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You use monkeys, cows and horses, machines, robots, and tools to work. They are not exploited. Their labor does not create value. You are not a capitalist, but a self-employed person. The definition of value is the undifferentiated human labor condensed in commodities. Must understand the concept thoroughly. Note that there is the word human in it. If it is not human labor, it will not create value, let alone create surplus value. Why must human labor be emphasized? This involves the concept of equality. People should be equal. Humans and animals are not equal, and humans and tools are also not equal. People can possess the fruits of animal labor and the fruits of tool labor. This is not called exploitation, it is all right. But people must be equal, and one person cannot possess the fruits of another person’s labor, only that the fruits of each person’s labor belong to each person. If you want to obtain the fruits of other people’s labor, you can only exchange the fruits of your labor with others for the same amount or equivalent value. If a person possesses the fruits of other people’s labor for his own enjoyment without compensation, this is exploitation and cannot be allowed. But two kinds of goods are exchanged. For example, if I exchange rice for tailor’s clothes, how can I know that the exchange is equal? Do you use a scale to measure the weight, or a graduated cylinder to measure the volume? Neither approach is appropriate. It is difficult to judge whether different commodities are equal in quantity. Finally, economists thought of measuring by value. The essence of value is hard work, sweat. Labor requires hard work and sweat. If two kinds of commodities consume the same amount of human hard work, then the two kinds of commodities can be exchanged. No one suffers, no one takes advantage, and no one takes part of the fruits of other people’s labor for free. This is equivalent (value) exchange. Therefore, value is defined as human labor, and only humans can create value. Natural products are not human labor, so they have no value. For example, natural diamonds are natural products and have no value. But mining diamonds consumes human labor, and this part of the value has to be added to the diamonds. The virgin forest and wild fish are of no value. The workers work for the capitalists, and as much value is created by the workers, the capitalists should return the value to the workers. This is also an exchange of value. But in fact, part of the fruits of the workers’ labor is occupied by capitalists. How much capitalists have exploited is measured by surplus value. The worker creates value, and the capitalist returns part of the value to the worker as wages, and the surplus value belongs to him. This is called surplus value. Supplement: You can possess the fruits of labor of animals and machines, and you can exploit them. There is no need to calculate the surplus value, and there is no need to calculate the value of their labor. The labor of machines and nature does not pay hard, and the labor of animals requires hard work, but they are allowed to be exploited, so they do not count the value. Human labor requires hard work, and at the same time it is not allowed to exploit people, so human labor must be valued. To possess a worker’s surplus value free of charge is to possess part of the worker’s hard work free of charge, that is, to possess part of the worker’s fruits of labor free of charge.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

You can turn a monkey with a primitive social form into an understanding of complex logical relationships and assume your own position in a complex social structure. It’s not too much to call you God, how can capitalists lose their share. You have created a new intelligent species that is on the same level as human beings. What is this not God? Scientists have done experiments. Among primates, those who can understand the logical relationship of the five elements are just one or two. For example, a scientist wants to train the concept of primate currency to reward food by throwing a specific stone into a specific container. Monkeys can learn to throw stones by watching it once, and by watching it two or three times, they can understand that only certain stones can be exchanged for food. But scientists slightly changed the elements. Only when a stone is thrown at a certain time can there be food. Monkeys can’t understand it. If a stone is thrown without food, the monkey will furiously destroy the experimental equipment. It turns out that the monkey’s understanding of logical concepts is limited to imitation and lacks the ability to deep logical thinking. You can let the monkey complete the factory work. This is already the level of science fiction to create advanced intelligent life. What kind of capitalists are still entangled with.

8 months ago

Have you heard that the genetic difference between humans and humans is greater than that between humans and monkeys, so this question arises? Marx defined the three elements of productivity: laborers (a collective term for people engaged in labor activities); The means of production (all the material materials or material conditions used by workers to change or influence the object of labor during the labor process) the object of labor (all the material materials on which their own labor is added). Since monkeys are still called monkeys, not humans, then monkeys are the means of production. There is no essential difference between monkey production and machine production. It’s just that if you use it too hard and don’t treat the monkey as a monkey at all, animal protectionism will come to your door; if you use it harder, the monkey will be on the verge of extinction, and the monkey may be included as a rare animal. Break the law. As for whether the use of monkeys solves the problem of human exploitation? That is impossible. Instead, you will cause a large number of factory owners to follow suit, which will further lead to serious unemployment. But it doesn’t matter. Unemployment is only periodic, and human beings are particularly good at involution. Some humans will carve flowers, draw pictures, and wrap crocodile skins on the products you processed with monkeys; the other humans will provide personalized designs and services, design special-shaped products, so that your monkeys can’t make them. It’s more expensive to make pure humans by hand; there are also some humans who will install chips, write algorithms, and engage in artificial intelligence on the products you make with monkeys. Anyway, humans can always create some jobs that monkeys can’t do. The structure of humans’ internal work types has changed. Some types of work are eliminated, and some types of work make a lot of money, but unemployment still has to be slowly digested. Because human beings always have purpose, to eat, to socialize, to be educated, to support their families… Or you can say that human desires are always difficult to fill. Humans can always create more and more advanced needs. . With washing machines, dishwashers, sweepers, cars, computers, and mobile phones, human beings have not had a better life, but are getting busier and busier. What I have said in a few words before, now requires hundreds of pages of ass kicks, offline + online live broadcast, rounds of meetings… Human society is like a stubborn donkey, riding on the road of increasing entropy. Juechen, I can’t pull it back. If humans cannot create new high-level needs, and all capitalists replace humans with monkeys or machines, in this situation, your monkeys may die on a large scale inexplicably, and you have to hire bodyguards for them. Isn’t the future a monkey on the street? Go, people follow behind, one hand reaches into the neckline of the suit and pretends to have a gun? So no matter whether it is a monkey, a machine, or a robot, nothing can be changed in a short time.

8 months ago

Monkey work is not considered exploitation, as long as you don’t have to hire someone to hold a whip to manage the monkey. It happens that bourgeois economists use this way of transforming people into monkeys to cover up the fact of exploitation. They invented a concept called “economic man”, which assumes that people’s thinking and behavior are rational in terms of goals, and the only economic benefit they try to obtain is the maximization of material compensation. see it? They obliterated all human creatures, emotions, interests, moods, etc., and left a humanoid being driven only by profit-economic man, which is what you call a monkey. The economic man only relies on material compensation as the goal of behavior and thinking. In other words, as long as this monkey is willing to work for you at the price of a banana every day, the relationship between you is yours. As the owner of the factory, you are the same as the monkey at work. You are also a monkey who drives thinking and actions through profit. How can things between your monkeys be considered exploitation? But if people can really clone themselves, take out the part of their tool attributes to gain benefits, and use the part of their human attributes for dating, entertainment, and hobbies, then they can really achieve no exploitation. But it’s a pity that humans are a whole, and when workers lay hands on machines on the assembly line, they are not simply the monkeys. In short, the bourgeoisie and its spokesperson separated the monkey nature from the human nature, telling everyone that I only bought a part of you, and the other parts are redundant for me, and I did not buy it. As a result, labor has been turned into a complete purchase of resources, and labor is defined by monkey-playing, and exploitation and class struggle are covered up by obliterating humanity.

8 months ago

In fact, whether you are a robot or a monkey, as long as you have the means of production and there is a use of surplus value, you can basically be directly classified as a capitalist. The method is a bit simple and rude, but it is still quite applicable. Just like you use other animals such as monkeys, or even animals that are not, you are indirectly exploiting other people. After all, a primitive monkey won’t help you work, even if it’s primitive instinct like peeling banana peels, it won’t help you obediently. So if you train yourself, that’s the value you generate and pass it on. Monkeys, monkeys pass on to commodities; if it is trained by others, then the value generated by others is given to monkeys. In this process, the monkey is equivalent to a tool of production, not as a “social man”, so it does not consider what the monkey is like. Some people said: “You can’t do this. Monkeys, like humans, need to provide food for reproduction, and humans also need training. Why can’t you say that monkeys are exploited?” Then I will give you an analogy, and machines also need to be maintained. Well, power supply is also needed, and program learning is also needed. But if according to the above theory, machines ≈ humans, and you have exploited machines, isn’t it absurd? And if you look closely at the encyclopedia, there is a sentence in it: “Forcibly deprive those social members or social groups who have no or lack of property of the labor achievements and personal property of those social members or social groups, that is, the rich embezzle the property of the poor.” This is actually implicit. It means that only people can be exploited, and other things can only be called “tools of production.” So, wash and sleep. If you don’t have the qualifications to be a capitalist, it is better to learn how to be a good proletariat. People who dare not face themselves will seek to escape, and the heroes they always think are just cowards. Missing the sky wet by the stars, I am the sky that misses the night, I hope you can find yourself.

8 months ago

You can use other people’s various materials as a supplementary understanding. The simplest understanding is what I said: The four elements of the logic of capital exploitation: ♦Confirm that people are equal in rights ♦Confirm that all resources are equal to everyone ♦To others Equal resources for plundering is exploitation ♦ Those who exploit capital power are capitalists~train monkeys for production, because monkeys are not recognized as humans, and are not recognized as the right to share resources, so alone, this is not an exploitation. But when you produce, you also include the resources being produced, and this part of the resources is shared. (Does not recognize the phenomenon of private ownership, does not recognize the phenomenon of partitions, but recognizes the phenomenon of common ownership all the time) The results of your production have been privately divided, and you have not contributed as shared. ~That’s still a capitalist. ~★No matter what technique you use, you must use the common resources. If you make these common resources private after production, then you are a capitalist. ~ Therefore, doing it alone and being self-sufficient is also an act of capital, but it does not belong to the big capitalists. If more resources are used and fewer people enjoy the results, then they belong to the big capitalists. ~♣The definition of capitalist is not a natural rule, it is a social setting, and the purpose is to find a legal basis for the struggle. In order to arouse people from all over the world to believe that the struggle is just. ♣For the sake of struggle, this definition cannot be vague, and this definition cannot be intellectualized. This definition is for the sake of struggle, not just to become a noun.

8 months ago

It might count. To say that capitalists must hire humans and that they must be legally required to control the means of production are all based on the understanding of capitalists’ metaphysics. If we only proceed from this perspective, we cannot reveal the inevitable demise of capitalism. From the point of view of the argument that capitalism is bound to die, Marx’s core definition of capitalists is: capitalists are tools for capital proliferation. As long as a person or even a machine is a puppet of capital self-proliferation, he is what Marx called a “capitalist.” So even if your factory is fully automated, as long as you are still carrying out capital proliferation, you are considered a capitalist. Therefore, from this perspective, capitalists are also slaves under capitalist production relations, and they are also the objects of capitalism’s alienation.

8 months ago

As long as it is judged to have dual attributes, it is called a person. One attribute is a natural attribute and the other is a social attribute. The social attributes must be produced in long-term social labor with division of labor and cooperation. This is the so-called “labor creation man” theory in Ma Zhe. A capitalist refers to a person who owns the factors of production, relies on operating enterprises, hiring laborers, and earning profits, as opposed to laborers. As the name suggests, laborers are “workers”. Therefore, according to the meaning of the question, the subject of the question employs monkeys. Monkeys do not have dual attributes and are not judged as human beings. Therefore, they can be regarded as objects. More directly, they are tools, that is, factors of production. , The subject of the subject relies on the production factors to make profits, not a capitalist, but a small workshop owner or self-employed person, which is essentially equivalent to a monkey-playing. Now let’s briefly review the three factors of capitalists: running a business, hiring laborers, and making profits. To run a business means that the business must be a business, not the Holy See, political parties, and societies. Hiring labor means hiring laborers, not raising idlers or playing monkeys. Gaining profits means that the goods or services produced must participate in market circulation and become commodities, respecting rational thinking and selling profits, rather than giving them away for nothing. As long as these three elements are met, one can be called a capitalist. This is a universally recognized concept, and it is not a talk of Ma Xue’s family. Needless to say, Europe, where Fabian socialism is generally adopted, is to look at society from a structural perspective. The so-called structure It is the way in which the various elements in the whole are composed, and these elements in the corresponding society are stratum or class. When modern society is more concerned with issues such as ethnicity and gender, I will not show it here for the time being. As for the pragmatism derived from the early Puritan system in the United States, it is more inclined to action than structure, but it just does not treat capitalists as a class or strata, but as a part of the social organism, and achieves equilibrium through multi-party games. Role, which is an indispensable part of maintaining social health. I know this question and the answers below may be discussing what topics, but I want to say that in some cases “capitalism” may be a common misunderstanding that we have generated under the existing education system. It’s not that it doesn’t exist, and it’s not that “every pore is filled with dirty blood”, but that we discuss it, and sometimes we may fall into valueless self-entertainment. The support for it is often because of seeing the good of Western society and being influenced by education and believing that the West is taking capitalism, so it supports capitalism. But in fact, the Europe that these people most yearn for, especially Northern Europe, has realized the ugliness of capitalism since the end of World War II in the last century. They just didn’t agree with the radical Marxist line, but went to Fabian’s gradual reform and realization. The socialist line. They are also socialism. And the United States did not lose much because of Roosevelt’s New Deal and later. Although it was crippled in capitalism, its way of looking at society and the theory of constructing society were also different, and it also did not consider itself a certain kind of capitalism. Few people would be proud of it.) But a country with elite political pragmatism, followed the Dewey line. The opposition to capitalism is too interesting and historical cosplay. The problem of modern society is more the conflict between modernity and postmodernity. Capitalism is only one part of this conflict. Sometimes it is better to recognize the status quo. This is what Comrade Mao Zedong called “seeking truth from facts.” There is too much to say here unknowingly. This question may just be the subject’s curiosity and doubts when exploring Marxism. In fact, the subject is not mentioned. Many people in their 30s and 50s think that some great theory is missing. It comes from one’s own ignorance or narrow access to information. After all, you can think of it, no one can think of it for hundreds of years? The theory is unbreakable, and it has been spread so far because it can explain these questions well. Of course, you have to study hard and do what Comrade Mao Zedong said “study hard and make progress every day.”

8 months ago

Labor has played a decisive role in the process of turning into human beings from the state of animals. First of all, let’s suppose that someone is really stupid enough to train monkeys to engage in large-scale industrial production. You have to ask the monkey to learn a fitter, use a forklift to screw screws, or even ask him to learn CNC. For most people, they will become more proficient. Simple labor may be “extremely complex labor” that breaks the limits of the brain for monkeys. The following assumes that you are engaged in manufacturing (what? You said you want to start an Internet company with monkeys?) In other words, it takes a lot of time for you to train these monkeys. If you really train these monkeys to be able to When a fitter uses a forklift to drive screws and even know how to CNC, I can only say that you are really awesome, you have broken the limit of biology, and you can go to receive the Nobel Prize in biology. But the cost of training is definitely incredibly high, ridiculously high. What’s more, there can’t be only one monkey in the factory. There must be many monkeys. If you only train one monkey to do the above-mentioned labor, the training cost will almost break through the sky. You have to train a bunch of monkeys, at least 10 Right? Then you say that your cost is going to heaven? What’s more, you are still a manufacturing industry. I am afraid that after the start of your factory, you will not be able to earn back the cost even if it is a hundred years. Are you still thinking about making a profit? As long as your employees are still monkeys, your monkeys cannot have the same intelligence as humans. You have to manage them and feed them yourself, which means that you have to invest more time and cost even when the factory starts. So I came to the conclusion: this is the worst deed in the world. The reason why a capitalist is a capitalist is that he exploits the monkey anyway, but it is a pity that you have been exploited by the monkey. Extremely special situation: your monkeys evolve into humans after a long time of labor

8 months ago

Only fools use monkeys. Monkeys need to eat, drink, and mate. They also make mistakes and smash things, resulting in defective products. The earliest idea of ​​replacing human power with animal power appeared in the transition from a slave society to a feudal society. Humans learned the techniques of animal farming and replaced a large number of slaves with beasts and horses. It’s 0202 now, and we must not learn from our ancestors and play the rest without any innovation. The current trend is to use machines. Machines do not eat, drink, or mate, and a little electricity bill can support these tireless, ever-precise beaters. Many large companies have gradually adopted machines to replace humans. With the further development of artificial intelligence technology, more humans will be driven from their jobs. In the future, mastering machines and artificial intelligence programs can master huge productivity, and mastering a large number of machines and artificial intelligence can monopolize an industry. Eventually, maybe there will be an emperor in a giant enterprise. He has only a few human employees under his hands, but he monopolizes most of the important industrial products and economic lifelines of mankind, and a family controls 80% of the world’s wealth. As shown in the cyberpunk works: Hyperion, Arasaka, Yazongyi…it doesn’t matter what it is called. Then come back to answer your question: I have never thought that those who exploit workers are called capitalists. I think the essence of capitalists, as the name suggests, is that the concentration of capital is accompanied by the concentration of productivity. Exploitation of workers is only a way for capitalists to achieve concentration, which can but is not necessary.

8 months ago

Assuming that all your factories and machines belong to others, then you are an elite migrant worker who works for capitalists. Assuming that your factory and machinery are part of your own, then you are a modern capitalist who is half exploited by other capitalists and half exploited by consumers. Assuming that you are at the top of the production chain in the case of 2, then you are a capitalist who exploits other capitalists. If you do not pursue profit in the case of 2, then you are probably yearning for socialism and doing social practice. Another possibility is that It doesn’t sound good when it comes out. Assuming that your product is not circulating in the market and you are not connected with external capital. To put it nicely, you have realized communism in a small range of one person or several people. If it’s not good, you have formed a high-tech with monkeys. Primitive society tribe.

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