Once, they promised to give me three billion, but to endure the torture of being chased by snails and cockroaches every day, I agreed without hesitation; once, they promised to give me ten million and let me open my friend’s leg. With one shot, my friend and I happily signed an agreement after ten minutes of discussion; once, they promised to give me 80,000 yuan to make Xiao Zhan a superstar, I handed out the QR code without thinking; however, the main topic Give me sixty million, and I hesitated just to pay for not seeing the moon for the rest of my life. There are many beautiful things in life. The brilliance of the morning glow, the crimson of the sunset, the clarity of the sky, the freshness of the flower clusters, etc., all have their own colors. Merely losing a monotonous and boring moon does not seem to be a big deal. I told myself that. And what can 60 million do? With this 60 million, I can buy a sea-view house in a small city, and then drive a decent luxury car. The remaining money is deposited in the bank, which is also a lot of income. Or, you can open a small bookstore on the side of the street, squat behind the counter and read novels every day, and one day raise your head and suddenly collide with the innocent girl buying a book, and then experience a good time. I can also provide financial support to my favorite animation community, I can empty the steam wish list without hesitation, and I can occasionally give my favorite games krypton 648. With these 60 million, I no longer have to face the heavy pressure of life, I can try to learn painting from the beginning, I can learn the guitar that I want, and I can play against the empty night sky when others are still worrying about their livelihoods. Sing freely. This is the life I long for, and just throwing away the moon that I don’t have time to see on weekdays can exchange for such a wonderful life. Who doesn’t want to do such a great thing? But I still hesitate. Why am I hesitating? Does the moon mean to me? Are there jade rabbit and Chang’e on the moon? Is there Wu Gang who cut trees? There is a hammer. The bare, pitted lonely planet, I wish it would disappear from my sight. What a shit moon! Go ahead! Go ahead! Get out of my sight! Get out of my mind! I-I am going to meet my 60 million people, the life I dream of! My mind kept flashing through pictures, luxurious decoration, exquisite packaging, diamond-encrusted goblet with a half glass of sunset, the beautiful woman in my arms, and the spirited self in the mirror. Then there is the moon, the cold moon, and the bright white moonlight falling all over the ground. Lingering. On the sixpence street, he raised his head and saw the moonlight. This is the moon, my moon. Turning my back to the light of the fire, I walked towards the radiance and took a breath. The air was full of 60 million yuan and the burnt smell of dream life. Stepping into the moonlight, I gently closed my eyes. Opened again. Mine, my moon. She is so beautiful, intoxicating, fascinating. No word in the world is enough to describe her beauty. I saw. My moon. My eyes are moist. It’s a pity, this is my last moon.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Don’t have too many people who promised. It’s just that the moon can’t be seen and it’s not that the moon disappears. How many people can look up at the moon on a moonlit night? Most people don’t even know how many days of this month they see the moon. Many people have no chance to not see the moon, either the time is wrong, the work is too tired, or the sky is too gray. Sixty million, this is at least one billion people can’t make money without eating or drinking for hundreds of lives. Many people have seen the moon anyway. Contented in this life. Give me money quickly. The heart has a month, the month is at ease.

6 months ago

There are probably only two small groups of people who don’t agree: 1. Li Bai-people regard the moon as a sustenance of their ideals in life, and they are free and easy of “An Neng ruining the eyebrows and bowing to the rich and powerful, making me unhappy”. 2. Researching the moon for many years, replacing astronomers with a project whose sinking cost is more than 60 million cash. I guess at least the level of Changjiang Scholar in China. Moreover, for most astronomers, if they really can’t see the moon, people might still be willing to pay for the subject. Those who study celestial bodies in the Milky Way dislike the celestial bodies in the solar system as interference; those who study extragalactic galaxies dislike the celestial bodies in the Milky Way are interference; those who detect cosmic background radiation dislike the above are all interference; these three groups of astronomers in different directions have a consensus. It is the moonlight that is the biggest disturbance. Spending part of the scientific research funding for an observation environment without moonlight is a matter of business.

6 months ago

60 million yuan, a one-off payment, within three days from the day when the two parties reached an agreement and signed a friendly negotiation, if the payment is overdue, 1.5 per thousand per day will be paid as a liquidated damage, and a guarantee equal to 60 million yuan will be provided or have the ability to guarantee Of the natural persons to carry out joint guarantees. I will not take the initiative to see the moon. If I see it passively or accidentally, human factors and other factors cause me to have a date with the moon, it is not within this appointment. The payer or requester must ensure that the moon stays away from the recipient and the promiser’s field of vision, and must not disguise the moon to appear in violation of the recipient’s perception, otherwise the recipient shall not bear any legal liability and liability for breach of contract. If there is a dispute, the two parties can settle the dispute amicably. If the settlement fails, they can file a lawsuit in the court where the payee is located, including but not limited to litigation fees, preservation fees, attorney fees, travel expenses, and accidental appraisal fees when the moon appears, etc., which will be borne by the payer, and Give up any right of defense.

6 months ago

This question is very unrealistic! Let me guess: 1. The subject has not entered the society and has no idea about 60 million; 2. The subject may not be rich, otherwise he will not choose one of the two; 3. The subject is estimated to be a student, it is estimated to be a young scholar . Only Xiao Wenqing can infinitely increase the value of an objective vision, and the subject knows too little about the content. In general, this question is too naive and unrealistic. Some people often discuss on Zhihu: “Spend 2 million to let you go to 985 University, would you like it?” or “Which one would you choose for the 10 million or Qingbei admission notice?” You actually asked me which one would I choose for 60 million or Moon? Don’t you see, can some people sell blood and kidneys to support their families? A broken moon, if you don’t look at it, you don’t look at it. Basically, there is no loss. Besides, 60 million is for nothing. Do you know the concept of 60 million? According to Hurun’s latest survey data, 60 million assets are enough to make you enter the top 1% of Chinese in an instant. How many people can’t afford a house or a car. They even have problems with meals. They live in a dark basement or even in a snail cage. You give me a broken moon to talk about things. The sentiment is worthless in the face of survival. ! Today, I saw a big V who said “Introduction to everybody is self-hypnosis”. The content of that big V probably means: It’s fine for ordinary people to lie flat, don’t scroll. Anyway, it is also a win or a win. It’s okay. What he meant was that the emotional guys involve to live a rich life, wrong, most people involve just to live, far from a decent life! People in the middle and upper classes are really not worth the hardships of the people at the bottom! It hasn’t been a few days since the B station UP passed away! Many people like to blame the internal scrolls on a certain group of strugglers. They are very wrong. Such cognitive deviations are mainly because many people can’t distinguish the relationship between the individual and the whole. I have already analyzed the reasons for the internal volume: On the one hand, China has a large population, and there is a steady supply of workers, including highly educated workers. That is to say, no matter what kind of game, there are many gamers participating in the competition. This is not the main reason. The fundamental reason is that market demand has shrunk and society has not provided enough jobs for the majority of workers. Especially in recent years, the real economy of our country has seen a visible decline, which has intensified the degree of involution. The main reason for involution is not because of too many talents, but because of insufficient supply. In the final analysis, the cause of involution is not caused by individuals (it is a pity that many people are limited to individuals or how shallow they are), but are caused by certain irresistible factors in the entire society. I wrote an article about “The Era of Internal Volumes, Thoughts on the Relationship between Individuals and the Whole” at the end of last year and shared it on the public account “Wukong Shinnosuke”. Zhihu also shared it, but it was interspersed and shared under certain issues. Going back to the story of the moon and 60 million, it is really romantic and literary. 60 million is much better than the moon! Spend tens of millions to buy a Cullinan, with a “starlight top decoration”. You can watch the meteor shower every night, draw the curtains, and even watch the meteor shower during the day. This is not more tuned than the broken moon. Moreover, space travel can also be expected. Isn’t spending tens of millions to go to the moon more exciting than seeing the moon? Besides, on the value level, how many people can 60 million help? You have a lifeless life, and your peak can reach the 60 million level? PS: Hey, when did I have my own Cullinan!

6 months ago

During my Ph.D. study, it was the bright moon that accompanied me countless times through the long nights. Sometimes when I read a book late at night, I don’t feel tired when I see the moon is still on.
This month should be a scholar, the frosty dew will never turn off the light.
Where are you willing to exchange her for money?

6 months ago

Asking this kind of question… Generally, it is to prove that money or ideals/morality/time/security is more precious… Think about it, ask if you can see the moon, give money or education, which one do you want? …This is ideal. Press the button to give money, the price is a random death… Give the money, the price is one minute of disappearing time… Give the money, there will be a snail to kill you every day! Well, they are just so idle…like to ask this kind of sand sculpture question…what should I do? Then you have to use the situation outside the field to defeat them… He asks you-give money, and the cost is to die a random person… He asks about the morals of the masses, and you are about the morals of the minority, and say: No! What if it is my parents who die? He was in a hurry: it won’t be your parents! It won’t be all your relatives, it won’t be someone you know! Over time, you will find that he just wants to prove that someone is willing to give up public morality for money. He asks you-give money at the price of a snail chasing you down! What he asks is ideal, you use wisdom! He just said: “Ah! I will flee to the end of the world!” “Find a way to kill the snail…” “Fly to refresh and run away!” He was anxious: refreshed every day! Every time you will be within five kilometers of you, undead and hacking, undead, and will penetrate all obstacles! Over time, you will find that he just wants to prove that someone is willing to give up the sense of security for money. So… he asks you: If you give you 60 million, at the cost of not seeing the moon for the rest of your life, will you agree? What he asked was a dream—you just use a sense of security: In case you said “Blind my eyes, I can’t see the moon, then I can’t see it.” He was anxious: “No. ! It’s just that you can’t see the moon, your eyes are good!” Then you use the public morals: “What if you make the moon disappear so that I can’t see the moon! Then the moon disappears, and the gravity disappears.” , The earth’s autobiography has accelerated, causing frequent volcanoes and earthquakes!” He was anxious: “No! It’s just that you can’t see it. The moon won’t affect the earth!” “Can I look at photos?” “Photo videos?” In the game, there is no moon anymore!” “My parents like to watch the moon!” “Your parents can see it!” … After this round, you firmly said: “If what you say is true , Then I can accept the price of not seeing the moon for the rest of my life for 60 million!” He cried, and said distressedly: “Look! He gave up his dream for money! Mankind! Fallen!”

6 months ago

On the street full of six pence, how many people looked up at the moonlight leisurely? Besides, all things grow by the sun. Sixty million can make you no longer need to stare at sixpence. Having the moon in your heart and hope is the most important thing. This question is basically a one-sided choice of 60 million, because we are all ordinary people, we will not idealistically hold high the banner of “romantic to death”, and no longer have time to sing the ancient famous line about the moon: ” I don’t know the moon when I am young, so I call it a white jade plate.” “A bright moon is born on the sea, and the horizon is at this time.” “The moon does not drink, but the shadow disciples follow me.” For pennies and the moon, I chose six pennies. There was a trace of sadness in my heart, but was quickly overwhelmed by ecstasy.

6 months ago

You gave me this 60 million, and I am ashamed. I hold it! How about this? You give me 2 million, and I will not watch the stars for life. The pictures on the Internet are not my own. 1.5 million, bought on demand. The daily income is nearly 200 yuan, which is 6000 yuan a month. With an income of 6,000 yuan a month, “Zhihu Universe” is simply the poor among the poor, the diaosi among the diaosi. But the reality of the universe other than the open knowledge universe has exceeded the income of ordinary people. 60 million! The questioner estimated that 60 million should be very small, right? What is the common situation among young people now? I think sixty to seventy million or even one billion to one billion are very few. However, it is very difficult for them to withdraw 10,000 to 20,000 immediately. Young people are generally poor. Without relying on parents, complete financial independence is really only a few people can do. 60 million, that is real money! For the vast majority of people in China, that is an astronomical number! There are more young people going online, and seeing the bigwigs tens of billions, hundreds of billions of investment. Gradually desensitization. Gradually, I thought that when I watched this kind of elite commercial news, I would be with these elite rich people. They are the same people. Just like a sentence in “House of Cards”: Many people approach power and mistakenly believe that they have power. Seeing more news about Liu Qiangdong and Musk, you think you are the same person as them? Get down to earth! This problem is too low quality.

6 months ago

Do not agree for the time being. Because I tried to reason with the turtle soup thinking. The price was that I couldn’t see the moon for the rest of my life. There were four situations: 1. I died before dark. 2. I was imprisoned for life in a secret room without electronic equipment. 3. The end of the world is coming. 4. The comment area reminds (I’m blind and can’t cure it). Human life, freedom, future, and health are priceless. You can’t have money and spend your life. For people who are truly world-weary, 60 million is not attractive anymore.

6 months ago

“The Moon and Sixty Million” I walked out of the building with a check of 60 million, and my friend’s car was at the door. He asked me nervously, “Is it promised?” I nodded, “Get in the car and say it again.” My friend drove. The car, carrying me quickly away from the building, seemed to be afraid that they would chase it out. Friend: “What on earth did he propose, it can be worth 60 million?” My face is serious: “Well… it’s not a harsh condition, right.” Friend: “Well, as agreed, I won’t ask. We should Follow the agreement, right?” I smiled: “Don’t worry, I promised you one million, and I will transfer it to you in a while.” My friend also smiled: “I know you are friends enough. Tonight. How do you want to celebrate? If you need, I can push Nana away.” Me: “That’s not good, where are you going tonight?” Friend: “Moonlight Castle, she has been clamoring to go, but you know, over there The cost is very high, and the ticket is only 150. But the lighting effect is really amazing, and there are high-power astronomical telescopes, it is said that you can see the big pits on the moon, which are clearer than the pits on my face. How about? Would you like to talk to us? Together?” I froze for a moment, and then smiled bitterly: “Forget it, I still don’t bother you.” Friend: “Alright. I think if we can make Nana happy tonight, maybe we might… hehe, I bought a whole box of passion packs, 12 of them. I love the moon!” I was taken aback, and asked: “The moon… still has this value?” Friend: “Ha, what is the value of the moon? I don’t understand, I know that unmarried people like us must never offend the Moon God. Otherwise,” he tilted his head and grinned, “maybe you won’t need passion for the rest of your life, haha.” Smiled, but the smile was awkward and pale. Friend: “Huh? You seem to have something to worry about? How about…” “The goddess is calling, hurry up and kneel down. The goddess is calling, hurry up…” The friend smiled: “Hey, she is so domineering, but she is also very cute. Wait for me.” He answered the phone, “Nana, don’t worry, I’m on your way, I must be there before work…what? Your friend is going too?…Uh…money is definitely not a problem, but …Will she have supper together tonight…Oh, she wants to go home early, that’s good… By the way, wait…” The friend turned her head and said, “Nana is going to take a girl. You too Let’s get together, you must be easily settled by your current worth.” I shook my head bitterly, then turned my face out of the window, looking at the speeding street scene, thinking of the piece of paper that BT rich man gave me: If you give you 60 million, at the cost of not seeing the moon for the rest of your life, would you agree? “Okay, I won’t tell you yet. I’m driving, and my friend doesn’t seem to be in a good mood… OK, see you later.” The friend put down the phone and asked me seriously, “What’s wrong with you? Isn’t it that? What are the conditions?” I said, “We’re OK, don’t ask.” My friend frowned, “Okay. If there is anything I can help, I must tell me.” I am weak. Nodding, suddenly the car slowed to a halt. Fortunately, I fastened my seat belt. A traffic police motorcycle stopped in front, and the traffic police got out of the car and walked over. The friend rolled down the car window and smiled. The traffic police saluted and said: “Did you call just now?” Friend: “No…Oh, it’s a bit urgent, it’s really…” Traffic police: “Show your driver’s license.” The friend, helplessly, handed over the driver’s license. . After seeing the traffic police, he said: “According to the regulations, if you make a phone call while driving, you will deduct two points and a fine of 200.” The friend said anxiously: “Don’t, I’m really in a hurry…” The traffic police intercom rang: “Please hurry to Jinfeng. There was an emergency at the intersection of Road and Xingfu Avenue.” The traffic policeman: “Received.” He said to my friend: “Be careful later.” After that, he left. Seeing the motorcycle go away, the friend murmured: “MD, the tube is so wide.” After that, he flicked his driver’s license and moved on. I picked up his driver’s license, opened it and looked at it: “Who gave you the name?” Friend: “Who else, this bad name, can only be my crazy dad. Hey, say Really, are you okay?” Me: “Really okay. Stop, there is a bank over there, I’ll go and transfer the money to you.” Friend: “Should I go with you?” I: “No, you hurry up Go to her, don’t be too late.” Friend: “Then…I’ll leave first, and call if something happens.” The friend left with excitement and anticipation. Looking at the car in the distance, I said silently in my heart: Yu Sheng All, don’t blame me, if you want to blame, blame your crazy dad.

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