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Some school leaders really want to report him. Before, the school said during the summer vacation that the zombie car was cleaned, and it sent a notice to the classmates to claim it. TM left school during the summer vacation and claimed it. It also misidentified my car. My car was just bought. I went back to school to claim it, and ended up at the cleaning site. The good car was turned into scrap by his cleaning, and the rear wheel of my car was directly bent. I asked the security guard who cleaned the car to ask for compensation, but the security guard said to look for the leader. Later, I found the secretary of the college and reported that the result was nothing. I believe that many students reported that the school casually moved the private property of others, and many people complained about the violation of the law.
There is also the school’s circumnavigation car, relying on the backstage, driving is rampant, regardless of the safety of the students, frequent traffic accidents, hitting other people’s private cars. To be honest, if you publish this kind of complaint on the Internet, it is easy to be caught by the school’s publicity department, and then feedback to the college, and the counselor will talk to you and write a review! The political career of the mixed student union is over. During the 100th anniversary celebration, various infrastructures will be built. Usually the lights are broken for one or two years and no one will come to repair them. There is also a 100-year anniversary donation tree to donate the tree, rich alumni like to donate how to donate, but why do you have to force students to donate too, a tree is 600 yuan, an average of five classes of a tree, but said yes This is a voluntary donation, how did it become a political task in the end. Now I think of so many and so many slots, and I’ll change it later! Let me talk about the school, school and hospital. The school hospital of the school is a group of “quack doctors” in it (most of them think so, at least I asked all the students who have been treated in the school hospital around me. The official media of the school hospital in the school also caused a lot of dissatisfaction among the schoolmates. ). Regardless of cough, fever, runny nose, stomach pain or pain in other places, the patient told them the symptoms, and they didn’t ask a single question. The unified procedure first went for a blood test, and then issued a report to him. After reading it, just ask a few words. A lot of medicines were prescribed, one box by one, and there were only a few designated boxes. Obviously, some small colds can be dealt with with only a few medicines. As a result, I still prescribed a few boxes of medicines. It is estimated that I will not finish it in four years! A few times I went to see a doctor, and I felt that there was a problem with my stomach (I had gastroenteritis before, and I might have repeated diarrhea in school). The doctor asked me to have a blood test and said that it was okay, and then I told him Saying that you obviously feel something wrong with your body, you take a closer look, at least a little bit more carefully, and in the end, you just prescribed a box of medicine and sent me away. My roommate looked at me and felt very speechless! I also heard from other classmates that he was seeing a doctor in the school hospital. The doctor also saw that he had hemorrhoids and asked him to take a film. That classmate went to the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University to see a doctor. As a result, the doctor at the First Affiliated Hospital of his family Give him two deductions and it’s fine, nothing happens, it’s fine! There are still some good doctors in the school hospital, but a few!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

At the beginning, the shared electric vehicles were driven out, but only hello, now we have to drive hello out again, introducing new shared bicycles, a monthly pass of 30 yuan a month, hello, only more than ten yuan a month, students are already there, hello I bought a long-term monthly card. The school is not responsible for it. It is for money to ask students to pay for it. You are asking for money for the school celebration of Nanchang University. At the beginning, the express company did not negotiate with the express company because of the express cabinet. The largest school gate is used for express delivery, and it is also for money. Are you really asking for money so blatantly? Can you look better when you eat?

8 months ago

Whoever pays more will leave the car. As for the interests of the students, who cares? It’s just 211 high-quality leeks every few years. Such a large campus bicycle is just needed. In the past, the price of a Haro bicycle can be controlled at about 5 yuan a month, and participation in Bank of China activities can achieve 2 yuan a month. Now it is forcibly suspended, Hello, and other companies will take over. It costs 2 yuan per ride, 30 a month. It doesn’t take into account the feelings of the students at all, the food is too ugly. The other answers that should be said have been said, and I will give a new perspective. 30 a month, 150 a semester, at this price you can buy a good second-hand bicycle. It is recommended that vendors seize the opportunity to promote in schools and sell bicycles in wholesale. Definitely a big seller. I can reasonably speculate that there is no basis, no basis, no basis. In order to celebrate the school, the school wanted to increase the introduction of the campus tour bus to support the facade, but also wanted to spend less money (white prostitution), so they found the Nanchang Public Transport Group. But Nanchang Public Transport Group saw that you are all hello bikes, who would take my bus if there is a hello bike? So the two parties together, replace all of Hello with the “Hongcheng Le” of the Public Transport Group. In this way, students can only use our things, and all the money can only go into your hands. It is better than giving the money to Alibaba. In this way, the market laid down by Haro and the users cultivated were easily taken over by the bus group. I want it all.

8 months ago

The heart of Sima Zhao is well known to everyone. To solve the bicycle parking problem, do you go to change a bike? What’s the logic? When you are a new car, it can have an automatic driving function, and you can stop all of them to the designated place with one button? It really has this awesome function, I also recognize it, and there is no such function. I switched from a cheaper Haro to an expensive car. So you are not colluding with the local company to jointly harvest the leeks of college students? There is no one 985 in Jiangxi, just the 211 of Nanchang University, which looks like this to students? It was you who wanted to hello to cast, but now you turn around and you have to kick it away. The eyes are so full…

8 months ago

Normally, this kind of thing is usually handled by the logistics department. You can see who the logistics boss has recently transferred to. It may also be in the form of dividends. There are not only bicycles but also many, such as washing machines in many universities. It costs 3-5 yuan per wash. A washing machine is only 1,000 yuan a day, even if he uses 12 people with an average price of 4 yuan, a day is 483 weeks to make the washing machine money back. Think about how many washing machines in a dormitory building and how many dormitory buildings in a university. Talking about hot water, self-service vending machines, etc. ~ No way, who can’t live up to the interests of college students with money? It will only be maintained in front of the camera and on the report

8 months ago

Non-Chang University students forcefully answered a wave. Other schools are co-branding on campus bicycles. This wave of operations is good. Let the students directly transfer to local companies. Some anonymous people have already made it clear, if it is directly for the students. For this reason, you should spend manpower and financial resources to organize these things, not based on the campus environment as a one-size-fits-all, or 211. I want to do this and want to evaluate first-class universities. You can’t see the suggestions of students, and you can’t hear the complaints of students. It’s only personal interests. How can such a university take on the responsibility of cultivating people, a truly outstanding university should have a strong academic atmosphere, and dare to let students speak out for students to consider problems, and what to think about every step of the way Only by doing so can we achieve a win-win situation for students and the school, instead of thinking about it as cost-effective, it is just how to squeeze a little bit from the students. I don’t know how long this topic will disappear again, but no matter how you do it, it’s all about implementing the school’s evil deeds. It’s really irritating to hear a lot of what the students say. If you want to report to this school in the future, you must make them think carefully. ! ! ! It’s better to work hard and consider my teacher. The male to female ratio is three to seven. Hello, share it and let you go/dog head saves your life.

8 months ago

1. The sidewalk of a college student was idle and fell into the river beside the road accidentally. Let’s shout for help! The leaders of the two logistics departments heard it, and if they didn’t see it, they were still talking and laughing as they walked. The students were agitated and wise, and then shouted, “Logistics must have collected money from an off-campus company”! The two logistics leaders were shocked and jumped into the river quickly, dragging their classmates ashore to handcuff them. 2. A parrot of an xx college student is lost. This is a parrot that can only curse, and it would be bad if it fell into the hands of school leaders. This person issued a statement in the newspaper: “I have lost a parrot. In addition, I do not agree with its views on the introduction of new shared vehicles by the school.” 3. A delegation from a foreign school wants to visit a xx university, xx university Just teach students how to answer the delegation’s questions in advance. After the delegation came to ask a classmate how much your monthly living expenses are, the classmate answered 1,500 yuan; the delegation asked him how much savings he had, and he replied 10,000 yuan; the delegation asked: what are you going to do with so much money? ? The classmate replied: “I am going to apply for a new universal monthly pass for shared vehicles.” 4. A xx university student is going to scan a shared bicycle: “Hello comrade, are you the school leader?” “No.” “Then do your family members or immediate family members work in the leadership of the school?” “No.” “Do you have a friend as the leader of xx university?” “No.” “Then can you let me open it? You block me Sweep the bike” 5.2018-2021, the order of vehicle management in xx University is chaotic. Someone said that the school leader must have received money from an off-campus company. As a result, he was sentenced to 2+28=30 years. . . . The reason for 2 years is: insulting school leaders. The reason for 28 years is: leaking school secrets. 6. The school leader was speaking to the students: “Soon we will be able to live better!” A voice came from the audience: “Then what shall we do?” 7. The school leader said: “Today we have two questions. Discussion. First, we need to introduce new shared vehicles. Second, we need to paint the school gate in bright green.” A timid voice came from the audience: “Why painted in bright green?” “Very well, I know everyone. There is no disagreement on question 1.” 8. The period of new shared vehicles. A man came downstairs…. Man: “Do a monthly bicycle pass!” Waiter: “30 yuan.” Man: “It was still 10 yuan last time, how…?” Waiter: “Monthly card 10 yuan, The other 20 yuan is the school’s anniversary fund.” The man reluctantly took out 30 yuan and handed it to the waiter. The waiter asked him another 10 yuan. Man: “Why did you find another 10 yuan?” Waiter: “The bicycle has been ridden.” 9. The school leader inspected the school and accidentally fell into the lake. A student dragged him up. The school leader said to him: “Thank you, good brother. But please don’t tell anyone that I fell into the lake.” “Comrade leadership, please don’t tell anyone that I rescued you from the lake. “10. Why are the number of bicycles and electric vehicles purchased by students on campus soaring? Because the school plans to introduce new shared vehicles. 11. Company: You are very powerful, cut a wave of leeks for me. Leadership: Two hundred taels. Company: This one hundred tael is a fixed amount. Leader: Whose leeks are you going to cut? Company: This year’s student of your school. Leader: Who? Don’t you know they are my students? Company: People like you still care about this? Leader: You misunderstood, these people are my beloved relatives, brothers and sisters. Have to add money! 12. At a school meeting, the host suddenly said: Next, please think that the bicycle is good to sit on the left side of the venue, and that the new shared vehicle is good to sit on the right side of the venue. Most people sat on the left, a few people sat on the right, and only one person sat still in the middle. Moderator: Do you think Haro cycling is better or a new shared vehicle? Answer: I think hello cycling is good, but I prefer new shared vehicles. The host hurriedly said: Then please sit on the podium as soon as possible.

8 months ago

The main reason is that part of the transportation tools on the campus is really a big problem. The campus area is so large that you can’t always rely on walking for a long time (you love sports when I didn’t say it) and I haven’t seen any reasonable solutions since I enrolled. The crowds onlookers should not know the situation. In order to explain, I will first introduce several public transportation tools that exist or have existed: the little white car (circling car). Let me first talk about the little white car in the school, the little white car. It should have been in school for some years, and disappeared due to the epidemic in recent years. The whole little white car is very unreasonable. For example, the class usually starts at 7:50 in order to be in a hurry, and college students are generally lazy. They are all crowded in the 7:30-7:50 interval. In order to attract more students and reduce the fuel consumption, the car owners always gather a group of people to go. There is never a fixed time to start the car, which makes it inconvenient to move from the leisure area (now it should be renamed Xiuxian) to the Tianjian area. I heard that someone who is like a foreign teacher would rather ride a bike than sit on this one. The speed of the small white car is too fast. The speed limit is clearly marked on the Wusi East Avenue in the school. These car owners still go their own way during the rush hour. They ran too fast and even ignored the speed limit. There have been frequent traffic accidents, and the safety factor is almost zero. In addition, the route is single, which can only take care of the main road traffic and cannot take care of other traffic arteries. The essential logic is still based on the heat distribution of the flow of people, which has obvious characteristics of private ownership (laughs), without any awareness of public transportation. (It smells like JR.) I heard that the white car was to pull the relationship into the school. This situation may have to make a comeback again. If it is another public company operation, it is a different matter. 2. Electric vehicles When I enrolled in the school, there was also shared electric vehicles. One course was far away. Obviously, transportation tools are needed. Shared electric vehicles provide great convenience. Of course, many people use it unreasonably and cause them to be cleared out. It is also one of the reasons. I myself have witnessed an accident where an electric car hits a white car directly (of course, the people involved are fine), and I have also seen three people on an electric car speed past me. In fact, this transportation tool would have a good effect if it were kept. After all, the municipal planning did not leave us a subway station. When there were no area restrictions, you could ride this car out of the school gate and go directly to the subway station gate. How convenient. The disadvantage is that the deposit fee is too expensive. 3. Hello bicycles. In fact, there are many other shared bicycles before Hello, such as orange, green orange and ofo. Of course these are now restricted to school. In addition, Haro has changed from the normal paint to the joint paint, and you can guess that the school is in agreement. (I’ll pick you up, okay?) The feeling of use has always been very good, which is a compromise solution. Seeing the school badge of the joint model and the light blue color, I think it is also very eye-catching. Other students also mentioned that the price is relatively reasonable. The key point now is that the school’s handling method has always made people very distrustful. When dealing with electric cars before, they were cleared out for unsafe reasons. In fact, the white cars are also very unsafe but no one wants to manage them. Now the cooperation with Haro is smooth, but because of the 100th anniversary, it is replaced with another shared bicycle of the same level, and the price is even more expensive. There is no basic investigation beforehand and a hasty decision. In addition, self-purchased cars on campus are always cleaned up inexplicably, and loss is also a serious problem. I’m afraid we can’t expect the security department to clean up the cars and sell the money and strengthen law and order. The superficial logic is formalism, and the underlying logic may still be related to society. Of course, there is no problem with the starting point itself. After all, it is understandable to digest the province’s companies to increase the province’s consumption and give a good result. But when it comes to implementing any issues that affect the fundamentals of students, I hope that the leaders who make choices think carefully about the feelings of their teachers and students. Update this morning, I saw the trial operation of the campus tour bus, but it is strange that there is no parking in the commercial street. In addition, it feels more formal than Xiaobai, and the model is a minibus. If the price is reasonable or even free, I think it’s okay.

8 months ago

I can’t ride a shared bicycle, and I am not a target customer of shared bicycles. I have good physical strength and walk fast. Walk 7-8km in 1 hour. Within 3km, you can find a shared bicycle and lift your foot in 20 minutes. Take public transportation for more than 3km. Shared bicycles have to cost money, the bus IC card beep and air-conditioning is so good. And I’m a little bigger, and I also pick a car. The car is not in good condition and the efficiency is not high, the car accessories are not good, and the buttocks hurt. The most important thing is that I walk and take public buses, and I hate the phenomenon of shared bicycles occupying sidewalks indiscriminately. Some people ride a shared bicycle and turn over and lock the car on the bus, and even stop the shared bicycle on the bus platform. Why package rented bicycles into shared bicycles? Pulled away. The prohibition of shared bicycles on campus is beneficial to regulating the campus environment. But banning others to issue franchise, um~, it was the same idea when Daqi was looting territory in the Americas-I’m sorry to send an army to looting, and just issue a certificate to the pirates. Those profitable businesses of the East India Company also come from franchising. Whether or not the campus should ban shared bicycles can be discussed, but it is not acceptable to use a monopoly for the sake of students. Sharing bicycles in schools is a consumer behavior, and consumers should have the right to choose. I want to know if the campus of this school is particularly large? After banning shared bicycles, can the bicycles or other transportation tools bought by students be used? I sincerely recommend that students use skateboards and carry them when they reach the place, so that the bicycles will not be confiscated by the school. For skateboarding, please refer to my other answers.

8 months ago

Say something from the perspective of the school. Nanchang Public Transport Group, which belongs to the municipal department anyway, seems to be a cooperative enterprise of the university. Compared with Harbin Bicycle, the handover with the school must be better. The problem of random parking inside the campus, hello bicycles, has not been handled properly. As a school, if you don’t have a good discussion with the local operator of Hello Bicycle, it is normal and reasonable to change to a bicycle company. On the contrary, some students think that if they spend a few dollars a month, they can ignore the fact that the bicycles are parked indiscriminately and do nothing. Obviously, they do not understand the basic rules of society. After replacing the bicycles of the local Nanchang Public Transport Group, the public transport group can repay the school so that the school has more funds to deal with the disorderly parked bicycles. It is also possible to let the public transport group arrange more manpower to deal with this disorderly parking. Hello, cycling out is obviously ignoring this external cost. It was Hello who failed the trust of the students in terms of cycling. Of course, the school and the operator of the Hello Bicycle can continue to negotiate on the issue of random parking. The school can also publish more information to show the wisdom of their choice. And students can stay calm and wait for the results after changing to a new shared bicycle. –Incidentally. Currently, shared bicycles are spreading a lot in China. But these bicycles are only responsible for the placement, because the placement can make money. But what about the random parking of bicycles and the handling of damaged bicycles? These bicycle companies are pushed to the government and municipalities. This is the cost but the whole society is responsible for it.

8 months ago

I don’t have much idea about sharing bicycles, but your centennial anniversary is after all the centenary of Jiangxi Medical College. For the medical school, only the canteen decoration and the medical school stadium have a name that sounds like a rehabilitation field for the elderly. However, no matter how heavy the medical school rains every time. Will it be too much for the road between the flooded road and the student dormitory where it rains. No wonder it is said that the medical school is a medical school, and Nanchang University is Nanchang University.

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