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In theory, there must be a difference, but we will never know how big the difference is. Because for an independent individual, it is either preparing for pregnancy or not preparing for pregnancy. Even if the same mother gave birth to two children, one was preparing for pregnancy and the other was an accident. There are too many influencing factors linked to the health of the child and other indicators, and we cannot infer the impact of pregnancy through the performance of the two children. There is a controlled variable method in economics, which is often used to study similar problems, that is, under the assumption that other variables are the same, to study the impact of the variable of whether to prepare for pregnancy on the health indicators of newborns. I haven’t found relevant literature, but even if there is similar research, its guiding significance will not be too great, because most people who have a plan to have a child will carefully prepare for pregnancy, and the high probability of not preparing for pregnancy is an accident. There is certainly no shortage of readers who are looking at this question about unplanned pregnancy and worry about whether they should keep their children. Both of my children got pregnant by accident, especially my younger sister. I just had a physical examination one month before pregnancy, which included a chest X-ray. Although the abdomen was covered by protective clothing, I was still terrified, and I was afraid that it would affect the baby in my stomach. At the first check-up, I told the obstetrician and gynecologist about this concern. She said that there would be an impact, but this impact is either 0 or 1, and there is no intermediate value. That is to say, if it is affected, the baby will be aborted spontaneously. If it is conceived normally, it means that there is no essential effect. Of course, check-ups should be done on time, folic acid should be eaten as soon as possible, diet and rest should be paid attention to, and all efforts should be done as much as possible. Of course, I would not persuade others to not get pregnant just because I did not prepare for pregnancy and gave birth to two healthy and lovely children. On the contrary, I will advise you to prepare for pregnancy if conditions permit, and be prepared for it! Survivor deviations always exist. The elders wondered if we had folic acid or preparation for pregnancy. The same is true when we gave birth one after another. Combining the two pregnancy experiences, I will share some small experiences for everyone: 1. Be sure to do a premarital examination! I remember that the Civil Affairs Bureau will give you a spree for a premarital checkup when you get the certificate. You must do it. It is better to make sure that you are in good health before getting pregnant. If you find any problems, you can get treatment in time. 2. Folic acid will affect the development of the fetal nervous system. Start taking folic acid by mouth three months before pregnancy. If you get pregnant by accident, start taking it from the day you know you are pregnant! Studies have shown that adequate folic acid intake by pregnant women can reduce the birth rate of fetuses with neurological malformations and cleft lip. 3. In the first six months of pregnancy, both husband and wife quit smoking and drinking. If you get pregnant by accident, stop smoking and drinking immediately and stay away from second-hand smoke. 4. Regardless of whether you are preparing for pregnancy or not, you must have regular check-ups during pregnancy and follow the doctor’s advice! There is no absolute thing in the world. If you have the conditions, it is best to prepare for pregnancy carefully. Don’t panic about an unexpected pregnancy. The experience of others may not be suitable for you. Everything depends on the professional advice of your doctor. Finally, I wish all parents who want a baby a good pregnancy! If you have time, you can also look through pregnancy-related books, scientifically prepare for pregnancy, and use more techniques without pressing your body.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

, I think there is a big difference between pregnancy and infertility. Infertility is easy to step on the pit without knowing it: medication, exposure to radiation, exposure to harmful substances, drinking, smoking, taking folic acid irregularly, pregnant with unsuitable diseases, poor control of chronic diseases, and overweight Difficulty in conception or increased difficulty in weight control during pregnancy, pregnancy at an unsuitable frequency to harm the physical and mental health of the mother and child… 1. Every expectant mother who plans to become pregnant should choose the best time to conceive, and have a planned pregnancy to reduce the risk of pregnancy Risk factors and the occurrence of high-risk pregnancy. (High-risk pregnancy refers to a pregnancy that is dangerous to the mother and baby.) 2. It is recommended to perform a pre-pregnancy health check 3 to 6 months before conception, in order to enter the best health state before conception. The examination items should include (gynecological color Doppler ultrasound, gynecological examination, cervical cytology screening recommended for those over 21 years of age who have not undergone cervical cancer screening.) 3. Carefully evaluate before pregnancy for chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, etc.), family and genetic diseases (Albinism, deaf-muteness, asthma, intellectual disability, hemophilia, heart disease, etc.), actively treat diseases that affect pregnancy such as viral hepatitis, heart disease, etc. 4. Choose a suitable time to conceive (the maximum interval between two pregnancies is 2-5 years), and understand if you have any unsuitable conditions for pregnancy (such as heart disease heart function 3-4, patients with long heart disease over 35 years old, etc., diabetes Nephropathy, women with hepatitis treated with interferon, etc., in addition to sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, AIDS, etc.), serious blood system diseases, thyroid diseases, etc. △ Diseases that are not suitable for pregnancy need to be evaluated by professional women’s insurance doctors △ Suggested relevant Patients with diseases go to specialist clinics for consultation) 5. To ensure a healthy psychological and social environment before pregnancy: quit smoking and alcohol, avoid exposure to toxic substances, radiation (chest radiographs, CT examinations, etc.) supplementation of folic acid or multivitamins containing folic acid in the first 3 months of pregnancy can be Significantly reduce the risk of fetal neural tube malformation and congenital heart disease. If you have a previous history of bad pregnancy (premature birth, miscarriage, fetal malformation, etc.), you should consult your doctor before preparing for pregnancy and prepare for pregnancy to reduce risk. Sixth, another note: control your weight before pregnancy. The body mass index is best controlled between 18.5-24.9. BMI calculation method: Weight (kg)/[Height (m)]² Example: For a height of 1.5m, the BMI should be controlled within 1.5²×18.5 to 1.5²×24.9, which is between 41.6kg and 56kg. Do not use estrogen, oral contraceptives, danazol, mifepristone, methotrexate and other drugs during pregnancy.

8 months ago

Back then, I had been pregnant for three years to no avail. During this period, my best friend got pregnant unexpectedly. She called me and asked me, “Can this child be taken?” Now her eldest is in the third grade of elementary school. The second is a daughter who is about to graduate from kindergarten, and the third child is a boy one year older than our two babies. What can I say? My preparation for pregnancy is all the way from hysteroscopy to unblock the fallopian tubes to artificial insemination, and finally IVF. It is a story of bitterness and tears. I will talk about it when I have the opportunity. Just looking at the matter of preparing for pregnancy, the points that doctors will mention every time they are cautious are not without reference meaning, after all, they are bonus points. Why do they say that they will get pregnant three months in advance? Because the growth cycle of the egg is about 80 days, and the sperm is about 90 days, then start to go to bed early and get up early three months in advance, exercise frequently, and eat a healthy diet (most of the vitamins and nutrients are actually better than eating the so-called Nutrients should be absorbed better), try to stay away from toxic (tobacco and alcohol) or radioactive environments, it will be easier to produce high-quality sperm and eggs, easier to conceive, and to cultivate an excellent fertilized egg. Why do pre-pregnancy check-ups 4-6 months in advance? Understand your physical condition in advance to see if it is suitable for pregnancy, especially if you have recently been unwell, you must do a pre-pregnancy check and understand early treatment. For example, gynecological inflammation, or cysts treated in advance before pregnancy is much better than the subsequent discovery of the problem after pregnancy. In the case of a fetus, many treatments will be restricted. Why is eating folic acid important? Taking folic acid can reduce neural tube defects, which means that it reduces the birth rate of malformed fetuses. Generally, folic acid is taken 3 months before pregnancy and 3 months after pregnancy, for a total of 6 months, 400 units per day. Because it takes a long time to prepare for pregnancy, I have been taking folic acid intermittently for several years, and I have specifically checked that there is no problem in taking folic acid for a long time during pregnancy. And it’s very cheap. After all, we don’t want to add a risk to the baby just because we are lucky, right? Regardless of whether the above points are achieved or not, from my personal experience, the most important thing is the following: maintaining a comfortable mood and preparing for pregnancy also gives mothers-to-be psychological comfort to a certain extent, because I have planned everything. Under my control, there is a sense of satisfaction that I wish to achieve in the final conception. However, even if it is an unexpected pregnancy, it has to be said that it is a blessing from heaven for those of us who are upgrading and fighting monsters all the way to prepare for pregnancy. Even if you didn’t take folic acid on time, even if you took some cold medicine and drank some small alcohol before pregnancy. Don’t put too much psychological burden on yourself, everything is subject to the obstetric examination and the doctor’s instructions. As long as there is no problem with the examination, mothers-to-be will not have to worry about gains and losses all day long, which will put pressure on themselves. A fertilized egg that does not really meet the requirements may have a miscarriage even after the IVF is done, lying in bed for three months without having a baby, because this is the process of survival of the fittest by nature. Keeping a good mood makes it easier to conceive, and the baby in your belly is easier to grow up healthily after pregnancy. Tips for pregnancy preparation at the bottom of the pressure box: Before doing IVF, the doctor specifically instructs the prospective fathers to walk with the prospective mothers for at least 1-2 hours every day, but the premise is not to tell the prospective mothers that this is the doctor’s reminder. Unexpectedly, this incident not only increased our relationship between husband and wife, but also made me feel the joy of sports. The father-to-be, who was still her husband at the time, suddenly suggested that I would pick you up after get off work, and we would walk home together. (According to the map, the distance to walk home is about 5-6 kilometers, and the time it takes is one and a half minutes to two minutes). I agreed without thinking too much. We walked for at least one month before successfully conceiving. Unexpectedly, as old couples and wives, we actually enjoyed this time of walking after get off work. It was like returning to the time when we were in college and pressing the road together. Our communication has changed from family trivialities to unconventional activities. From the past, it was only for housework. Communication has become a friend who says nothing. Both of us will miss that special time now. I do feel that the dopamine pleasure factor in my brain is secreted every time I sweat a little after walking. I think there is rarely such a good thing that kills two birds with one stone. ———I am a dragon and phoenix mother who pays more attention to the growth of children, and pays more attention to the growth of mothers @KiKi growth said, you don’t lose a thumbs up, you can earn a profit if you follow them~ above, I wish you a good pregnancy

8 months ago

For me it is very different. I had an unplanned pregnancy before, but the fetus stopped. I collapsed in the B-ultrasound room and came out to cry with my husband. The second time I was afraid of repeating the same mistakes, I started to get pregnant 3-6 months earlier. Later, the pregnancy went smoothly and my baby was smart and healthy. I never mentioned that fetal stop. It’s sad to mention it. Before the second pregnancy, I was crazy about Baidu’s cause of fetal stop. I was madly searching for methods and techniques to avoid fetal stop. I was very afraid that the second time would also stop. I was afraid that I would not be able to get pregnant. The doctor couldn’t find out the reason, but just told me that the survival of the fittest, the embryonic development, cannot be kept. I thought about it, and there are still many things that may have caused this fetal stop: for example, I was busy decorating, painting, furniture, etc. before pregnancy; I was training for a driver’s license before pregnancy, and the sun made me collapse (I don’t know. I am pregnant); Before and after pregnancy, I am not too taboo. I like to eat whatever I want to eat. I like roadside stalls, cold drinks, ice water and Mala Tang. I did not take folic acid before pregnancy. I started to take folic acid when I was pregnant (7 weeks gestation), but the fetus stopped at 10 weeks. Later, when I was preparing to have a baby, how did I prepare for pregnancy (usually 3-6 months in advance)? 1. In terms of diet: supplement folic acid, according to dietary standards to ensure nutritional folic acid with the brand of Silian, the hospital will also open. In terms of diet, please refer to the “Pagoda of Balanced Diet for Pregnant Women in China” guide to eat. I also wrote an article with a collection of thousands of operability and talked about diet during pregnancy. How much do you eat during pregnancy? ——The daily food that the general public should eat during weight management during pregnancy is as follows: 250-300 grams of cereals and potatoes (here refers to the weight of raw food), 300-500 grams of vegetables, 200-350 grams of fruits, and a moderate amount of meat Eggs, appropriate amount of soy nuts, about 300 grams of dairy products.

8 months ago

The difference is too big. Many couples eat a lot of grapes during pregnancy because their children have big eyes, hoping to have a baby with big eyes. As a result, I didn’t have the big eyes I imagined after I was born, so I complained about not eating grapes but raisins. Of course, this is a joke. First of all, there is no scientific basis for eating grapes to make your baby’s eyes bigger, and the size of your baby’s eyes is related to the genetic genes of the parents, and has nothing to do with grapes. So how do you prepare for pregnancy? Below I share a few dimensions to provide references for both spouses before giving birth. 1. Learn the relevant knowledge of preparing for childbirth. To understand the optimal age for childbirth, both couples should reasonably adjust their diets to change bad habits and behaviors, quit smoking and alcohol, and both couples should undergo a comprehensive physical examination. 2. Find the most urgent and important problems before giving birth, and family members will discuss solutions to the problems. Be psychologically prepared, as well as the role change of the father-to-be and mother-to-be, and arrange the work reasonably to adapt to the adjustment of the physical changes after pregnancy. 3. The plan is formed into specific process steps, and the family or both parties execute the process steps together. Hold a family meeting to explain the changes in family income and family structure after pregnancy, clarify everyone’s family positioning and responsibilities, and reach agreement with the needs of the family. Everyone’s health, work, and family situation are different, and the problems that arise are also different. Therefore, it is not only the matter of the woman alone that the family should negotiate together before giving birth.

8 months ago

Logically speaking, there should be a difference, but it is really difficult to tell how big the difference is for each individual. Mo Mo came here with a plan to get pregnant. He has just turned two years old recently, and he has never physically bothered us. There are also many cases of healthy babies without pregnancy. Of course, for our generation who advocates eugenics, I personally recommend that you do a good job of preparing for pregnancy. The only family I know that failed to give birth to a healthy baby. Mom and Dad just didn’t prepare for pregnancy. It was an unwanted pregnancy. It is said that they drank some alcohol before the pregnancy. Some people said it was because the wife had a genetic history of this aspect. , After all, this is the privacy of others, so it is not convenient for us to inquire. Later, when they gave birth to a second child, they paid much attention to pregnancy preparation and the physical examination during the whole pregnancy. Fortunately, the second child is very healthy and cute. This can be regarded as a wake-up call for people who are about to become pregnant. Of course, no one can guarantee that if the pregnancy preparation is done well, there will be no problematic children. This is a question of probability. Let’s talk about how we prepared for pregnancy (coordinates in Shanghai). Before we were ready to plan to have a baby, the mother-in-law went to the street where we are located to make an appointment for a pre-pregnancy physical examination (eugenic health examination). . Women’s examination: reproductive system examination, leucorrhea routine, cervical gonococcal culture, cervical chlamydia test, blood routine, urine routine, liver function, kidney function, syphilis screening, five items of hepatitis B serology, blood sugar, thyroid function, gynecological B-ultrasound, Toxoplasma antibody, cytomegalovirus antibody, rubella virus antibody, etc. Male inspection: urine routine, liver function, kidney function, syphilis screening, five items of hepatitis B serology, routine semen examination, etc. Husband said that it’s really embarrassing to have a semen test. The conditions for the test site are really limited. Unlike what we said on TV before, there will be a sofa and even a related filmmaker for you, just one. The simple toilet is really uncomfortable because it is really uncomfortable to stay in it for a long time and be urged by others. The funny thing is that later my husband asked the doctor if he could go home and take the sperm and send it back. The doctor said that you can guarantee it within half an hour, otherwise the data measured after the semen was exposed to the air for half an hour would be substandard. Fortunately, this is not far from home. After the physical examination report is issued, there will be a special person who will do the report interpretation for us, and will do some targeted guidance, such as: the woman is preparing to become pregnant and avoiding raw meat during pregnancy. The woman is preparing to become pregnant and avoiding passive smoking during pregnancy. The woman is preparing to become pregnant and avoiding passive smoking during pregnancy. The wine woman is going to go to the dentistry for a checkup before getting pregnant (I will talk about this separately later). The woman is going to be pregnant and avoid contact with cats and dogs and other pets during pregnancy (this is not absolute, but at least it should be done for the pets in the family. The woman must avoid exposure to ether during pregnancy and during pregnancy. The man is planning to quit smoking and alcohol during pregnancy. The man is planning to avoid exposure or passive exposure to smoking during pregnancy. The man is planning to avoid exposure to organic solvents during pregnancy. Adhere to a healthy lifestyle , Moderate exercise, adequate sleep, and maintain a happy and peaceful mind. A reasonable diet. The nutritional intake should be balanced in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Both couples supplement with folic acid-containing multivitamins. About folic acid. After the pre-pregnancy examination, the doctor will prescribe about 3 The monthly dose of folic acid, in fact, I suggest to eat this type of folic acid prepared in the hospital, which is not only safe but also cheap, and husbands should also eat it. Don’t think that this is the business of wives. Generally, during pregnancy, we still have to take some comprehensive vitamins. These comprehensive vitamins generally contain different doses of folic acid. At that time, the individual folic acid is stopped. Folic acid is used to prevent neural tube malformations in the fetus after pregnancy, generally manifested in anencephaly, congenital spina bifida, and meningocele; it can also effectively improve the quality of eggs, and it also has certain adjuvant treatments for female anemia Effect; In addition, folic acid can also improve the quality of men’s sperm, so when preparing for pregnancy, husbands in the first three months of pregnancy also need oral folic acid. Oral examination before pregnancy: it is to check whether the teeth have caries or tooth defects. If there is a need to remove or repair the periodontal: check the teeth for gingivitis and periodontitis. Due to changes in hormone levels during pregnancy, pregnant women’s gums will be worse than none. Periodontal inflammation is more likely to occur during pregnancy. Impacted wisdom teeth: For women who are preparing for pregnancy, if they have wisdom teeth, it is strongly recommended to remove them before pregnancy. Otherwise, wisdom tooth periodontitis will occur during pregnancy, and the treatment will be very passive. Is there any missing teeth: If conditions permit It is still necessary to repair missing teeth before pregnancy. Pregnant women need to take in nutrients through diet. If there are missing teeth, it will inevitably affect the efficiency of chewing and thus affect the intake of nutrients. In fact, I was thinking about going to the hospital for an oral examination. I was told, it was procrastination that caused me to suffer a bit later. I went to the dental prophylaxis for an oral examination. After all, I had dental caries, but it was already during my pregnancy period. At that time, I was worried whether I might be pregnant, so when the nerves were removed, I insisted Without anaesthetics, I bit my scalp and held it down. The pain was the pain of poking my forehead. After pumping the nerves, half of my head was so painful that I lost consciousness. From the teeth hanging on the temples to the inside of the head, it hurts. It’s impressive. So a lesson from the past, everyone really don’t learn from me, but do it in advance obediently, and don’t hold an indifferent attitude. I am a girlfriend, who was just born recently. She was accompanied by toothache during her pregnancy…ovulation. Period estimation (pregnancy period) predicts the ovulation period through the menstrual cycle. About 14 days before menstrual cramps is the ovulation day, and 5 days before and after the ovulation day is called the “ovulation period”. If the menstruation is irregular, you can start X life one week after the menstruation ends, and once every 2-3 days, increase the chance of conception. You can also use methods such as basal body temperature measurement, mucus method, hospital testing, and ovulation test paper to predict the ovulation period. At the beginning of 2018, we were thinking of pregnant with a honeymoon baby when traveling to Hawaii, but unfortunately, before that, my husband had a fever because of a cold, and the virus body attacked his brain’s balance-controlling nerves. He needed brain CT. So there is nothing wrong with it, and it will be fine after hanging up for two days. At that time, the emergency doctor told us that it is best to get pregnant after three months. In any case, it is fate, otherwise I might not have been born with Momo. In fact, preparing for pregnancy is not only physical preparation, but also psychological and material preparation. Only when these are prepared, can we embrace the coming of new life wholeheartedly! I wish you all good pregnancy!

8 months ago

The mother of Longfeng Feibao will answer this question. I am preparing for pregnancy, and it took two years for me to have a baby. Before preparing to have a baby, my husband and I both went for a comprehensive physical examination and made sure that there was no problem before getting pregnant. Of course, most people are fine, and it is not ruled out that some physical problems will be detrimental to having children. The difference between pregnancy and infertility is not big, it mainly depends on the person, and everyone’s physical fitness is different. Some people get pregnant directly without getting pregnant and are quite healthy, but some people can’t. I don’t think we should bet on this probability. Check that I am responsible for myself and my children. A couple not far from my home. They didn’t prepare for pregnancy and didn’t do the maternity check. After the child was born, Tang’s child had low intelligence. Now they stand at the door and smile at the passers-by and the car every day. There are genetic factors in their family, and there are people in the same situation in the older generation. If people who know how to prepare for pregnancy scientifically will be particularly concerned about this genetic factor, they will check it out. But this young couple really didn’t understand this, everything went with the flow, and they didn’t care about the birth check when they were pregnant. If they prepare for pregnancy scientifically, do pre-pregnancy check-ups, or go to the birth check-ups on time, this will not be the case. This is how a child’s life will be ruined. Now that the child is six or seven years old, her parents have to have another boy. My friend’s mother has a mild mental problem. My friend went to the hospital for a special screening before getting pregnant, and only had a baby when she learned that there was no problem. In this case, the difference between pregnancy and infertility is too great, and it affects the life of a child or even a family. Therefore, friends who plan to have children must prepare for pregnancy scientifically, do pre-pregnancy check-ups, don’t be too troublesome, and learn about the past medical history of family members. If there are really unfavorable genetic genes, don’t worry too much. The third generation of IVF can solve this problem. Parents can’t be too careful when it comes to children’s health.

8 months ago

Just say one thing: folic acid. 1. What is folic acid? Although the terms folate and folic acid are often used interchangeably, folate is a water-soluble B vitamin (B9) naturally contained in foods, while folic acid is a synthetic form of folate . Folate (B9) is naturally found in some foods, including beef liver, leafy vegetables, peas and beans, avocados, eggs, and milk. Therefore, eating these foods often can supplement folic acid. 2. So, are there many pregnant women who lack folic acid? many. Studies have estimated that 23% of women of childbearing age in the United States have low folate levels. I haven’t found the data of China for the time being, you can refer to the above data. 3. What happens if pregnant women lack folic acid? There is a congenital disease called “neural tube defect”, and supplementation of folic acid can effectively reduce the occurrence of this disease. Perhaps, everyone thinks this disease is rare and has never heard of it. Yes, it’s really not a common disease, but doctors have seen a lot of them, and if it falls on one’s own head, it is 100%. 4. How to make up? 1. Start time for supplementation: Some guidelines recommend starting folic acid supplementation at least 1 month before conception, and some guidelines recommend starting supplementation 2-3 months before conception, especially for women with a history of neural tube defects. Explain that my country generally uses supplementation 3 months in advance, which may be related to the overall nutritional status of my country’s pregnant and lying-in women. 2. How long to supplement: It is recommended to use it continuously throughout pregnancy. 3. How much to eat? The standard dose is 0.4 mg once a day. However, high-risk women, diseases, medications and other special circumstances should consult a doctor. 5. Which folic acid is used? Regular drugs, cheap ones, will do. It seems that some maternity and child institutions can distribute it for free. Expensive health products, natural, green, generally speaking, are IQ taxes. It doesn’t matter if you spend more money, the key is, what if it doesn’t work? I will not reply to the comment section one by one. If you are interested or want to learn more about related research, you can read the references below. You must be cautious about medical issues. You can consult a doctor instead of blindly following. Reference: Sarmah S, Muralidharan P, Marrs JA. Common congenital anomalies: Environmental causes and prevention with folic acid containing multivitamins. Birth Defects Res C Embryo Today 2016; 108:274.https://ods.od.nih.gov/ factsheets/Folate-HealthProfessional/#h3 (Accessed on March 31, 2017).3.Tinker SC, Hamner HC, Qi YP, Crider KS. US women of childbearing age who are at possible increased risk of a neural tube defect-affected pregnancy due to suboptimal red blood cell folate concentrations, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2007 to 2012. Birth Defects Res A Clin Mol Teratol 2015; 103:517.4. Uptodate: Folic acid supplementation during pregnancy

8 months ago

The eldest of our two children was born through careful preparations for pregnancy. The arrival of the second child was purely an accident caused by overconfidence. For me, the difference between pregnancy and infertility lies in the mentality: one is surprise, the other is fright, the other is calm and the other is panic. When I was preparing to have a boss, my husband and I had been married for 5 years. From studying to work, the two-person world has long passed without any novelty, and at that time, “Where is Dad?” hit the air, we suddenly began to look forward to the life of having a child at home. For the arrival of this child, we have made sufficient physical and mental preparations: we started to learn about pregnancy preparation very early, took folic acid in advance, stopped staying up late, corrected our irregular eating habits… Finally, the moment we learned of pregnancy, our mood was Surprisingly, there is a sense of accomplishment of planning to achieve phased results. As for giving birth to a second child, it was originally planned by our family, but according to my own expectation, the difference in age between the two children is the same as my brother and me, and the difference is 5 years. As a result, when the boss was still more than a month away from reaching 2 years old, I accidentally became pregnant. Although I planned to have a second child, my first reaction when I saw the two lines on the pregnancy test stick was “Oh, I’m going!!!” There was a kind of “I’m just talking, but God takes it seriously.” a feeling of. When I called my husband, he was also shocked: I got pregnant so easily? Is Gong Dou Ju Quan Te a fake? The accidental pregnancy made our lives seem to be suddenly off track. Suddenly, there are a lot of things to worry about: eating so much junk food, working overtime and staying up late every day, the office has just been renovated… Will it affect the children? At the same time, there are many more questions about the future that have never been considered: who will bring them? Is the money enough? …Finally, it took us a long time to calm down and make plans for the future together. In addition to the difference in mentality, unexpected pregnancy also brings us many practical problems. On the one hand, in order to free up staff to take care of the second child, the eldest was sent to the kindergarten at the age of 2 years and 4 months. I kept getting sick throughout the autumn and winter. In just over two months, I had 3 fevers and convulsions. Sending the boss to the kindergarten too early is definitely the last thing I regret and can’t forgive myself in my life. On the other hand, I, my husband, and my two younger brothers were all born in June and July. The elders in our family have rich experience in caring for newborns born in the summer. Therefore, combining your suggestions, I think the most The ideal expected date of delivery is between April and May, and if the range is larger, March to July will be good. When the eldest was born, the eldest was born precisely on the day of the expected delivery date in May due to careful preparations, and he was still delivered smoothly. The family worked together and it was very easy to take. But because of an accident, the second child was born at the end of November. You know, among us, the last person born in winter was my grandfather, who was born in early 1932. By the time the second child, no one in our family had been born in winter for 85 years! The winter in Sichuan was wet, cold and without heating, and the air pollution was particularly serious during the second year. Our family does not have any experience in taking care of newborn babies in winter: how to dress, how to bathe and wash butt, how to use air-conditioning… Many people who have learned more nursing knowledge and watched it will share with them when it comes to practice. All follow the feeling. At this time, everyone began to disagree. Some preferred to wear more, and some believed that they should wear less… The atmosphere at home became subtle. Finally, after we had a hard time, the second child was tossed out of neonatal pneumonia 18 days after birth and was hospitalized. In addition, pregnancy and infertility also affected my mood after delivery. After the baby was born, I ran into unexpected big problems in the two confinements: the first time was breastfeeding, and the amount of milk was small. It was so crazy. There are more than a dozen breastfeeds in the confinement period, which is exactly the rhythm of the big coin. As soon as the regular breast-feeding teacher left with the front foot, he received a call from me on the back foot, crying and howling that the other side was blocked again. But even if it is so difficult, I always cheer myself up with “Since I have chosen the path of being a mother, I must have the courage to face the difficulties” and continue to seek positive energy. The second problem encountered was that after the second child was born, the two children took turns to get sick and were hospitalized in turn. Every day, I feel terrified when I hear a cough at home. When I see an outdoor air pollution index above 200, I want to smash my cell phone. I often get stuck in the regret of “I shouldn’t rashly gave birth to this baby without preparation, and I didn’t take care of the two children” all day long. I feel full of negative energy and feel like I’m wandering anytime, anywhere. On the verge of depression. ……Now our eldest is 5 years old, and the second is 3 years old. If you want to talk about the difference between pregnancy and infertility, you really can’t see it at all. Even when I regretted giving birth to my second child in the winter, it has become a blessing now. You know, children born in the winter in kindergarten are generally older brothers and sisters in the class, with relatively stronger abilities in all aspects, and have their own leadership aura among the children. I think the pressure is more on my parents if I am preparing for pregnancy or not. The arrival of children will really completely change our lives, from the economic foundation to the superstructure. If you want my advice, I strongly suggest that you must fight a battle prepared and prepare yourself physically and mentally so that you can be better qualified for the responsible role of mom and dad, and more calmly deal with the earth-shaking changes in your life. .

8 months ago

It’s hard to say how much the difference between pregnancy and infertility affects the final birth of a baby. From the examples of people around you, there is no way to objectively judge; at the same time, I have not found relevant data from the Internet to prove that “preparation can improve the effect of fertilized eggs. “Quality” is similar to the argument. But if you turn this specific problem into an abstract one, you can probably ask like this: In order to achieve a certain goal or achieve a certain goal, the probability of success is higher if you are fully prepared, or not prepared for the Buddha’s play. Higher probability of success? The answer is obvious. So from this perspective, I stand firmly on the side of “preparing for pregnancy seriously”. My wife and I did the same. Generally speaking, we have done several things during the pregnancy preparation stage: go to the relevant departments of the hospital for pre-pregnancy check-ups in advance. Girls can go directly to the obstetrics and gynecology department to explain the purpose to the doctor. I was thinking for a long time at the time, what department should I go to… Finally, I went to the andrology department with embarrassment and had a sperm motility test. Because both of us have the habit of regular physical examinations, we also do physical examinations according to the procedure when we obtain the marriage certificate, so the pre-pregnancy examinations are more of special examinations. Both parties quit smoking and drinking. Neither of us has the habit of smoking, so we just need to change our usual drinking habit. I just need to say one more word on social occasions. My wife went for an oral checkup and underwent related treatments, including fillings and wisdom teeth extraction. This is actually very important, but many people don’t care. It’s lucky if the teeth don’t hurt during pregnancy. If the toothache or the operation is involved, it is really life-threatening. Oral supplement of folic acid. This point has now been recognized by more and more young people and started to implement it, and the most important purpose of folic acid supplementation is to prevent fetal neural tube malformations. Generally, it can be eaten from the first 3 months of pregnancy, and we have been taking it at that time. To the end. Maintain healthy and good habits, have a balanced diet, ensure sleep and exercise. In fact, at this point, it is not only necessary to do this at the stage of pregnancy, but to implement good living habits every day. The last thing I want to say is that pregnancy is like this, in fact, our life is like this. There are too many uncertain factors that will affect the final result, and it is impossible for us to intervene in all factors. Therefore, it is enough to do what we can do well and change the variables that can be changed.

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To get pregnant. My husband and I are very cautious about giving birth. We feel that we have a great responsibility for the health and happiness of a new life. If we do not intend to, we will take measures. When I plan to, I will do my best to ensure this new life and my health and happiness. If you have an unintended pregnancy, if you have time to get pregnant, why not? I was preparing for six months of pregnancy, and the green light was all the way during pregnancy. Except for pregnancy reaction and morning sickness, which I couldn’t control, there was almost no discomfort during pregnancy. Super fast and fast recovery. The baby is currently super healthy and easy to carry. Things to do during pregnancy 1. Check the health of both spouses. The current physical health of both spouses greatly affects the quality of fertilized eggs. Our country provides free pre-pregnancy physical examinations for pregnant couples, why not enjoy national benefits! If there is any abnormality in the electrocardiogram, go to the cardiology department; if there is gingivitis, treat it in advance before pregnancy, otherwise it will get worse during pregnancy and affect the health of the fetus; if you have wisdom teeth, it is best to remove them in advance. If there are problems with urine routine, liver and kidney function, blood sugar, etc., it should be treated in advance; if the routine discharge of vaginal discharge is positive, it should be treated and recovered before pregnancy. Especially whether there are any medications currently being taken, or how long the medication has been stopped. Some drugs stay in the body and take effect for a long time, and it takes a certain period of time to be replaced or discharged from the body. Also check your vaccinations, such as chickenpox and rubella, and flu vaccines. If you have the habit of eating sashimi, feeding stray cats, pet rescue, pet shop work, etc., check for toxoplasma gondii. 2. Genetic screening is also necessary to evaluate possible genetic diseases. Such as cystic fibrosis (causing severe respiratory problems and lung disease), sickle cell anemia (causing multiple organ ischemia, severe jaundice, gallstones, bone pain, hematuria, hypovolemic shock, mental retardation, etc.). If one party is a carrier of this gene, you must be cautious about pregnancy and follow the doctor’s instructions for prenatal and postnatal care. 3. To correct bad habits in time, you must quit smoking and alcohol and drugs. Second-hand smoke and third-hand smoke should be kept away. Begin to reduce caffeine intake. Some studies have shown that excessive caffeine is also related to miscarriage and premature delivery. Keep it to one cup a day. Adjust the diet structure and develop a balanced diet early. Eat less raw meat and fish with high mercury content (such as tuna). Exercise early. I mentioned it in my other answer. Don’t wait until you are pregnant to start exercising! Don’t wait until you are pregnant to start exercising! Don’t wait until you are pregnant to start exercising! Especially if you are a sofa potato family and have never exercised before, you must exercise during pregnancy to improve body function, enhance the strength of core muscle groups, and adjust and open the space of the abdomen and pelvis. The exercise intensity during pregnancy cannot exceed 80% of the exercise intensity during pregnancy. Adjusting your physical condition in advance will greatly help you during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery! Adjusting your BMI to the appropriate range in advance can largely avoid complications during pregnancy and delivery. 4. Early intake of folic acid. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), taking 400 micrograms (MCG) of folic acid a day at least one month before pregnancy and the first three months of pregnancy can save the rest from neural tube defects The chance of a baby is reduced by 50% to 70%. It also helps prevent other birth defects. You can eat folic acid with a single ingredient, such as the one free from hospitals, or you can buy multivitamins with folic acid, such as Elevit. But to check the content of vitamin A, to avoid daily intake of more than 770 micrograms of vitamin A, because it will cause birth defects. 5. Be prepared for money. After giving birth, you may end up all over the house, but money can really solve most of the problems. For example, the cost of baby supplies, whether it can be delivered in a hospital with better conditions, whether to go to work during pregnancy, whether to be full-time after childbirth, special hospitalization for pregnant women, premature delivery of the baby, please ask for confinement or stay in a confinement center… If possible, consult in advance Good insurance plan. 6. Be psychologically prepared for depression during pregnancy and after childbirth, especially after childbirth. The tragedies caused by postpartum depression are countless. Dad-to-be and family members must learn more about scientific parenting and newborn care, and learn more about how difficult and difficult it is for postpartum mothers to bring their children, pay more attention to Be psychologically prepared in advance and give postpartum mothers a lot of attention Understanding and caring. It’s best to talk about the concept of parenting. Childbirth is a lifetime commitment. Before trying to get pregnant, please be prepared to take this responsibility. Preparing for pregnancy is a matter of being responsible to the baby, to oneself, to the family, to the society, to the country, and to the world!

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