This is an answer I use to vent, so I will only talk about the rankings that I am not satisfied with, and I am absolutely subjective. In the first position, I think Zhou Keyu, Zhang Jiayuan, Ren Yinpeng, Oscars are not worthy of their rankings. Let me talk about what I hate the most. Zhou Keyu and Oscar. My disgust for these two people has reached the point where I don’t know how to describe them. Zhou Keyu is the fifth place. I have not remembered his performance on any stage. And the camp’s appearance can crush him too much, Zhang Teng, who is also tall, is not much pleasing to his eyes? ! I want to ask his fans what do you like him? ! Everyone has said about the Oscar emperor, but besides that, I really hate him and Zhou Keyu holding together and dragging English. I really don’t want to see these two ugly emperor’s faces anymore. After watching the show every week, I feel traumatized inside because of them! In contrast, those two who wow haw had a slightly better look at me, and Ren Yinpeng could at least show that he was not worthy of that position, and as everyone said he might have taken the script for sacrificing heaven. I originally liked Zhang Jiayuan a bit, but his speech in this issue seemed a bit unpleasant to me. Even if you make a big improvement from 60 to 80, it doesn’t mean you are qualified to sit with someone with 97 points. Just like AK said, although you have worked hard for a few months, why do you defeat someone who has worked hard for several years or even more than a dozen years? As for not making your debut, I just want to say Gan Wangxing. I don’t hate him, but his ranking is also inappropriate before Boyuan, Yu Gengyin, Wu Yuheng, Zhang Xingte and others. And I personally don’t think he is handsome, his teeth are too ugly, and his temperament is too hip. In my heart, this year’s top face value is Yin Haoyu. This child has red lips and white teeth and has a good skin and bones. The most important thing is that he is only 17 years old. Waiting for him to mature for a few more years. Tsk tsk, it’s a big deal. The above is just not in line with my personal rankings. It does not mean that I doubt the authenticity of their rankings.


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7 months ago

It’s not true feelings, but just look around. The biggest feeling is that it’s too important to speak. For example, Han Peiquan, AK, and Boyuan. The story of Han Peiquan and Boyuan is very moving and makes me feel that they are worthy of the vote. AK’s words make people feel very sincere and feel that he is standing in a low profile (?) Everyone voted or you are willing to encourage him to vote for him with a resonant image. Most people think that they are lonely. This is more empathetic than letting you see my efforts. And now the draft is more attractive than who is more powerful. This kind of goal-seeking voting scene is too easy to give people a condescending feeling. For example, Hu Yetao, this speech made people feel too mad. When he said this, the first impression he gave was that you rely on it. what? What’s more, when his strength does not give people the feeling that it is too strong, it is even more black. In addition, he is too special to give people a lower resonance, and people’s favorability plummets.

7 months ago

There are obviously a lot of domestic players. Now Goose has made no one to choose from domestic players. Haha Boyuan, Wu Hai, Yu Gengyin, Cao Zuo, Luo Yan, Zhang Xingte, Dai Shaodong, these are almost all without camera, Cao Zuo Lai Yaoxiang’s strength is not bad, but he has a round trip. The current first 11 years of Liu Yu’s packaging is too much, and it feels too fake. Zhou Keyu is stained because of indoor smoking, and the Oscar singing and dancing rap is too weak. Minghuang is one, wow haw wow The 2 naked eyes can see the average singing and dancing ability. The overall rankings of foreign players are low. Kiuchi Yuxin, Tsuzuki Yuya, and Kadowaki Shingo have all traveled in one round. Andy is still the champion of Ukraine’s good voice, with almost no shots. This rank is a game of capital, and ordinary people still treat it as a lively game. have a look!

7 months ago

Recently, when I got ak to my roommate Amway, my roommate felt that he was a sober person when he heard him for the first time. By mistake, I was persuaded by the show crew to experience the idol life and brought the written apology letter to the beginning stage. He never shy away from talking about mistakes made in the past, and I am not afraid that more people will know about it. After the show was recorded for a period of time, when calling his family, he frankly said that he had no experience before. He was really good and well experienced the darkness. But still shining like a little sun, treating others sincerely, and getting along well with Chuangli’s Chinese players and foreign players. And I really have a kind of honey admiration for Xueba. Ducky TOEFL 110 SAT1510 studying at New York University really made me add a lot of filters when watching him. I don’t know much about rap. Listening to his songs in the new generation is really moved. As a boy group rap, in my heart, he is really worth it. Before it seems like fans are not sure whether he came to create camp or not. Today he stands. In the 13th place, I made it clear that I was changed by the show and wanted the founder to help him form a group. At that moment, I was inexplicably burned to be worthy of a higher ranking in the future. His language level is his His speaking level is completely enough to make him stand in front

7 months ago

The fifth issue: AK’s popularity is so good. Everyone who advances will hug him, but there are too many shots. I hope the geese don’t have any bad intentions. ಥ_ಥSince you want to be a good team, try to go on and don’t go home and inherit the house. Industry hahahahahahahaha. Jiang Dunhao’s voice is really so nice, so nice, so nice, this is the voice and resonance that God specially pinched, and the structure is different from others, the big vocal is rushing! After the announcement of the list, she rushed over and hugged deeply, the fairy friendship. Qu Baiyu said that he had been a boy group for a long time, and he earned once on this stage. Boyuan nodded frantically, very distressed. Xie Xingyang’s dog Yan Yi completely showed his Yan Yi, and suddenly got his Yan, his younger brother wanted to come on acting! ! No need to think about Xiadao’s testimonials, interacting with Teacher Li is really “Bad Water” himself. Lu Dinghao unexpectedly fits the image of a gentle scum with golden glasses. It’s not greasy to be serious, so just don’t rua. Teacher Li’s speech was too warm. I remembered that there were only two people left in the dormitory after one apprentice and two fellow villagers left. It was a bit sad. I heard that I cried on the day of giving away. There is no way. You still have to insist on promotion instead of the person who left. Who made me bamboo shoots? Hong Zhu Xue Bayi, can you be a little conscious of a big beauty, why do the seeded players of the men’s team want to be the background board! ! ! Are you not good at jumping or are you not big enough? When Teacher Han can’t stand a blank head, Xue Bayi, you have a lot of connotations in “freezing the past.” Meijuan’s remarks are too mature and deep, unlike what he should have at his age. The world is sober, Han Meijuan, come on (ง •̀_•́)งUncle Yuan’s ranking is too low! ! ! Too low, too low! ! ! You should stand with Zandoriki! ! ! Come on (ง •̀_•́)งYou are the best! ! ! Support you to the end! ! ! Your efforts this time will not be disappointed! ! ! Give me light now! ! ! Jing Yu’s Northeast dialect is too horrible hahahahahahaha. Zando and Riki were really abused, and the poor guys didn’t dare to say anything. ಥ_ಥ Riki knows very clearly about his inability to resist Chinese food, knowing that he has become meatballs hahahaha but it doesn’t affect you Perfect dancing posture. Zandok is too wronged, you should be on the tip! ! ! You are not unsuitable for idol ring, idol ring should be honored to have you. Suddenly got Mika’s face, the real prince. The story line of Gan Wangxing has also come out. The handsome sportsman is really handsome. The most valuable thing is that he is handsome without knowing it. The first thing after the child is off the island is to have his teeth. Really. Yin Haoyu is so exquisite that he has the most exquisite facial features in the whole camp. I really feel sorry for Lai Yaoxiang. After he made the leap from F to Class A, he was eliminated immediately. There was no time to fish. Thinking of the recent situation in the Taiwan Strait, the child is too difficult. After the elimination, the tears and sadness of holding Boyuan are too much to break the defense. Now, the goose really has no heart(>﹏<)! The good voice of Ukraine Andy just left. Teacher Li has lost a friend who can communicate in his mother tongue. You have no heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys. Candy Super Sweet Memories Killing actually broke the defense a bit, and the sky was full of fire. Wei Ziyue was actually a crying bag. The bottom of the early stage and Han Peiquan’s mutual fulfillment. Why is a male being scolded and scolded miserably, the goose is supporting Wang Yihan, the long and best looking man, to sacrifice to the sky? ? ? The goose is really out of his head. As a talented spokesperson, the little angel Zhou Shen told her heart and soul journey of reconciliation with herself, ah, what kind of fairy mentor with first-class empathy ability. In summary, some of the popular and unpopular candidates that I have been following recently have basically not been eliminated this time, but there are also some very annoying people who have stayed. There is no way. Since I want to continue watching creative comedians, I have to let the show team stay. People who are controversial in variety shows are so annoying (T ^ T) The older you get, the more you feel that it is so precious to be able to pursue your dreams with pure passion and even stupidity. As deeply said, one day, society will be beaten up. Taught us many things, just hope that we can have a good dream before being beaten up. One bamboo shoot, one pick Boyuan, please stay away from all kinds of powder and black powder. Your royal family has the capital to protect you. I just want to watch a variety show quietly. I didn’t scold the royal family. I didn’t even want to mention them. They don’t exist in my eyes. I pretend that there are not 11 seats in the group. Who can control this. If you have money, you can do whatever you want, right, but don’t provoke passers-by. This is a limited group. If the royal family wants to continue to develop in the future, it is best not to lose sight of the passers-by now. See a certain top stream. Say it all. If you have a brain, think about it. If you don’t have a brain, I can’t help it.

7 months ago

I am happy for Zando and Riki. I am also very satisfied with the result of the 2nd and 3rd place. Anyway, the C position will not be a foreigner. It is enough to keep the 2nd and 3rd place. I hope they can sit on the top and don’t get down. ! And when Zando said at the beginning of the stage, he didn’t want to sit at the top of the pyramid, he just wanted to sit side by side with Riki in two seats. This ranking can be regarded as fulfilling his original wish. The relationship between the four people in the 405 dormitory is really good. When reporting each person’s ranking, everyone was happy for each other, hugged and congratulated each other together. The four people’s getting along with each other made people feel happy. Let’s go for it, everyone, his ranking is really too low! And AK said he wants to form a group now! I used to think he was just here to take a look, but now he says that if he wants to be a group, everyone can cheer him up. Hope that 405 dormitory can stay together till the end.

7 months ago

Some people I just got left have left, which is a pity. Xi Nei Yuxin is really funny. He is the kind of person who will make you happy if you look twice, and sometimes I can feel that he is not deliberately funny, he just tries very hard to do it. Ling Xiao, I don’t know if the words are typed correctly. I really like his face. When I was in the second creation, he choreographed a good dance with others. Qian Zhengyu, if I remember correctly, I remembered him for the first time because he confidently said that he could make a debut during the live broadcast. He said that his strength is okay. I felt really sad after listening to it. He probably didn’t know. Rank your own…I haven’t seen his obvious shortcomings so far, but he just failed to attract people. Chen Ruifeng, it is hard to imagine that a handsome and very temperamental person can easily let go of the burden of idols and make you laugh. Harabe Ling is lovely, and he is also a very happy person on stage. There are also some I like staying, I hope they can go further. Wow, I like all three of them. The filters of the league make me naturally like them. Zhang Jiayuan, Ren Yinpeng, Fu Sichao, and their three on orange theory match the current rankings, but they are still being criticized as Huangkao company. , I can’t say anything except voting, I can’t scold each other with that group of people. Amu Hanyu Tatsutake, the person who caught me in the moment of another trial, was my 80% sniper. The stage was very comfortable and very eye-catching. Sato Yongxiang, I can’t say what I like about him, but he just pokes me inexplicably. Hey, the first time the rankings will still change a lot, my only thought is that they can be seen a lot, and don’t add Serbians in the final debut, as long as everyone makes their debut according to the original ranking.

7 months ago

I want Mika to stand at the No. 1 he wants. I will vote for Mika every day and I want him to be happy. This child has been away from his parents for so long and so far to pursue his dreams, and finally has the opportunity to be known to everyone, and I hope he will get what he wants. (It’s strange, it’s not too much to like, but he just cares about his emotions.) Zhang Xingte hopes that he can make his debut. His younger brother looks like the kind of boy I would have a crush on when I was on campus. He sings well and loves laughing and joy. In b Standing by watching his videos, Riki Zondo should be able to make his debut. If they have the level of the group they feel, they can be recognized. It is a guarantee of quality, and they are all gentle and willing to help people. The team needs to interact with each other like this. Helping instead of turning on the computer in the middle of the night to practice dancing alone, these two have nothing to say, well-deserved. As for the emperor, Zhou Keyu, Oscar, Zhang Jiayuan, Ren Yinpeng, Fu Sichao, Zhou Keyu does not understand the ability of fans, but looking at the comments on Weibo, I feel that people are still fans. I hate smoking, but I think people are not very people. The kind of nasty person, lower-key than Oscar, right? Set off by peers? Can’t tell. I can’t accept the Oscar-like red eyeshadow. The strength is not so strong that I am surprised. There is no charm on the stage, and the fans are not seen. The ranking is tacitly tacit. There are three left. I don’t like the kind of gag guys, so I don’t have a feeling for Zhang. Peng Peng is the kind of child who will be beaten by his mother before he gets home at 10:30. The good-looking baby who is urging home on the phone has no bad thoughts, so I hope everyone will be less blaming. The fans’ abilities are obvious to all, not counted as a water ticket. I hope Chaoer can make like-minded friends here (Li Luoer can) and introduce them to Xiao Li and Xu Yang, and then play the team together. Boyuan and Yu Gengyin remind me of Zhang Yuan and Gao Jialang in 19 years. The first time I watched a show, I spent money and entered the voting group to vote for Gao Jialang. Cheng Tuan Ye was indeed injured, but Gao I didn’t feel that Jialang was exposed to a girlfriend at the beginning of the year. I hope these two brothers can have better luck than their predecessors (voting for Gao Jialang is that he should make his debut, not much). The speeches that made me feel refreshed are Li Luoer, Li Luxiu, Hu Yetao, Yu Gengyin, Boyuan, AK, Zhang Jiayuan, Mika. The lovable ones: Li Luoer AK spoke sincerely and touchingly, Lelouch said with content (feeling relatively low-key, explaining the situation to the players who ranked lower than himself), I forgot what Boyuan said, and I feel like there is something The level of the people said that they mentioned flexibility, knowing that they will be ranked low. The unpleasant ones: Anyway, I’m not a fan of Hu Yetao, and I don’t want to vote for him after listening to it. Zhang Jiayuan doesn’t like to listen to what Zhang Jiayuan said, 60 points and 80 points, fallacy! ! Self-encouragement is okay, can I get to the table and say that I am worthy of those who have tried without results? After listening to Mika’s speech, I just want to vote for him right away. The video is tentatively set immediately, and all channels will vote again! I can’t say an old show fan. I just like watching handsome guys, and I’m a little bit admiring. I don’t want to be a fan (I really hate to post a super chat and I have to pay attention to the format). The mentality of passersby, also likes to force, can stay There are only five types of people who are impressed: handsome (and Mamika), explosive (Riki Zando), and dazzling (Liu Yu, dazzling is that the barrage always floats his name, but I feel he is long It’s average), fans are irritating (Liu Yu), and feel sorry (Zhang Xing Te Lin Mo Jixiang brother, the main reason is that they rank more than this, for example, I think Mika c, if the possibility is unlikely , I hope Lin Mo can be c, although I don’t feel much about him, maybe this is the charm of the stage) I can name these five types of people by picking a draft. The purpose of writing at the beginning was not to write impressions, but to find an opportunity to scold a certain fan. After all, I didn’t feel good when I hadn’t paid my salary. I didn’t feel good about it after I thought about it.

7 months ago

1. First of all, I am really happy that Zando and Riki are ranked second and third. It was also the ideal location for the first stage. (You can stand side by side with your good friends and shine brightly) This position is very good, if you are the first, some people may not accept his identity. 2. I didn’t believe in the goose emperor’s character, but I saw that the stage performance of the two people show zky and ask. is not good, and there are not many Xiufen of them around, just look at the orange list. Although I don’t like ryp, but the tangerine list’s shooting is real. (I heard that his previous show was really a fan and couldn’t shake his status.) I really laughed at the operation of 3.ljx. It may be that there is a Tibetan mobile phone. I know the evaluation of him so soon. I have been crying and apologizing to Zanduo, probably mainly because he is afraid of affecting his family. (But they are all children in their 20s, and they are relatively self-sufficient in handling things.) 4. Boyuan is really worth it! I think he has the ability to be a captain, and looks good in all aspects of the typhoon. It is a bit vacant to see his 18th place. If it wasn’t for the goose to give the lens, it might be lower… 5. First of all, I have always voted for ly. But I have to say that the behavior of his fans is really… (searching for posts by myself, it’s disgusting to me) in the future, it is very likely that the targets of your attacks will form a group together. If you don’t want a group of gangsters to be illicit, please refrain from your behavior… After all, it’s a group. Isn’t it the most basic requirement not to attack teammates? 6. Wu Yuheng, I really got it. When the founder left, I kept crying and couldn’t cry. It feels like he is very real, never knowing how to sing, and now his business has improved a lot. 7. Brother Gui, I always know that he ranks very high. But I didn’t get his face, and his personality is really good, without the ego and arrogance of a handsome guy. After all, it is to choose an idol. The standard is determined by the masses. You may not be able to sing or dance, but you must have the audience. (Although I think Brother Ghost will definitely not make a debut in the end hahahahahahaha, after all, there is only one surpassing sister) 8. I also just got Gu Liulin’s appearance and singing skills, he just left, it is quite a pity . There is also Harabe Ling, who is like that kind of child with a very stubborn and strong self-esteem. Zhang Xinyao is really warm and has been taking care of him.

7 months ago

I will continue to support Boyuan. There are a few six years in life to chase dreams.
In fact, he is very handsome and very suitable for acting in idol dramas.
And he said that the self-cultivation of idols really hit me. It’s too easy for the entertainment industry to make money now. Idols are not people, and fans don’t treat themselves as people, which is very deformed.

7 months ago

Lai Yaoxiang’s sentence, is hard work really useful? It’s really uncomfortable. Many hard work has not been rewarded many times, and it is very tearful. Teacher Boyuan is sober in the world. David Ka 56 eliminated the joys and the worries. At the end, I only express my personal opinion: I will not mention the domestic situation for the time being. If people like Zando, Riki, and Mika are recognized as being very good (or unilaterally outstanding, I think, don’t play) people can’t get out of the way or be…, I personally think that I will question whether hard work is really useful, at least it will hit many people’s hearts (but it is basically impossible to succeed if you don’t work hard). The content released in the feature film is actually very heart-breaking, but after adding chicken soup, people who are better than you I haven’t been seen for so long, and I’m still working hard. If you don’t work hard by yourself, what qualifications do you not work hard to stand in a unified perspective? Personal views are Bo Yuan, Yu Gengyin, and Zhang Xingte are really good. Others don’t comment much. (Only represent personal opinions)

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