2019, 2020, 2021.. These few international students are really not good enough. As long as you surf the Internet, you must be fully prepared (the perfect preparation here refers to the preparation that will be irritated by netizens if you disagree).. But too It’s difficult, in this Internet age (it’s outrageous on Nima), whether it’s the nonsense here or the yin and yang.. There will always be people who are not pleasing to your eyes, and they appear in the comments section of Nigeria completely for the sake of arrogance. Here, I just want to say, “Born to be a human, you owe you the most.” Then, this answer, I will show you the suffocation speeches of those who are yin and yang, please be careful! However, Ah Zhi’s complaints may make you feel super solar terms. There is a mine at home, right? It’s for gilding when studying abroad, right? Sir, it’s all in 0202, no, no, no, no one still believes that ordinary families have no money. Going abroad or studying abroad is gilding, right? Oh my God, I’m connected to the Internet at home (laughs) Although there is no guarantee that there will be no students studying abroad at all, but I just want to say that most of the study abroad courses are very cumbersome and very difficult. It is impossible to study well and want to graduate. Part of the work is very hard, especially near the exam, not to mention how hard it is. No need to check, this school is just the Pheasant University, so dare you to ask which university you are from? ? Are you teaching me how to do college? Maybe a lot of people think you are something after reading the name…but! Some people just don’t know anything! The University of Wollongong is really not in Sichuan, and the University of California XX is really not three independent colleges. University College London is among the top ten schools in QS! In addition to Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Stanford, there are 96 of the top 100 schools in the world. If you’ve never heard of it, before you spit it out (please Baidu or know about crabs), going to university abroad must be super easy, isn’t it just going to play? Right, right, we all drink and play dick every day, It is impossible to learn, it is impossible to learn in this life! ! (Is it satisfied?) Yes, when I go abroad, I have a fantasy about the richness of studying abroad, but how cruel is the reality? Only the inexhaustible ddl and the extremely angry speaking teammates accompanied the international students. Don’t say anything, let’s go to ddl to continue the battle with teammates. During the holidays, the whole world ran wildly. The first second was in France and the next second in the Netherlands. Don’t you need to study. Did you see it when you were studying? How about my pyq? Hurry up! Finally, I submitted a few essays before the ddl, and the beautiful Christmas/Easter is here. Do you think you can travel happily in this way? Thinking too much! Even when you go to romantic Paris, you have to bring your laptop and be ready to discuss dissertation with your tutor at any time. The brilliance of international students often only exists in the circle of friends. (Too real) Look at you, wasting your parents’ money to go to a foreign university, did you spend your money? Although the tuition fee + accommodation fee is very expensive, but you cherish it every day when you are abroad, okay? Did you see it when you were buying vegetables and cooking? Most of the time, I was alone at home, reading, essay, lecture, seminar, and speech. I have increased my knowledge and broadened my horizons. My parents also support me. Besides, if my parents’ money is not spent on me, will it be given to you? Are you going to study abroad for me? ? Although it is not uncommon to study abroad in recent years, many people still have misunderstandings about the group of international students. International students who have never experienced these doubts and stereotypes are ashamed to say that they have stayed in school. Mr. Lu Xun once said: “Human sorrows and joys are not interlinked, I just think they are noisy.” There are many people who don’t understand you, and the keyboard man can always find one hundred and eighty postures of you. However, the knowledge you acquire cannot be copied, and the increased knowledge is even more unique. When you see the outside world, come into contact with more cutting-edge academics, and get your graduation certificate, I believe you must have lived up to your parents’ expectations. I wish you all a wonderful life that cannot be copied. Other people’s words! Just ignore it, they don’t understand anything! !


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I remember returning to China to visit relatives after finishing medical school and graduating with a doctorate degree. Speaking of many “professional universities” abroad, they do not accept undergraduates, but only accept masters or doctoral advanced degrees in a certain major (such as UCSF, which has no undergraduate campus and does not participate in the world rankings. But a first-class school in the medical field) *A person at the dinner table called out: “Oh, so many high degrees, isn’t it just a health school!” *Midwestern I studied is this kind of university, but the level The difference is so much better, it belongs to the locals who know that once they leave the state, no one knows…Of course, it’s okay to find a doctor’s job.

7 months ago

1. Ask the school “Which university did you graduate from in the United States?” “University of Notre Dame.” (You can put any university here.) “I haven’t heard of it. It’s a pheasant university. Money goes to Pheasant University in the United States. “2. Asking about work and staying in the United States.” A white-eyed wolf who has no patriotic feelings. He doesn’t know that he will return to work and serve his country after he finishes his studies. “Going back to work” Haha, I can’t find a job in the United States. Right! Spending millions to study in the United States can’t even find a job? “3. Ask the relationship between men and women” Have you made a foreign girlfriend while studying in the United States? “No.” “I can’t even find a foreign girlfriend when studying abroad? “Have you made a foreign boyfriend while studying in the United States?” “I found one.” “The girls who go to study abroad are all ez girls, right? It’s really depraved. Why are you studying abroad to mess up the relationship between men and women?” 4. Ask the English “Can you do translations at English level?” “No” “Is it because parents spend money to party every day. The English level after studying abroad is so low?” 5. Asking “How much did it cost to study abroad for a few years?” “Almost one or two million.” “So much? It’s not about buying and buying abroad every day! The dividends of the country’s reform and opening up are earned by you, and all of them are given to the United States? Don’t you know that there are still tens of millions of poor people in China? 6. Ask the reason for studying abroad. “Why study abroad?” “I want to learn something deeper.” “I’m afraid I won’t become an American after I finish studying! Do you want to be an American like that?” “Want to go out and learn about it?” Different cultures and different experiences.” “Hehe, in order to meet the world, you send hundreds of thousands to the United States every year? You are so generous.” 7. Asking about salary. “The salary after studying abroad is so low that it is worth the two million that you paid. Does your study abroad make no sense?

7 months ago

Every day I say that those who study abroad are not patriotic. This is really angry. The Sajia is alone, and there are critical moments in the country. Everyone raises funds, raises materials, and shoots cheering videos to make cheering videos. On the National Day, join the people to hold the National Day flash, and they have to fight wits with a bunch of black Chinese people every day. Brave. As a result, when I returned to China: Ouch~ Can I still be patriotic when studying abroad? I must be brainwashed~ Ouch~ I don’t know what your nationality is, definitely not Chinese~ Ouch~ You are not in the construction of the motherland, you are the best way to poison your country~ Ouch ~These people are all white-eyed wolves during the war~ At the end of January and early February in China, international students go out to class: Ouch~ The motherland is difficult, you don’t stay and build, and run faster than anyone~ Brother, you are afraid that you don’t know foreigners Without the Spring Festival, everyone starts school at the end of January and beginning of February. Then, about March and April, the foreign epidemic situation will be suspended: Ouch! If you are not in the construction of the motherland, you are the best way to poison you thousands of miles. It is difficult for the motherland not to help, and come back to add chaos to the motherland.

7 months ago

Just write about what I have experienced and seen 1 Is your family uniquely rich? -no. -Oh, what kind of outfit. 2 What university are you at? -University of Pittsburgh. -Is it the one in Germany? 3 What major do you study at Rambo? -I am studying physiotherapy-ah, will you be a masseur in the future? 4 Do you international students have a party every day? 5 Is it easy for you international students? 6 Rambo, what are you doing without class? -I usually go to fight Muay Thai.-Oh, whites and blacks are so strong. Can our Asians have poor health? Can anyone do it? 7 Have you talked about American objects? (Male): Talked about-awesome! (Female): I’ve talked about-huh, Chinese girls are really easy girls, and they know that they will marry a foreigner and get a green card. 8 Where do you go to work after graduation? -Return to work in China. -Oh, I can’t stay in the United States and return to China. Or-I found a suitable job in the United States. -Well, you won’t come back for worshipping foreigners and foreigners. The country trains you, but you don’t come back to build the country. 9 The school opens in January 2020, and the international students return to the school-my God, the domestic epidemic broke out, but they ran away! 10 In February 2020, there was a shortage of domestic protective facilities. International students pooled money to buy protective equipment and sent them back to domestic hospitals-this group of international students is more money. 11 In March, April, May, and June 2020, international students who suspended classes in universities returned to China one after another-Thousands of miles to send drugs first. 12 Rambo, can you bring me an Eotech holographic sight when I come back? -Do you want the Chinese customs and police to kill me? 13 Rambo, please help me translate something in English-speaking English well does not necessarily mean that you are good at translating it? 14 It’s not good to go to university in China. If you don’t go out, you’re not patriotic at all.

7 months ago

I heard that your school is easy? I heard that your purchasing xxx is very cheap (iPhone), please bring one for me, isn’t it said that it’s only a few hundred? Are you drinking and partying every day? How difficult is it like us? Your family should send you out to study abroad. Your family should be rich, right? You can bring me a xxx, it’s not expensive or you can give it to me! I heard that you can hold guns, do you have one? Have you had a foreign boy/girlfriend? And so on.

7 months ago

“It is obvious to everyone that the top 100 in the world is still rubbish, and it is not necessarily 211 difficult.” “I know a domestic college entrance examination score that can only be three books and applied to Queen Mary University of London. Later, I got a master’s degree. I actually applied to Oxford. Haha, I can’t bear to look straight at Oxford from now on.” “I don’t know if the water is not water. Anyway, we watch the security at the gate, the front desk, the worst is the British double master.” “There are a lot of college graduates around ( Three books), and then I went to the UK for a year and came back from Shuishuo. Everyone knows “”The British one-year program is a scam of money…the worst undergraduates in the undergraduate class have gone to [difficult]” “The UK is water! I Two students applied to Sheffield, but they couldn’t do anything except take an IELTS test.” Excerpted from the comment: Is a British master’s degree really special?

7 months ago

Before going abroad, where do you buy the answers for the exams you go abroad? How much, can you find a substitute for the exam? Have you ever been to Antarctica to save penguins or Africa to save elephants? Didn’t you say that foreign universities need this kind of activity? I heard that foreign universities can pay for it. How much did you spend? After going abroad, is the relationship between men and women messed up? Are you all looking for replacement exams? Are you partying every day? Have you ever talked (appointed) with foreigners? Whether your school is very watery, I have never heard of it. Are foreigners stupid, not good at math in junior high school, and you will crush the audience when you go? (Send a picture of the eight-handed paste) Bring one for me, it looks like this. what? Brand model number? I don’t know. Oh, it’s like this in the picture. Go and find it yourself, and it’s not troublesome. I really envy you after graduation. If you have money, you can study abroad. Without the college entrance examination, could you get into an undergraduate course? You should be quite leaning towards the West, right? If you fight in the future, you won’t be a lead party, right? The school system is so short, it’s great to spend money on a diploma. The school system is so long, is it impossible to read it out, and a lot of money was squandered, right? (I don’t mix well) The salary is not high, so much money to go abroad for nothing. (It’s a good mix) Isn’t it that foreign monks can recite sutras, so it’s dazzled by foreign diplomas.

7 months ago

1. Normal university: “What university did you go to?” “xx university.” (any very ivy or G9 school) “pheasant university.” Niubi university: “what university did you go to?” “xx university “(Any awesome Ivy League or G9 school) “What, I haven’t heard of it, so go ahead” & “Never heard of it, Pheasant University.” & “There are only more than 100 in the world, you spend your parents With so much money, go abroad to read at least a top100, right?” Second, work and stay abroad to work: “I don’t know that you come back to serve your motherland. Your parents worked so hard to raise you so that you can pay taxes to the United States?” Work: “I have studied abroad for so many years and finally returned to China. Can’t you go abroad anymore?” Third, I talked about love: The object is white: (male) “Yes, brother, ride a big ocean horse!” (this quote from the previous article Real comments, there is also a 3k likes diss marriage article in which Chinese men can also “ride a big ocean horse.” Female marriages are kneeling and licking, and male marriages are “riding a big ocean horse.” Is it a male subject and female object, can’t there be equal and respectful love) (female) “I know that kneeling and licking a white man, it’s really an easy girl, is it not good for a Chinese man?” The subject is a black person: (male) “You are too heavy Mouth.” (female) “I know that it’s really an easy girl to kneel and lick black adults. Are Chinese men bad?” 1. Women are not the sexual resources of males in their own country, but are sexual subjects with thoughts, feelings and free will. Adult international students are full of vigor and youth, and have a relationship with classmates. Skin color is a matter of your personal privacy. Even if you are a minor, it is also of your concern. Or Jia Baoyu was right, “What happened to the asshole? I didn’t fuck your dad again.” 2. Black Lives Matter. Hope that everyone knows. I never talked about: “You international students have parties every day, why don’t you even talk about love when you go abroad?” Fourth, the family background is good: “International students go to gilding and don’t study, and have parties every day.” Normal family background: “You Why don’t you work hard to get admitted to high school & university and spend millions of hard-earned parents to study abroad?” V. Case: International students encounter a case: “I don’t know how to study in China, so I can only go abroad to kneel and lick foreign adults. It’s not a pity to die for millions of Americans.” International students don’t encounter a case: “Traitor.” VI. Identity “You didn’t go abroad until you were admitted to high school and university.” “Find a school that is gilded, understandable. “Everyone knows who the group of international students are.” “Traitor.” (Cracked) Seven. Return to school in January to go abroad: “Whenever the country is in danger, you will fled abroad and lick the foreigners. “The epidemic stopped school and went back to the national network class: “Why did you go when you went abroad?!” “You can’t build the motherland, you are the number one in poisoning thousands of miles!” “If the country is in danger, you will run away, and if the country is safe, you will turn your head and flee. Come back, you can do it.” 8. English “You are an international student, come and help me translate this sentence.” The translation came out: “I just want to write an English paper. You can revise it for me.” The translation does not come out. “Why do you spend your parents millions to study abroad? You have been abroad for a few years, and you don’t even know English?”

7 months ago

It feels like me who transfers to the world’s top 20 in 985 schools can be unafraid of most of the problems here. Yes, I have money, and I travel all over the world. I can’t play a bunch of games on Steam, but I can still be 200 higher than you in the college entrance examination. Hahahahaha Yes, foreign mathematics exams are not as difficult as those in China, but are you successful in high mathematics/linear algebra/probability theory? Don’t talk if you are not full. Hahaha

7 months ago

What I don’t like personally is Question 1: How much money was spent and then counted, spent so much money, if you use that money to invest in buying a house, now it has risen a lot, and then there is still a feeling of your home. Must be very rich, just went to study abroad, or a very hypocritical person 2: Ask the school “Which university in the United States did you graduate from?” “You don’t know, except for Harvard and Yale, you don’t seem to know their guidance. How many schools.” “I’ve never heard of it. It’s a pheasant university. Haha, if you don’t pass the college entrance examination, you will waste your parents’ money and go to the Pheasant University in the United States.” Or to avoid the pressure of the college entrance examination, go to a foreign country. 3. Ask Working in the United States is not patriotic. It’s all like this. You don’t return to your motherland when you learn. “4: Return to work in the country.” Hehe, you can’t find a job in the United States and you can’t go on! Spend millions to study in the United States and even find a job. No? “The U.S. can’t stay, right? It’s bluntly, the high development of returning to China is mostly because the visa can’t be retained. 5. Ask the relationship between men and women “Did you study in the U.S. and make a foreign boyfriend?” “No.” “Have you made a foreign boyfriend while studying in the United States?” “I found one.” “I am very open to foreigners and foreigners” 6. Ask English “Can I do translations for English?” “No” I can cook and go to the workplace Can you translate this JD for me, can you help me make a call to that foreigner’s client? 7. Do not regret after asking “How much did it cost to study abroad for a few years?” “Almost one or two million.” If you use that Money, investment to buy a house, it’s terrible. Do you regret it? Now how much your classmates have earned, they have been promoted to vice president. 7. Ask the reason for studying abroad, “Why study abroad?” “I want to learn something deeper.” “I’m afraid not.” After you finish studying, you will become an American! Do you want to be an American like that?” How deep is the content of learning? I still don’t often go out to play “I want to go out and see different cultures and different experiences.” “Haha, In order to meet the world, you give hundreds of thousands to the United States every year? You are so generous.” 8. Asked about salary. I heard that now returnees can’t find a job, or is it a monthly salary of 4,000 to 5,000, which is extremely difficult? 9. Ask What did your parents do at the beginning of the census, what do your parents do, do you have a lot of money in your family, how many brothers and sisters do you have in your family 10: Ask resources What resources do you have in your family to study abroad, and the results are all yes The support from the family seems like others are not working hard

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