Harm, I don’t know what to say now, I am a James passerby fan, I like him very much. Although I am an iron fan of Curry, I really felt a sense of sympathy in the Qiyong Wars in those years. I think James is too versatile, too powerful. The super high attendance rate and comprehensive data are really good. The first person in active service did not say that James was injured. With the Lakers’ current record of third in the Western Conference, as long as the bottom is steady and steady, the strong team wins half, and the weak team wins all, then they can enter the playoffs. Everyone knows that whoever has more players who can fight tough battles will generally have the last laugh. The Nuggets were able to reverse the Clippers last year because the Nuggets’ bench gangsters were indeed good and refused to disclose from relevant sources. James was inspected. The x-ray of the right ankle is negative (negative means no structural damage), which is a great blessing in misfortune. This is good news, which means that James’ injury is not so serious. Solomon Hill weighs up to 102 kilograms. Think about a person who is more than 200 kilograms sitting on your ankle suddenly. After the game, Kuzma said in an interview: This may be the first time I saw James like this. Screaming and angry, so you can imagine how painful the moment it was pressed to the ankle. Then, a professional sports therapist, Dr. Rajpal Brar, tweeted to interpret James’ injury: “About LeBron’s ankle Injury. It looks like a very clear ankle valgus sprain (the ankle is turned outward), which will put pressure on the middle (inner) ligament (called the deltoid ligament). The situation is not that serious from the video, but we Still have to wait for further news. The return time depends on the severity of the injury.” Reporter Arash Markazi also reposted related reports of James’ injury and wrote: “This type of injury usually takes 6-8 weeks to recover, but James Not an ordinary person.” After the game, Lao Zhan also tweeted that he would soon recover and return. “Nothing makes me angry and sad more than not being able to be with my teammates. I feel hurt both physically and mentally now. The road to recovery. From now on, I will come back soon, as if I have never left.” The Lakers lineup really makes me the envious of this brave, Davis, James, Harrell, Schroder, Kuzma. All of them are quite capable, much better than the depth of my Warriors lineup. Although the Jazz are now in excellent form, they have played a very good chemical reaction. But I think playing a series with a lot of factors should be a team with rich experience and a strong lineup like the Lakers. (I hope it’s not poisonous milk) I hope James will recover soon, Respect! !


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In the past few years, I have a premonition that this will happen, but I thought it was like the groin last time. Unexpectedly, it was an accident. The biggest hidden danger of the Lakers was AD and LBJ serious injuries. Less the same, the recovery ability may surprise people when they come back from the truce. There may be a LBJ who has worse confrontation but more accurate shooting. An ankle injury can practice shooting. But this year is really a pity. He turned his back and shot more and more stable. The threat outside the three-point line is getting bigger and bigger, and the transformation was successful after one-third of the point, but it’s a pity

7 months ago

1. For James, who is aspiring to win the regular season MVP, if he is absent for too long, the chance of winning the MVP will be smaller. This is unacceptable for James, James and the Lakers team. Second, it will have a greater impact on the Lakers’ record. They currently don’t have thick eyebrows. Under the leadership of James, the Lakers stumbling back to the right track. All of a sudden, James is injured and the Lakers are in trouble. Coach Vogel needs to find a way. As the only Lakers player with the ability to hold the ball, Schroder’s burden must be heavier, and Kuzma and Harrell have certain main attacking abilities, and they have to share a part. The main attacking ability, other role players must grasp the open opportunities and shoot the ball into the basket while doing a good job of defense. There is no doubt about the Lakers’ defensive discipline, but the offense is constipated when James is there. I am really worried about whether I can play well. In the Wild West, if James and Big Eyebrow can’t return quickly, the Lakers really have a great possibility of falling behind. I also hope that thick eyebrows can come back soon. The current Lakers really need thick eyebrows. I hope that James’ injury will not affect the playoffs. The Lakers can’t do without James. Pray, Lao Zhan, come on.

7 months ago

In my impression, Lao Zhan is a typical representative of Pi Shi Nai, with almost no major injuries, but occasionally minor injuries and minor illnesses, but he can basically recover quickly. However, it seems different this time. First, the injury is not so simple. From the scene, the injury is already very serious. After the game, the conclusion is that the right ankle is sprained in high position and the game is off indefinitely. Even if the situation reported by some reporters, it will take at least 6-8 weeks, which is a one and a half month to two months off. This is definitely a serious injury in Lao Zhan’s injury history. The last time Lao Zhan’s major injury was a groin strain during the Christmas War in 2018. That injury also tortured Lao Zhan for a long time. Therefore, don’t underestimate the injury this time. Even if the injury is healed in 6-8 weeks, it is unknown whether the body can recover. Second, Lao Zhan is almost 37 years old. In 2018, Lao Zhan was 34 years old. He suffered from six groin injuries for a long time. Now he is almost 37 years old, how long will the ankle injury have to haunt him? Although Lao Zhan is not an ordinary person, we must respect the laws of nature. As people get older, their ability to recover gradually declines. It is impossible for a 37-year-old middle-aged man to recover like a young man! There is a high probability that after Lao Zhan recovers from injury, he will not be able to return to his peak. If Lao Zhan was still suffering from such an injury at the age of 33, I still think it is possible to return to the top, but at 37, it is really unlikely. The Lakers, this season, the two superstars have all suffered major injuries, really bad. Faced with the chase behind them so close, can the Lakers hold on in the next two months, can they make the playoffs and wait for Lao Zhan and Damei to return? too difficult!

7 months ago

How to treat? I don’t want to see it. Because Lao Zhan is really running out of time on the court. But today the sunspots are happier than marrying a wife. An accident made them so happy, and he really felt that the sunspots couldn’t see the light. It doesn’t matter whether the Lakers record is good or bad, I just like watching Lao Zhan play. The few people I like in the league are like Thompson and Lao Zhan, who are hurt all over the place. Only two old guns, Anthony and Paul, are still healthy. It seems that I have been chasing after Anthony and Paul’s ball this time.

7 months ago

To be honest, as a Lakers fan, seeing Lao Zhan is injured, his thick eyebrows have not yet come back, and the other players’ performance is unstable, I really feel worried. Although I don’t want to admit it, it is really too difficult for the Lakers to defend the title. Not much to say, the East suddenly came out of the Nets, and other strong teams also have their own reinforcements, and I feel that I don’t know who to fight with. The next thing to greet the Lakers may be a losing streak. The April schedule is not easy to play, but in spite of this, I still hope that Lao Zhan and Dao Mei can fully recover and come back again, and don’t rush for a temporary victory. After all, health is the most important thing. I also hope that the fans can calm down and cheer together if they win, or to relieve their anger if they lose. In the next game, I hope that Schroeder can play his role, and that Harrell will continue to be upset in his heart, and I hope Ma Ye! Yes, this is the Ma Ye, who can stand up and make a brilliant performance, hoping that Pope and the others will be accurate. Finally, I wish the Tamadha Big Four lead the Lakers to resist the pressure and rush!

7 months ago

Don’t say it’s as good as the season’s reimbursement?
What does an indefinite truce mean? It depends on the recovery situation to determine when to come back. If the Lakers have a good record, Zhan Mei can rest all the time. If the record is average, he can come back to rest at his discretion. The Lakers have a poor record and can come back on fire.
Compared to Durant’s injury, I think Zhan Mei’s injury is relatively manageable

7 months ago

The situation is very serious when I watched the video. I just graduated and had such a tragedy on the court. I went to the No. 1 People’s Hospital in the city. . . It seems that you don’t need it either, you should go home! It was 20 years ago. I went home and was swollen for four days and couldn’t hold it, so I went to see it at a privately injured person in the community. The doctor said that since we retired, the First Hospital has been so irresponsible? So the bone was set on the same day, and the plaster was put for three months. After three months, the doctor said that the recovery period was one year, but in the future, even if you want to play as before, it will not be possible. He was very right. Rheumatic pain has been with him for three full years. However, James is determined to be treated more promptly, and there are bandages to protect the ankles in the game. In addition, the body is strong and resilient, and there are a variety of super equipment, such as refrigerated cabin + electric shock and other high-tech gadgets. Expect to be another hero in two months!

7 months ago

First of all, James is not a serious injury. He should be able to return after a period of recuperation. The subsequent impact depends on the specific situation. After all, James’ physical talent is incomparable to ordinary people. Secondly, as a basketball fan who hates James so much, I don’t want to see James on the court, but I also don’t want him to leave the court in an injured way. Once again, there are many Zhan fans who are scolding Solomon Hill, saying that this buddy intentionally hurt James, which is a bit hehe. It is true that James’ injury was caused by Hill, but the conspiracy theory was deliberate, which is really surprising. It reminds me of the 18 season opener and Hayward’s serious injury. Until now, I don’t dare to watch it again. , Similarly, Hayward’s serious injury was caused by a collision with James in the air, but I don’t think James was deliberate at all. Okay, now that James is injured, the opponent has become deliberate. Speechless. Finally, I hope that James will come back soon, after all, it is quite happy to watch James being hanged.

7 months ago

I think everyone who really likes basketball, regardless of the home team, will pray for LeBron from the heart and hope that he will recover as soon as possible. As a representative of the iron man in the NBA, James’ historical endurance and physical fitness have always been discussed by fans. Let’s talk about a few of the most impressive topics in the 18 playoffs. After a 90-degree break in the playoffs, James’s body is strong enough. When someone else fouls him maliciously, we may be even more. Many guys who are worried about fouls will get injured, but no matter how talented they are, even with such good maintenance, they still can’t fight the traces of time. Since I watched the game, I remembered that James had a long truce due to injury, only in early 19th. When I went to the Lakers, I still need to know this time, a player of this age, or in fact, he should have been in the ranks of the “twilight hero” a few years ago, because of the gradual decline in physical strength and the slow body that is no longer able to exercise. Slowly lose the competitive state, but James’s performance is so good that people forget his age. Sometimes I think that LeBron’s performance has increased our acceptance of durability and lasting, even if the other is old. Duncan, a well-known player of Mijian, has already played mostly supporting roles at the same age. Of course, Seyong lost his horse and knew bad luck. Both the thick eyebrows and James were injured. To some extent, it also gave them a chance to rest and be able to post-season. At the beginning of the game, he was in a better state. After all, for such a Laker, the regular season is really small. I hope that the injury is far away from all the players. This comment is a bit interesting.

7 months ago

No, the old Beijing has already tweeted and stated that he will reply as soon as possible and return to play. Personally, I feel that Zhan Huang’s playing career still has a long way to go. He shouldn’t want to end his rule too soon. And from his previous interviews, it can be seen that Zhan Huang is still very confident in his future career. I watched the video and felt pain. Zhan Huang should actively take treatment and try his best to return. I hope Emperor Zhan will recover soon.

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