“The U.S. is not qualified to speak condescendingly with China, and the Chinese don’t eat it!”

Yang Jiechi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission, recently responded domineeringly at the Sino-US high-level strategic dialogue, which not only made the circle of friends popular, but also set off a red fashion and customization style.

Some merchants are aiming at business opportunities and quickly launched a series of “peripherals” such as “The Chinese don’t eat this set”, printed into T-shirts, mobile phone cases, canvas bags, umbrellas, etc. and sold in online stores.

A reporter searched on a shopping platform and found that “Chinese people don’t eat this set” customized series. Clothes, mobile phone cases and car stickers are the most popular, and the prices are very close to the people.

For example, “Chinese people don’t eat this set” short-shirt T-shirts, the price ranges from 39 to 60 yuan. In addition to the eight big words “Chinese people don’t eat this set”, there are also the words “Stop Interfering in China’s Internal Affairs” in English, “The United States is not qualified to speak to China from a high position.”

In addition, there are various “peripherals” such as umbrellas and mobile phone cases, with prices ranging from 19.9 to 55 yuan.

According to many shopkeepers, after the Sino-US high-level strategic dialogue on the 18th, many customers came to inquire about customization. They predict that these “dominant China” products will surely set off a new fashion of patriotic customization in the near future.
Many netizens said: This speed is too fast!

Some netizens said: they have been planted

Because of this, we have been holding back for more than 20 years. Chinese people don’t eat this set of peripheral customized products to become popular! Xiao Xiao Yilin’er’s video 3393 broadcasts the South China Sea collision incident that year. The American pilot drove into my country’s territory and hit a Chinese aircraft. The aircraft crashed and the pilot Wang Wei was killed. Afterwards, the United States was firm and refused to apologize. Director Yang Jiechi was the ambassador to the United States at that time. In order to ease Sino-US relations, he ran between the US State Department, Congress and the Chinese Embassy in the United States four times in one day to express China’s position and work to resolve congressional backlash against China. Hostility has also appeared on American television twice a day to explain China’s views. In an interview with CNN at the time, Director Yang used plain language to make a vivid analogy of this matter: Director Yang said: A group of people always wandered around in front of your house, and someone at home went out to check it out. As a result, his car was blocked. Destroyed, people are also missing. In this regard, the family should always have the right to do a little investigation, and the other party should at least apologize, which is “very important”. He hoped that the American people would make their own fair judgments. Subsequently, the United States gave in, but the pace was reluctant. Before this, there was another incident that was the most saddening. It was the incident of a US bomber bombing the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia, which caused three deaths and many injuries. Although the United States apologized for the incident afterwards and compensated a certain amount of money, the United States insisted that it was an accidental bombing. We are not stupid, we can see it. Whether it is the embassy incident or the South China Sea collision incident, the United States deliberately provoked us. Compare Director Yang 20 years ago with him today. The plane collision incident 20 years ago still required him to run around. We are eager for the Americans to understand our attitude towards China and get the other’s forgiveness. But in a blink of an eye today, we already have the confidence and the United States upright. When the embassy was bombed, your predecessors or elder brothers protested and condemned on the streets. The official said you have to bear it. After all, we have not joined the WTO, and we can’t fight the United States internationally. Two years later, US military planes were walking in our South China Sea. , Knocked down our fighter plane, your predecessors or elder brother protested and condemned on the street, the official said you have to endure, we do not have a comparable plane. Compared with the embassy bombing and the collision in the South China Sea, what is this conversation? Why should the official attitude be clear this time, and the principled stand will be positive and unrelenting? Because he is telling you clearly, after the continuous efforts of countless martyrs and every ordinary Chinese. Now, you don’t have to bear it anymore. Today’s “Chinese people don’t eat this set of” products become popular, not accidentally, but a manifestation of our patriotism, and our national strength lies there. It means that we are suffering from the United States. Director Yang’s speech expresses our heartfelt wishes. Finally, I hope that these products will be linked to international platforms such as Amazon, and the Chinese culture of not eating this set of products will be exported. Let more people hear our voice!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

“The U.S. is not qualified to speak condescendingly with China, and the Chinese don’t eat this one!” The Chinese side’s recent hard-bodied response to the Sino-U.S. high-level strategic dialogue not only quickly appeared on the hot search, but also developed fancy peripheral products by savvy merchants. , T-shirts, mobile phone cases, canvas bags, umbrellas and other products with this sentence are quickly on the shelves in online stores. “The Chinese don’t eat this set” peripheral products are on fire. Who is it to remind you? Of course it is the politicians who are trying to suppress China. The reason why China’s diplomacy can make a strong voice in Alaska is that there are 1.4 billion Chinese people behind it. Chinese diplomacy aims to safeguard the interests and dignity of the 1.4 billion Chinese people. Any unreasonable attacks and accusations against China’s domestic and foreign policies are against the 1.4 billion Chinese people. The Chinese people will never agree! “The Chinese don’t eat this set” fancy peripheral products are popular, and who will be unhappy? Naturally, they are those anti-China forces that vainly try to provoke the relationship between the Chinese people and the Communist Party of China. Since last year, some anti-China forces, out of strong ideological prejudice and Cold War mentality, have unscrupulously tried to instigate the flesh-and-blood ties between the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people. But what makes the anti-China forces desperate is that today’s China is united and united. The phrase “Chinese people don’t eat this” is the best word to wake up the daydream of anti-China forces!

7 months ago

The slogan is very rigid, and the elements of Chinese red are also in place. Who are these peripherals sold to? Sell it to domestic buyers. Everyone is Chinese. They all understand that there is no need to bring a bag to remind each other to show off their muscles. The best buyers are Chinese in the United States, or traveling or studying, but after all, they are in other people’s turf. People may not want to go out with this kind of bag. I think this kind of cultural shirts are better sold occasions, like the last time the Diaoyu Islands demonstrations, the domestic mass demonstrations express national sentiments and will. It’s good to be a souvenir, but I think that with the skill of our diplomatic mission, there will be more golden sentences exploded. Squat one hand.

7 months ago

This fully reflects the…badness of my country’s cultural and creative products. It’s so bad that you can only join in on the trend. Such cultural and creative products are sold out to collect money while consumers’ brains are hot. After waiting for a while, it was awkward to take out such peripherals or wear them out to press the road. Patriotism is not a self-promotion of showing personality outside of clothes, nor is it self-intoxication after spending money to make leeks.

7 months ago

Xiao Se Qiufeng is here again today, changing the world! I think it’s OK, you know, at this moment we have waited for a long time, we have had enough of tactful resistance, blindly and strongly condemned, we have the strength and courage to refuse, this is the result of accumulation. China: You are not qualified to be condescending! Changed the world! Heathcliff’s video. 12,000 broadcasts of patriotism have always been thought to be the emotions rooted in the hearts of the Chinese people. The reason why “Wolf Warriors” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people is because “Those who violate me, the Chinese will be punishable even if they are far away” is the deepest part of our hearts. Perhaps this sentence in the movie is a bit exaggerated, but when the China-US talks say, “The United States is not qualified to speak in front of China. You talk to China from the position of strength.” The movie becomes a reality, which is loud and loud. The words make us cry. The country is so strong, the people are so patriotic!

7 months ago

First, it shows that my country’s domestic “sufferable American hegemony has lasted for a long time!” Therefore, Committee member Yang’s remarks resonated greatly. Second, it shows that my country’s public opinion has been suppressed by Europe and the United States for too long. We can only watch where the United States is ranting about it, and our own rebuttal voices seem too weak in front of the control of European and American public opinion. The wisdom and creativity of the masses are infinite, and the power of the masses is also immense. This kind of creativity is more helpful for us to express our popular sentiment and public opinion. Third, a century of national humiliation is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The Xin Chou year of 1901 and the present Xin Chou year, our feelings are completely different. Committee member Yang’s words made the people sigh deeply, and not the same as that of 1901 Annoyed. I even think that next time in a less formal foreign affairs occasion, some of our peripheral personnel can even wear this suit or use this kind of cultural and creative products, which is absolutely amazing.

7 months ago

I am very happy to see this scene. Being patriotic is also a fashion. Some people may think how patriotism has become a business? I hope this kind of business is getting more and more and getting better and better. Patriotic custom-made peripherals are becoming popular, patriotic movies are getting higher and higher, the media that promotes patriotic ideas are getting better and better, and more and more praise… This will in fact promote the overall atmosphere of society. It is this kind of simple and rude slogan, the design sense is too weak, and the level of posture still needs to be improved. To do it well, design and quality can’t be lowered, and don’t just think about consuming everyone’s patriotic sentiment to make money.

7 months ago

I take a more cautious attitude and look at everything. The following are basically “Zhihu” highly praised speeches: 1.”https://www.zhihu.com/question/432654448/answer/1603028541″>How to treat the Australian Prime Minister Asking China to apologize on the grounds that “China forged and released publicity pictures of children with cut throats in Australian soldiers”? The high praises said that the blow to Australia should be increased and refused to study in Australia. 2.ref=”https://www.zhihu.com/question/449785587/answer/1786599371″>How do you view Britain’s view of China as a systemic competitor? How will China-UK relations develop? The high votes say that Britain’s current situation is rubbish, and it is easy and simple to deal with them, and their country is weak. 3. Why is racial discrimination in Italy serious? The whole of Italy has been linked to incidents such as DG’s insult to China, and the praises said that Italy is dangerous. 4. Why does India generally think that China is the enemy? Gao Zan said that India is one of China’s greatest enemies, while all kinds of despise India’s armed forces. 5. Why is Africa so poor? More than 50 countries in Africa are rubbish and barbaric in the eyes of Zhihu high praisers. People in Zhihu said that their people are specially coming to China to cheat money and find women. 6. Zhihu Gaozan said that Germany is an anti-China base camp. I’m too lazy to find, too much, too much to find. I have only one question. Why can’t I see friends, all enemies? ? As you know, I have an illusion. I live in a 13th-century Mongolia. I am the overlord of the world. I can fight whoever I want. The whole world should fight. The whole world owes us. Japan is 918, and South Korea is stealing Chinese culture. Myanmar is now smashing Chinese shops. Malaysia’s anti-Chinese movement massacred hundreds of thousands of Chinese people 30-40 years ago. From Asia to Africa, from Europe to America, there are no friends. If diplomacy is just verbal wars and swearing, then what is the significance of opening a diplomatic academy, opening public relations, and opening courses in international relations? Or just find a few aunts who can quarrel. The purpose of diplomacy is to create friends, maintain feelings, exchange culture and technology, promote trade, and protect national interests, not to humiliate other members of the international community. Fighting enemies is a matter for the Ministry of National Defense, not a matter for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Blind xenophobia will cause a strong reaction from the international community. I believe that the original intention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not to be exclusive, but to demand equality and mutual respect. Some businesses have misunderstood the meaning of the upper echelon and used the question to make use of it. This is not a good phenomenon. Merchants are patriotic and should create high-quality products with good quality and low price, so that their products can be internationally competitive and can earn foreign exchange, instead of using ordinary quality products to earn patriotic money.

7 months ago

For example, you are a rich second generation, the son of the local richest man. Do you like to talk to others about your grandparents begging for food, or do you like to talk about your parents’ counterattack experience? Psychology tells us that all memories are selective recollections of past events on the basis of the present, both good and bad, but when your small days are sweet, what you recall is often the good clips of the past. You don’t live well, and what you recall is often bad things. All history is contemporary history. People will forget their memories before the age of six, that is, people’s memories start at the age of seven or eight. In fact, most people The memory of society is formed during adolescence, that is, the society you come into contact with during adolescence is basically your initial impression of society. Now adolescent children, born after 2000, began to form memories at the age of seven or eight in 2008. After that, that is, for the current post-00s, their impression of Chinese society is that China is very strong. Although there are some social problems, their age is too young and they have not encountered it for the time being. On the whole, their impression of China is still On the positive side, because they remember that China is strong, they are more willing to look for those moments when China was strong in the past. This is also the source of the G points for these young people. So, this is not patriotic education. It is accurate to say that China’s patriotism education has basically been turned into hatred education in recent years. Even the teacher Ma Zheke is openly hating the country. This wave of patriotism is brought about by the times, after 2000. The new generation started from the information they were exposed to, and naturally formed from the selective combing of Chinese history. For some people, this is a very terrible problem because this wave is not led by someone or indoctrinated. It’s coming, but the new generation spontaneously formed a wave. If someone dominates the wave, it only needs to capture the thief first and kill the core, the wave will stop automatically, but the spontaneous wave can continue, that is, some people because of a certain person. Some reasons try to stop the trend of the times. I think they may have underestimated the power of spontaneous waves, because spontaneous waves cannot be stopped by getting rid of someone, that is, this wave will continue to surging, impact, and encounter reefs. Slap and even smash the hard rocks to completely bury some people

7 months ago

Make money, not shabby.
The positive energy power generation technology dominated by utilitarianism is okay to play well. It may not be as good as negative energy generation technology if it is not played well. After all, positive energy and utilitarianism are also quite abrupt.
A strong country is a good thing, and making money is also a good thing. Why are two good things superimposed on each other and become like this?
The world is indeed the best wine, and mortal is the best delicacy.

7 months ago

An epidemic in 2020 has completely shaped the confidence of the people in the system, knowing how high our country can make the lower limit, and knowing how unbearable the Western countries we once looked up to are very unbearable. With self-confidence in the system, the country’s economy has made great strides forward, and its national defense capabilities have become more and more solid, making the Chinese increasingly believe that we can stand on the same level as the West. Based on this recognition, the business has the enthusiasm to dare to rub

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