In the past two days, some French media and parliamentarians collectively besieged the Chinese Embassy and the Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye. The bottom line is that China and France are planning to organize a “Congress visit to Taiwan” by the French congressman and chairman of the “Taiwan Exchange and Research Group” of the Senate. The Chinese Embassy in France strongly opposes the fact that the spokesperson of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that he would not interfere with Richard’s activities. Scholar Bondaz applauded this in a tweet and said to the Chinese Embassy in France: Give you and your monsters a big kiss. The Chinese Embassy then posted Bondaz’s tweet on the embassy’s official Twitter, returning him a “little hooligan”.

The French media and some parliamentarians seized on this sentence and attacked the Chinese Embassy and Ambassador Lu Shaye’s “rule talk” and “wolf war diplomacy”, insulting French scholars and so on.

In response, the Chinese Embassy in France said: Diplomacy is about safeguarding national interests and image. If China’s national interests and image are threatened and damaged, our diplomats will rush to protect it.
Some people label us “wolf war diplomacy” for this. If there are really “wolves”, it is because there are too many “mad dogs” and too fierce, including some “mad dogs” dressed in academic and media cloaks that bite China wildly. Some people hope that China’s diplomacy is best to be “lamb diplomacy,” and that foreign attacks can be patient and quiet. Such an era is gone forever!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The term “War Wolf” has become a derogatory term in overseas anti-Chinese media, especially in Chinese-language media.

Wolf-War diplomacy has become a derogatory language specially given to China’s diplomatic model. As long as you don’t get bullied and cried secretly, you will be classified as Wolf-War diplomacy.

I don’t think let’s panic either. Starting from the trade war in 2018, we have gradually reversed the diplomatic style of “protest as soon as something goes wrong and give up as soon as a vote” and started to take a hard line.

In a sense, this route was not chosen by us, but as a rational choice made by the world’s second child who was targeted by the world’s boss.

The United States and the Western camp led by the United States will not sympathize with us, tolerate us, and understand us just because we are weak and self-defeating martial arts. They will only practice the traditional campus bullying model. The more we regress, the more they bully.

What’s wrong with Wolf Warrior?

A movie is about ordinary American routines. The Chinese are in danger overseas. Our army, our people, and our heroes have come to “protect our nationals in a reasonable way.” In the process, some troubles have been cleaned up. The long-eyed warlord also solved some local residents easily.

During the process, Secretary Dakang got up from the wheelchair and drew out the shotgun under the wheelchair. In order to protect the people of his country, he did not kill anyone who did not need to be killed, did not do anything that did not need to be done, and even helped the local people. Public security has played a positive role in promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. Isn’t that good?

Why didn’t the United States feel that there was a problem with so many locals when filming Sun Tear? When filming Mission Impossible, the Kremlin was blown up, and I didn’t think there was a problem.

War Wolf, it’s good.

Wolf Warriors diplomacy is also very good.

Of course, our diplomats prefer to use Kung Fu Panda to call ourselves, the focus is on Kung Fu, or the focus is on pandas, just waiting for them to taste.

As for saying that diplomats should be polite… This is simply an insult to the diplomatic profession…

Diplomats are people who use their lips and tongues as swords, backed by national power, and target national interests.

Let’s go further and say, Ban Chao, who was a diplomat back then, went to Loulan, and more than 30 people hacked to death the 100-person Xiongnu mission, and Ban Chao killed three by himself.

This is called antiquity.

Let’s get closer, Chen Jitong, a Chinese diplomat in the late Qing Dynasty.

In France, those who provoke China on the road did not hesitate to use French to curse. “I Know” magazine even made a special report for this, titled “The Son of Heaven Comes to the Earth”, and said that China is about to fall from a deep sleep. Waking up.

Now scold you the little hooligan, and add a small character in front of the hooligan, which is full of warmth like the little baby.

The French don’t understand history, strength, or diplomacy…

8 months ago

The Chinese Embassy called him a “little hooligan”. Is that wrong? In the past two days, some French media and parliamentarians collectively besieged the Chinese Embassy and the Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye. The bottom line is that the Chinese Embassy in France strongly opposed the French congressman and the chairman of the Senate “Taiwan Exchange and Research Group” Richard, who wanted to organize a “congress visit to Taiwan.” The French Foreign Ministry spokesperson stated that he would not interfere with Richard’s activities. French scholar Bondaz applauded this in a tweet and said to the Chinese Embassy in France: Give you and your monsters a big kiss. The Chinese Embassy then posted Bondaz’s tweet on the embassy’s official Twitter, returning him a “little hooligan”. The French media and some parliamentarians seized on this sentence and attacked the Chinese Embassy and Ambassador Lu Shaye’s “rule talk” and “wolf war diplomacy”, insulting French scholars and so on. Ambassador Lu Shaye (data map) asked, “Give you and your monsters a big kiss.” Is this a discussion? Is it the proper language of scholars? When did the French academic world degenerate into this? Isn’t it accurate to mock Bondaz with the term “little hooligan”? This guy Bondaz mainly studies China and the Korean Peninsula issues, but he always turns against China and he likes to show up on the Internet. For a period of time, he often touched porcelain with China’s affairs, and kept the heat away. If there is anything worth summarizing in the embassy’s response to him this time, it is probably not a “little hooligan” to define his behavior, but I am afraid that he has taken care of him. Such a rogue scholar would be crazy to see the Chinese embassy respond to him. They relied on such gains to increase their worth in the field of public opinion. Bondaz (data map) If a delegation of parliamentarians from France visit Taiwan, it will definitely damage Sino-French relations. In recent years, although French public opinion has made many unprovoked accusations against China, we have seen that France has avoided the mistakes it has made on the Taiwan issue and maintained its self-esteem to abide by the one-China policy. France is not the Czech Republic, and the Chinese have expectations that France will play its cards in accordance with the rules of a major country. At the same time, we also regard the French Parliament as part of the French official system, respect the influence of French parliamentarians, and do not confuse them with ordinary “public opinion leaders” in society. Anyone with official status has a responsibilities different from those of the private sector. If parliamentarians can act at will to act against France’s official foreign policy and harm China’s interests, then they will modify the Chinese people’s constitutional function of the French Parliament. Awareness of influence. In today’s turbulent world, China and France have maintained good relations on the whole, forming a mutually beneficial and win-win situation. But we know that there are some radicals in France who want to be more of a show, by responding to the extreme US policy toward China to find Beijing trouble to brush their sense of existence. They put all separatist forces that interfere in China’s internal affairs and support China into the basket of “political freedom” and “freedom of speech,” and label China’s opposition as “coercion” and “undermining freedom.” This is not only a double standard, but also a typical political rogue style. In a civilized country like China that values ​​”doing what you don’t want to do to others”, I believe everyone will see Bondaz’s tweets as “rogue scholars.” After so many unreasonable troubles, the Chinese Embassy returned the two French words “little hooligan”, and it was met with a new wave of attacks. In an article published on Sunday, the Chinese Embassy in France questioned: Can’t France even blaspheme God? The President of the United States used the term “killer” to attack Putin, but how could he not see French “just” media and scholars accusing him? We believe that this ridicule is justified. China’s policy has always been that the extremist forces in France have come up with new variables for organizing congressmen’s visits to Taiwan. They are crossing the line, but the Chinese embassy is not allowed to speak. Where do those extremist forces in Paris come from being arrogant towards China? Do they think today is still 100 years ago? Ask them to have more self-esteem, and don’t humiliate the French civilization that the Chinese have long admired and respected.

8 months ago

The matter itself was provoked by them, and we just responded with great restraint; it was obviously that they themselves said very roguely, “give you and your demonized people a big kiss.” The Chinese just replied with great restraint, “Little “Rogue” is the only word. Their god logic is that they can play as hooligan at will. But if we dare to expose the truth that they are hooligan, we will insult them.

8 months ago

A movie can trigger the sensitive nerves of the French. “Wolf Warrior” is a movie for other countries. For France, it is their last pride. On the 50th anniversary of the “African Year of Independence” in 2010, 13 African countries sent troops to participate in the French National Day military parade. 12 African heads of state became special guests. The French president was surrounded by these African heads of state. The media all over the world expressed the same sentiment: “Does France want to tell the world that it is the parent of Africa?” France’s influence in Africa is much greater than that of the United States. The political system and judicial system of many African countries have followed France, and even partially copied them. The official language of many countries is French, and many schools use French textbooks. In recent years, China’s power in Africa has grown by leaps and bounds. In recent years, China has used China to cultivate weak African countries that were once considered poor and hopeless for a lifetime into powerful African countries. The French strategy is to hope that Africa will remain poor. Many countries within the French sphere of influence have been poor for decades and have continued civil wars. All this is the result of French rule. In Africa, China’s methods are well-respected. This makes France have huge economic interests in African countries, and China scares the capital groups that possess economic interests. The French have been sluggish from the Second World War to the present. They have to be independent and use American wings to protect themselves. This wave of the United States has taken the lead in containing China. These French capital groups have found the opportunity to attack China for their own interests, and Taiwan has become their best. Of chess pieces. These anti-China scholars are just barking dogs raised by the capital group. The master hurried out to speak for the master when something happened. The French Strategic Research Foundation used Fang Fang’s diary to attack China many times during the new official pneumonia last year. The foundation usually debates strategies for France and spreads French ideas abroad. This foundation is the arena of various capitals. The French government has an ambiguous attitude towards China. The United Nations needs China, but its territory was invaded by China. Vietnam in the 1950s is an indelible memory of the French. However, in the face of the crowd, those capitals only have interests in their eyes, and they dared to scream twice because of China’s recent organized and premeditated siege by the United States. A country stung by the movie still looks so weak.

8 months ago

First of all, Western anti-China media and individuals already know that every China is the code of wealth. Just like the current domestic boxing, it is a means of making money and making a living. Scholars are so down that they need to engage in ideology to survive, and life for the French is not easy. And the response of the Chinese Embassy in France will give this person more exposure. He will use this matter to blow it up, thinking it is affirmation of his efforts to fight against China, and the word “little gangster” is not enough to kill. force. But no matter what, the so-called scholar’s remarks are actually a brain-dead attack that pulls you into the line. If you look at him, you lose. Therefore, instead of an official response, it is possible to use foreign navy forces to hack him. Cyber ​​violence is also possible. What’s more, the content of cyber violence doesn’t need to be his ideology, his private life can do anything, anyway, it’s nothing good to offend China, and you can’t find direct evidence, war wolf diplomacy? I’m not scolding you for being anti-Chinese. I’m scolding you for physical defects and personal attacks. What’s wrong? Can you still smash your phone with a French stick? Or is it lying on the ground and leaping open mouth and spit out the tongue to get the flies flying out of the toilet of the embassy in France? Or is it to find a woman to hide in her arms and cry? Then find a dwarf and beg him to help you scold him back?

8 months ago

In November 1932, the editorial department of the well-known periodical “Oriental Magazine” launched a call for papers to “seeking a New Year’s dream”. The activity received positive responses from intellectuals and a large number of submissions. The “New Year’s Dream” manuscripts are divided into two categories: “Dreams of China” and “Dreams of Personal Life”. Participating in the talk about “Dream of China” was particularly active, with more than 100 people contributing articles. There are many celebrities from all walks of life, such as Mao Dun, Lao She, Xu Beihong, and Liu Yazi. The contributors expressed their views on the theme of future China. In January 1933, “Oriental Magazine” published in Volume 30 No. 1 as a special issue of “New Year’s Dream”. Shi Zhecun, editor-in-chief of “Modern” magazine, wrote: “The future China in my dream is exactly the same as what every ordinary citizen dreams of! It is a peaceful country, prosperous and prosperous. The people are comfortable, saying There is an old saying: “Hee Xi is like a spring. “Chinese people are not underestimated when they go to foreign countries. When foreigners come to China, let us dare to scream “foreign devils”-you know, sir, we don’t dare to swear now.” The origin of this incident is a group of France. The congressmen intend to visit Taiwan, the sacred territory of our country, to “cheer and cheer” the Taiwan independence forces.

8 months ago

To be honest, this so-called “scholar” is a stinky gou shi. It was France who pulled this one out at your door. If you don’t clean it up, this shi dangles in front of your eyes and disgusts you. When you clean it up, they laugh at you and even step on it. Shi is also very happy that someone stepped on me. To put it bluntly, it is a dogged situation, because it is the owner of the dog that we can’t manage now. So the other side now disgusts you with such small means, and there is no good way for you to take the other side. So it’s good to exercise yourself. The road is tortuous and the future is bright. When you become stronger, you can fight with people and dogs.

8 months ago

These white people, on the one hand, started wars, economic colonization, abused prisoners of war, massacred the poor, and burned, looted and looted the craftsmanship. On the other hand, he claims to be an ambassador for human rights, a pioneer in environmental protection, and democracy and freedom, as if he is the embodiment of love and peace, and the things his country does have nothing to do with him. Oh, without the bloody wealth plundered by imperialism in the Third World, can you have a good day of high welfare every day? Can the French casually accuse and slander other people’s “monsters”? Hundreds of years have passed, and these white people are still like this. It is really shameful to stand up and stand up again.

8 months ago

This wave of anti-China turmoil in Europe is actually a conspiracy in Europe to cooperate with the high-level economic and trade negotiations between the United States and the United States. Europe’s cautious thinking is to ask for directions. If China is forced by the joint pressure of Europe and the United States to compromise and seek peace with the United States, Europe will inevitably demand a share of the pie. The monks can touch it. I can’t touch it? And with China as America’s main competitor, America’s threat to Europe in the Trump era will inevitably relax. The game of international relations affects the whole body, just like when China lost the first Opium War, to the second Opium War, the rising star of the European Union France and England looted together; before the Sino-Japanese War of Sino-Japanese War broke out, the West It was an attitude of acquiescence and wait-and-see. When China lost to Japan, the great powers could see through the Qing Westernization Movement’s actual foreign powers. The Qing Dynasty was rotten to its roots and belonged to Adou that could not be supported. Eastern talents depended on the West in the Far East to counterbalance Russia. Since then, the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded China…..So in response to this wave of Europe and the United States joining hands to check and balance China, we have no way out. Once the two wolves are allowed to bite the bloody freshness here in China Meat, the pack of wolves will inevitably attack me. To deal with the siege of the pack of wolves, the best strategy is to catch the wolf who took the trouble first and hit it hard with a stick, so that the pack of wolves will naturally disperse. If China does not allow the two to gain any benefits in one step against the strategic linkage between Europe and the United States, and still eats a lot of money, then the Sino-US Economic and Trade Forum will not be able to achieve a good Warring States period in favor of me, and Europe’s attitude towards China will be good. There will be a great improvement. Believe that with the protracted game between China and the United States, Europe and the United States are not monolithic, the contradictions and differences between the two sides will inevitably increase day by day, and the cost of conspiracy will continue to rise. The final result is where to go and where to go. . This is probably what the old man Taizu said back then by struggling to seek cooperation and struggling to promote unity, because blindly retreating did not achieve the desired effect. In modern Manchu and Qing Dynasty a series of betrayal of national rights and tiger skins, stealing chickens will not be eroded. Mi’s Sao operation is a lesson from the past!

8 months ago

The term “little hooligans” is very interesting. Where there are hooligans, there are big hooligans. To put it bluntly, the French school club named Jieshibang is a little boy, and to scold him as a little hooligan is to scold the big hooligans behind him. Hey, I just kicked your dog in front of you! Keeping a dog without a leash is equivalent to walking the dog. Just ask, if you don’t take shit to disgust us, can we kick your dog? What “give you and your monsters a big kiss…”, yin and yang are weird, Zhu Bajie reads the newspaper fake and gentle. Anyway, the West is trying to find ways to disgust us. Recently, China and the United States have been arguing about the Taiwan Strait issue. The Frenchman of the chicken thief is here to increase the heat, improve the sense of existence, and flaunt the image of the so-called guardian. I hope the black brothers in West Africa will live hard, work harder, and turn the Gaul cock into the Gaul black chicken as soon as possible.

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