Swipe the short video, I don’t know why the Huawei dial is hot! ! If you don’t have a watch, you can’t enjoy the pleasure of asking a friend for a picture of 6 yuan. Let’s draw a watch by yourself. The GT2e is so good! Our two Apple Watches are really not durable. I charge them once a day. I often forget to wear them… Then I bought a Huawei GT2, the battery is wow·unbelievable! No need to charge for a week or two! On a whim, let me make a comparison [Battery] As mentioned above, Apple charges once a day, Huawei, I will write down and charge once a week (actually, I feel two (Sports) [Sports] Apple Watch has regular exercise functions, and Huawei has a lot of exercise functions! And the best thing is that it can pass the test of your heart rate or something to know which stage your exercise has entered. , Like warming up, burning fat, aerobic and anaerobic, this weight loss is really targeted! [Waterproof] I have tested it and both can swim. My friend told me that Huawei can also take a bath. Anyway, I don’t dare to try it! [Features] 】Apple has a lot of functions! I really want to complain about this, Huawei’s functions are really very few!! However, I don’t actually use the app in Apple, and the watch is still very routine to check the time. [Health] I want to praise Huawei! Because it has data such as blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, pressure, sleep, etc. Apple, mine is 4, but I can’t measure that, what is it called, um, ah! ECG! [Appearance] I won’t comment on this. It’s more subjective, depending on whether you like round or square. And… I’m tired of Apple’s small square plate, so when I see GT2’s round plate, I think it’s really nice Very generous… and Huawei seems to have more choices. There are large and small gt2s, belts and silicone ones, and the small ones seem to have new colors, but I still like the big dials, and I bought them from Apple. Is big, hahaha


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

It is purely an accident that this thing will become popular. This is the Internet today. You never know what will become popular next. The reason why the Huawei Astronaut dial is so popular nowadays mainly comes from four people: First: the first wave, I found it interesting and posted it on the Internet. Second: I see people who are playing this, have traffic, and create again. Third: Huawei’s promotion is fueling the flames. This free-to-door marketing material must be warmed up. Fourth: After reading some interesting materials, I found it interesting, so I downloaded it myself, and found that there was something really, and then sent it to Moments to show it.

6 months ago

It is very interesting to see that some people want to find the first manufacturer with this dial for this dial. This dial itself is a third-party application, and it is totally different from the Huawei dial. I originally planned to buy it after watching Douyin’s jokes, but because of the dynamic themes that will affect part of the battery life, I didn’t bother to buy it. And whether it is Huawei or Honor watches (Honor Band 6), you can find this theme on the dial! 【Space LCD Dynamics】. Interesting themes are at best the icing on the cake. Huawei watches can achieve today’s market share by relying on internal strength. If you are interested, you can go to the Internet to find Huawei sports and health information, and you are guaranteed to make some changes.

6 months ago

Why is it hot
Maybe it has something to do with my childhood dreams
When I was young, my grandparents would ask me
Bao acridine, what is your dream?
I said I want to be an astronaut~
Grandpa and grandma were so happy, they gave me my favorite big mouth…
Corresponding to the needs, this thing, although good, but expensive

6 months ago

The fact that Huawei Watch became popular this time was a very successful virus transmission incident, and it was naturally fermented, which is very interesting.

Next, I will analyze the reasons for its popularity from the four basic links of viral marketing:

Attractive pathogen
Strongly Associated Seed Population
Directional efficient reception
Fast update iteration to achieve fission

6 months ago

The attractive pathogen believes that you were the same black question mark face as me when you first swiped the video of the space dial on Douyin? ? ? That’s it? Why do so many people like it? The attractiveness of this initial video is actually [passive] attractiveness. A big factor in its success is that TA mistyped and accidentally activated the recommendation algorithm of the Douyin platform, completing the first wave of proliferation. Analyze the material carefully, you will find that the video at the beginning has unintentionally gathered several hot potentials: first watch the video, it has achieved suspense + reversal in just ten seconds, and the completion rate is up! Suspense point— -At the beginning of the video, “I want to tell you what is the secret of it” to retain the audience, it is a good idea for people who have viewed this video to stop and wait for the puzzle to be revealed. The wind blows.” After the watch turned around, a very cute spinning villain appeared, and he accurately clicked on the music, creating a pretty good point. Secondly, looking at the copywriting, the content and tags activated the discussion and resonance very well. , The interaction rate is up! “Thank you for the success of Douyin for making me spend 6 yuan”-don’t laugh, many people really think that this watch is 6 yuan, but it is actually a dial. Because of this little misunderstanding, the discussion in the comment area went up, although the author finally There are clarifications at the top, but there are still many high praise answers: “1288 yuan, don’t believe him”, why mine is more than 1,500? At the same time, the author’s label is also very tacitly “man’s toy”-I believe many boys are concerned about this They all smile with a knowing smile. Boys really love such equipment as inverted watches or cars. I still remember that there are many JRs in Hupu who often discuss which dial is good-looking, which stimulates a sense of resonance, so the discussion and sharing will go up. The completion rate and interaction rate made this video quickly recognized by the platform’s recommendation mechanism and started the subsequent snowball effect. And this video also happened to satisfy the very important gene of fission-easy duplication. As long as you have a watch , You can download this dial for fast shooting, which can be easily operated by any novice, which greatly reduces the barrier to participation and makes the possibility of participation infinitely high.

6 months ago

Strongly related seed population and targeted and efficient reception are inseparable. Therefore, before I talk about this together, we must first understand the characteristics of viral transmission. Viral marketing is spontaneous and expansionary marketing. It is not Evenly, at the same time, it is delivered to everyone in the society without distinction, but the virus spreads through the interpersonal transmission of the target group. This is why it is called viral marketing, because it is so similar to the spreading mechanism of viruses. The (passive) attractive virus source video also catches two winds this time-massive Huawei watch seed users & Douyin’s directional recommendation mechanism may first have to say a cold knowledge. According to IDC data, in 2020, Huawei Smart Wear The domestic market share has won the championship for four consecutive quarters, and the growth rate has greatly surpassed its competitors. The watch with the highest appearance rate in this video is the Huawei Watch GT series, the sales champion of Huawei. With the differentiated selling point of two weeks of super battery life, it has quickly seized the smartwatch market since 2018. Huawei has also become the No. 1 in the domestic smartwatch field. 1. It is conservatively estimated that the cumulative sales of GT watches in three years should be close to 10 million. At present, Douyin is already a national-level app, so video dissemination has a large number of seed users. In addition, Douyin is still an interest-centric directional recommendation mechanism. Remember that the first round of TikTok’s hot search was “stoke the nest of Huawei watches”. We opened this hot search and found that many users of Huawei watches were imitating and uploading this video. What does this indicate? In a round of fission propagation, Douyin’s labeling mechanism was very accurate to push this wave of original videos to Huawei watch users. Precise push has greatly improved the efficiency of dissemination, because the audience is interested in and strongly related content, the audience is naturally more likely to watch it. As we analyzed earlier, this video itself has very high reproducibility, so the user group opened the second round of UGC creation.

6 months ago

Fast update iterations, fission propagation actually starts from this chain, the virus material begins to mutate, it is basically difficult to control it, because the video is already on fire, when an event becomes a hot spot, naturally there will be many people who follow the trend and chase the hot spot. . But this video has also been very successful in producing a more viral fission video, and here I have to admire the creativity of netizens. If the first round of communication is that I have a watch and I want to shoot, the second round of communication is that I don’t have a watch to create the conditions to do it, so there is a water meter, a washbasin, a cigarette case, and a live cos version, all Arranged. Passive attraction has become a new mutant virus source video with strong attraction, opening a new round of transmission. Do you think of the watch game that you played when you were a kid? The hot topic and the creativity of netizens activated Da Neng by the way. The super big v of the bezel such as Sanqian Biange came to an end, which once again triggered a wider spread. Rapid iterations and updates make netizens start to chase after updates. >So it is on the hot search again! ! ! ! First, “netizens made huge sums of money to build space watches”, followed by “egg shell version space watches”, and wave after wave of climax, finally became the current national event. In fact, since the last wave of last year, I haven’t seen such a lively marketing event for a long time. It can’t even be copied again. This success has to be said to be a good time and place. Of course, as a digital blogger, the fire on the dial actually reminds me of the essence of the watch. No matter how powerful the function, the watch is actually a watch. Its decorative attributes have never been weakened. This may be the charm of the watch. .

6 months ago

I don’t know why it is so hot!

After my girlfriend got it, she actually wanted to buy a Huawei GT2 for a 6-yuan dial?

The problem is that she uses an Apple phone!

The 3000 Ocean Apple Watch couldn’t get her heart, but the 6 yuan dial did it…

6 months ago

Colleagues in the wear group saw this question suddenly hit the hot list, so they led (forced) me to answer this question. As one of the former persons in charge, let me give a brief answer. The first part is the part that everyone does not understand. Shadow Studio designed this space LCD dial in January 2021. The founder of Shadow Studio has been in the interior design industry for six years. In 2019, after purchasing the Huawei WATCH GT2, I found that I could design the dial and install it myself, so I started to make works and uploaded the official works, and was certified as a theme designer of Huawei. A few days ago, many people said that the designer has earned more than one million dollars based on this dial. I don’t have the exact data at present, but judging by my years of experience, the highest daily download volume of this dial is about 18W. Based on the unit price of 6 yuan for a dial, you can simply calculate it. The second part is what everyone knows. If you regard him as an interesting communication case, the detonation platform of the astronaut dial was on Douyin at the beginning, which subsequently triggered an interesting remake of netizens. As a result, it has become more and more popular, spreading to other platforms, such as Weibo, Toutiao and now Zhihu. It is really exciting to share with you the creativity of some of the friends during the fun remake.

6 months ago

On a whim, everyone is showing in a certain sound. I don’t have a Huawei watch, and of course I don’t have 6 yuan to buy a watch face. However, in the Internet follow-up craze, I am afraid that I will be left behind, for fear that I will not catch up with this enthusiasm. Otherwise, I will not be able to catch up with the topic when I go to the company to chat tomorrow. I don’t draw a watch on my wrist. Children play this kind of watch. However, there is no dial-sized thing around me that can let me play. After thinking about it, I decided to go to the toilet and think about it. When I saw the basin in the corner, I felt that inspiration came. The white paper is a paper bag, printed on the bottom of the basin and drawn with a wallpaper knife. The pen is a fountain pen, Chenguang, and there is no ruler. I folded it with a hard paper and made it into the shape of a ruler. The lines are drawn visually, and all the characters are handwritten. Finally, tape on the bottom of the pelvis and wrap it around the left arm. Fix the phone on the bracket, turn the left hand over, click the right hand to take a countdown shot, match it with music, and finish the work. Then the effect in the video appeared, and it took about 40 minutes. Oh, by the way, I tied the tail of the badminton cue to the spinner and rotated it manually with my right hand. You see that I have said so much, you guessed why he became hot. It is because there are people like me who are not willing to fall behind the hot spots of the Internet, and are desperately trying to get hot! I am ashamed to say, although I have only made such a Huawei Astronaut watch with a footbath, no one likes my video. It seems that the heat is not catching up. the above

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