There are not many knowledge points that will not be thought of right away, so I will continue to update this answer.
I have been practicing self-weight push-ups for five years since 2008, and I am not satisfied with the muscles that I have trained with my own weight. So I entered the gym in the summer of 2013 and have been practicing in the gym for almost eight years. I changed from what I was in the photo to what I am now, from less than 120 kg to 160 kg now. 1. Your potential is bigger than you think. Can a thin person without a foundation really can’t practice fitness? Even if I have five years of doing push-ups, I can only push 50kg when I first entered the gym to practice bench press, but now I can do 100kg bench press, and the limit can push up to 140kg. So if you have not made progress all year round, please see the second article.

  1. The source of progress comes from jumping out of the comfort zone. Many people have not improved in fitness for a long time or even encountered a bottleneck. A large part of the reason is because they have not jumped out of the comfort zone. Are the training exercises really standard and targeted? Do you think there is room for the body to improve on its own? Why do some people improve in fitness all year round but you don’t? Is it really because of talent? My talent is not good, but every time I train, I try to make myself one more time or heavier than the previous one. Do you think this will improve faster? 3. If your goal is to gain muscle, there are too many questions about strength than capacity. This is one of the most typical mistakes in Zhihu. Many questions are about sending out your own training plan, asking how to adjust your training plan, and then you can clearly see that the training capacity is too large. You can practice five or six exercises at a time, and each exercise has 6 groups and 30 groups of training capacity. It’s really too much. What is the problem of overcapacity? The training volume is too large, the muscle glycogen consumption is the main factor, and the muscle stimulation becomes less. Training intensity and capacity are mutually restrictive. For large-capacity training with a large number of groups, the rest time between groups is short, and the nerves are not fully rested. As a result, you cannot use more weight in the training of the next group (knowledge point: nerve rest time is longer than Muscles, which is why powerlifters take up to 3-5 minutes to rest between sets). 4. Don’t be greedy for more movements, why not be greedy for more movements? Many people feel that their movements are too little to stimulate, but the value of the fancy movements is not high. The really effective movements are the basic movements. Interested friends can click on my homepage to see my training VLOG video. The movements used in training are common basic movements, so there are no fancy movements. The reason why these basic movements can affect fitness generation after generation is because these movements have been confirmed by generations to be effective before they are passed down. In fact, I only have up to 4 movements for each part of the training each time, and sometimes only 2 movements are enough. 5. When you have a certain amount of muscle mass, you should take the initiative to arrange rest days. Many people do not take a rest for the whole year, thinking that the more I practice, the more muscle stimulation is, but what is the actual situation? These people only saw the level of muscle stimulation and did not consider the level of endocrine. The level of cortisol will increase without rest during training all the year round, and too high cortisol will break down muscles into glycogen for energy. After 3-4 years of fitness, you have gained more than ten or twenty catties of pure muscles. Just thinking about the pumping level of the heart, you should also be able to imagine that these ten or twenty catties of muscles put pressure on the body. the same. 6. If you really want to keep fit, you should learn more. There is a saying that you can’t make money beyond your knowledge. Fitness is the same, most of you can’t get a figure outside of knowledge. Studying more will not get you to the destination you want right away, but studying more can make you reach the destination you want more efficiently. Back then, I even regarded learning fitness knowledge from various platforms as a kind of fun. Every day I looked for fitness-related videos and articles from various channels, even college sports textbooks. The continuous improvement of my knowledge reserve has made my progress faster. 7. Don’t just practice the parts you can see. Many people just want to practice the muscles of the chest, abdomen, and brachial parts when they first come into fitness, because these parts are “visible”. And the body will not make you “partially” too serious. You won’t see anyone in the gym with a big chest and weak back. One year my chest did not improve for a long time, and increasing the training intensity of my chest was of no avail. After a period of time, I changed my mind and strengthened my back continuously. The chest was just training normally, but the chest improved.

By zhiwo

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6 months ago

My mother’s friend introduced the sister paper. I added her after 9 o’clock in the evening and chatted for half an hour. It felt pretty good. Me: After 10 o’clock, I went to bed. After I got up after resting my muscles, the sister paper didn’t return to me and never talked to me again. I feel that sister paper thinks I’m making excuses and don’t want to chat with her. “After all, most boys don’t go to bed after 10 o’clock but I am one of those few… It seems that I will only find girls who want to work out in the future, otherwise I can’t understand my state.

6 months ago

This question is asked, it seems that the training level will definitely improve with the increase in training years. It is not enough to just talk about a specific knowledge and skill, but also to teach the idea of ​​learning. First of all you have to try to be better, self-motivated is the foundation, ten years XJBL is not as serious as three months. Then you have to learn. If you don’t have the conditions to learn second-hand knowledge, then you have to learn three- and four-hand knowledge, and five-hand knowledge is also okay. Some people just listen to the “knowledge” of amateurs and believe it, then this level is really true. Can’t bear to look straight, it’s better than a novice learning with an humility. 〇Source of knowledge: The source of knowledge that has not been extensively verified by others, and may be proved to be wrong or imperfect. Thesis, professional books, scientific research professors, top coaches, and top coaches. Source of knowledge: researched by oneself and researched by others Widely verified, world-recognized classic papers, classic professional books, professors, professional coaches, and top athletes who combine scientific research. Sources of second-hand knowledge: teaching-only professors, qualified coaches, old books, textbooks (behind Times), the third-hand knowledge source of very professional popular science articles: private special training (various levels, there are world champions, provincial coaches, and some are not famous), professional coaches write professional science articles four-handed to coaches Knowledge source: training in fitness academies, special sports venues, general five-handed knowledge of popular science written by experienced old coaches to novice coaches and prospective coaches: general gymnasium, professional coaches and six-handed popular science knowledge for amateurs. Sources of knowledge: performance-oriented fitness Venues, online copy and paste of science popularization with many errors and omissions, and traffic articles written by amateurs to laymen and Xiaobai are followed by practice. They will only see if they can do it or not, which is not considered mastery.

6 months ago

1. Most people can’t practice the dimension of online fitness bloggers. 2. Most people go to the gym by applying for a fitness card, three days of fishing and two days of training on the net. After two consecutive years, there has not been much change. Because of their livelihood, they gave up the matter of not making money. 3. The end point of most people’s bench press is 80-100kg, although my bench press is only 50…but I understand that no matter how hard I work, 80-100 is my ceiling. 4. Deeply realized what is poor, civilized and rich military, money and time are hard to come by. How much is the 9-month bench press for the new 17-year-old apprentice of Yue Yang, a great online giant? 150? Or 160 forgot, there is financial strength behind the talent. Yueyang Wild Beast Training Camp is 8,000 for one month, no matter what you eat. 17 young apprentices for 9 months, even the expenses for meals, protein powder, and don’t know if they have money for apprenticeship. In one year, I estimate 200,000 according to my algorithm. Maybe it’s less. What kind of family allows a 17-year-old child to spend 200,000 a year on something that cannot be directly realized. The big brother who has practiced the best in the gym since he was young is 38 this year, and it has been 15 years since he first entered the gym. Five divisions cycle once a week without seeing him break it. 38 years old, how many boys were 38 years old, the old and the young, the children and the wives were dizzy outside the house. He can go to the gym for two hours of blank time every day 5 days a week. This is also considered extremely scary. . 5. There are not so many beautiful women in the gym. 6. There are no beautiful women in the gym. 7. You will always have to line up for the stools in the power zone. 8. If it is a pure novice who doesn’t know how to do it, it is still recommended to buy a class. Otherwise, injury is inevitable. 9. For most people, the three major items plus back movements are enough. . 10. Fitness is just a small matter in life, and it is not enough to bring obvious changes to your life.

6 months ago

Most girls really don’t like “big muscles”. The big muscles here are still quoted, but what men think is unusual is too big for most girls. Because they think big muscles = domestic violence. Big muscles attract women is a big illusion for men. So don’t take off your clothes in the gym and put on crab poses, let alone fat. In addition, heavy weight training in the gym cannot attract women, it will only keep them away from your “humanoid orangutan.” So don’t make a big noise in the gym as soon as you see a pretty girl passing by. Finally, fitness for yourself, not for the opposite sex (and not for the same sex).

6 months ago

0. The most important thing, don’t let fitness kidnap your life. Your fitness is to enjoy life and life. When you go out with friends, you should eat and drink. For those of us non-professional bodybuilders, one more meal or one less meal does not affect the results. On the contrary, you are not happy if you are not gregarious. 1. I thought fitness was the most cost-effective thing, but there was no money left. Protein powder, creatine, bcaa, and caffeine are the same as supplements. Running shoes and equipment can’t help but chop their hands. They must also pretend to eat cleanly and care about the carbohydrates of the chicken breasts. 2. There are people who practice for half a year to catch up with me for two or three years. 3. There must be a plan and a record. The improvement in self-perceivedness is not as convincing as the actual data. 4. Weak muscle groups can’t keep up with the advantage if you practice more than twice a week, but you can wear them casually. 5. Try to increase protein intake as much as possible under acceptable conditions, with intermittent levels of carbohydrates, and perseverance without torture.

6 months ago

1. The figure can really be changed. When I was thin, I couldn’t hold my clothes at all. Now I am just walking on the clothes rack. Haha, I’m narcissistic. 2. Fitness can really change luck. I used to never get a girl I like, and even my ex-girlfriend chose another man who can drive a Porsche with one hand because of my lack of talent. Everything has changed since I was working out. I drove my cousin’s Palamela, and I could easily get the girl’s WeChat ID no matter where I went. Some even said that when I got in the car, there was not enough air-conditioning in the car to take off my clothes… Sorry, I can’t make it up. But fitness can really make you more energetic, more focused, better cardiopulmonary function, sweating and detoxification, faster metabolism, making your skin better, people are more confident and optimistic, and the stress is not so great. It’s even better… there are too many, so I won’t talk about any improvement in sexual ability and memory, I can tell you about it day and night.

6 months ago

After working out, I found out that I was a weak and stupid. This is not to say how embarrassing it is to be unable to lift a 10kg dumbbell with one hand, but to see how other people are struggling to lift 10kg before I don’t understand it. I feel inexplicably that if I have absolutely no problem, I found out that I used a few sets of 5kg in a standard posture. I couldn’t move, and this sense of superiority disappeared. After many blows, I finally accepted the reality of 5kg. It was so much worse than the weight of the dumbbells I had originally positioned. Don’t jump to conclusions about things that seem simple in your eyes, don’t be arrogant, don’t ridicule. Be humble, respect, and learn to compromise yourself. Thank you for the insight that fitness has brought me to life, and it has also saved me a lot of detours.

6 months ago

It turns out that she has a good figure and looks good in cheap clothes. It turns out that people are so fragile and small! It turns out that the hardest thing is not to lose weight, but to gain muscle! It turns out that everyone has abdominal muscles, but you need to lose weight or strengthen exercises to make it more obvious! It turns out that after you have a good figure, if you don’t persist, you will be blessed faster! It turns out that the muscle of the same weight is so much smaller than the fat of the same weight! It turns out that what we value is not body weight, but body fat percentage. No wonder some people look so thin but so heavy! It turns out that injury during exercise is so easy! It turns out that exercise really requires warm-up and end stretching! It turns out that muscle training can be divided so finely, and even such a small muscle can be trained! It turns out that girls can be so sexy after moderate fitness! It turns out that I have eaten fake meals for 20 years, and my diet is too irregular and healthy! It turns out that fitness requires not only progressive training, but also planning for diet and rest!

6 months ago

1. To lose weight and brush fat, eating is more important than practicing. I used to think that as long as you exercise, you will definitely lose weight. Now I find that the amount of exercise every day can’t consume many calories, so an ice cream can make up for it. 2. It is really difficult to gain muscle. I used to think that if I practiced myself, I would definitely improve. Later, I discovered that it is difficult to gain muscle and strength without getting out of the comfort zone, without gaining strength and weight. 3. The amount of exercise and talent of most people makes it difficult to develop into the body of a Hollywood star without using medicine. 4. Fitness is calculated in units of years. Those so-called X months and X days on the Internet who become muscular men are all jokes. For people who don’t have a basic exercise foundation, they can’t train decent muscles without a period of three to five years.

6 months ago

1. You don’t need too much equipment, there is no need to spend too much time on purchasing equipment! 2. What weight should be used according to your ability. Don’t pretend to be forced by someone next door looking at you because of curiosity. In fact, there are not so many people paying attention to you. 3. Don’t be a good teacher. Everyone has their own training philosophy. Practice your own. If others don’t take the initiative to ask for advice, don’t just give advice to others! 4. Don’t copy the fitness internet celebrity training plan, what you need to learn is the training skills and thinking of others, not the plan! 5. Don’t use xjb for all kinds of supplies, like a pharmacist. The supplies are the same as the health care products. Different people have different opinions! Learn to judge for yourself. If you think it is useful, it is useful, even if it has a psychological effect. 6. Training is not difficult, diet training is difficult! 7. The gym must be as close to home as possible! 8. Strength training in the morning is not as good as in the evening! 9. Be sure to make a training record, the training record can ensure that the training capacity will not fluctuate too much. 10. Life is more than training, distinguish the priority, don’t take training as all!

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