If “turning over” is defined as “making 50% of the family-born people after the economic situation become the top 1% of society’s wealthy people”, I’m afraid it’s mainly luck. But if “how can the poor turn over” is defined as “how can 50% of the people from family backgrounds lead themselves and their families to live a happier life after economic conditions?” This question is more worthy of answer. The most critical stage is probably in the youth period. Poverty leads to nutritional deficiencies. Malnutrition does not necessarily mean lack of food. It may also be caused by imbalanced nutrition, which leads to obesity but lacks many important trace elements. Malnutrition in childhood will affect people’s health and brain function for a long time. Whether in terms of the ability to survive and develop, or from the cost of illness, it will make it more difficult for people to escape poverty. In fact, poor physical conditions in childhood are not purely because they cannot afford certain foods, but sometimes because the family lacks relevant knowledge. The knowledge here is not only knowledge about food nutrition and proportioning, but also cooking knowledge and skills, as well as effective, economical and easy-to-maintain exercise methods. Therefore, it is necessary to learn nutrition knowledge specifically, it can help us to lay the foundation of our body as efficiently as possible within a limited expenditure. The scarcity of information resources around the poor is also an important factor. Economic conditions lead to disadvantages in education, coupled with the barriers of many misconceptions, making it difficult for people to have a correct understanding of the objective facts of the whole world, large and small, and then unable to develop the ability to deal with all kinds of affairs. Make the right decision. And decision-making is the key to all development. For example, the middle- and lower-class people in the United States are often more likely to be fooled into buying products that are not cost-effective. Compared to the middle-class and above people with higher education levels, it is easier to waste money and time on such matters. If you can have more knowledge, you will save a lot of money on the hidden level. The Internet provides a certain amount of free information resources, but even the keywords used for search are scarce for the poor. Due to the lack of original information resources, it is more difficult for the poor to obtain high-quality information in the seemingly free cyberspace. Even so, we should try to make up for this deficiency by drawing on information sources with higher nutrient density and paying a smaller burden. Wikipedia and some high-quality popular science books, etc., should be read as much as possible. Ideas are very important. This is no longer an era in which uneducated people can make a lot of money by relying on ruthless, savvy people to break into society. Of course, this is not to say that a good education is enough, it is just a very basic condition, and there are too many factors that affect a person’s development after being met. This is not an era in which “women without talents are virtue”. If you still hold on to the old concept, even if you have enough money, you must treat your daughters harshly, prevent them from receiving a better education, and let the girls suffer mental torture from childhood, so that they will not be able to escape the deep sufferings for the whole family. In other words, it will only make things worse. And if the offspring can be fully nurtured and cared for, it will also have a great positive meaning for the whole family, not only on the material level. Research by Abigit Banerji and others also shows that poverty is also related to the excessive emphasis on ceremonies in some regions. In weddings and funerals, if you can abandon the notion of ostentation, don’t care about “face” so much, it will save a lot of money and energy. There is a geographical imbalance in the allocation of social resources. This is not only in China, but is actually a common situation in the world. If some poor people can move freely to places where it is less difficult to survive according to the allocation of resources, their lives can also be improved. But in fact, many people fail to do so due to factors such as traditional customs. In any case, if you can accept it, if you can win the opportunity, then moving to a place with more resources and more suitable for your own survival will be beneficial in most cases. In addition, I personally think that it is important to actively make friends, cooperate, and strive for various opportunities and resources. Poor families often follow their own life experiences and train their children in a mode of studying, working, and indifferent to other things. It is not easy to teach children the skills to obtain various opportunities and resources. If you can lay a good foundation for your body and cognition in your teenage years and try to avoid wasting money due to lack of information, you may already be able to consciously cultivate yourself on the basis of certain information collection and processing capabilities in adulthood. Up. If you enter other environments through examinations and other means, you must also consciously abandon part of your past life experience. For example, a person used to be surrounded by bullying, arrogant and unreasonable wicked people. In a more civilized environment, if you follow the pattern of being cautious and ready to defend and attack at any time (this model is often in a bad environment). It is more conducive to survival), it is destined to lose many opportunities for making friends and cooperation. If a person used to be full of misunderstandings and harmful concepts in the minds of most people around him, in the process of jumping out of this environment, he/she will easily become too accustomed to relying on themselves for everything. If this model is extended to a more enlightened In this environment, many opportunities that could have been grasped will also be missed. Of course, none of the above steps is easy.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I took this question to the physical education teacher. She asked me to lie on my back on the floor first, and then ordered me to turn over. I turned my body ten times, and my heart suddenly became clear. The physical education teacher asked me, what do you think? I said, I found that when I turned over, either my head turned first, or my butt turned first. The physical education teacher said, very good. This is the general law of turning over: 1. Use your brain: think of a way to find your way. 2. Move the buttocks: the tree moves to die, people move to live. Change the environment, the opportunity may be there. After hearing these words, I was very angry. Unexpectedly, the social atmosphere is so crooked that even beauties like physical education teachers learn to stew chicken soup. I shouted at her: “I don’t want chicken soup, I want dry goods.” The physical education teacher said to me: “You don’t want chicken soup, but the Vatican has only 800 permanent residents. At the same time, Australia alone has 47 million kangaroos. If kangaroos decide to invade the Vatican, then every Vatican will fight 58,750 kangaroos, you don’t know! You don’t care! You only care about yourself!”

6 months ago

There are thousands of ways to stand up, but there is no universality! Therefore, how to stand up is a thousand people and one thousand methods, and specific methods have no effect, but three steps should be taken to successfully stand up: 1. Self-awareness. Socrates said “know yourself”. Self-awareness is the prerequisite for doing things. Only by knowing how many kilograms you are can you know your strengths and choose your goals correctly. 2. Establish goals. The poor must have their own goals. Only with goals can there be a direction to move forward. This goal must be based on their own strengths and what they are good at. For example, if you are good at drawing, you will strive to become a painter. If you are good at running, you will strive to be an athlete. If you are good at exams, try your best to test civil servants. 3. Put it into action. The goal is the guide. To achieve the goal, you must work hard, and you must work harder than others to stand up. There will be no pie in the sky. Only diligent efforts will be exchanged for qualitative changes after quantitative changes. Self-awareness, establishment of goals, and struggle for it are the only way to go through the best thing, and I will give you a sentence. This is what Wen Rumin, the PhD supervisor of Peking University and a master of modern and contemporary literature, said in a lecture at our school:” Don’t think about other material things, such as houses, cars, and tickets, as you work hard. Everything will follow because of your efforts.”

6 months ago

I will answer this question, because I am a poor person who turned over, but I must first declare that my experience does not apply to any one person. Everyone thinks that they or others cannot copy it. That is also normal. Let’s not expect to have it. What is the magic weapon to turn stones into gold, otherwise there are no poor people in this world. Okay, after the disclaimer, I started to talk about how I turned over. People are poor, don’t be poor. I am a poor person. Of course, my parents are poor. My family has always been poor, and it is not in the family. The characteristic of this kind of poor family is that people are poor and have short ambitions. How poor is it? When I was in high school, I wore a military uniform from the Red Guard era. When I lived in school, a dish in the cafeteria started at 1 yuan, and I got 20 yuan for living expenses for two weeks. In other words, I must have a few meals without vegetables and only pickles to survive. If I need to buy slippers or something, I have to eat more meals with pickles to squeeze out such a few dollars. However, my family is not so poor that I can’t afford slippers, but the long-term straitened way of thinking has led to saving money. Not only did my parents give me 20 yuan for two weeks, but I also felt stupid. Money is a matter of course, I think it is a sin to spend a penny more, and I dare not ask my parents for more money. This kind of poor people’s thinking has a great influence on me. After joining the work for many years, I dare not spend much, because-I am afraid of being poor! Children from poor families have a major problem, that is, they don’t realize this: consumption is not just sending money out, but also exchanging life resources back! You buy decent clothes, wear more energy, and others respect you more; you eat better, you feel better about yourself, and you are more confident in doing things. Just thinking about saving, not about how to use money to get better resources, then you will be poor all your life. It is not easy to change this concept. It took me almost the same time as my parents at home to change my concept. First of all, people who are poor cannot be short-sighted, because I think that only by changing this concept can we truly cease to be poor. It is not that we are not poor if we have money. If people are poor, there are many ways to get rid of being poor. Some people rely on doing business, some rely on crooked ways, some rely on sericulture, and some rely on buying lottery tickets… , However, even if reading is not the most reliable method, it is also a more reliable method. The old saying goes: One fate, two luck, three geomantic omen, four accumulate yin and virtue, and five reading. Your life is not good, and your luck is not the best. Feng Shui at home is just like that. You can’t control the accumulation of yin virtue in your ancestors. If you go down one by one, you will only be left with reading, which is the way of your own control. I have been studying very hard, but my life is not good, my luck is not good, I did not go to the top colleges, but after graduation, continue to study and study, always put me in a position above the middle, this is my advantage, so that I can get More resources. Reading is not just about getting a diploma, finding a salary job, and getting a stable income. More importantly, you will enter a circle. People in this circle think differently from those outside the circle, and do things differently. And people in this circle have more opportunities. I don’t deny that some people can stand up without reading. I can only say that their destiny is good, but don’t you think that your destiny is also good. Maybe one day you will understand that the poor get together and the rich get together, and you will understand why you want to study.

6 months ago

What is the biggest difficulty for the poor to get rid of poverty? First of all, don’t think that poverty must be a disadvantage. Poverty-especially “experienced poverty, adapt to poverty, but have a strong motivation to get rid of the status quo”, this is a bonus item in the eyes of many employers. The same salary is obviously more powerful and meaningful for the poor than for the rich. If it is possible, and in other respects, of course, employers will want to give priority to hiring people with worse financial conditions. This is a great basic economic advantage for the poor. The problem lies in “other aspects are the same”—other aspects are often different, which may offset this advantage. The key to the so-called “poor people turning over” is to find these “different” areas that hinder their fundamental advantages, and through wise response and hard work, the avoidance that should be avoided, the compensation that should be made up, and strive to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses. 1) Knowledge may have disadvantages. Obviously, people from wealthy backgrounds have better educational opportunities and more educational resources. This often means a broader vision and more knowledge reserves. It often means better and higher academic qualifications, which means more potential in the future. But this is not inevitable. The current general education has a lot of meaningless and even side effects. As a poor person, focusing on the basic skills of mathematics, physics and chemistry, or focusing on some basic skills, cultivating the spirit of study and learning, and maintaining a long-term thirst for knowledge, can largely offset the advantage of the knowledge stock owned by the children of the rich. The important thing is how much you love knowledge and learning, not how much you will now. In fact, in the eyes of professionals, you basically don’t know how to fart, and you have to start from scratch. I think I know a little bit more, and for whatever reason I give you a chance to learn but carelessly, this one overwhelms you ten times the poor or the rich, if not a hundred times. If you are poor, this is a bonus item. If you are still hungry and eager to learn, so that people can see the initiative to study hard and practice hard, defects in your education and accomplishment will be ignored, and you feel inferior that you have nothing Understand, this is often even seen as an advantage. 2) The mentality may be eager for quick success. This, of course, means that you care about rewards very much. This is understandable, but if it affects your motivation to improve and affects your work performance, then how understandable and forgivable is meaningless. This is especially dangerous for the poor-because employers have such concerns in advance, and will hold a magnifying glass to see if you have any signs of this common problem anytime and anywhere. Just as employers worry that the wealthy children will not work hard or care about it by default, so they will use a magnifying glass to observe all signs that they are not working hard enough. Because of the extra sensitive attention, it is doubly easy to verify. So the same is not done in accordance with the amount. The reasons given by the wealthy children are completely reasonable, but it is possible to leave a conclusion in the employer’s mind that “it is really just a dude, but is just taking the job as a family”. The same curse has the same effect on poor children on the issue of “quick success and quick gain”. Here you have to keep a clear head. Under the modern labor system, if you are really dissatisfied and want to resign, you can always do it. It’s no big deal to vote with your feet when you feel uncomfortable. Never tell anyone the so-called “boss is just drawing a big pie to cheat us”, “I just want to make money”, “giving money is the most realistic” such nonsense. Again, you can think so in your heart, and you can just quit your job and change to the next one, but never say such stupid things. Let me tell you bluntly, those who ignite your fire, talk about these complaints at after-work dinners, and seduce you to “resonate” may be the ones who betrayed the news to the boss in a blink of an eye. Regardless of whether the boss is really “drawing a pie to cheat you”, if you say this, it is heard by any colleague, especially if two or more people hear it, your professional life here has actually been handed over to the other person. Pinched. Because very few bosses can tolerate people who have this idea. Confirmed and executed. Those who seduce you to say this are likely to be able to advance or retreat, and it doesn’t matter if you are caught, but since you can be spoofed by the other party, it is naturally easy to manipulate you to think that you are a “representative of public opinion” and induce you To complain in public, to show to the boss that “the people’s grievances are great, and more treatment is needed.” Or even more simply, just betray you and “kindly remind” the boss that “the people’s mind is a bit unstable recently, and xxx said that you draw a pie during dinner.” The end is that you are dismissed by a silent decision, but they can stay and enjoy the “stability maintenance treatment.” Even if the boss is really drawing a pie, you go to blame and complain about him painting a pie, will he change his approach? “Rehabilitation”? In addition to causing yourself to be sentenced to the professional death penalty or with a suspended death sentence, which may improve the situation of others, it will not have any positive meaning for yourself. I really think so, just look for opportunities to quit. Before quitting, keep your mouth under control and don’t do stupid things. In fact, take a step back and think-do you want to exclude all bosses who talk about growth and long-term prospects from now on? Have you thought about how to implement this? You will almost always be dissatisfied with the salary, and it is almost impossible for you to know exactly whether the boss is such a person before you start the job. So how do you implement this kind of “anti-cake policy”? After entering the job, you find that the boss is talking about the long-term and future-oriented optimism. If you also feel that the salary is not satisfactory, resign? What to replace? Replaced with a salary satisfactory? How long can you be satisfied for yourself? Or is it optimistic without talking about the prospects? ——Is there any boss who insists on not believing that the prospects are objective enough? What is your ability to predict the next boss is not the same? If you change five or six, it’s all like this. The first ten years of your career have passed like this-if you have five or six to change. Generally, if you change to the third and fourth, no one is interested in knowing whether your grandfather is good or not. Where are the “brothers” who had been with you and complained about the boss? 3) Cynical. In other words, they are dissatisfied with the social order and hate all those with vested interests from the bottom of their hearts.

6 months ago

The poor must possess three qualities in order to stand up. When the uncle was still a little Zhengtai, he always imagined that one day he would meet a peerless expert on the road. This expert would touch my Tian Ling Gai and say: “Young man, I see your bones are amazing. It is a once-in-a-century martial arts experience. Wizards, pass this Tathagata palm to you!” From then on, my martial arts are strong, punish evil and promote good, and become a generation of giants. Later, the uncle became a young man from a young boy. At this time, I no longer imagine that I am a great martial artist, but I still love fantasy. I imagine that one day I will meet a master pick-up girl and this master will pat me. He said on the shoulder: “Brother, I think you are tall and handsome. You are a pick-up wizard once in a thousand years. Let me pass this 37 tricks to picking up girls!” From then on, I have no vacancies, read the beauty of the world, and become Love master. Later, the uncle became an uncle. At this time, I knew that there were no Tathagata palms in this world, and there were no three-seven tricks for picking up girls. A passerby like me who wants money, no money, and a faceless face, wants to marry Bai Fumei, become the CEO, and embark on the pinnacle of life, you can only rely on courage, rely on ruthlessness, rely on brain and hands. Well, let’s not talk nonsense. If you want to get promoted and get rich, you want to marry Bai Fumi, and those who want to win the wealthy and handsome, please sit down, calm down, take your head, and listen to the uncle slowly speaking. 1. There is a plot in “Looking for the Qin”: Zhao Zhi and Shanrou finally waited for the opportunity to assassinate the big enemy Zhao Mu. As the chair of the sword hall, Zhao Zhi wants to work with Shanrou as the killer, but Shanrou disagrees. Zhao Zhi said that as the chair of the sword hall, my swordsmanship is no weaker than you, so why can you go and I can’t go. Shanrou said to her, “As a swordsman, I admit that your swordsmanship is very good, but tonight’s task is not a swordsmanship contest between swordsmen, but murder.” In the end, Zhao Zhi didn’t make the trip because she understood the meaning of Shan Rou’s words. Killing has never relied on skills. Even if you learn the palm of the Tathagata, you don’t have the courage to kill, and you will be dizzy when you see blood. You are not as desperate as a desperado with a pig knife in your hand. The same is true in work and love. You have read countless management books and learned countless management theories, but when an employee makes a mistake, you are reluctant to punish or expel him. Then no matter how many management books you read, what’s the point? No matter how many love skills you have heard, you don’t even have the courage to say hello to her. You have to look at her secretly, which is also useless. Therefore, courage is the first condition for you to accomplish something. Remember, as long as you dare to do everything, you will succeed 50%. 2. Ruthless Don’t get me wrong, this ruthlessness does not mean cruelty. But dare to give up sex. Dare to give up is nature, and it can also be a trade-off. We naturally do not think that it is difficult to give up bad things and get good things. What we are embarrassed about is, do we want to give up a bear’s paw or give up a bear’s paw to get a fish? Are we reliant on our name and gain, or do we get our name from relics? It’s all good things, and it’s really hard to be “willing”. Dare to give up is to have the courage to abandon the opportunity cost and any resources that become obstacles without hesitation after clarifying one’s own ambitions. I decided to have a bear paw, so I dared to throw the fish on the ground and step on a few feet. If I want profit, I dare to throw my reputation on the ground and spit. vice versa. The same is to take the world, Cao Cao took the world by his name, while Liu Bei relied on his name to justify the world. The same purpose, different means, and different things to abandon, but achieve the same goal by different routes. Abandonment is always a means. At work, if you want to climb up, maybe you have to go sloppy, flatter, or even give up. This is the resignation of fame and gain. Emotionally, if you want to get someone, maybe you have to hush in the cold, talk sweetly, and become a licking dog who is scorned by many straight men. If the other party has an object, you even have to dig the foot of the wall, and the third party gets in. This is also to reap the benefits. Of course, if you want a name, then you should be an upright person who treats money and rights like dung. Be a straight steel man, or a gentleman. If you want both fame and profit; want to be promoted and get rich, but also want to be upright; want to be beautiful and be a straight man of steel; then the uncle can only wish you good luck. 3. The brain and the hands. The brain is planning, and the hands are actions. One thing, you want to do, dare to do, and can abandon anything that you can give up in order to achieve your goal. The next factor that determines the final outcome is planning and execution. These two abilities are independent of the first two qualities. Many counsellors in the Three Kingdoms did not have the ambition to dominate and dominate, nor did they have the courage to abandon their fame and conscience, but they were uniquely capable of planning. The problem of planning power is the problem of rate of return. Use the least resources, take the least risks, and get the most benefits. Gaoming’s planning power has the following characteristics: The first point is “pass”, how do you say it? It means that your plan is grounded and can be carried out by relying on existing conditions. The second point is “secret”. If the plan satisfies the principle of “communication” but is easily disrupted by uncertain factors, then the plan will also fail. The requirement of “secret” is to keep the uncertain influence factors in the plan to a minimum. The third point is “smart”. Smart planning should be extremely efficient, with great ability but not complicated. Once necessary, the whole plan can be retired at any time. Perfect execution is the combination of courage and planning. There is a saying called “involuntary and indecisive”, which means that if you have too much thought and can’t make a decision, there is no question of execution. What caused this situation? One sentence is to dare to give up lack of sex. There are many ways to achieve your goals, but limited by resources and time, you can only choose a path that meets the requirements of planning. Then the other path is the opportunity cost you have to discard. If you can’t give up, it will create a situation of “involuntary and indecisive”. Courageous, ruthless, planning and execution. As long as you have the above three qualities, whether it’s getting promoted or getting rich, or marrying Bai Fumei, winning the handsome. Uncle can guarantee that your success rate can definitely be above 90%.

6 months ago

Extremely difficult. Let me talk about the several classes of people I have experienced, from the bottom up. At the bottom, our employees. The family is in the countryside, and his father killed his life in fights. He ran away when he was six years old. He has met several times in more than ten years. His mother raised him by herself, and she had to work hard during the period. When he was in junior high school, he took drugs and sold drugs at the same table. Then the matter became a big deal, and the principal expelled all classes directly. He therefore dropped out of school. At the age of 14 he went to the city to work, doing miscellaneous work in a relative’s factory. Two years later, because of disagreement with relatives, he smashed his relative’s shop and ran away. After mixing for a while, I talked to my girlfriend at the front desk of the Internet cafe. Then I couldn’t hang on anymore, went to be a soldier, and broke up with my girlfriend. After serving as a soldier for one year, he couldn’t stand the pain of being a soldier and ran over the wall. He continued to mix in all parts of the country, went to coal mines, went to steel mills, visited places, and did mixed operations. In the steel plant, he saw his worker be killed by an iron block, so he resigned. The pinnacle of life is to be a security captain in a nightclub, with a monthly salary of 2w, work is fighting, and going to hospitals and detention centers daily. Then he got married and his wife wanted to have a child, and forced him to quit his job and find a practical job because he didn’t want the child to have a father since he was a child. So I worked as a porter in our company, with a monthly salary of 4,000 packages of board and lodging. Foreseeable in the future, his best ending is to open a breakfast shop in his hometown, which is also his ideal. According to the current purchasing power, assuming that his breakfast shop runs smoothly, his annual family net income is about 10w. Suppose you work for 40 years and earn 400w. In addition, when his wife may transfer money, the total family income will not exceed 600w. A fish in my fish pond, job security, age 18 (maybe less than), graduated from technical secondary school (or undergraduate), father, truck driver, family in the northeast rural area. After dropping out of school, I mixed up with society, got a tattoo and burned my hair, and became a little gangster. He is handsome, but the three views are a mystery. For example, with a monthly salary of 4000, I feel that several million is not money. Said that his sister does Douyin and has 20,000 fans and a monthly income of 20,000. (Then shouldn’t I make 30,000 a month?) I often tell me that a great merchant, a great man from Heaven, wants to support him. He often teaches me life experience and chats with society. The first feeling it gives is to live in a dream. When I first came into contact with him, I felt like I was a scumbag compared to him. The foreseeable future of this person may not be as good as my employees, but considering some of the resources accumulated by his family (houses in the county, trucks), his starting point is higher than that of my employees, so it may be better. After all, there is no need to pay rent. Another fish has a college degree and works in a certain company. Parents eat subsistence allowance at home. The salary is about 5,000, but my parents have a house in Beijing and a public house waiting to be demolished. It is estimated that the family property will have two houses in Beijing, worth less than 1,000w. Obviously, this person is now on the finish line of the first two lives. And it has nothing to do with personal ability. A lady, a civil servant at the bottom of a state-owned enterprise, and a retired employee of a state-owned enterprise from her parents. Her personal salary is 3000, and she has basically no academic qualifications. Does it look worse than the one above? No, they have a house of 1500w, a deposit of 200w, each parent’s monthly retirement salary is 8000, and the family has an annual income of about 30w. It can provide her a life of smooth and leisurely life. A close friend of mine. Since childhood, he lived in the opposite door, his father was at the head of a state-owned enterprise, and his mother was a senior executive in a private enterprise. Later, there was a sudden change, and both parents died. (Silent mourning) Then inherit the inheritance of 3000w+, including a 150-square-meter four-bedroom house of 1 square meter and 15w, a large two-bedroom apartment of 100 square meters in the suburbs of Beijing, as well as stocks, cash, and physical store equity, which is about 500w. He is currently studying a Ph.D., married to the only daughter of the chairman of a listed company. (Envy) Me. . . Forget about the confidantes I met while studying abroad. Father’s controlling shareholder of a listed company, has villas in Beijing, and many investments. Canada, the United States, several properties. Currently studying in top 10 universities. Estimated assets of 100 million+. As the only child in the family, it is understandable that these will be his in the future. Xiaofu second generation, classmate. Starting from home decoration, the company is fully scaled up and managed by professional managers. The estimated asset size is between 300 million and 1 billion. It’s just that there are many children in their family. In the previous chat, he complained that his father felt he was unworthy. He said that after graduation from college, he would be given 1,000w, and then he would be given a bonus of about 50w every year, and he would not be allowed to participate in the management of the company. The second generation of the rich, classmate. Home real estate, nouveau riche, raccoon dog. I spent 30w RMB in the first month in Toronto, and Hermès and Armani filled the cloakroom. I found a girlfriend who is in the steel business at home. I had a chat with that girl who looked a little inattentive, without any thoughts, without a trace of connotation. His original words were like this: My dad told me, all the money you will spend in this life will be prepared for you. Well, you just need to be responsible and happy. The specific family assets are hard to guess, but there should be more than one billion. It’s just that later I heard that these sisters are addicted to skating and gambling, and I wonder if their family’s money is enough for her to make them in this life. The second generation of the rich, the friend of the friend. I don’t know much, I have met a few times. Every time I meet I drive a different luxury car. The family mansion has an underground parking garage. There are yachts, helicopters, and chartered flights to return home during the epidemic. It is said that the family and Wang Shou are inextricably linked. It’s just that I can’t get in that circle. Above, I can only say that, as far as my personal experience is concerned, class barriers are strong, and crossing classes is like flying across the sky. Under normal capital accumulation, each crossing of the above-mentioned classes may require one, two or even several generations of people. Hard work. In particular, the life circles of people of different classes are almost completely isolated, just like the traffic on the evening rush hour. There may be a brief intersection, but then they separate. Just think about it, what kind of effort, price, or blood reward the above-mentioned people have to make to stand up.

6 months ago

First, studying hard is the lowest cost method for the poor to achieve the initial class transition, and there is no one. The ancients said that the book has its own golden house, and the book has its own Yan Ruyu. There is never wrong. It’s just that the poor in ancient times relied on studying and becoming officials to stand up, while the contemporary poor rely more on the strength accumulated in reading to start a business. The poor are poor because they lack several things: lack of ideas, lack of knowledge, lack of resources, and lack of start-up funds. And all of this is the easiest to solve by studying hard. When you were a child, you could accumulate a lot of knowledge by reading and studying to lay the foundation for your worldview. Then you went to Tsinghua University and met the brightest group of young people in the country (including various second generations). These people will be you in the future. Resources on the career path. Then you went to Yale for graduate studies, internships in California and New York, met the entrepreneurial stars in Silicon Valley under the Internet boom, and met Wall Street bigwigs in the financial market. Then, you officially graduate and start your career at Google or Goldman Sachs. Three years later, you returned to China to start a business and got the angel wheel of the true teacher Xu Xiaoping. Then, Sequoia and Hillhouse entered the market one after another to invest in you, valued at 1 billion U.S. dollars. Shen Nanpeng and Zhang Lei patted you on the shoulder and said cheer for the junior brothers. This is the class transition of a poor person. I can’t think of a simpler and more deterministic way to achieve billions of dollars. The other roads are less probable and more difficult. Second, you cannot read it as a “student” because if you become a scholar, you will not have the power to “turn over” in real life. In my narrow sense, “turn over” refers to turning over in wealth. Why has it become a “student” that it is difficult to make a big contribution in wealth? This is because scholars often lack understanding of the complexity of the real world, especially unable to control the subtleties of interpersonal relationships, and their hearts are full of idealistic stubbornness. What’s more frightening is that it is easy for a scholar to have a high self-esteem and a high regard for one’s self-esteem. It is difficult to bend down to do things, bend down to interact with people, and easily collapse once they encounter setbacks. Such a model is very unfavorable for absorbing wealth. As the saying goes, “I’m afraid that the hooligans have a culture”, but the words are not rough. It is not enough for you to be educated, you are a poor talent. But it’s not the same as being cultural and “rogue”, that is, they understand the complexities of society, and they have a fierce heart in their hearts. Such a person is the most powerful, stronger than a single ruthless person. If the combat effectiveness of the poor talent is 5, and the pure rogue is 10, then the educated rogue is 50. Follow-up: As a venture capitalist, I have counted the new billionaires that have emerged in China and even within the last decade. For example, the world’s richest man Musk has an undergraduate degree at Penn University, Ph.D. Stanford dropped out, the world’s second richest person graduated from Bezos Springton, Zuckerberg Harvard dropped out. In China, ByteDance Zhang Yiming opened a bachelor’s degree in Nanfang, Pinduoduo Huang Zheng, Zhejiang University plus a master’s degree in the United States, Meituan Wang Xinghua’s bachelor’s degree plus a Ph.D. in the United States dropped out, and Xiaomi Lei Jun was a bachelor of Wuhan University. Almost every configuration is a “cultured hooligan”. It is a learning tyrant in itself, but never reads for the sake of reading. It has achieved “the unity of knowledge and action”. All are only prepared for lofty goals and can be done for success. Anything within the scope of the law. Knowledge is a good thing and a weapon for the poor to stand up. However, the risks that may be brought about in the process of learning knowledge should be avoided, that is, there must be no “soul temper of intellectuals.” There is a saying that “I am not afraid of you being poor, but I am afraid that you are poor and still have a backbone”. Some intellectuals feel that they are great, that their self-esteem is very important, and they refuse to bend over. In fact, this is ridiculous. They still haven’t got the essentials of life, which can only show that their hearts are not strong. Really awesome stand-ups, that is, awesome entrepreneurs, can achieve the state of “selfless”. I don’t care about the individual “I” at all, and don’t care about the evaluation of “me” by others. The only goal is to make things happen and achieve a major reversal in life. This is the truly great stand-up person. For further discussion on issues of life and wealth, please follow my official account “Qingrui Wu Bin”: join my small secret circle “Wu Bin Commercial Reuters”. Classmates who usually think about their own life and career can read “Viewing Life from the Perspective of Business Model”, friends in the small circle do not need to buy

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The poor learned IT, the rich engaged in finance, and the second generation entered the entertainment circle. Knowledge changes destiny. The college entrance examination is the best opportunity for the poor to stand up, so study hard. At the same time, play less games, reject consumerism, and invest money and time in yourself, because things that are worth owning are often hard-won and worth delaying gratification. Finally, it is to maintain a good attitude. It’s not just that you have money to turn over, but that you have a private jet and sports car is life. Have a healthy body, reunite with friends and family, feel the joy of life just like drinking and talking, cherish every day, be contented and happy, and cheer together!

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Some of the small insights that are good are those in the reference book. Restrain desire and delay gratification. If your goal is clear enough and attractive enough to you, you will take action and achieve your goal step by step. Reduce your goals to what you most want to achieve, and then go all out. The goal is very abstract, invisible and intangible. You need to visualize the goal. When you can see the picture of your goal every day, your motivation will be even stronger. 4 Principles: First, those who owe debts should cancel all credit cards; second, repay the loan according to the lowest repayment standard; third, for consumer loans, half of the money earned should be saved and half of the debt should be repaid. Fourth, for all consumption, ask yourself, is this really necessary? The correct consumption concept divides the money you earn into three parts, one part is saved to continue raising geese, the other part is put in the dream piggy bank to prepare for the next dream, and the last part is for daily use

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Good death, reincarnation again. To stand up in this life is to buy lottery tickets. The police, the army, the school, the radio, the newspapers…there are so many things, the goal is to prevent the poor from turning over. Is there a methodology that can break through so many resistances and stand up? Obviously impossible. The so-called turning over are accidental events and have no guiding significance. This question is similar, how do felons escape from prison? Only wait for luck and amnesty. Or an unexpected magnitude 9 earthquake caused the prison to fall, the torture instrument just opened, and everyone around was dead. Therefore, it is better to eat more pickles than to eat Guanyin soil for the rest of your life. Good, good. //A society that can develop must be pyramid-shaped. Most people are underneath. It’s nothing more than the mature point of social development, and the bottom can be more comfortable, but compared to the above, it must be much worse. And according to the current human wisdom, it can only evolve to the growing difference between the top and the bottom. In order to protect the top layer, the bottom layer must not be allowed to come up. This is the inevitability of mankind at present. It may change in the future, but after this, from the expectation of thousands of years ago to today, there is still no substantial change. Will this be 3 years and 5 years, 30,000 years, 50,000 years? I do not know.

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