On March 22, the European Union imposed unilateral sanctions on relevant individuals and entities in China based on lies and false information under the pretext of the so-called human rights issue in Xinjiang. The European side ignored facts, turned black and white, grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs, flagrantly violated international law and the basic norms of international relations, and seriously damaged China-EU relations. China firmly opposes and strongly condemns this.

The Chinese government is unwavering in its determination to defend national sovereignty, security, and development interests. China has decided to impose sanctions on 10 persons and 4 entities that have seriously harmed China’s sovereignty and interests and maliciously spread lies and false information on the European side, including:

Member of the European Parliament Petty Koffel, Geller, Gluxman, Kuchuk, Lexman

Scherzma, Member of the Dutch Parliament

Member of the Belgian Parliament

Sakaliene, Member of the Lithuanian Parliament

Zheng Guoen

Ye Biyang

Political and Security Committee of the Council of the European Union

Human Rights Subcommittee of the European Parliament

German Mercator Center for Chinese Studies

Danish Democratic League Foundation

Relevant personnel and their family members are prohibited from entering the mainland of China and the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions. They and their affiliated companies and institutions have also been restricted from communicating with China.

China urges the European side to realize the seriousness of the mistakes, self-examine, correct mistakes, stop pretending to be a “human rights teacher”, stop playing with hypocritical double standards, stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, and stop on the wrong path Go further. Otherwise, China will make a further firm response.Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The reason is super simple, and the logic is very clear: You can’t spare no effort to discredit China while doing things, while making money from China happily in various gestures, and then use the earned funds to continue to do things hard. There can be no more such happy things. Besides, especially if you don’t talk about military ethics in the EU, it is actually not surprising that China has adopted reciprocal measures to impose sanctions on China. This logic, I believe, is somewhat meant to be seen across the strait: Ww classmates, money can be earned, but I can’t use the money earned from me to disgust me, am I? This is the privilege of the world’s top economies: in the era of the global economy, it is not easy to do business and make money completely avoiding China. Hey guys, try it. It’s uncomfortable and uncomfortable. That’s right! Finally, with the words of the instructor:

7 months ago

On March 22, the European Union imposed unilateral sanctions on relevant individuals and entities in China based on lies and false information under the pretext of the so-called human rights issue in Xinjiang. Compared with other content, I am more concerned about this sentence. “Based on lies and false information.” Many real things are happening in the current world. For example, recently, there was the BLM parade in the United States, with up to 10 million demonstrators. The current US President Biden also joined the parade. It can even be said that Biden moved into the White House because of the parade during this epidemic. But after Bi came to power, no high-ranking politician was punished, and the only policeman who killed himself on his knees has not yet pronounced a sentence. This is the human rights issue in the United States. In the face of human rights disasters like the United States, the European Union did not impose sanctions. The collective dereliction of duty by former US President Trump and bureaucrats has led to the deaths of more than 500,000 people in the United States. Based on current data, it can be inferred that by the end of this year, the new crown incident in the United States will kill at least 1 million people. This is a real and credible murder that is happening every day. But the US government does not intend to pursue Trump, and the European Union does not care. The problem of black people in the United States has a long history. The issue of discrimination against women in the United States is also a clear phenomenon. China and many other countries have raised this issue many times in the World Human Rights Council. In this regard, the entire EU pretended to be deaf. The United States has even withdrawn from the Human Rights Council long ago, consciously unworthy of discussing human rights issues with China. Recently, there have been large-scale crimes against Asian descent in the United States. Mexican immigrants came to the United States. Their parents were sent home. However, their children were arrested by the United States and detained in “dog cages” forcibly. This news is not only reporting from China, but also from Europe and the United States itself. These are clear and real cases. But because of the truth and clarity, the EU completely ignored it. It’s as if nothing happened at all. No Americans were sanctioned for this. Then the EU began to sanction China with a lie and false information. The reason for this is self-evident. Because the United States is the master of the European Union, and China is the opponent of the European Union. I read CNN’s report on China’s Xinjiang. Throughout the article, it is “probably”, “estimated” and “allegedly”. There is no real photo, and no useful data. Then the story of a liar was told in turn. The same routine, we can compile 500,000 copies of the new crown epidemic in the United States. The same discussion, black Americans are oppressed, we can compile 10 million copies. It’s just a sigh

7 months ago

Diplomacy pays attention to reciprocity, and China pays particular attention to people who don’t offend me and I don’t offend people. For those who are neurotic like the European Union who follow the old United States and declare sanctions against us, we must give him a heavy blow. Don’t Europe and the United States know what genocide is? But they casually used such heavy reasons to slander us, which in turn severely damaged their own credibility. Obama’s memoirs said that China, which pursues a low profile and bides its time, will not make things uncontrollable no matter what problems it encounters. Behind this sentence, in fact, they can bully us at will without worrying too much about the consequences. . But, my lord, times have changed. In Alaska, Director Yang has clearly expressed our attitude. The Chinese do not take this set. It is a period of strategic defense to keep a low profile. Now it has entered a period of strategic stalemate, that is, there are contacts. Today, the Russian Foreign Minister is also visiting. The topic should be to discuss the establishment of an alliance against unilateral sanctions. The focus is to reduce the use of the US dollar system. What results will be achieved is worthy of attention. Little Japan followed the United States’ 2+2 accusations against us. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ response to this is a number of idioms: embarrassment, strategic vassal, scornful, treacherous, undermining Sino-Japanese relations, not hesitating to lead wolves into the house, and betray the overall interests of the region. The method is disgusting and unpopular… I think it shows that Little Japan will soon have an iron fist.

7 months ago

Due to historical reasons in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Western countries can still be “logically self-consistent” in engaging in three and four. Turkey is silent about Xinjiang, but some of the “teachers” who are top performers are passionate about themselves, restricting the business of Xinjiang companies and imposing sanctions on personnel. With the current size of China, it is normal for “drinking boiled water” to be said “cool talk”. But if the sanctions are announced in a real meeting, it will not be understood. Do Ouzhu think he is all American? China is second, second besides the United States! The economy is not the whole story. If it is a temporary economic cooperation, China will always ask for perfection. This economic cooperation will not last, and it will not be beneficial to China. Only by finding a cooperative model where all parties can get along steadily will be long-lasting. Understanding and respect for China’s core interests are the cornerstones of cooperation. Perhaps the past economic cooperation has caused China’s red line to be unclear. Now is a good time to “paint”. A cat or dog of any country’s parliamentarians indiscriminately bites is “democracy”, which does not matter to them internally; once they harm China’s core interests, they should be resolutely countered. Killing a few cockroaches, although it will hurt some flowers and plants, you can’t wait until there are cockroaches everywhere.

7 months ago

It was their hands that acted first, and we just defend ourselves normally. What signal was released? When we say it, we will never talk. It shows that China’s history of swallowing its anger in history is gone; it shows that after 71 years of hard work, the Chinese people have not only stood up, but also stood straighter; it shows that in the future, what kind of cats and dogs will want to jump again, but It’s time to weigh. But having said that, they did it first. Is it wrong for me to fight back?

7 months ago

Released the signal of vote price increase, and then forced Lai Lai to really prick you. The good days for European capitalists and politicians to learn their experience together are over. Just shut up when doing business, don’t be afraid of pain if you want to do business. This point of sanctions is just a foreplay. Once the situation worsens and spreads to the trade field, the European capital’s business in China will all be a strategic mortgage in the future. Anyway, as long as you poke the public, the German Chancellor will definitely not fall asleep. Regardless of whether it is Merkel or whoever combines with the recent wind direction, it is also forcing Europe to accelerate. Isn’t it about European military or diplomatic autonomy? It is not about reviving Europe’s glory. Is it incumbent? It’s time to make a statement on my own behalf. I don’t think this is a performance of the European strategic tolerance to the limit, but a new statement and raise at the same time, with the intention of forcing the opponent to fold. The logic is as follows: The conflict between China and the United States is a question of who is the boss. This matter has nothing to do with Europe’s core interests, and the EU cannot be the boss. The best option in Europe is to oppose China and the United States. This way, there is more face, more room for strategic choices, and a higher status. And Europe has practical reasons for not being true and anti-China. First of all, the benefits of cooperation between the two parties cannot be replaced by the United States today, and the losses caused are fully paid for by themselves. Secondly, if China falls, it is certain that Europe will turn from a brother to a little brother. What’s more troublesome is that the risk of blindly following the United States is also skyrocketing. As the situation in the United States and abroad deteriorates, uncertainties are madly superimposed. Once China is unable to attack for a long time, the hungry United States will have more motivation to suck European blood. . Beixi No. 2 is the prelude. In recent years, the centrifugal force of France and Germany has grown stronger, and Europe’s motivation to increase autonomy has never been stronger than ever. It is just that Western vote politics is inherently unstable, not only procrastinating but also prone to repetition. Therefore, it is necessary to force him to speed up. In fact, there is no need to worry too much. The sanctions themselves do not hurt much, nor are they serious. If Europe is tamed again, a larger and deeper level of antagonism between China and Europe is foreseeable, and such sanctions will only be drizzle. If France and Germany really explode, the support will rise, and sanctions against a few passersby will not affect China-EU cooperation. The world has come, and careerists and surrenders have all appeared on the stage. Everyone must be clear that countries like China and the Soviet Union are not eligible for surrender. So it’s useless to be afraid, and even more useless to kowtow. As long as you don’t want to perish, you must survive this tribulation.

7 months ago

Learning Chinese culture makes the honest people anxious, and they will make big things happen. It is recommended to add a three-year review period to the sanctions. Those who do not change their minds after three years and re-behave should continue. The review will be conducted after five years and then for life. Let them experience what it means to be inexplicable family relatives and friends and professional pressure. Don’t shoot to death, maybe the effect is better? Let me add that if you are wrong, you can correct Kazakhstan. The main impact of China’s sanctions includes, but is not limited to: restrictions on any commercial activities: individuals, companies and organizations who want to do business with companies in China (including Hong Kong and Macau) and want to enter the Chinese market It can’t be involved with this product. To put it bluntly, doing business and finding a job are stuck. Restrictions for family and friends: unable to go to China (including Hong Kong and Macau), passport blacklist, visa stuck. To put it bluntly, don’t look at you making a fuss right now, are you done? You and your relatives and friends have lost all opportunities for Chinese holding companies to have business relations, including companies that China does not hold a controlling stake but have close contacts with Chinese companies. For example, Boeing, if you hire someone on the list as a consultant, sorry, the Chinese company and your tens of billions of orders will be directly cancelled, and Boeing will be solely responsible. Who dares? The question is, are there any large companies that China does not have a controlling stake and do not have business dealings with? For example, if you are discussing business with the owner of a European-style ramen restaurant in Europe, we can’t care about it…don’t forget, as well as your family.

7 months ago

It frees China to take on more responsibilities and contribute to world peace. 1. Do Europe and the United States like Muslims? I don’t like it. You Bu Jian Te Kaopu discriminates against Muslims, especially in Europe. 2. Do Europe and the United States like China? dislike! But they just like Chinese Muslims! Therefore, it is useless to reason with them. Since China can’t hide, don’t persuade, face it directly! 1. Alaska is tough with the United States, and the whole world is in an uproar. Before, no country dared to criticize the United States face to face, especially in the US! 2. Peer-to-peer sanctions against Europe! Tell Europe not to mess with me. 3. What will the Russian Foreign Minister do this time? I think it must not be a tourist. The Sino-Russian alliance is not built. We need money and money, military and military, and land and depth! Are you not NATO and Little NATO in Asia? So China and Russia are approaching. Actively attack and no longer passively defend. Which side do you defend from the United States? In 2021, China finally changed its strategy, from passive defense to active attack. The world enters a new pattern

7 months ago

The release of the signal that the evil deeds against the wicked will be followed to the end. With the cooling of globalization and the rise of national power, the mode of tolerance for the West will also be changed to a peer-to-peer mode. Director Yang’s “You are not qualified to say balabala” is a clear signal to the general manager of the West. love themselves as equal gentleman fraternity but the West this set is entirely based on the strength of the weak if you they’ll tear you rushed to swallow only you have the strength to beat it will serve his true equality will put on a suit with you “Elegantly” sit at the negotiating table with you and talk to each other. It’s important to know that political power is not only from the gun, but also from the gun.

7 months ago

China still relies on cooperation as the main theme. It occasionally beats over European politicians to prevent China’s internal affairs from fermenting in European politics. Everyone talks about the Xinjiang massacre or something to prevent the trend from spreading. Secondly, we must see that the European sanctions against China are not painful. It hurts the face if it is small, and it is not big if it is big. This sanction has nothing to do with economic issues, and has no impact on the business and technical exchanges of both parties. The sanctions imposed by a few officials and individuals have little impact compared with the entire world trade. Moreover, in theory, high-level Chinese officials should not open bank accounts abroad, have assets in Euros and US dollars, work in the country, earn renminbi wages, and their lives will not be affected by sanctions. Therefore, the effect of sanctions is also doubtful. Therefore, this European sanctions method should also be thoughtful. It was only after thinking about it that it came up with such a method that does not harm Sino-European trade at all, and can cause a sensation to the United States. This sanction is really far from the comprehensive financial and economic sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran. Is this an international version of “there are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom”? After the European sanctions, Canada, the United States and other countries immediately followed up. Obviously, this was a unified action in series. Europe was the first, the allies followed, and the boss was behind, and the momentum was huge. But when it comes to the impact on the bilateral economy, it may be a bit exaggerated to say 0, and there may be an economic impact of 0.000000001%. China’s sanctions are also totally different from the fact that they are stubborn and stab at Australia’s economic crisis. They will impose random sanctions on a few small parliamentary roles, and EU executives will not touch one of them, which means thunder. Big, little rain. So in this round, the performance of the two sides is a little bit more in nature. Of course, sanctioning these people also warns some European politicians not to always talk about China. Generally speaking, it is not very interesting. It feels that Europe does not cooperate with the United States, and it is only doing things that are contrary to yang and yin.

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