Recently, Intel Notebook released talk show actor Yang Li in its propaganda copy, which was soon resisted by many male netizens. Subsequently, Intel removed Yang Li’s endorsement information. Many dissatisfied netizens still leave messages to protest on Intel China’s official WeChat account.

In response to issues related to the removal of Yang Li’s promotional materials, Intel responded on March 22 that Intel noticed that Yang Li-related promotional content has caused widespread controversy. This situation is not our expectation. “Diversity and tolerance are an important part of Intel’s culture. We fully understand and cherish the diverse world we live in, and are committed to creating an inclusive workplace and social environment with partners from all walks of life.” Intel mentioned in its response. (The Paper)

Intel is right that it is indeed a company with multiple feminist minds. Compared with Chinese women’s rights using keyboards to insult men for supporting diversity, Intel really spends money on diversity. Within Intel, there is a diversification department. This department will specifically formulate diversity indicators. Among the employees, there must be a certain percentage of women, blacks, Mexicans, and sexual minorities, such as Balabala. Oh, yes, of course there are no Chinese. As we all know, the Chinese are not part of diversity. The Chinese are a part of being diversified. Then, in order to achieve this goal, Intel is really spending huge sums of money into it. But it’s not enough to spend money alone. There is so much money and so many jobs. How to solve it? Very simple, layoffs. In 2015, Intel put forward a diversification goal. In 2016, Intel laid off 16,000 employees worldwide. Of course, most of the layoffs were male engineers. After this, Intel has laid off male engineers several times in batches to achieve the goal of “diversification” without hesitation. Finally, under the premise of huge investment + vigorously abolishing male engineers, Intel’s “diversification” goal “how quickly and economically” was completed. Achieved the “Great Leap Forward” towards a diversified corporate culture including women’s rights. What is the result of the “Great Leap Forward in Diversity”? Naturally, the proportion of male engineers has decreased, and the development of core technologies has slowed down. Because the performance of Intel’s new products is too small each time, like squeezing toothpaste, it is jokingly called “toothpaste factory.” At the same time, AMD, led by Dr. Su, who has never made any feminist remarks, has suddenly emerged, and other competing companies have grabbed market share, and Intel’s decline is a foregone conclusion. Today’s Intel can only rely on the legacy of Intel, which was neither diversified nor feminist, and relying on the brand inertia accumulated in the past, to have a dream about feminism and diversification. For such a company, what else can we say? Compared with the keyboard hatred Weibo boxer, Intel is at least a company willing to spend money on diversity, a martyr of feminist religion. The reality will punish every person who has the doctrine of feminism in his head and organize smart feminists. Only preaching but not believing is like a clever drug lord who only sells drugs but does not take drugs. Organizations that really take feminist drugs like Intel have long been powerless. It’s back to heaven. Only, as long as it does not put the portrait of the hatred star Yang Li on the advertisement picture to insult its male consumers. Intel takes feminist drugs himself and feels that he has reached the peak of bliss, so let him go. Just don’t want us to take a bite.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Diversified: Mainstream B460 series motherboards do not support memory overclocking; CPUs without the K suffix do not support overclocking, and are only supported on Z490 motherboards. (Compared with AMD’s B550+R5 5600) Tolerance: refers to the two generations of a pin change, even if the pin is not changed, it is officially not supported. For example, the B460 motherboard seems to only support the 10th generation Core, but the 11th generation is not compatible. But in fact, even if the official does not support it, it is most likely to do a simple software and hardware shield. For example, I still use H170 to crack i5-8400. (Compared with AMD’s AM4 pin, it has gone through the 4th generation of Zen architecture. As for the compatibility between the old and the new, it is stepped.)

8 months ago

You remain diverse and tolerant. I will continue to call friends and friends to report, scold your customer service, write jokes and mock you, Intel’s performance, ordinary price, confidence is rubbish, we all have a bright future, it’s that simple. What we want is an apology, which is not a so-called response. If you don’t apologize, we will continue. Anyway, it’s not troublesome. I reported that you didn’t come to reason with you. There was no reason to say that you were flying on your face, and I fought back like crazy, and one side of the base was always pushed. It just depends on whether you can endure our jokes and lead to a decline in sales. If you can endure the unspoken rule that buying Intel is equivalent to kaizi, or we can endure not having Intel switch to AMD. I believe you can bear it. After all, you are Intel, so ordinary but so confident.

8 months ago

One sentence comment: AMD Yes! On a business trip today, I paid attention to the recent incident in the car. But it really laughed at me. The most funny thing about this is that even if it is better than feminist rights, Intel has no power than Su Ma’s AMD. Is it right for a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a member of the US “Two Academy” (National Academy of Engineering and the Academy of Arts and Sciences), the legend of Silicon Valley who led AMD in a five-year plan and surpassed Intel in the second five-year plan, Robert N. Noyce Award What is the misunderstanding of Dr. Su Zifeng, the first female winner in history? If you really want to play a feminist war, AMD took a photo of its CEO (Su Ma’s smile.jpg) and Yang Li took the head. It is estimated that the AMD marketing department is kneeling in the living room at the moment, eating hot pot and singing, the opponent will send KPI to the door. All reactionaries who construct social contradictions with Nazian identity politics must die, and all capital groups that attempt to rely on creating opposition to collect traffic taxes and “commercial dividends” must die. Brothers punching is really useful.jpg

8 months ago

Let me add that everyone who has the right to make purchases or can influence purchases, please maintain professionalism. Don’t be emotional when Intel is far better than AMD, and don’t oppose it for the sake of opposition (manual dog head). At the time… Anyway, I lost numb and decided to carry it to the end. But AMD has to give the headquarters an explanation. It is a good reason to say that China’s injustice is against feminist spokespersons, that is, it conforms to American values ​​and is politically correct. Even if the headquarters knows nonsense, it can’t clean up intel China. By the way, also handed the knife of injustice to the United States? How many birds have this stone been? It’s a pity that the United States is no longer qualified to talk about things from the status of strength. The same is true for intel. What qualifications do you have to be self-righteous in front of AMD today? In addition, you can fool the headquarters if you don’t score well in to C, then can you fool in the field of to B? The dead houses in the to B area, don’t you bring some private goods? Only magic can defeat magic! Anyway, my vote for this year’s expansion selection meeting will not be given to Xeon, and I will explain to intel sales why I can’t get this vote. This is a shame! Learn from Damei, every vote counts!

8 months ago

It must be that netizens’ comments on your company are very tolerant. If it weren’t for the little butler, maybe your company still has many opportunities to prove itself. But in fact, we didn’t say anything, most people are reading Yang Li’s quotations such as “Puchosin”, and add AMD Yes at most! Yang Li said that the national male, you tolerate Yang Li. We use the same words to say about you, you still tolerate Yang Li. So we are born inferior? We will try to imitate Yang Li’s style and use it on your company with no lower limit. Look at your ordinary PR, why are you so confident. (I used it so quickly…) No other meaning, we have never seen a good company that is diverse and inclusive, and we want to see the world open our eyes. We thought that domestic men should have equal personality treatment with all of your company. At that time, we did not tolerate well, but now we are here to learn more.

8 months ago

Intel tells us with practical actions that playing gender zz, playing zz correctly, is actually a very dangerous thing. You think you are smart and you can play with the brainless public opinion. When the brainless public opinion backlashes, you can only reap the consequences. You use Yang Li to offend a large group of male consumers and damage their interests. You removed Yang Li and offended a large group of boxers, and you were immediately portrayed as a brand that pleases the haters and is anti-feminist. Using magic to defeat magic, Intel is in great shape. In fact, I am quite disgusted with the things that these grandchildren talk about all day long. The diversity and tolerance are nothing more than the words that you think control the right to speak and public opinion. You say that you represent multiculturalism, then I will resist you, is it a kind of “multiculturalism”, is it a part of “multiculturalism”. You scold me and ridicule me as “multicultural”, and I dislike that you are resisting “multicultural”. If I scold and ridicule you, I will probably die directly. What kind of tolerance you are, the whole thing is cultural bullying. You are too overbearing. To borrow a popular saying in the past two days, your values ​​cannot represent the mainstream international values, and your public opinion does not represent the mainstream international public opinion. What you think of as pluralism and tolerance cannot define what I think of as pluralism and tolerance. You are not qualified to speak to me like this from condescendingly, thank you. Cultural hegemony, as well as the two devils under the banner of cultural hegemony, almost got it, the more it gets darker, it’s true.

8 months ago

I was stunned by this wave of responses. I can only think that Intel spent a lot of money using Yang Li as a spokesperson, and Intel’s use of Yang Li must have been well thought out. It is to use Yang Li’s innovative female Q personality to develop The female market, so even if many male users resist, they don’t want to replace it. If Intel is replaced, it is estimated that both the male and female markets will be lost, and Intel’s response this time made me completely lose my favor with Intel processors! To put it bluntly, Weibo boxers control and comment that you think it is a woman who is in control. In fact, the capital behind it is controlling the speech. Normal people can’t speak. It’s just that there are many female Weibo users, and the influence of capital-led speech can only be the same in the end. Become like them, otherwise you can’t talk. Look at whether it is similar to the fans in the entertainment industry. If you have different opinions, you can directly expel the fans or classify them as black ones. So why are women not being used by capital? Yang Li, a sharp weapon promoted by capital, is a tool to create confrontation between men and women. How can such a person be introduced as an image spokesman to be tolerant of men? Did she tolerate a man when she said that when a man pulls J? Can it be washed out, don’t sit in a match, can it be that the gender can be changed? With Intel’s attitude, I support Ms. Su. From now on, relatives and friends around me will consult me. I will definitely recommend AMD. There is no room for consideration or suspense!

8 months ago

wonderful. You advertise your diversity and tolerance, but your diversity and tolerance is an extremely intolerant person who maliciously provokes opposition. Are you tolerant or intolerant? A real villain like me usually directly admits that he has a small glass heart. If you scold me, of course I have to scold it back. If you use the words of the person who scolds me, then of course I can say AMD, YES! You love to tolerate who tolerate who to go, I have no plans to tolerate you.

8 months ago

I’m afraid it’s another one who has been deceived by Weibo. The Weibo comments are all-inclusive, “Who said that only men use Intel products, and women can’t use Intel products?” Intel is afraid of incurring such a “large number” of female user groups. Hurry up and say that you are “diversified and tolerant.” Who can think of the diverse and inclusive Intel, and the chosen spokesperson is famous for attacking men? Who can think of some “female users” on Weibo, they can be anyone, they don’t care what it is, what product, but as long as this matter is connected with “feminism”, they will come and fight like a locust. Today they can be the main users of Intel, tomorrow they can be the main users of condoms, and the day after tomorrow they can say in a high-sounding manner who stipulates that men’s toilets must be used by men? What really surprised me about this incident is that the relationship between men and women on the Internet is actually, because such a small group of flies and larvae have been instigating, inciting, and slandering for a long time, and it has reached such a tense situation. The lesbian incident has become An explosion point, Intel has become the nuclear radiation after the nuclear explosion. I hope that the majority of netizens will give up the magic and don’t just “your male” or “your female” when you see anything. This can only appear that your own life circle is too small to see. Over a few opposite sexes. As for those who open their mouths xdz and Flammulina velutipes, they can’t be regarded as human beings, they are just a bunch of stinking creatures engaged in primitive reproduction worship.

8 months ago

I think Intel just wrote a few nonsense that is very official and in line with political correctness. Now it has offended two groups of people and doesn’t want to offend people anymore. The general meaning is: please Yang Li, I have invited, and I will withdraw Yang Li, and now I do nothing, so don’t scold me again. Very good, anyway, we can’t ask too much, right. After all, it is an American company, and American companies must be politically correct, otherwise they will not be able to mix in the United States. Intel’s customers are mostly men. Generally speaking, companies with more female customers pay more attention to spokespersons and also consider the risks of spokespersons. Companies with straight male customers are basically difficult to consider these. After all, straight men are not very good. Concerned about endorsements, only concerned about products, so it is impossible for Intel to spend a lot of money to find first-line traffic stars to bring goods. So intel’s senior management is easy to be fooled. It is very likely that there are female boxing fans in Intel’s advertising department and recommended Yang Li, but the executives did not notice this and agreed. The result was a catastrophe. It’s like some Xiao Zhan fans become elementary school teachers, asking their students to dance for Xiao Zhan, and shouting: “Brother Xiao Zhan, you are very good, we like it very much, go!” and upload it to the Internet. Female boxing fans also harmed the company. So, should Intel consider opening female boxing employees? Intel withdrew Yang Li, coupled with the Great Wall, Hailan House has withdrawn Yang Li. I don’t think large companies (except for product companies that specialize in women’s products) will dare to look for Yang Li again. Yang Li’s commercial value is also Will fall sharply. Yang Li is getting cold. This ending is not bad

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