Today, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov visited China. He said that the current Sino-Russian relations are at the best level in history, and the “Sino-Russian Good-Neighborly, Friendship and Cooperation Treaty” has important milestones. “The vigorous bilateral cooperation between China and Russia in the past 20 years shows that it has withstood the test of time.” “China is the real one.” Strategic partners and like-minded people. The dialogue of mutual trust and respect between China and Russia should be a model.”

Thanks to the “mysterious” operations of the U.S. Democratic Party, the two countries that are wary of each other keep “close” (passively). I don’t know if it’s left the political arena for too long, or is eager to restore the consequences of a series of operations during the Trump era. After Biden came to power, the Democratic government started in East Asia and Eastern Europe at the same time, pulling Japan, Australia and India to encircle China. On the other hand, NATO is arguing for Ukraine to engage in affairs in East Uzbekistan. The two most powerful regimes on the world island have been surrounded by the United States and its allies, and it seems that the Biden administration will exert greater pressure (whether it is sincere or not) on issues of concern to China and Russia. How can China and Russia not report to the delegation? In my opinion, the measures taken by the Democratic government are idiotic and stupid. You can have a thousand ways to destroy the “Beixi-2” line, but if you choose Tobu, a dismembered Ukraine will bring any benefits to NATO? will not! Even if the goal of destroying “Beixi-2” is achieved, Germany’s most important energy security issue has not been resolved. The cooperation between Germany and Russia on energy issues is an inevitable trend, but it has only been postponed (the LNG sold by the United States is more than Lao Maozi’s anger is three or four times more expensive, who are you fooling around?). The European energy dilemma will not be solved in the short term. And without the cooperation of the old man, can the current strength of the United States still be able to hold down Syria + Iran? I’m afraid we will issue another 1 trillion national debt. In the East, it is even more stupid to anger China. Why? Your shaky U.S. stocks and the declining dollar system, which one does not need China’s support? You are not going to set off the table for the doomsday war, and you want to sneer beside China. Where is your trump card? The key reason why Trump is unwilling to make trouble in Europe is that he wants to lead Europe to dimension China together. Now that you let NATO be involved in Ukraine, what are you doing to contain China? After Europe cut off its energy thinking with Lao Maozi, then cut off the cooperation with China’s manufacturing + consumption? I’m afraid it’s not about letting Europe blew up. “Distant contact and close attack”, this is the truth that we have understood since the Warring States period, and every time we choose a target to hit, this is the long-term way. You say Trump is “crazy”, that’s just his way of behavior, and his purpose is really clear. Combined with Anchorage’s big tearing force last weekend, I can only say that Biden’s strategy was clearly seen by China and Russia, and his cards were also thoroughly touched. This kind of weak and bluffing performance will be used by China and Russia instead. I have a hunch that Lao Maozi may not completely dismember Ukraine, but it will make the Kiev regime turbulent, leaving Poland and the three Baltic countries in the throat, and involving the United States with greater energy in Eastern Europe (you think it will be useful to station a few thousand people) You can’t run away even if you fight). At the same time, the situation in the Middle East, Iran, and Syria will further evolve. The fragile relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel cannot be restrained, waiting to become a negative equity projected by American power again. As for East Asia, the showdown has not yet arrived, but it is coming soon. With RCEP, China will step up the integration of regional resources, waiting for problems with the US’s own distorted economic structure. The more geopolitics involves the energy of the United States, the less it can reform its own problems. When the strength goes down and the other grows, the first thing to do is probably not us (probably the little brothers in the United States). In the past, it was the United States who suffered the collapse of others before doing it. Hedong and Hexi, it’s up to us.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

1. Just like the US-Japan Joint Statement, the US-Japan Security Treaty is like a menstrual belt. The Russian Foreign Minister’s claims have no substantive significance. It depends on the essence. 2. Russia is a country where the United States “does not want to be punished”. We also need to look at Russia’s “deep grievances” and turn aside. Still see the broken Gong Wei, desperate to be good. 3. What is the essence? -Both sides seem to be sharpening their swords in Ukraine, but the reality is that the United States has acquired most of Ukraine; Russia has acquired Crimea and Udon. Both parties are more satisfied. The United States sent warships into the Black Sea, and Russia sent planes to pass by. The warship is only for reconnaissance, and the aircraft does not carry missiles. -The United States intends to deploy missiles in Japan, and Russia threatens to counter it. After Brinken’s visit, he did not announce the deployment, and Russia did not counteract it. Both sides have no objection. -The United States sanctions Beixi No. 2 and small European countries have frightened back. Russia has taken over the remaining construction projects, which are now about to be completed. Small European countries are more closely united around the United States. Russia’s natural gas exports to Europe continue to increase. Both sides take what they need. -The United States asks India not to buy Russian-made weapons, but to buy American weapons. India bought some American ones and used the opportunity to bargain prices from Russia. Russia was a little unhappy and continued to sell after lowering the price. All three parties are fine. and many more. So, what is the essence? That is: the United States chooses Russia to confront it, which will help the United States return to Europe and be welcomed by European countries. Russia was teased by the United States, which helped Russia maintain its image as a major player in the world. Otherwise, Russia’s influence in the world will be greatly reduced. But then again. Consolidating good-neighborly and friendly relations is beneficial to both China and Russia. Russia can engage in Eastern Europe as much as it wants. The export of petroleum, natural gas and mineral timber is guaranteed by the major southern countries anyway, and there is no need to worry about importing materials. Warship engines are all sold, and fighter jets and warships will be supplied in sufficient quantities in the next few years. The same is true for us. Imports of petroleum, natural gas and mineral wood are guaranteed by the large northern countries.

7 months ago

It is hoped that Russia can make persistent efforts, abandon the deep-rooted ideology of the Russian nation of worshiping the West and discriminating against the East, and truly and thoroughly vote for China and the Communist Party. Russia has always been extremely discriminatory against East Asians. During the period of Tsarist Russia, Russia carried out brutal genocide of East Asians in the Northeast. During the Soviet period, there was a slight progress, but it still forced the Koreans from the Northeast to migrate to Central Asia. Until now, Russia has still not opened up immigration to China, allowing all ethnic groups in the Northeast to return to their ancestral homes in the outer Northeast. Moreover, Russia is also extorting Chinese businessmen in Russia in various ways. In fact, China and Russia are now the two most natural-made countries in the world. The two countries not only face the threat of U.S. imperialism diplomatically. And the two countries are naturally complementary. Now China lacks land but resources, and Russia lacks people. China lacks women, Russia lacks men. There are many Chinese technology practitioners but the technology is backward. Russia has a lot of advanced technology, but because of the lack of scientific and technological talents, it cannot continue to develop, and even the technology is retrogressed in many aspects. So why should China and Russia set boundaries? On the one hand, let so many Chinese men bachelor, on the other hand, let so many Russian women stay alive. In the end, the population of both countries is avalanche. Does it make sense? On the one hand, let Chinese engineers rebuild the wheels, on the other hand, the design of Russian wheels lie in rotting warehouses. Does it make sense? Therefore, now Russia should take the initiative to vote in China and the Communist Party. It can join the People’s Republic of China under the one country, two systems and Hong Kong model. China has established three special administrative regions: North Heilongjiang Province, Eastern Siberia, Western Siberia, and Russia. Russia’s first ethnic group, the Russian ethnic group, is one of the 56 ethnic groups, and the second ethnic group, the Tatar ethnic group, is directly merged into the Tatar ethnic group. After the merger, a large-scale development of the north was carried out, and 100 million Chinese went north to develop Siberia. The merged People’s Republic of China is a country dominated by the Han nationality. It is also the country with the largest territory, the most populous, the most advanced technology, and the fastest economic growth in the world. After the People’s Republic of China merged with Russia, there is no need to consider US imperialism. At that time, China needs to consider how to realize communism, how to build Jupiter Habitat, and how to colonize the Alpha Centauri (Trisolaris galaxy) ) Planet Proxima b. In fact, you can notice that another country that complements China and can vote for the CCP is Russia’s deadly rival, the United States. Russia should take advantage of the high anti-Chinese racism in the United States, and vote for the Communist Party as soon as possible, so as to prevent the United States from slowing down to vote for the Communist Party before Russia. At that time, there will be no place for Russia to vote for the Communist Party. The leaders and people of Russia, the fate of Russia and all mankind, is just in your mind!

7 months ago

Explain people: not stupid! Let’s have a lot of fun with this brain analysis, and welcome to irrigate, support, criticize, and attack! You can also like occasionally. The real geopolitics may be different from what some people think. Let’s take a loose analogy: if China is badly hit by an atomic bomb and there is no place to live, no matter who did it, the Chinese will tell the Russians, brother, sorry, let’s move in together, right? Mongolian students, would you join me by the way? If Russia is badly hit by the atomic bomb and there is no place to live, no matter who did it, the Russians will tell the Chinese, brother, sorry, let’s move in together, right? Mongolian students, would you join me by the way? What else can I do? If everyone does not agree voluntarily, there will definitely be a fight and a complete melee in Asia. Then, the US imperialism may be happy, but the American people are estimated to be miserable in the current era. If such a thing does not happen, what can these two big countries do to each other? Facts have proved that, no matter whether it is strong or weak, for this type of big country, it is first of all one’s own responsibility, and it is the question of whether one’s own affairs are done well. Even if one party fails to do a good job and the other party falls into trouble, how much advantage can it take? You have a big advantage, and people must grab it back when they get up. Barefoot is not afraid of wearing shoes! You have a small advantage, right? When the time comes, a reconciliation will be made: Brother, you will defend that place for the time being, and I will save some military expenses here. The only way is to wait until the contrast between the strengths of the two parties is extremely disparity, before one party can completely suppress the other party. This situation can’t be achieved by suppressing the other party at all. It is a good way to develop oneself, and at the same time, the other party just happens to be too clever to achieve it. Therefore, even from the perspective of Sino-Russian competition, the strategic task of both parties is to develop themselves well! It is a waste of energy to spend time engaging with each other! From the perspective of cooperation, if both parties trust and cooperate and develop together, that would be great. Save the boss’s military expenses, do their own good things, you can also watch Mei Dasha make jokes everywhere, and express condolences to the three consecutive declines. Our Mongolian classmates are the happiest. They are guarded by the two big countries and they are extremely safe! I don’t know if it’s silly to be happy! Therefore, no matter who among the people of the two countries destroys Sino-Russian relations, it is always foolish! Of course, it is inevitable that some people are stupid. Not surprisingly, this is caused by the stupid gene that everyone on earth has. For this situation, it is an internal conflict between brothers. They fight each other a few times and ignore each other for a while. When the anger is gone, they have to cooperate! In addition, in order to prevent the other party from continuing to commit stupidity, the key is to develop the economy together. The way the rich commit stupidity is called: people are stupid and have a lot of money. This kind of harm is not great. Therefore, the long-term strategy of Sino-Russian relations does not depend on the United States at all. The United States acts more on the short-term situation. The United States wants to pull one out and fight one out. First of all, some of the two brothers themselves are stupid, and it cannot last for long. Americans want to fight at both ends, and that will naturally only make them more united. To put it bluntly, the two peoples have to wait for self-reliance, but it is precisely in strategic interests that smart people will move towards cooperation.

7 months ago

The news of the Russian Foreign Minister’s visit to China has touched the fragile nerves of Western politicians and the media. At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 22, foreign media paid close attention to the specific itinerary and purpose of Lavrov’s visit to China. In this regard, Hua Chunying said that the development of Sino-Russian relations does not target any specific country. Our relationship is open and honest. It’s not like forming gangs in individual countries, which have their own ulterior conspiracies or even conspiracy.

7 months ago

The relationship between China and Russia is that they do not attack each other, but there is no alliance to defend each other. This is actually very powerful. If the two countries are to form a military alliance, then all of Asia and Europe will not even want to sleep. However, one of the main points of the talks is that the two countries continue to strengthen their local currency swaps and local currency trade. This is also very powerful. Add a shovel of dirt to the grave of the dollar. China-Russia currency alliance, plus Iranian oil, plus Africa, plus South America, plus ASEAN. If these are combined to form a trading system that does not rely on the dollar, then someone will die. In fact, if China, Russia, Japan and Afghanistan (the United Arab Emirates) abandon their dollar reserves, they can basically be sentenced to death for the dollar. But Japan does not abandon the ship, but it does nothing.

7 months ago

Anyone who discusses the territorial issues of the two countries under China-Russia related issues, wake up! That was the time of Tsarist Russia! The national boundary between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation is determined based on the following delimitation documents: (1) The Agreement between the People’s Republic of China and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on the Eastern Section of the Sino-Soviet National Boundary, signed on May 16, 1991 (In 1989, China and the Soviet Union actually reconciled, so such an agreement was signed in 1991) (2) The “Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the Russian Federation” signed on January 27, 1994 Agreement with the Mongolian Government on Determining the Border Point of the Three Countries; (3) The Agreement between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation on the Western Section of the Sino-Russian Border, signed on September 3, 1994; (4) 19 “Agreement between the Government of the People’s Republic of China, the Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and the Government of the Russian Federation on Determining the Boundary Line of the Tumen River’s Waters” signed on November 3, 1998; (5) May 1999 The Agreement between the People’s Republic of China, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan on Determining the Border Point of the Three Countries signed on the 5th; (6) The Agreement between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation on the Sino-Russian Boundary Signed on October 14, 2004 Supplementary Agreement for the Eastern Section. In 2004, we had finalized the borders. After that, the Sino-Russian partnership gradually deepened. In other words, it was a political dialogue that first confirmed the territorial integrity. Trust is the cornerstone of partnership. Without the determination of territorial boundaries, it will be very difficult to start a series of cooperation between China and Russia. Since the China-U.S. Anchorage meeting on the 18th, Chinese diplomacy has changed its offensive and defensive momentum since then. It has shifted from hiding its capacities and biding its time to making a difference. The world situation has become more and more clear. Sino-U.S. and U.S.-Russian relations are not as good as Sino-Russian relations. Sino-US and Sino-Japanese relations are not as good as US-Japan relations. At this moment, it is even more necessary for China and Russia to rely on each other. Although we have many differences with Russia and we must have a certain degree of precaution against Russia, at present China and Russia are generally “back to back side by side”, and there are few major conflicts in their strategic interests, and they are basically the same. Why didn’t you cherish this rare comrade-in-arms at this moment, but turned up the old account? The so-called politics is to make many friends and make few enemies. I hope that while remembering the past, I also look forward to a bright future.

7 months ago

The diplomats of our country are the most professional diplomats in the world. They know how to safeguard their own national interests. Our new China has gone through some detours in the past 70 years, but on the whole it must have safeguarded the national interests. Teacher Jin Canrong put it pretty well in one sentence: You think in turn, if our country’s diplomacy is always messing up, then it’s hard for our country to achieve such a big development achievement, right? So China and Russia now need cooperation. It is not that everyone has not kept history in mind, but that they need to cooperate now. Furthermore, there are now no territorial disputes between China and Russia. Living in a modern society must abide by modern international laws. Now there are no territorial disputes between our two countries. This is the most important basis for peace between the two countries. If countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, and India have territorial disputes with us, no matter how much you want to approach him, as long as certain countries are stunned, the hostility will always spiral upwards at any time. Why didn’t I mention Japan? I don’t want to mention, no matter how close China and Japan are, it is impossible to get close. It’s not that where you have owned it in the past, it’s yours, the reality is that it’s not in our hands anymore. Even if, as you think, Russia is not a good thing, it should be a secondary contradiction. We must first resolve the American imperialism, so that we can always score the priorities. International struggles must be brainstorming, right? If the U.S. emperor disintegrates tomorrow, I believe it will be faster than you. But the problem is that we can’t see the disintegration of the U.S. emperor at all. Our struggle with the U.S. emperor can be seen as a long-term tug of war with the naked eye. Is it better to have a friend than an enemy? Besides, this friend is so powerful and can attract so much firepower to us.

7 months ago

In the diplomatic strategy of various factions in the United States. Kissinger’s team talked about the pit of the United Russia, giving Russia some territory and economic benefits, and letting Russia stab China back. When Trump first took office, he had a tendency to adopt this trick, and Putin also looked forward to it, and then all the links to Russia were disturbed. Brzezinski’s team is talking about cutting off the sea road in China’s One Belt One Road with all its strength. If China goes to Central Asia and Eastern Europe, there will be friction if it is too close to Russia. But no one is a bird. The clash of civilizations has the most power, saying that it wants to fight China and Russia without breaking it. It can neither make China and Russia stand up, nor can it be killed, because if one is killed, its resources will not go to the United States but to another large developing country. , The United States has a new enemy. Because the United States no longer has the ability to play big chess, China and Russia are closely aligned. However, the American macho has regained some execution capabilities, and Russia is a potential threat.

7 months ago

1. The logic behind it: The good Sino-Russian relationship is essentially due to the political incompetence of the United States. Russia has always tended to come together with Europe and the United States. However, the United States does not want Russia and the European Union to come together. The European Union is controlled by the United States and has no diplomatic discourse power. The result is that the United States provokes Russia-Europe relations, which in turn messed up. US-Russian relations. Behind this logic is offshore checks and balances. If the European Union has independent sovereignty, it will undoubtedly come together with Russia. If the United States is in the European Union’s geographic location, it will certainly be able to accept Russia. Even Russia’s resistance to China is a realistic choice. However, the United States is in North America and independent of Eurasia. Therefore, the United States has no choice. Whether the alliance between Russia and Europe or the alliance between China and Europe is a nightmare for the United States, these two types of situations should be stopped first, and the alliance between China and Russia will change instead. Become the result of the previous two policies. The political incompetence of the United States is caused by geography, and there is no choice. Second, the outlook for the next year: there may not be any big melons. With the signing of the RCEP and the China-EU Investment Agreement, the United States is very anxious about the tendency of China and Europe to approach. Whether it disrupts Burma, provokes Japan and South Korea, or pulls the European Union and the United Kingdom to cruise the South China Sea, and China-US talks and talks about China, they are all proving China and the United States. The relationship between Asia and the EU. This is expected. For Russia, of course, there will be a wave of good news. The conflicts between China and the United States will intensify. China will inevitably squeeze resources and energy to Russia. This is also an inevitable cost for the United States to resist the entry of China, Europe and Russia. For China, obviously you beat you, and I beat mine. The United States is busy making trouble, and China is busy producing and constructing the economy. In the past two days, China’s RCEP has been the first to complete the landing. As for the ASEAN RCEP, the problem is not big, and the RCEP of Japan and South Korea is probably going to be ups and downs again. The dust will not fall without sweeping. It seems that it is not enough to lick the mouth of the United States in Alaska. China may have to interrupt a hand of the United States to harvest RCEP and the China-Europe Investment Agreement. Otherwise, the trick of messing up Myanmar will happen in Japan and Europe. From this logic, I have always judged that there will be no problems in Myanmar. If Myanmar can’t handle it, the problems of Japan, South Korea and the European Union are even more uncertain. Fortunately, even in the worst case, the time is on China’s side. It is meaningless to play a game without fighting annihilation. For example, when PK, you must first destroy the opponent’s supply nurse. You fight tanks, and your blood volume is thick. High, with great difficulty, a piece of blood was knocked out, and a holy light from the nanny later made up for it. China’s economy and industry are all global super nurses. As long as China’s economy is not hit hard, China does not need to make big moves. Therefore, China may also slap the United States in the face, to replenish Russia’s blood, and then intensively work on economics and technology, and prepare for military closure. Roughly so, of course, for us who eat melons, it must be tasteless. The ranks of the United States are very low. This kind of sand digging is just disgusting and not harmful. And Russia’s combat power can keep Crimea, can maintain the basic disk of East Ukraine, can maintain the Russian-European oil pipeline, not bad, what kind of bicycles are needed. The European Union, Japan and South Korea can see the overall situation, and can be considered a pass under the pressure of the United States. Finding two broken ships to visit the South China Sea is also considered a thief. Looking at the achievements of these few people, we melon-eaters don’t need to have any ideas.

7 months ago

Let me answer the question as a Russian. Since the beginning of the epidemic last year, Russia was the first to ban Chinese students from entering the country, but the delayed measures taken against students from Japan, South Korea and European countries have already broken any of my concerns about Russia. fantasy. A few days ago, the Russian government issued: “Allow foreign students from countries that have been well controlled by the epidemic” to return to Russia for full-time study. These include South Korea, Japan, and even India, which we complain about every day, excluding China. Although we know that our epidemic has been controlled very well and the vaccination rate has been rising, in the eyes of Russia, we are still the poor and backward “North Korea”, and people do not want to look down on you at all, regardless of his What the Foreign Minister said about China-Russia friendship. From the perspective of various exchanges, he is just superficially beautiful words. I commented on this topic posted on the b-station observation network, and then it was deleted. Now look at the comments at the bottom of this video. It is all militants who are comforting themselves. China and Russia are only forced to back to back because of the pressure from the United States. Resistance, and for Russia as a country, prejudice and even slander against China are deeply ingrained. As a Russian dog, I certainly hope that China-Russia relations will get closer and closer, not just verbally. But I don’t want children who have illusions about Russia to really become “fine Russians.”

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