To be honest, I am an IG fan. You can basically give up any expectations for the current IG’s playoffs. Just as XUN said in the interview after the game. Ye Fu’s experience is still too shallow, and many bad habits developed in LDL need to be solved urgently. In the eyes of many old oilers in LPL, they really look like two pieces of blank paper. Although the two big brothers (rookie and theshy) of the IG team are very good, they are not “leader-type players” who can help their teammates improve. Coincidentally, IG’s current coach Alone has always been with LDL before. LPL’s coaching experience is really too shallow, and it is difficult for him to help new players improve himself-he has struggled to improve himself. At this point, Bo and Beichuan are much luckier. Steak is an experienced old coach. Although the mid laner doinb is not a good person, as a “leader-type player”, he can quickly help his teammates improve. The strength of the five players who are currently starting is not bad. If they are in perfect condition, IG’s current lineup is likely to compete for tickets to the World Championship. But it’s not working yet, far from it. Theshy finally picked up his warrior hero at the end of the season, and the level of recovery was quite obvious. It seems that xun has begun to find the correct way to open the current IG. When he leaves the leopard girl Lilia he is familiar with, he can take out more rhythmic jungle, but he needs to improve. Rookie is still the mid laner benchmark for grazing and milking. The record in the regular season is still leading in various statistics-although visible to the naked eye, the number of deaths in team battles is much more than before. Puff’s laning ability has declined more severely (in fact, I think his laning ability decline may be a problem with skateboarding shoes. I think he doesn’t have any problems with laning as long as he doesn’t take the skateboarding shoes…), but the team fights to find a position. The ability has improved, holding the hole card of Aphelios, he is competitive in the LPL bot lane. Lucas’s temporary presence is not strong enough. Compared with all aspects, it is relatively mediocre, and there is still a lot of room for improvement. As a team that can play Three Kingdoms in the bottom lane (3AD, 3 assist), the bottom lane starter competition is very fierce. Wink sat in the starting line for more than a month and was quickly lifted by puff. After solving the problem of player performance, the next step is the command of the team. The current IG must choose a main commander as soon as possible. Whether it’s xun, puff or lucas, there must be someone who can quickly improve his decision-making ability. The good rookie doesn’t like commanding, and he doesn’t want to talk outside the basic communication of theshy. Rookie and theshy are top fighters, but they need someone to assist them in making decisions outside of their own experience. The next step is BP… In fact, Alone didn’t feel so stretched when he was coaching at LDL. The changes in the environment may have brought too much pressure on him. I really don’t understand why IG can be so strong on the weird, fault-tolerant double C of Syndra + Calista… If you choose, you lose, and if you lose, you still choose. If you don’t give the bottom road, you have to go on the road. Isn’t this torture yourself? Or does it mean that their skate shoes really work well during training games? ? I really don’t understand… anyway.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Don’t ask any more about the prospects of the ig playoffs. Today’s other game is between rng and ra. In the second game of the bo3 game, which one is not better than ig. The painful expression of the wolf line makes sense. He can choose Thain-the blue side chooses the meat tank top lane can not be said to be very good, but also can not be wrong. But as a top order, he is bound to consider how to limit the output of the opponent’s back row. Then he looked at the lineup and found that he could not limit it. Not only will you be countered when you are laning, but you can only be beaten purely when you fight in groups. v5 lost the deciding game today. I think half of the reason is the problem of the coach. You can not target the Centaur or Riel, but you can’t put both the Centaur and Riel to each other without the ban cannon. How to restrict such small artillery. Both the ig side are very effective against the ban-Qinggangying and the crocodile suppressed the possibility of the wolf’s sudden face. Look at the czar of ig, who chose Thain’s wolf line. This can only stand as a 3000+ blood object in the team battle. Whether he can survive depends on his double-c’s failure. But at this time v5 is not without other options. When I saw that ig chose a double-c like Xiaojiao and the Tsar, the plane selected by Jess and the fifth floor v5 may not be able to break the game. Although the Wolves’ Jace spring game record is not convincing enough, although the winning percentage is 66.7%, but the two wins are against lgd and blg, and there is a counter of ts on the fifth floor, but no matter what, the loss is the last game. Now, why not fight it?

7 months ago

At the end of the fight, Ji Fan mastered another craft, and Sichuan Opera changed its face. Barrage, “recommend to investigate carefully” in the first second, “change Wink”, and “relieve misunderstanding” in the next second, and “super bubble”. “All came back” in the first second, “go back again” in the second, “shy shy shy” in the first second, “41 grasp 41 grasp” in the second second, “Always believe in Song Yijin” in the first second, and “eyes” in the next second. There’s no room in it.” “Song Yijin by the Wall”, although the final five kills won the game, IG fans should not be able to really rest assured. The IG team’s state fluctuated too much, the first one beat through the opponent, the second one was beaten again. A perfect team can be played in the first second, and then sent back the next second. The communication within the team is obviously not smooth, and they often play their own teams. Teammates TP support, teammates turn around and withdraw. Although it can enter the playoffs, the gap between IG and the first echelon team is obvious. Then, can the summer game be adjusted back?

7 months ago

Last season’s performance of brother shy made me a black fan. Basically, I was playing with long hands. Many people were complaining about him playing more long hands, and he would not play with serious heroes. This season even questioned him as a top laner, and the Alligators would not play. As a result, shy really showed off his hero sea in the second half of the spring split. But bp is still a big problem. I turned off the live broadcast and waited for the next game as soon as the Syndra and skate shoes came out. Buying 800 bottom lanes to permutate and combine is not as good as buying a good coach.

7 months ago

ig’s top laner plays with the crocodile bug. . . rng top single to play small cannon Obama. . . Didn’t the two teams have traded? I said that the puff team didn’t talk about it. Why can IG get down the lane and have the inferior laning and the Sindra and the Spear of Vengeance. It’s fine if you choose one, you Choose two. That spear of revenge was not chosen except for the top dog. Is the small cannon not fragrant, or the Xia, Verus can’t play this version, Aphelios, Jinx, Xia, Kai’Sa, the small cannon, and the puff of Velus is not better than the spear of revenge, the key is You choose a spear of revenge that can’t hold people down. Why do you choose him? IG should learn how to play with RNG. The first one played xun crazy, IG won very simply, and the second one didn’t care (partly because TS played too aggressively, not all blame xun), IG lost. The third TS sacrificed himself to protect the bottom lane. It was not TS that the tpIG bottom lane had collapsed. The last wave of TS created a good output environment for the small artillery. Xun can really learn how to protect wei, or if you protect which way, you can carry out this idea, and you will always protect which way. Don’t always think about taking care of it. There is no advantage in the last way. I don’t think there’s really much to say about IG’s bp. You can play anything on the road. Support, Thresh, Bullhead, Female Tank, Riel choose one of the top five choices on the ad, then mid laner, clockwork yellow chicken first choice, Victor Cards and so on are reserved. The jungler chooses a leopard girl who can bring rhythm and start a team, such as Roma Udir, Lilia, and Xun’s leopard girl. Don’t worry about you, Syndra, skate shoes

7 months ago

In fact, ig played very badly in many places, but the opposite v5ad played more general, the wolf line was really weak. The shy was a little bit worse, and the third choice, Saien, didn’t have much chance to stand against the sky alone. Changed my fate, so I lost in the end. The coach of ig, I have endured a spring game without spraying, but I can’t bear the second bp today. What kind of rubbish bp can choose the hero with the bottom of the two versions of skateboard shoes and Syndra in winning percentages with the counter counter? I really doubt whether he bought 2:1. Well, not so mindless guessing. Just when you want to practice the lineup, you can, but it is difficult to win if the two heroes choose one at random. You still choose together, and the skateboard shoes are not even possible to swing. Is it the bp of a normal person? ig’s current staffing is average and the tactical coaching staff is average. It’s a level that can make it into the playoffs (it happens to be 10 teams this year). Everyone is in the mood to watch a game between rookie and the shy. Look at it. To add a digression, the last 10 minutes of today’s barrage are all face-changing, super bubble! Once again, this puff really doesn’t work, and then another super bubble, it seems that puff is about to master the jkl’s way of playing with the audience. Let me add some cold knowledge, ig usually never 5 kills, the last adc with 5 kills, almost didn’t play in the second year.

7 months ago

Today’s second Syndra skate shoe. I thought I was watching a video. Wouldn’t you even think that taking a five kills will be washed away, right? This puff outputs the final five kills under the crotch of the big bug. A tuo on the line, ts insects lost the line and tp secured, it is not that ts exploded the line early. In the end, the insects were meaty enough to resist four Kai’sas flying in and sending them, and the whole ig was hurt and there was no pressure output behind the big insects, so he took the five kills. It was quite satisfactory and lost the iron war criminal. “I’m weaker than the opponent? Pick me Calista!” It’s almost the same.

7 months ago

Although puff took a five kill, but, I still have to say, this is too weak in the early stage of the road, right? No matter what combination is selected, when the bottom lane is at level 1 and level 2, it is bound to be pushed. When ig was on wink, it was okay, but when on puff, it really didn’t have the right to the line in the early stage of the bottom road, whether it was skateboarding shoes or the hammer, no matter who it was facing. The priority of the bot lane is not low, or is it really just that the two-player pairing time is too short and unfamiliar?

7 months ago

To be honest, the game is not too ideal. After all, v5 is not a three-family game. Ig’s playoffs are difficult and difficult. First of all, the problem of bp, the sewer sister flower, really lost the top road, these games can be said to be blood C, in Before the jungler came, they all pressed the knife. They were able to fight and protect the middle lane. Unfortunately, the performance in these games is not as good as before. I have to admit that the broiler, the hero is late? How to put it, it has been so many years, if in the end ig loses, the most sad person is himself, C has been for so many years. . . Eh. In the jungle, the newcomer’s running-in is a problem. The performance is actually okay, but there is no need to insist on the bottom lane. To tell the truth about the bottom lane, it is better to help the top team and the bottom team to play together. Bottom road, puffs, alas, I don’t know how to say it, the third cannon is actually not too ideal. Tianfei made two mistakes in the opening game. With such a big advantage, he can still struggle with v5. The middle lane is only 1v2, and he jumps in the face to eat q. , This advantage was brought down from the road, and it was brought up by Nakano desperately. (Of course, there is also a broiler pot in it. The performance of the broiler is indeed not very good. Double C lacks 1) Auxiliary. In fact, I think Lucas is good. The operation has highlights and not many mistakes. Comparing the Royal Blue is simply a perfect support. Hey, as a trident fan, my requirements for puffs are indeed unfair and too strict, but remember, ig is the champion team, and the previous ad of ig is Ah Shui. The current performance and data of puffs are indeed all Not ideal, if you want to be a qualified ig ad, blasting against weak teams, 55 open against strong teams is the most basic requirement, now there is a big problem with the line in the early stage.

7 months ago

You know, don’t have any hope for ig. 1. ig is really the king of mischievous food. Even the lng who is close to them can lose. Edg and jdg are now in a warmer state. There are really so many dishes in the playoffs. Let ig abuse? Or in other words, looking at the ranking now, ig is the most dish in it? 2. bp, it is not clear whether it is the player’s demon or the coach’s game, that is, in the middle, there is nothing to worry about that Syndra, why do you choose skateboarding shoes on the next road? These two versions of poison have not eaten enough, right? These two choose a bp who don’t want to win. Ig often make both at the same time? Even if there is no Czar’s Clockwork, the mid laner’s demon’s left wing, and the lower Kasha Xia Xiaopao Jinxi, are they not fragrant? 3. A shot-to-death anchor once said that in the previous game wei told the jungler that he could win by catching it, but the jungler of ig still wouldn’t copy. I really don’t mean anything else (don’t wear the hat of filial piety all the time). You are now such a pressure line play. Xiaohu has proved that the pressure line play is useful. Then why does xun not guarantee it? Canyon relativity, if you can get on a hunger strike in exchange for a hunger strike on the opposite side of the jungle or a top order hunger strike, you are equivalent to not having a hunger strike (RNG wei). Can you learn it? Can you copy it? 4. If you say S9, there is still the spirit of winning the championship, S10 has the afterglow of the peak sunset, S11’s ig really has nothing. Look at the teamfights that were fought. It was entirely probabilistic teamfights. The mid laner had a golden figure, the shooter did not die suddenly, and the top laner did not suddenly fall ill. There was a teamfight. Otherwise, it is the miracle team with 0 win rate (kp e-sports data) in the ig team battle last week? How long ago was it?

7 months ago

How to put it, after watching the previous RNG and RA games, you will find that these two games are not of the same grade, especially the PUFF on the AD side can be beaten like that by Trigger… and IG inexplicably likes Syndra and Calista, these two heroes are not easy to use in this version. Many previous games can prove it. Let’s tell the truth with IG and want to go a little further in the playoffs. Looking at the current team situation, we will play around the top road. It’s better that the broiler’s state is unstable, and the bottom road is awkward and developed. It’s better to win from the top road. It’s the PUFF cannon. The third one is five kills and it is brilliant, but it still gives a few waves of very deadly opportunities. In the season, especially in the back teams, a lot of newcomers came. Although their performance at the beginning was extremely outrageous, they have improved a lot in recent games. The summer game should be a little better, at least not so outrageous.

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