desire for expression is really long-lost. After the end, I sent a message to him: Brother, so you can say so, come and play more in the future. He didn’t reply after waiting for a long time. I also cooled down and forgot about it. Towards the end of May, suddenly one day, Friday or Saturday, he sent a letter asking me to help. Talked for a while. Finally, he said: Go to your laboratory on Monday to discuss, and by the way, please have a meal. I began to look forward to it, but I was not in a hurry to fulfill it, for fear of awakening myself. I stayed, enjoying this expectation, it was strong and vague, like the fragrance of flowers in the mid-spring night. Maybe I was looking forward to the sound of my heartbeat; like waiting for a giant beast to wake up from the ground. He was probably a regular customer of that store. The lady boss turned her eyes on me and looked at him teasingly. A burst of sweet embarrassment made me stiff slightly. We are not familiar, but I have always been interested in his major. I have taken courses taught by his tutor and can find some introductions. The male god is eloquent and eloquent, he must answer every question, his words are sharp, his attitude is amiable, but he is not very considerate—it always makes me feel stupid. Occasionally speaking a clever thing to make him sure, he was flattered, like a piece of candy, no matter how small it sucks. After that, I chatted often, even all night. In fact, I look lackluster and I have a decent figure (fortunately this is a season when I can wear hot pants; although Israel is not honourable, it is not shameful, as if I am using my own pair of beautiful scissors), I just know the lack of experience with him. In addition, I had to face up and be a good questioning school girl. In the face of popular opposite sex, it is a taboo to expose your intentions too early, because they are used to seeing suitors and tend to despise you. It is wiser to pretend to be interested in things that interest him, rather than interested in him himself. At this stage, I think the male gods don’t hate me, but it only ends here, just take me out of my sorrow. Once I lent him something, he flicked his slippers downstairs, and also carried a bag of garbage. I handed things over and saw that he didn’t mean to leave in a hurry. As he grew old, he asked you what you were doing at night. He hesitated and said, “It’s okay.” I took advantage of the situation to go to the bar to play, last time I said that I wanted to show me insights. He hesitated again, for a little longer, and looked down at his slippers: “Go to the bar, okay, wait for me to go upstairs and change my pants…” I was so excited as to go sailing. At that time, going to a bar was indeed similar to sailing, it was a grand adventure. But it is not this that makes me most happy. He led me to the bar for the first time; as a result, I secretly and permanently contacted him, as if to secretly and permanently occupy a part of him. My heart was settled and satisfied, and I swallowed like a stolen dumpling. At night, there were not many people and no noise. The resident singer hasn’t opened yet, and it’s exposed like a rough blank. The man was familiar with the little brother, and I stood by the door and looked around. He looked funny and a little impatient: “Curious baby.” He held the candle on the table in one hand and lowered his head to light a cigarette. I suddenly discovered that he has double phoenix eyes, and the curvature of the tail of the eye is just right. I noticed that he looked so good as if it was at this time; like a bright moon coming out of the clouds, the sceneries on the earth emerged from the darkness one by one. Since then, his beauty has become more and more specific, more detailed, and more abundant. I said, “You don’t bring a lighter when you go out.” He raised his eyes and looked at me (probably my anger was abrupt), and he went down again without saying anything. I was very happy, triumphant, as if we were already able to say this in a relationship. I guess it was the same day that he meant to me between men and women, because when I straightened my legs under the table, he brushed my eyes up and down and asked: How tall are you? So the ambiguity of Yingying Chuuchuo rose; once I was watching a movie in his dormitory, I made a discussion about a certain plot, and he laughed and said: Are you stupid? He turned his hand and rubbed my hair. There were also tentative remarks, but when I took it, he didn’t pursue it, and put it aside gently; instead, he held me in the air, which was quite embarrassing. Or joking up a few words and getting tired: “Go to sleep, late at night, what to talk to a strange man.” He is not very enthusiastic, I know. It’s a pity that I’ve fallen into the passion of strong alcohol, and I have lost my sense of distance. He casually said that he wanted to eat lamb skewers, and I immediately rushed out of the laboratory to buy them and deliver them to him downstairs. He thanked him very politely and bowed his head and neck forward; his face was a little embarrassed, and he was vaguely guarded, as if he was accepting a threat instead of a gift. I was embarrassed. His politeness is not perfunctory, but is used to clearly express alienation; he chose this expression not to be merciful, but because it is the best way to express it. It was a sharp, unceremonious politeness, it was a revelation rather than a fake. I was almost annoyed, and I simply smashed the cans and slammed it up again and again to strike up a conversation; it was like a gambler who lost his eyes and gambled more and more, hoping to make a comeback once-until it was all lost. He finally ignored me for two or three days. I was ashamed and miserable, feeling like a funny rotten potato on a shiny silver dinner plate. I wanted to give up, but I didn’t die to understand, I thought and guessed back and forth; I grind a donkey, whipped by my own tail. Most of the misfortunes in love are not annoying, except for this. Until Friday, the male god suddenly replied the news. First, I chatted for an hour, and the topic gradually became more private; the more slippery it got, the deeper it got. In the end, he bluntly stated that he wanted to sleep with me. I said I was still a virgin. The male god said he can lead me. I said you should first make it clear whether you are going to be a one-night stand or a friend or a romantic relationship. The male god said he didn’t want to fall in love now. I followed the conversation with him and talked a few silly jokes, and put away the phone. Then I was surprised to find that my heart was calm. I got the result, and all my anxiety ceased. At the same time, I felt absurd and abrupt: the answer to this mystery was disappointing, but it was so close as it should have been. I saw the male god online on Monday. I was invisible. After a while, his head went dark. I hung up and went online, but the news of the male god flashed immediately. He said that I thought you were scared by me and just disappeared. I said haha, how could it be possible? I went out to play with friends on the weekend and just came back. He said that he was unlucky, the hard disk was destroyed, and the paper was about to hang. I said I know a very good repair station to help you find a phone number. He said thank you. Seeing that I was so unlucky, he came out to have a meal with me. I suddenly realized that I still have a little weight with him (although my little bit of value, good bit meaning grows to cover the baldness, but in fact it is only the hair that branches the scalp, shabby), so there is a bottom. It feels dull again, like a heavy object falling in a flutter, and like a sail bulging on a standing mast. When I crossed the road, the male god took my hand. It was natural, neither twisted nor slick; I knew it was a step to bed, but I still swayed from my arm to my body. We were drinking wine and talking about our parents’ housework for the first time. The conversation became more intimate and cordial along the routine, like a spider crawling along its web to the heart of the net in an orderly manner. He turned his head and said bluntly: a kiss. I immediately obeyed, like a kid obedient to a doctor holding a popsicle stick and saying “Ah–“. He held a wine glass in his hand, it was cold and hot, and it covered my leg, rubbing it unhurriedly; I sneered: You wanted to do it a long time ago. He also said something weird that night, “If this lasts for two years, let’s get married.” I said yes. He said seriously, you agreed. He probably thought I was “quite suitable for marriage.” ——It seems more sad than he hates me. Since then, we have had several close contacts, and at the last step I still refused. These intimacy can’t be talked about happiness, they are artificial and imaginary intimacy. He seems to be performing a stylized performance, he is not very involved, or his acting skills are too lame, in short, he always stays away from his role; I am unsure and desolate for myself. But I tried my best to be calm and sophisticated-completely unconscious, only out of animal instinct, to cover the weakness. The male god seemed to treat me more indifferently; I was not sure if it was because my refusal made him unhappy. ——Later I figured it out, this is how he was unhappy: It seemed that he didn’t mean to chill you on purpose, but he was a little tired and disheartened. Sometimes when going out from his dormitory, he half-lied on the bed to read, and raised his eyelids: “Then I won’t see you.” When I met in the cafeteria during the day, I was still hesitating how to greet me. He already nodded politely at me. . He has an inherent sense of alienation, and I feel like it’s frying. But there is still a good time. His dormitory is narrow, books are stacked on the floor, and a chair will be stuck between the bed and the table. He got stuck in the chair, half turned his head to talk to me, a silhouette in the lamplight. His words are both beautiful and beautiful, his voice is calm and clear, his temples are sharply cut, his pupils are light and crystal clear, his lip line folds beautifully near the corner of his mouth, involuntarily looking at it; I look like an old man. The teenagers on the court felt happy and desperate like that. Occasionally sitting in the back seat of his bicycle, daring to ring his waist, he smiled and said that you are not hot, I am slanderous, holding a calm face, as if I have done this well and it should be. Once it rained heavily, he came back from buying food, dripping water all over his head, freed his hands and wiped it, and asked me: Which portion do you want? I took a towel and wiped his hair, feeling like a pond in my heart, splashing around but silently. He moved under the towel: “It’s okay, no need.” This is a peculiar situation-the physical intimacy is far ahead of the social relationship between two people. It throws me between fantasy and dissatisfaction. I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I gradually made up my mind. In fact, it’s simple. Just ask yourself one question: Would he regret it if he put on his pants and left? The answer is no. After thinking about it several times, it really won’t. July 7th, sauna day. We both rode to the riverside. Sitting on the dam, he bought two cans of Harbin beer and drank the bottle. The surface of the river is pitch black, with pale spots and broken lines floating, as if we are sitting in a pixel game. The cranes on the wharf roared and sounded not very harsh across the water. It was a continuous, warm, and courteous noise. He was very interested and said that every March octopus breeding season in his hometown, a wave of peach blossoms rises near the sea. I said I have something to ask you. He smiled and said, how do you thank me and promise me? I said yes, be my boyfriend. He was taken aback, and said, let’s forget it, let’s be “good” friends. You are too innocent, I will harm you. I shook my head while holding the beer can: I thought about it. There was a ringing in his throat, like unformed words. After staggering his eyes for a few moments, he moved back and looked at me: Have you ever said this to people before. I said no, you are the first. He said that I am honored. But I’m afraid you will regret it in the future. I said that if I didn’t take a gamble, I would regret it now. As soon as I said this, I became agitated myself, and I wanted to continue speaking. He took a breath, raised his hand and pressed it, saying: “Shut up, shut up.” Before I could react, his hand fell on it. I kissed it on my shoulder. I think my first night was actually handed over to the field, which is also a life achievement. But I didn’t do it that day. The final break was on the morning of July 26. He asked me how I felt. I crossed my legs and said that my feelings are not feelings, which is really strange-there is no sense of ritual, and I have not become another person or enter a new stage of life. Such a crazy thing happened in an astonishingly ordinary way. The male god said how crazy. I said to give Chuye to someone who doesn’t love me. He said if I am tempted. I pretended to be exaggerated and pounced on the truth. He closed his eyes, put away his smile, and deliberately showed solemnity: “Really.” Of course, I still don’t believe it. Then two years passed, three years passed, and they are still living; I believe it.

8 months ago

My advice to you, please always try to convince yourself, “Left is just an increase in experience points.” Your efforts are not used to exchange love for each other, but to gain opportunities to live with each other. You get the experience-this is the reward; no matter what the result is, there is nothing to lose. I did it, you are free. Most people will not refuse this, because there are gains but no losses. So this is actually a big win. But if you always want to win, you just run counter to me at will.

8 months ago

When I first met, it was an ordinary workday night almost three years ago. I ate hot pot and sang songs (no). I just wandered around Zhihu and found that under one of my answers, there was another answerer. , Has a beautiful face, and just released the contact information in his recent thoughts. So I added him easily, and after a chat, I found that he was very good at catching up and the chat was silky. So he may be a little excited, and then he immediately refused: “It’s not convenient to fall in love while reading a Ph.D abroad.” Hey, please, I haven’t said anything yet… Okay, there is a little bit of lust La, okay, I admit it. Of course, you have to play haha in the past, saying anything is just to be a friend, don’t think too much of the nonsense. Then just look for opportunities to chat. Starting with common topics, I took a look at his title, Ph.D. in Chemistry, major in French and sideline Jazz. Good guy, I don’t know any. Organic is really not, inorganic is not good, and polymer is nonsense. The worst thing I learned in science is chemistry… I shed tears without culture.

8 months ago

TIPS: 1 When the other party actively mentions something, ask him about his subjective feelings. The words that can guide the other person’s subjective feelings can also deepen his feelings for you. 2 Avoid taking a negative answer: 3 Follow the other party’s topic instead of starting a new one. Otherwise, it is easy to talk to yourself and chatting is difficult to continue. And although this kind of chat is very pleasant, but the other party still has no intention of falling in love…So I can’t help it after May Day in 2020, because it is difficult to control the liking of each other in daily chat, so Proposing to black him out for a period of time… The month after blacking out was really boring and boring, and sometimes I saw interesting topics that no one could share. Then I convinced myself that, well, I don’t have to be a couple. If chatting is fun, then I should be a friend who chats regularly. So I licked my face again and added them back. Because I adjusted my mentality and made up my mind to get along as a female friend, when I added it back, it was really a new level of affection, and it was a friend who reached the level of a girlfriend. The content of the chat is also more shared in life. For example, he would actually take the initiative to share with me what he ate at noon: Oh, we have been talking for several years, it is really rare to take the initiative to share food. Therefore, I feel that our harmonious friendship should not just stop at the relationship between netizens. Then make an appointment to meet up! It’s been more than two years. I met for the first time. I was afraid that he didn’t want to go to the appointment, so I made an appointment with the friends in the Zhihu group, which was regarded as an offline party in the group. It was a very happy weekend. Of course, the rented villa is a Chase shop, there is no separate room, so there is no further contact. So there is nothing to say at this meeting. I don’t know if it was because I met each other, so I felt more harmonious when I came back. But, but! The crucial step is still not taken. It is always a state of not falling in love. Well, my balance mentality of being on the edge of a friend is gradually losing its stance, because just dreaming of being with him (as a couple) has dreamed of many times. I was already thinking crazy about the millions of possibilities with him.

8 months ago

Ha, I chased my boyfriend with my bare hands. The record is attached at the end. First of all, if there is a brazier under the feet, it is impossible not to feel warm. So, if you like him, he must feel it. At this time, if he is implying that he has no boyfriend or girlfriend for you, I advise you to give up, don’t chase unkempt and unkempt your hard work, your youth is only a few years, don’t delay yourself. However, if he is willing to chat with you and listen to you, then you don’t have to bother to chase after him, and keep in touch with him more. Daily contact will make him a habit. When chatting, don’t quarrel, don’t make trouble, don’t worry, if he heats up slowly, turn off the heat and stew slowly, if he is abruptly, you can keep up with the rhythm briskly; don’t dress up for weight loss assault, don’t deliberately be good, after all Living together, wearing a mask will be very tiring; don’t think of yourself as a female warrior. You should know how to show weakness and seek refuge. You said it’s not a big man to be a big man; try to be relaxed and humorous, and show wisdom instead of cleverness. Think of yourself as a little sun. It can be cloudy occasionally, but try to keep it clear for as long as possible. After all, people prefer to breeze and bask in the sun instead of listening to you complaining about things every day. After chatting for a while, we came to the real crossroads. At this time, we are going to use the “brazier principle” again. Please seriously and honestly feel whether he likes you or not. If what you feel is that he just wants to chat with you and keeps avoiding the topic of his boyfriend and girlfriend, or he is also very enthusiastic about other girls, and you are not special/special with him at all, then stop here, don’t Continue to increase your sinking products, otherwise the more you drag it, the harder it will be to retreat. I know there are difficulties, but I must make up my mind to go clean. Of course, if you think he likes you and has the idea of ​​interacting with you, start rolling up your sleeves and prepare to confess! Otherwise, you are embarrassed, just keep talking with him like this, I’m afraid you are sitting on the permanent permanent spare tire. So, how to confess it elegantly! I suggest to speak directly, posture is not important, courage is the best! Girls confess not to be ashamed, and the success rate is also very high based on the above premises. If you are interested, you can refer to game theory.

8 months ago

I’m going to start selling girlfriends! Don’t miss it when you pass by! Don’t chun, don’t have money! The following content is what I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears. One of my best friends is a certain high-level person in the unit of love, and the man also knows this situation. He has a photo of attending the event hanging in front of the office. My best friend would look at him every time he passed by and praise him for being handsome! I suggest to her-or take a picture of him and put it on the phone, and look at him when he thinks about him, and if he asks you what you are doing, if you don’t know how to answer, just say to think of him while looking at his picture. Then she did.

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