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There is everyone who can’t forget. Behind him or her is an unforgettable story. I can’t forget one of my childhood playmates. He is one year younger than me. We grew up together and played together but we didn’t know what childhood sweethearts. , We are good brothers, and occasionally good sisters. For example, we are good brothers when we go on the roof, steal corn over the wall, or watch ostriches over the wall. When we were playing house and making clothes for Barbie, we were good sisters. We always remembered that in the summer, in Beijing, adults gathered at the door and talked about a ghost story that made the children curious, as well as some novel experiences. At that time, we would call all the friends to play ghost hunting together, and then a group of people ran around, and finally those ghosts didn’t know who their companions were. The night was completely dark, and the parents would hunt ghosts outside. , I took all my friends back. We are neighbors. We use each other as an excuse to persuade our parents to allow ourselves to go out and play. Then under the street light, we are like ghosts, from one end to the other. Finally, I stole my mother’s high heels and raced with him, as if I won, and then went back to bed happily, playing during the day in my dream. When I was in the sixth grade, I got a little hair under the squeaky nest. At that time, I was very afraid of growing like my dad. He and I studied together. My arms were sore, or nothing worked, and finally I cut them with scissors. It has led to a few weeks longer… In junior high school, I gained weight. I am no longer the little girl who can win the night running in high heels. I become a snack bag at home and happy next to me. I was so fat, I sat in front of the TV all day long. Later, according to his memory, it was like a tuft of meat sitting there. He vowed to help me lose weight. I was so moved that I turned off the TV and listed with him. Make a detailed plan, walk to the park every morning, go to the ostrich farm, play with them, can’t sit there and watch TV, and so on, so the first thing I wake up in the morning is to look for him, he is still sleeping, I will take him The home TV is turned on, and he quietly finds snacks at his home. When he wakes up, he will watch it with me… There is no doubt that my weight is already in the sixth grade… Don’t want to know, ╭ (╯^╰)╮ He is very skinny and looks like a girl. We never regarded each other as opposite sex. We played together every day, but we had a bath together. One day, after the heavy rain, we went to the park together to find snails. Walking barefoot on the pebbles, I first discovered that there were tadpoles in the small pond. We caught a bottle and said we were going to grow a frog. Finally, we took it home. My father looked at it and said it was a seedling of Laitou Baozi. I thought about the undulating black and cyan skin, and it became disgusting, and finally let him go into the sewer. He laughed at me as a girl, so I was afraid of it, and then I realized that our genders are different. . . I have never looked down upon him in particular, nor did he look down on me. We look down on each other. He laughed at me for being able to eat and being lazy. I laughed at him and used money to buy it; he laughed at me for being afraid of a wolf dog, and I laughed at him for not daring. Jumping down from a high place………… We just played while disgusting. One day, the little friends from the next yard, siblings, came to us to play. The girl always looked at him and laughed. I was very surprised. I asked directly, but people blushed. Everyone seemed embarrassed. After I got home, I went to him and asked why. He said that the girl liked him, and I went home after oh, his head stretched out. Reaching from his home to my door, you were upset. He said, I shook my head and said that the girl had eye problems. Did she know that you sometimes don’t brush your teeth in the morning, and you are afraid of ghosts, and I beat and cried. He made a cut and we went home, but in the next few days, when that sibling came to play with us, I just wanted to stay at home and watch TV. I didn’t want to go out, so I was depressed. My mother asked me to send watermelons to my neighbors. His mother asked me why I didn’t go to her house these days. (His house has a lot of snacks, it’s more spacious than mine, and the air conditioner is on every day, so I just go back to my house after eating), he While watching TV, I turned around and asked me why I didn’t go to his house these days. Thinking about it before, I was like his Samoyed, sitting on his bed and watching TV. I thought about it and said, I want to do my homework. then! ! His mother taught him a lesson, “Look at Yang Yang! Look at you again!” He despised me and I went home happily. The next day, the unknown anger subsided, and I continued to sit on his bedside in the morning, watching TV, eating breakfast, blowing on the air conditioner, and waiting for him to get up. After he gets up, he usually gets up with anger and has a terrible temper. We often quarrel and fight during that time period. Either I cry, or his face is flushed with anger, and then he laughs and reconciles when he eats breakfast. For a long time, I was angry and laughed. One more thing when he was in junior high school, he moved first because our courtyard was going to be demolished. A few days ago, his house was packing things. He gave me a lot of things. I was unhappy and sat depressed at first. On his chair, I watched him go away after one or two days when he was busy. I suggested that he live in my house, or I secretly sit in the trunk of his car and live in his house, but it doesn’t work. Before leaving, he said that I could let my dad drive me to find him to play, and then left by car. I didn’t have an appetite for a few days, and my mother advised me to find someone to play, but when I came together in the morning, all I thought of was to look for him, wait for him to get up, and want to sit on his pillow. I finally couldn’t stand my temper, and begged my dad to drive to his house. My dad was busy with work. He told me about it. He also lied to me that we were going to move in a few days, so we moved to the courtyard where he lived. We moved in a few days, but we didn’t move to the place where he lived at all. It was almost tens of thousands of miles apart. I had a big fuss that day. I kept crying and talked back vigorously. My dad was scared at first, then It was coaxing, and then I persuaded you one by one with your mother, and finally sent me to his mother as a daughter, because his family only has a son, I agreed. Dad opened the car door in a rage and threw me into the car. I was still sobbing. Dad gritted his teeth and said that he didn’t want me. It was really for his mother. I looked at the scenery outside the car window, and I would fly if I was happy. I got up, and then I felt it arrived after a short while. My dad said he drove for two hours, saying that I was a prodigal. But I am still very happy. When he arrived at his house, his parents went out to work, and he was at home alone. When he heard the car whistle, he came out holding the white dog and saw me getting out of the car. He quickly vomited his gums. I At this time, compared to him, he calmed down. We talked non-stop as soon as we met. My dad drove away and said that he would come and pick me up at night. We changed from the original yard to our current dissatisfaction with where we live. He bought instant noodles and ham at noon, and also beaten two eggs. After eating, he took a nap for a while, and he asked me to lose weight. Gaining weight is good for my body. No, watching TV is not good for your eyes, and Barabara is a lot of long-winded. That day and every day we spent together when we were neighbors were the same. The only difference was that he was very able to say that I was worried that he had other playmates here. Will he stop playing with me in the future? He was full of mouths. Denied and said that as long as I don’t do this, it will do. In the afternoon, his mother and father went home, and he was also very happy to see me. He said that her son hadn’t eaten or paid for the food these days. He was a little embarrassed and asked me not to laugh. His mother went to cook fish, because I love to eat, my dad came to pick me up in the evening, and told his mom and dad about all the noise I had been at home these days, and he laughed at me again, but he was a little sad, and then ate After the meal, I got in the car and walked and watched the boy getting farther and farther. The Samoyed beside him turned into a white spot. The boy was still beckoning. As soon as I put my head out the window, I was pushed back by my father. Finally, I couldn’t help crying again, so I said goodbye to the boy.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I can’t forget a girl. She is not very beautiful or outstanding. She may not even remember me as a person, but after so many years, her back and the events that happened that day will still come to my mind by accident. Fortunately, my girlfriend didn’t pay attention to my Zhihu, otherwise she might blow my dog’s head when she sees it here. It happened when I was in my third year of high school. The cause of everything was because a friend of mine borrowed 20 yuan from me when I was a child. I bought a game card that week, so I didn’t have money to eat breakfast, so I asked him for money, and he told me that I didn’t have it for the time being. I just asked him about the money? He took out a U-shaped lock and showed it to me. Me: “???” He: “I bought a lock.” I: “Which lock do you buy if you don’t ride a bike?” He: “You don’t buy a lock to lock the car. This is a weapon. I’m going to make one tonight. It’s a very dangerous thing.” I: “Please tell me.” Then Xiao Qian began to tell me that a girl in their class (we are in the same grade of the school but in different classes) walks home from get off work every day. Someone has watched her recently, waiting for the girls to follow her every day after school. The girl also found out and was very scared. She told her parents and the school, and also reported to the police, but it was useless. The policeman came to the police to sneak around and didn’t find any clues (it was not like cameras now), so they suggested to find someone to pick up the girl. But the girl’s dad is a big cart, and it takes only a few days to go there. Her mother is a slightly disabled person and has limited mobility. So now she can only be picked up when her father is at home, and there is really no way when she is away on business. The most dangerous time was that the man had already touched the girl closely. The girl was so scared that she ran into a smoking hotel to get rid of it. In the end, the owner of the smoke hotel kindly sent her home. Me: “How much do you want to make up just for 20 yuan?” Xiaoqian: “It’s really true. I lied to you to thunder and strike.” Me: “What does it have to do with me for 20 yuan?” Xiaoqian: “Buy With this U-shaped lock, we will be the flower guardian tonight.” Me: “Don’t us, give me money to buy breakfast, I’m hungry.” Xiaomae: “I will give you the money if you follow me.” Me: “Just today! Don’t think about pulling me there every day.” In this way, Xiao Qian moved me and asked me to be a flower protector for a day with him. After school that day, Xiaoqian and I followed the girl all the way to the distance. As I walked away, my strange feelings grew stronger, and I said to Xiaoqian: “There is really someone following her.” Xiaoqian warned: “Who?” “Isn’t it the two of us…” I said, “This is too ridiculous. I even suspect that the person behind the line is you. I bought this lock to prevent this girl from his father. Anyway, I came with you today. Give me the money. I want to buy it early and eat.” Xiaoqian: “I ordered you for dinner. Have a fart for breakfast. Brother, you have been here with me, so please accompany me for the last time.” I helplessly continue to follow, thinking about whether to eat lamb soup or ramen tomorrow morning. After walking for a while, Xiao Qian patted me, “Do you think that person has been following her?” I looked at it and didn’t make any impression, but after being reminded, I started to pay attention. As a result, this attention really found that this person had a problem. This person is a bit older than us and limited, and certainly not the girl’s father. He has been hanging from behind the girl, in front of me and Xiaoqian. The thing that made Xiaoqian and I determined that this person had a problem was that the girl opened the shoelace once halfway, and when she was tying the shoelace, the man stopped and looked around. She continued to walk forward and the man started to follow along again. At this time, I stopped arguing with Xiaoqian, Xiaoqian also had a lot of energy, and now we are following him, and he is following her. Along the way, I secretly complained that I didn’t have a mobile phone, and I couldn’t keep some evidence to take a picture of a suspect or something. The breaking point of the incident was at an intersection. The girl turned around and blocked our vision. Xiao Qian and I ran two steps tightly. As a result, as soon as I passed by, I saw that the suspected man was also speeding up to run towards the girl. Seeing this, Xiaoqian threw his schoolbag to me, and then speeded up the pursuit. The little one ran fast, caught up with the man first, pulled the man’s sweater hat from behind, and pulled it down. When I ran, the two were already fighting on the ground, and the girl turned around to hear the fighting here and started to scream. At this moment, I was still calm, and told a passerby uncle who was onlookers, “Call the police,” and started to flip through the small front schoolbag to grab the lock. As soon as I opened the bag, I saw 50 yuan, and for a moment I didn’t want to worry about him. But when the thoughts flashed, it was important to save people, so he quickly took the lock and went to help. Although I was holding the lock, I didn’t dare to make a cruel hand, so I kicked the man and found a chance to give the lock to Xiao Qian. Both Xiaoqian and the man were blushing at this time, and they fisted fiercely. Passers-by started to come around. Although no one helped me, I could see that everyone was helping me and Xiao Qian, probably because we were wearing school uniforms. Just when I wanted to take the opportunity to kick the man’s kick again, I was hit hard in the back of the head. It was really heavy, I fell to the ground, and in a daze, I only saw the girl’s decisive back and the oversized thermos that she was holding. Then I watched in confusion as the girl walked behind Xiaoqian and raised her thermos bottle again. “Boom!” Xiao Qian also sat on the ground in confusion. She ignored it, and said concerned to the man in the sweater who had just fought with Xiao Qian, “Brother, are you okay.” This greeting was like thunder for both of me. Split me silly. I sat blankly on the ground at a loss, and didn’t know what to say. Then Xiao Qian was subdued, and the man got up and beat me up, but I didn’t resist. Then the police arrived and took all four of us to the police station and asked what happened to the four of us. The girl and her brother have described me and Xiaoqian as being in the end, and Xiaoqian hastened to explain the ins and outs of our appearance and hands-on. And there is a classic dialogue. Xiao Qian: “What are you running?” Her brother: “What are you chasing?” “How can I chase you if you don’t run.” “Why would I run if you don’t chase?” “…” But anyway, after everyone Everyone finally figured out what happened and knew that what happened today was an oolong. The girls and brothers were a little embarrassed, and Xiao Qian was also embarrassed, but the atmosphere had begun to become harmonious. When it was the police’s turn to question me, my emotions finally exploded. The huge grievance and the pain of being beaten quickly overwhelmed me. I cried with my nose and tears. Mae and the girl and her brother came to persuade me, but they didn’t know how to speak, and the girl didn’t know what to say just to pass. Gave me a napkin. I opened her hand and cried loudly: “I just want to eat breakfast.” I am Simba, and I hope I can bring you happiness.

8 months ago

some. When I was in the first grade of elementary school, my grandfather taught the fifth grade. He was on lunch break at noon, and I walked on the playground alone… I lost my way… I was panicked and lonely. Of course I didn’t cry. A fifth-grade big sister was a student of my grandfather. She recognized me. She took me to the doorstep of the classroom, told me stories, chatted with me, and wrote her name on my hand. In fact, I have forgotten her appearance. I only remember that the sun was very warm at the time, and I will never forget her. My favorite word so far is also her name-Jing.

8 months ago

Have. Ex-boyfriend, not because he still loves him, but because of hate. We have been together for almost three years, and our relationship was very good until two days before we parted, but I was planning the future like a silly critic, but he was planning to break up. And walk without regret, seamless connection. As a result, no matter how humble the person in front of me tells me that he loves me, I don’t have any feelings of heart, and I don’t want to give up my feelings anymore. Whether it is love or family relationship, I will always stay out of the matter. Now everyone around me is saying, how can you be a girl so ruthless and hard-hearted. Yes, I am so hard-hearted, after all, the soft wound is covered with hard scabs. How can I be so stupid to remove the scab? To say no more, I hope he and I are dead, so I can swallow this breath.

8 months ago

Before I was eighteen, I always had an unforgettable opposite sex. She stood at the gate of our school, wearing the same clothes every day, and spreading her hair on her shoulders. Every time I was out of school, she smiled and asked me: “Do you want to buy grilled sausage?” When I was 20 years old, I met One, I still think that even if I accidentally had a car accident when I was practicing subject three that day, and the steering wheel of the opposite car hit me in the face, I lost all my memories after I was six years old. Remember her. I remember that she owed me twelve dollars. She and I didn’t actually meet each other in college. We lived in the same community, went to the same kindergarten, and went to the same elementary school, junior high school, and high school. Later, when we arrived at the university, we were still alumni. But our two WeChat friends were added only when they arrived at the university. Because the two of us weren’t very good friends before, it was just the parents who knew each other, and the ridicule between friends was a childhood sweetheart. Even in the university, the two of us usually eat together and go to the library to study together, without any other activities. Because I live like an autistic child, and she lives like an autistic mother. She would always call me out on weekends, go to the library, go to the milk tea shop, go to the playground to sit with her and watch the handsome guy play football. From washing my hair to seeing her, to washing my face to see her, I can see her when I wear clothes at the end. I don’t know why she suddenly became so kind to me since I was in college, as if we have been together for a long time, like we have been playing together since we were young, and we have been friends since we were young. She would know my birthday. In the evening when I was preparing to sleep on the dormitory bed, she called me to sneak out. Behind me was the light from the security guard holding the flashlight, and in front was her holding my hand. And her laughter. That night was my twentieth birthday. She took me in a taxi and drove home directly from where we were. It was more than 300 kilometers. The car that had been running on the highway took four hours. She leaned at the window and asked, “Wang Buer, did you think of anything?” I said, “No.” She pointed to a forest outside the window: “Wang Buer, did you think of anything?” I said: ” No.” She raised her sleeves, pointed to a scar on her arm and asked me: “Wang Buer, do you think of anything?” I said: “No.” She lifted her skirt: “Wang Buer , Did you think of anything?” I said, “No.” After four hours of driving, it was already dark when I got home. Only the street lights were on in the street. I took off my coat and gave it to her, she smiled. Take it over. Until then, I still didn’t understand why she would ask me what I thought of. After that, when I explained my university life, I was able to tell a whole night without repetitive stories. Our WeChat friend has only existed for five years, until she sent the wedding invitation to Shen Zhijiu and asked him to pass it on to me. At that time, I told Shen Shijiu that even if I bumped into a telegraph pole in Subject Three tomorrow, and the telegraph pole happened to hit my head, I was smashed into a mental retardation, and I would never forget her. Shen Shijiu told me that I had forgotten a lot. I didn’t actually forget don’t, I just forgot myself. I’m the elementary school who helps you collect Magician cards. I am a hero in junior high school who rushes to catch you in the corridor. I am a traveler who accompanies you in high school. I chose to forget your neurosis before going to college. I was the defeated dog who was crying at your wedding and wishing you a hundred years.

8 months ago

In fact, there are a lot of good things, nostalgia, and hate. The good ones are the good friends I met in junior high school. That was the happiest period of time I had. Although there were occasional twists and turns in school, the overall situation was smooth and smooth for three years. Most of them are beautiful memories. I hate those bastards when I met in high school. I’m sorry. I can’t use more euphemistic words to describe the best youth of those people. I only leave dark and empty memories. I only hate those people. As for the people I missed in addition to those who couldn’t ask for it in the student days, the family members I left are more…

8 months ago

I met him on Douyin. It was a special coincidence that I kept losing in the game of Glory of Kings. I thought it was boring and uninstalled. That night I used Douyin and I probably saw a video blogger looking for a CP! There are quite a lot of vibrato videos like this. I’ve tried it, but somehow I got it back and commented that if you don’t dislike my food, you can take me! Harm, there is a saying that I know that the stamina is so great early in the morning, I just don’t comment, hahahaha. Because I was really angry at the time and no one took me, hahahaha. Then he gave me a private message QQ for half an hour and I added him. Knowing that he just wanted this person to accompany him to play games at night, so I was bored at night, which was very good, and then he deleted the video after adding me. When I found it, there was no need to continue posting that video. I thought this at the time. The person is very good, he can’t drop the fish, hahaha he is really good, and the back is also very good. So I can’t forget it. Later, because of what I said, I think he is very good, especially playing games. The key is to be careful, because I have been playing alone before, and suddenly someone takes me. Of course, being so careful will have a good impression. Later, I knew that he was a third year in high school. Harm. I knew that he was a third year in high school. I would definitely not disturb him, because at first he was afraid that I would not agree to say that he was a freshman. Hahaha, I am a freshman. I am in Anhui. He is so far away from Hunan. This problem is also true. The biggest problem behind. Later on, he didn’t speak much at first, I talked a lot, and then he was also changing to share his life with me. We were really happy. At that time, he was originally a lively and cheerful boy at first. Later, his father had something to do. He was very sad and started to live alone with a cat from the third grade. He was very careful, very kind to me, patient, and kind. Once I said to lose weight without eating at night, he really gave me some fruits every day. He didn’t tell me but he did it. One day I was very touched. That day, I should have a friend tell me his girlfriend gave him flowers and showed me deliberately. , I also sent QQ space to like me, and then I just complained to him, and in half an hour he also bought me a bunch of flowers, bought from Meituan, I was so touched, I felt favored by others for the first time . Later, I started to write small essays for him, and later he would respond to me with long talks. He is really changing and I am really touched. I don’t like to owe him, so I will give you all kinds of things. He always called with me when playing the peak game. Once I was in a bad mood and went to bed at night, he immediately stopped playing the peak game and asked me what was wrong, if it was his problem, I said no, my roommate asked me A little bit unhappy, he kept coaxing me later, and he sent me 99 text messages the next day. I was really touched. I am a thinker. My parents would definitely not let me go to Hunan. I didn’t want to give up at the time. After all, he could pass the exam to Anhui. I am also afraid of hurting him. Later, I did not keep my promise and I left. He is alone again. I am sorry. Later I went on winter vacation, because he asked me to take photos and I gave him all, but he didn’t give it to me and then he took a video for me. I felt pretty good. I ate with my little sister on the first day and talked about him. I found out that I was going to send me an ugly photo. Let me tell you! Then I didn’t dare to look at it. I’ll look at it first, and let me give up after reading it. How can I say it’s really unsightly and a bit ugly. Maybe the gap was too big at the time, and I couldn’t accept it at the beginning. My friend kept telling this person, forget it. Well, no matter how bad you are, you won’t be looking for this. After all, he is from Hunan or something, and then he keeps forcing me. I felt a little broken that day. I didn’t want to think about it, so I just drank a coke barrel. In the early morning, he sent me a long, long text message. Now I look back and look like crying. Sorry, I didn’t think I like you so much. , Sorry wk. I replied to him the next day, that’s what we are doing! I was wrong. He was so good. I thought I would let go. After all, people on the Internet, but every night I watch Douyin during a winter vacation, I think of his goodness. If he is in Anhui, I will definitely look for him. I haven’t talked about it, but he is really good. My Virgo loves details, he really did it. Then when school was about to start, I couldn’t help adding him, because I wanted to say goodbye, because he deleted it for me the next day, even TikTok was logged out, hahahahaha. We quarreled for the first time that day, because you think distance is not a problem. I’m sorry, I’m afraid, I can’t afford to bet. After that day, the two of us were not in contact again until the QQ reminder that a long time ago, I secretly asked you three questions anonymously. Among them, who is your favorite, you answered me. I cried for a long time after I saw it. I’m really sorry and sorry for you. When school started in March and I started playing games by myself, you invited me. I was panicked. I didn’t know how to play. Because I didn’t know how to talk, I didn’t agree or refuse. I think I still didn’t let it go. You posted your first circle of friends the day before yesterday, because my good friend added you at the time, and did not delete it later. Then he sent you to the Moments of Friends to show me, it was a video, I don’t know if it’s you, it’s handsome, it should be you! Because you have posted the photos before, and they feel good-looking, and you said that the photo was ugly at that time, I don’t know if you deliberately felt that I was tempted to look at my face. But when you are gone, I understand. I think if you are in Anhui, I really like you. The copywriter in your circle of friends is to be polite and keep your distance.

8 months ago

Yes, it is a girl I met on social software. Because she has sung a lot of songs to me, now as long as I hear the songs she sang in the daily push, I will think of her again. I have been a very well-behaved child since I was a child. From elementary school to graduate school, I have always been a leader. Because parents repeatedly emphasized that “love affects learning, these are all for nothing before a stable job”, so even if they meet a girl who is tempted, they always suppress the choice of move on. This leads me to be an inactive person. I remember that when it was a sophomore year, my favorite classmate dropped out and felt very uncomfortable, so I was so silly to hang out on soul. At the beginning, soul was not as impetuous as it was later. Under normal circumstances, I don’t take the initiative to talk to others, just post something about myself, because I am always considered a noble person, and I firmly believe in the fragrance of flowers and butterflies. For example, when po is a violin song played by himself, someone will hear the voice and come up with a conversation; if he publishes an international conference paper accept, there will be a group of people admiringly praise it. Of course I will also post some other daily routines, such as engraved school celebration rings, and bought two Bonnie rabbits. Although it will attract some listeners, few listeners can in turn attract me. Later, I ran into this girl by chance. Looking back, it might be that I started to strike up a conversation after listening to her singing. I sang mostly Jay Chou’s songs, a soft and cute way of singing, in short, it was very easy and pleasant to listen to. That seems to have happened two years ago. I really can’t remember what I said to her, but I have heard the songs she sang in every capital. In the blink of an eye, it was my junior year, and faced with the pressure of entering a higher education, I knew that purposeless and useless social interactions had to be stopped. So I uninstalled soul directly, threw a farewell post and went straight away. The next year has a lot of things, although I am tired, I have a very fulfilling life. If it weren’t for the epidemic, I might not have time to stop. As a result, during the epidemic, should it be the end of April last year? Suddenly one day I received a text message from soul: Someone has polished your homepage. Who will remember me after so long? I went back and saw that she was really cute and singing. She seemed to be a little angry when she spoke again: Why did she leave without saying hello? In addition to remembering the songs she sang, other things, have I told her my name and my future plans, have forgotten. I also saw the photos in her circle of friends, not to mention beautiful, but in line with the soft and cute voice. But in the next two months, time flies in pink: we talk about people and things we like, talk about songs, talk about grandma; whenever I say I want to listen to a song, she will sing a voice on the spot and send it over. Occasionally, after get off work at night, she would take the initiative to call me, sing and talk about what she had encountered; she, who never even played games, played “Human Disaster” with me. In short, my heart is warm and happy. Until later, 6.18 approached, she asked me: What brand of electric toothbrush do you use? I wanted to reply: What? Want to send me? Later, when I thought that it was too stingy to say that, I changed it to the sentence: I will give you a chant? Good guy, she understood as “in my mind she is a person who loves to take advantage”. Explain in a hurry, I am also a little bit angry, and I have no reason to lose. So the more I described it, the darker I became, and I was included in her WeChat blacklist. Later, I was angry and couldn’t contact her. I only thought about contacting her about a week later. I always feel the same, and I feel the same feeling when I know what it is. I can only send a long message through soul, but there is no more news… One day, she replied a message from soul: I have read all the messages you sent, but I am embarrassed to talk to you again. Maybe it didn’t work out after all, but it was a pity that I lost a friend who was so close to love. Therefore, the songs I hear always make me unable to forget her.

8 months ago

That year the best friend Wu Xian was about to get married and renovate the house, but there was not enough money in his pocket, so I asked Brother Kun for a lot of work. One day assembling furniture, wardrobes, coffee tables, TV cabinets and so on, I was busy until late, so I spent the night on the ground floor shop with Brother Kun. At about five o’clock the next morning, I was sleeping soundly, and I felt that someone was looking at me in my dimness, watching me all the time, and seeing my hairy. That kind of feeling is amazing, I don’t know if you have ever, you clearly closed your eyes, but you just feel that someone is staring at you. I opened my eyes in a daze, and saw a pair of bright red eyes looking at me like a dead fish, less than half a meter away from me. If I ignore the soaring resentment, the current posture is quite ambiguous. I sat up and moved back tightly. I thought that my buddy was hiding so deeply. I have known each other for five or six years, and today I finally can’t help but want to do it on me. After thinking about it, I subconsciously covered my ass. Brother Kun didn’t come to be strong either. He just asked me bitterly if I was dreaming of fighting with people. I thought for a long time, it seemed that there was such a thing, but I wondered how he knew it. Brother Kun did not answer my question, but turned his face to show me. Good guy, there is a clear big handprint on it, which looks a bit familiar. Seeing that I was going to deny him, Brother Kun was angry and rushed over to give me a beating. While beating and cursing, he said that Zhengxiang, who had just fallen asleep, suddenly woke him up with a big mouth. The crispness and the loudness directly stunned him. It stands to reason that that force is not a vengeance for taking my wife, and I can’t possibly use it. I didn’t wake up and I was still snoring. One can imagine how frustrated Kun is. That day, I took care of the work of two people alone, and I was as tired as a dog, but Nima couldn’t have any complaints. No way, there are still big handprints on people’s faces, and it’s estimated that it won’t last for two or three days. Because of this incident, I won’t forget Brother Kun for the rest of my life. After all, the experience of dreaming a fan feels awesome when I talk about it.

8 months ago

There are people with good impressions and people with bad impressions. When I was in college, I waited for a meal at the cafeteria window with my dorm friends. As a result, at this time, classmate A said, I’m too late to eat, let’s eat it for you. Speaking very bluntly, it feels like he has to eat his food. So far, I rarely talk to this classmate. When I was in college, I felt like I had a few roots. My classmates invited me to have an outing with him to help me inquire about part-time jobs in summer vacation, etc., but I was so stupid that everyone was just a good friend. When asked by another classmate, he liked you…but he was still indifferent. After graduating, I went back to the city where the school was located and invited him out for dinner and went to IKEA to hang out together. He also took me to see the new house I just bought. I was very envious when I saw the family photo in his room. So far I understood that he and I are after all It’s impossible, I just hope he’s happy…just happy

8 months ago

He counts as one of the boys I met during the driver’s license test. I’m not a very talkative person, but I have a lot to say that he would take me to his school to watch a movie and eat in the cafeteria. He also came to our school to look for me in the playground on weekends. I went hiking (but I didn’t go). I haven’t bumped the car for a long time after I got my driver’s license. He drove to our school and practiced for me. I always praised my eyes, smiles, and sang good songs. When it’s bad, he happened to call me and talk to me about anything I said, he could pick up and share a song, he could talk to me a lot, I sent me a large box of snacks when I was studying for graduate school, my roommate said he definitely liked me. Although I think so in my heart, I pretend that I am not afraid of being favored. I just have a little control. He is not very handsome, so it doesn’t attract me at first sight. I talked for a long time before I like him. He is good to me but never I didn’t say that I liked it. Later I told me that he had a girlfriend. I still talked to him about this topic. Later, one year I was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. We had very little contact. On Valentine’s Day, he got married on February 14th. It was really sudden. After watching for a long time and looking at a little chat log, I think he should like me. I have been waiting and waiting for the result. I didn’t wait to confess. It was he who got married. I regret it. I think I didn’t give any feedback and I was too indifferent to him. But I think I’m very enthusiastic

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