On February 22, 2021,

notified the disappearance of the Tibetan adventure king Wang Xiangjun into a mystery investigation: it was confirmed that the Tibetan adventure king Wang Xiangjun fell into the water accidentally. The murder rumor has no factual basis, and the “blue hole” noise reduction video has nothing to do with it. ​

From the beginning, I was more inclined to Wang Xiangjun’s accidental death. My girlfriend has a different opinion on this. She enumerated many doubts and was a little confused by what I said. The only thing I can’t figure out is that if it is a victim, the perpetrator does not have enough motivation. But I believe most netizens are kind, they just don’t want this innocent man to die unclearly. I only saw his video after he died. His love for Glacier is so pure. It is a pity that I recognized him in this way. I also hope that he is not dead, just missing. The same pure man can appear active on my screen. But after all, it is impossible to love. Since the beginning of this year, I have been cautious in words and deeds towards such major events. Because the child was bleeding heavily by the teacher, the “blood suit” incident reversed too suddenly. The blood coat turned out to be painted by lipstick. Only then did I realize that my self-righteous scream was just cyber violence against that teacher.

From then on, I became cautious about this kind of event. Including Dunhuang logging. In fact, I already got the news before the official announcement of the results-the shelterbelt is no problem. But there was no comment on this matter from beginning to end. Because when I know the truth, the general public opinion cannot be overturned. I say it will only attract violence from others. Even after I learned the news, there were still many self-media articles about Dunhuang Shelterbelts. Some people are filled with indignation. But some people are really just doing business. You need to help others get justice on the Internet, but you must also understand that many self-media are just for traffic. Don’t be led by their public opinion. Collect more information and think independently. Make your own judgment. Even if the judgment is wrong, the habit of independent thinking is much better than others.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

For various reasons, as of February 7, 2021, he has still not been found. “From February 4th to 7th, Wang Xiangjun’s family invited professional rescue teams to conduct another search before the Spring Festival. Compared with January 24, the temperature at the scene of the incident dropped, although the flow of the glacier decreased. , But the environment became worse, the water mist produced by the waterfall quickly turned into ice particles, and the difficulty of search and rescue was significantly increased. In this search, rescuers tried two options: one was to extract water from the glacier waterfall. The second method is to divert the water from the waterfall to lower the water level. However, because the pump can only release 50% of the power in high altitude areas, neither of the two schemes succeeded, and the search and rescue still failed. February 22 In the evening of the day, the Jiali police in Tibet stated in a situation report that after receiving the police, Jiali County immediately organized more than 120 people in emergency management, fire rescue, public security, medical treatment and nearby people, and continued 7 rounds of comprehensive searches. Wang Xiangjun’s relatives and friends Invited social forces such as “Blue Sky Rescue” and “Explore China” also actively participated in the search. However, the site of the incident was more than 4,000 meters above sea level, with an average temperature of about -20°C, complicated terrain, steep river beds, turbulent currents, and especially the thickness of the ice layer downstream After reaching 2 meters, “Wang Xiangjun has not been found yet” through various efforts.

7 months ago

In January of this year, after Wang Xiangjun fell into the water, netizens and Wang Xiangjun’s family members raised many questions: How did Wang Xiangjun disappear after falling into the water on the Yiga Glacier in Jiali County, Tibet? What did companion Xiao Zuo do after the incident? What’s the matter with the noise-reduction video that was transmitted online recently? Why is the time displayed in the falling water video different from the actual shooting time? Are all the events described by Xiao Zuo true? Why did the search and rescue personnel fail to find Wang Xiangjun and related items? The police report on February 22 responded to the investigation process and the incident. The police reported that: “Our bureau immediately intervened and established a special investigation team. It took 20 days to travel to 6 provinces and cities including Sichuan and Jiangxi, with a travel distance of more than 30,000 kilometers, interviewing 80 people, making 21 transcripts, and conducting on-site investigations. Secondly, 5 video surveillance sites were called, 24 segments of mobile phone videos were identified, and relevant facts were found out in accordance with the law.”

7 months ago

Regarding the “relevant facts”, the police said: Upon investigation, Wang Xiangjun (the online name “Tibetan Adventure King”, from Linshui, Sichuan) and Zuo Moming (from Jing’an, Jiangxi) arrived in Jiali by car on the evening of December 19, 2020. In the open space next to the Yiga Glacier in Niwu Township, County, and stay in the car. On the morning of December 20th, the two went to Yiga Glacier to shoot a video. In order to pursue the video effect, after Wang Xiangjun conducted several demonstrations, at 11:51, Zuo Mouming used Wang Xiangjun’s mobile phone to shoot Wang Xiangjun on the rock wall at 11:51. During the video of trotting and turning back, Wang Xiangjun slipped into the water. Subsequently, Zuo Mouming rescued many times. During this time, he accidentally slipped into the water, and then climbed onto the shore through self-rescue, and recruited nearby construction site personnel to help rescue. However, when he returned to the scene, Wang Xiangjun was no longer visible. Zuo Mouming called the police. For help.

7 months ago

On the evening of February 22, after the police issued a report, Xiao Zuo, who had not spoken on the Internet for many days, appeared in the live broadcast on the Douyin network platform. Before the live broadcast that night, Xiao Zuo posted a post with the accompanying text saying: “How special is today for me, I admit, I cried…” “I have said that I believe the police will not let a bad person go. It won’t be wrong to a good person.” During the live broadcast, Xiao Zuo seemed calmer, sitting in front of the live broadcast camera, enjoying tea and interacting with fans. Xiao Zuo said that after the Jiali police in Tibet released the situation report, many friends sent him a message, and some friends called him, “I cried on the other side of the phone, and felt that I was aggrieved.” “I don’t care about those who attack me, just leave them alone.” Xiao Zuo said, facing the two months of online violence, he has become accustomed to, and noticed that some people with ulterior motives took the opportunity to gain popularity. “Many netizens are indiscriminate, they are brought to the rhythm, living in their own narrow space, there is no need to reason with them. Because when he thinks you are wrong, even your looks are wrong, what you said Every sentence is wrong. Now it has been officially announced, and those who questioned me have slapped their faces.

7 months ago

After Wang Xiangjun fell into the water and disappeared, he once felt deeply self-blame for his failure to rescue him, but he did his best at that time. After the Spring Festival, he stayed away from the Internet and slowly adjusted his state. “After this live broadcast, I may not live broadcast for a long time.” “I need to release the depressed emotions during this period of time, and I need to resume my normal life!” Xiao Zuo said that in the next time, he will continue to hike and complete his dream of walking around the earth. “I am now I walked more than 20,000 kilometers on foot. To achieve the goal, I have to hike nearly 20,000 kilometers.”

7 months ago

On January 22, in the “Blue Hole” noise reduction video that appeared on the Internet, both “Alexander Stray Dog” and “Xiao Zuo” were walking with Wang Xiangjun. Therefore, these two people have become the target of many netizens. Some netizens believe that the “Alexander Stray Dog” has the possibility of murdering Wang Xiangjun. After spreading through the Internet, many netizens even directly believe that the “Alexander Stray Dog” is the “murderer.” “Wang Xiangjun is my friend, and I feel uncomfortable when people are gone…” Unbearable Internet violence, “Alexander Stray Dog” has been waiting for the police to release the investigation results, hoping that all rumors will not be attacked and self-defeated-on the evening of February 22, he Finally waited for the police report. According to a police report, on January 22, 2021, a video of Wang Xiangjun’s “Blue Cave” (Ice Cave) expedition processed by noise reduction was circulated on the Internet, questioning the “Murder of Wang Xiangjun’s disappearance”.

7 months ago

The police lawfully retrieved the original video of the “Blue Hole” noise reduction video transmitted on the Internet and sent it to a professional organization for identification: “The video was shot by Wang Xiangjun himself at 13:42 on December 10, 2020. The sound mainly includes running water and footsteps. , Clothing rubbing sound, breathing sound, etc., no valid voice was detected.” The video was shot at Chaqing Glacier, Yigong Township, Bomi County, Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region. The straight line distance from Yiga Glacier where Wang Xiangjun fell into the water was 115 kilometers (ride route 900 kilometers). “The police report cleared me up.” When receiving a return call from a cover reporter, “Alexander Stray Dog” could not hide his excitement, but his mood was very bad. He claimed that after seeing the police report, he immediately reposted it, but he did not expect to cause a new round of cyber violence, “This matter is not over yet, it seems it can’t be over.”

7 months ago

“Alexander Stray Dogs” said that around the Spring Festival, netizens became very cold on his Internet, and he rarely spent a few days clean. When he forwarded the police report, “many netizens who were brought up by the marketing account seemed to have a place to vent their emotions. They did not believe that I was innocent. They still believed that I killed Wang Xiangjun, and some even questioned the police investigation.” In the face of a new round of cyber violence, “Alexander Stray Dog” said that he has nothing to do and can only bear it silently. “I have consulted many lawyers. They said that I want to protect my rights. It may cost more than 100,000 yuan, but the compensation may only be more than 30,000 yuan. My current situation is that my career and life have been seriously affected. He is unable to defend his rights.” He called on netizens to remain rational, and also hoped that relevant departments could strengthen the supervision of cyber violence.

7 months ago

“Please don’t listen to unconfirmed rumors, and don’t spread any unconfirmed false news.” Before the Tibet Jiali police released the report, Wang Xiangjun’s father, Wang Dong, and his younger brother, Wang Long, jointly issued a statement, thanking well-meaning people from all walks of life. The majority of netizens are concerned about Wang Xiangjun and said that they will inform everyone as soon as there is the latest news. In response to various activities such as fundraising in the name of Wang Xiangjun that appeared on the Internet, this statement also explained: “Since Wang Xiangjun’s disappearance until now, we have not held any activities related to Wang Xiangjun, let alone and will not authorize anyone. To organize activities related to Wang Xiangjun (such as documentaries), please be vigilant and guard against being deceived.”

7 months ago

For those “outlaws” who seek illegal benefits on Internet platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou under the banner of Wang Xiangjun, Wang Dong and Wang Long said that they will reserve the right to pursue infringement liability. In addition, Wang Dong also explained as a father about speculations about Wang Xiangjun’s disappearance and Wang Long’s online violent remarks: what I lost was my son, and what he lost was the brother who grew up with him and loved each other. To me, the two of them are just like the backs of the hands-they are all meat. I hope you don’t believe in false rumors. For whatever reason, I hope you don’t hurt Wang Long. I believe Wang Xiangjun doesn’t want his brother to be hurt.

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